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Don't you think you are too salty about alleged white people opinion about blacks? It all just looks like you're making up most of things and you are being butthurted about god knows what. I'm white, and to be honest, I don't give a single fuck whether you're white, black, asian whatever. However, you always feel like you are the victims of racism, while, I swear to sweet mother of jesus, most white don't care. I love your blog, but i'm fed up with all posts about you being treated worse by us.

Lmaoooooooo! Kindly unfollow please. Nobody said shit about white people if you referring to my post about anti-black artists. You putting white people in the situation so you must be feeling guilty. Shut cho’ ass up. You should’ve stopped at “I’m white”. -A

fifth harmony in fanfiction (stereotypes)
  • camila: smol bean, clumsy af, loves bananas, innocent af (but great in bed), good with words, 1 ex-boyfriend, gay af
  • lauren: badass mf, green eyes that pierce through ur soul, whipped af, has a soft spot for "camz", even gayer
  • dinah: funny as shit, sometimes dumb, polybeatdown, captain, camila's best friend, always shouts inappropriate stuff
  • normani: sassy as hell, motherly, lauren's best friend, chicken wings, straightforward, usually messing with dinah
  • ally: jesus, bible, troy, did i mention jesus? bless you, mother, sweet sweet sunshine, allysin sometimes
  • sofie: the most intelligent sweet camren shipper kid ever
  • sinu: is always watching
  • alejandro: idk but he's always an asshole
  • ariana: i love camila
  • austin: asshole, fuckboy, dorito
  • shawn: sometimes camila's gay best friend, sometimes another ex-boyfriend
  • clara: best mom ever
  • mike: best dad ever
  • chris: horny teenager but a good brother when he has to be
  • taylor: grumpy teenager or most supportive lil sis
  • keana: usually a mean bitch, but hot as fuck
  • lucy: good friend wtf, or you know, part of the love triangle
  • vero: flirts with camila, very funny and a good friend
  • alexa: gives good advice
  • luis: fuckboy
  • keaton: fuckboy
  • brad: no lips, bread, fuckboy, dumb as shit
  • dinah's siblings: omg that's a lot
  • siope: gtfo norminah is real
  • troy: sweet sweet boy
  • car: runs over camila
Score! // Zach Dempsey.

For some reason I had to repost this because the formatting was strange :/ But here it is! My first requested imagine. @zachdempsyy requested so I hope you like it and I hope it’s not too basic :) Happy reading! 💖

Warnings: Cursing

Zach x Reader

The car came to a slow stop as I parked Zach’s car. I glanced over to the passenger seat looked at my royally fucked up boyfriend, sleeping. I tapped on his nose.

“Zach, wake up we’re here… babe?” I spoke softly.

This is one of the reasons I don’t get drunk. Notice I said ‘get drunk’. I’ll drink a little now and then but the activity of getting heavily drunk just doesn’t sound all that fun to me, making me completely different from all my friends including Zach.

This night was pretty fun though. Jessica threw an amazing party and i’m not going to lie it was a blast. The more Zach drank the more protective he became. Holding me by my waist almost the entire night. If it wasn’t that I was sitting on his lap playing with his hair. He didn’t let me out of his sight at all tonight. Which was ironic considering he was the one under the influence.

I took one last look at my sleeping beauty before shaking him awake. His eyes slowly opened and he turned his head in my direction.

“Holy mother of sweet baby Jesus… you’re beautiful.” He slurred with a flirtatious wink attached. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Let’s get inside Dempsey.” I said, kissing his cheek before I exited the car. I walked to the other side of the car to let him out. But before I could open the door he beat me to it.

“Honestly (Y/N), I’m not even that fucked up.” He said confidently, crossing his muscular arms over his broad chest. Sassy Zach is my favorite Zach.

“If you believe so, I want to see you walk yourself to the door.” I said raising an eyebrow, tapping my foot repeatedly with my hands on my hip.

He smirked at me then scoffed. “Bet.”

He got up and tried to put one foot in front of the other, but he tripped. I tried to grab him before he could hit the concrete, but my tiny body couldn’t hold us both up so it ended with both of us on the cold ground.

I groaned as my ass hit the ground. Zach was silent. I looked over at him and he was just staring at the sidewalk.

“Does this mean I lost the bet?” He questioned with a pout on his face. I chuckled and nodded my head, getting up off the ground and helping him up.

“Yes baby, you lost the bet.” I said. I took his arm and placed it around my shoulder to support him on our way to the door. Both my parents weren’t home, instead they were in Vegas celebrating their anniversary. I honestly don’t know how this would fan out if they were home. They would kill me if I brought a drunk boy into our house.

I closed the car door with my foot and walked Zach to the door, which felt like forever. As we were walking he kept whispering things into my ear.

“You’re the most beautiful thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on.” He slurred.

I got my keys out of my bag and unlocked the door to my house. “Thank you, baby.”

We walked inside and I brought him to my room. A familiar place to him.

“Lay right here and i’ll get you some water alright babe?” I said. I didn’t really give him time to answer before I made my way to the kitchen. I got the drunken boy some crackers and water. I walked back to to my room and laughed and what I saw. Zach was sprawled across my bed in just his underwear with my teddy bear held against his chest.

“You’re probably wondering why i’m in the nuuuudeeeeeee.” He slurred. “Well it was very hot in here – not as hot as you though.” He stated with another flirtatious wink. I just laughed and gave the water and crackers to him. I walked over to my closet and slipped out my tight dress into one of his oversized t-shirts. I could feel his gaze in my direction. I turned around to look at him and he quickly looked away as if I would punish him for looking.

“Drink your water baby.” I said sitting on my bed and rubbing his chest. His eyes widened as if I did something out of the ordinary.

“Listen… you’re stunning. A goddess in fact. And I don’t mind that you’re calling me baby and rubbing on me, but won’t your boyfriend get angry? I don’t want to get my ass beat.”

I giggled and placed a kiss on his lips. “You are my boyfriend Einstein.” I stated. His eyes went wide once again.

“ME? Your boyfriend?” He questioned pointing to himself.

I nodded. “Yes indeed, you Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey are my boyfriend.” I stated proudly.

His eyes closed with pleasure as he sighed happily.

“Score.” He whispered as he lazily fist-bumped the air.

I smiled at his action and laid beside him.

The rest of the night was filled with endless cuddles and more flirting from Zach. Who constantly kept forgetting he was mine and I was his.


I felt like this sucked but I hope you guys liked it. I’m trying to get a hang of this writing thing because i’m not the best at it but as time goes on i’ll get better… right? Lmao. My requests are still open if you guys want anything specific.

(gif isn’t mine and it’s not even related to what I wrote about lmao)

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I want an AU where Cas is an angel of death, where his one and only purpose is to help souls move onto heaven. With only a touch to their skin, he can have them pass peacefully. And on a night when he is to take the life of a Mary Winchester, it is for the first time in his existence, that a human see’s him. It’s a young child with green eyes and they stare right at him. the boy watches with wide confused eyes as he takes his mother’s life from him. and it’s from this unexpected development, that Castiel finds another purpose to his existence, and that purpose is called Dean Winchester

Let’s Prank Him

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Ratting: I guess PG-13

A/N: soooo my imagine for you tonight was gonna be different but then I distracted myself from writing with girls pranking their bf videos and……..this happened.

You pressed record on your video camera, not sure where you were going to post this yet but all your fans and his fans were suggesting it and you were bored so why not? 

“Hey guys,” you spoke into the camera. “So,’ you smiled and giggled, covering your mouth, "Tom’s been in China for the past couple of days for the um, Spider-Man movie premiere and I’ve been reading your guys’ comments on my social media and a lot of you were saying to prank Tom that I am pregnant and guess what? I’ve fallen into peer pressure and now I’m gonna do it.”

"They said they were gonna land in about an hour or so, Haz just texted me, so I gotta go ahead and prepare.” You looked around the apartment; everything was clean and organized, thanks to you tidying it up a couple of days ago and managing to keep it like that. You really were a low-maintenance girl. “I mean I don’t really know how to prepare. Should I fake a pregnancy test or… I don’t know, I guess I should just mentally prepare.”

You stopped the video, knowing you were going to edit it all in later and texted Tom. Then you turned the camera back on again. “Okay, so I just texted Tom, telling him that he shouldn’t bring Haz or anything back to his apartment because… you know, that’ll be awkward.” You heard a ding come from your phone. You laughed, looking at the text. “He just said ‘Okay.’ He probably thinks I have something planned for him if you know what I mean. Well it’s not that buddy but I promise I do have something planned.” You turned it off.

You hit record, talk-whispering. “Okay so Tom just said he was in the car to the apartment so I’m gonna go ahead and set up the camera. I think I’ll set it up-” you gestured in the direction, “-behind that little plant we have on the coffee table in the living room and we’ll see how it goes. I laugh a lot and I’m definitely not an actor so hopefully it goes well enough that he’ll believe me and get some… reaction out of him. This is for you, Hollanders.” You pointed into the camera, play-frowning a little bit and pressed 'Stop.’

You set the camera up beside the little potted succulent on the coffee table, aiming it towards the entrance. You took a step back and sat on the couch, where you would tell Tom to “Sit down, we need to have a talk” and tilted your head this way and that, making sure it looked inconspicuous as possible. Then you walked toward the door and glanced at it from that angle. You could hardly even see it! Yes! As long as you didn’t laugh in the middle of it, this was going to go perfectly.

You went and hit record on the camera. “Come on those theater classes that I took in high school, don’t fail me now.” You whispered into the microphone and sat on the couch. You would cut out the time you had to wait, or maybe just speed up the footage.

Your phone dinged again and it was Tom. You showed your screen to the camera and mouthed, “He’s here!" 

Luckily, the remote wasn’t too far away so you quickly turned the TV on, acting like you weren’t just talking to a camera and got comfy, snuggling up with the throw blanket. 

"Y/N, I’m home!” he called. He propped the door open with his foot to roll in your luggage and you popped up from the couch. His tired voice almost made you feel guilty for what you were about to do. He probably just wanted to change into his pajamas, cuddle up with you, and go to sleep which honestly sounded pretty good to you too. Your heart was pounding so much, you felt that Tom would see it and the prank would be ruined anyways, why not just forget about it?

No. You really, really wanted to do this. You’ve been alone for days and needed this. You never pranked anyone in your life before and it if this one went well, you would feel so good. 

You walked up and hugged him. “Hey babe, how was your flight?” You said rubbing his back but remembering to stay in character so you were acting kind of timid. Your shoulders tensed.

“Oh, it was alright,” he said, coming fully into the apartment now and you helped with the door, closing it as he set his luggage down and took off his shoes. “So what did you want to talk to me about, love?”

You had to bite your lip to keep from smiling and you would’ve combed a hand through your hair, though you had put it up in a messy bun. “Right um…” you said as casually as you possibly could. You gestured silently to the couch. “Can we…..could we sit first?”

“Of course, are you alright?”

You two rounded the couch to sit and you wanted to say yeah but you stumbled around the word, think what was the most natural thing to say in this moment was. What would you do if the camera wasn’t rolling and this was real?

“No,” you decided upon, hand brushing across your forehead. You sat facing him on the couch. He put one hand on your thigh immediately.

“Darling, what’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

You briefly nodded and he scooted closer to you, widening his eyes in concern.

 "Baby, what is it? What’s on your mind?“ 

You did’t know what came over you but the the way he was staring at you with his perfect, brown eyes and his thin lips slightly parted and the fact that he called you baby (which he almost never does, only when consoling you, like now) made your eyes well up with tears. You looked down and started to pick the fabric on the couch. Great! This was really gonna be believable now!

"I um… I don’t…I don’t know how it happened,” you sniffed. “I mean well,” you looked at the ceiling, “I know how….I just can’t…”

“Baby, baby, look at me. What’s wrong? Did someone do something to you? Did I do something to you?” The fact that he thought he did something to you made you cry even more. He looked so lost and confused like a little puppy. 

“No, no,” you laid a hand on his thigh, furiously nodding. “You…. I just don’t how to tell you… I’ve been freaking out all this time you were gone. If the press ever found out about this…”

“Found out about what?" 

You looked right into his eyes and took a feigned, shaky breath. "I….. the reason I didn’t want Harrison to come over tonight was that I um…” you didn’t know where you going with that sentence and he was looking at you expectantly, almost causing you to break so you decided you were just gonna say it. “I’m pregnant.”


And utter.


Tom’s eyes were huge though you knew the camera wouldn’t pick up on it.


You nodded.


You nodded.

“B-but…. we used a condom…?”

You looked down, covering your mouth with your hand because you almost smiled, and forced more tears to come out of your tear ducts. “I know…” you murmured. “I know, I know…this is just really bad for you career and you have five movies coming up that you still need to shoot, so it’s okay if I’m alnoe with the baby and -”

“That’s what you’re worried about?”

You looked at him. 

“My career..?”

“Well yeah. I mean,” you wiped an eye. “Everyone’s gonna be freaking out about this. Not just your family, I mean, we’re not even married yet. We’re not ready.”
He stood up from the couch and started pacing slowly in front of the camera, running his hands through his hair. 

“A-are you mad at me?” You asked softly.

“Mad at you? No. We both did this.”

Another round of silence.

“When did you find out?”

“This morning, when I took the pregnancy test.”

“How far along are you?”

“I don’t know. We could go to the doctor’s and find it. They can also check if I’m really pregnant or not. Although those tests rarely give you a false positive and I did miss my period a few-”

“You missed your period? Why didn’t you tell me?” He almost snapped.

You were taken aback. “Well, I guess it’s not something you tell your boyfriend.”

“Yes! It is!” He sat down next to you again. “Darling, if you miss your period, I need to know. Because whether if it’s just stress or… or a chance that you could be pregnant, I need to know these things so you can get the attention you need.”

Oh my God. That made you cry even more.

“Well, I didn’t want to stress you about it. You were already busy with the premiere and having fun…. I figured there was nothing to worry about. Plus, you broke your nose… which you’re a fucking idiot by the way, for doing it again.”

You paused.

So,“ you started carefully. You had to end this before Tom had an aneurysm.

 "You’re not leaving me?”

“Why would I leave you at a time like this?”

“Not even after I tell you this one more thing?”

“What 'one more thing.'”

You couldn’t help it now; you stretched a big-ass smile all across your face and pointed to the camera. Tom quickly followed your finger and saw a red light poking out from behind the pot. "Oh my God!” He started laughing. But… was it nervous laughter? Relief? “OH MY GOD!

He came to the camera and you plopped down to the side on the couch, holding your stomach, laughing your ass off.

"This was a prank?” he asked, though he knew the answer.

“Yes! Yeah it was!” you said through bouts of laughter.

“Oh sweet mother of Jesus!” He walked out of frame. “Whew!”

“Were you freaking out?” You said smiling as you sat up again.

“Yes I  was!”

You grabbed the camera and filmed him. 

“Babe, my heart was pounding so much. I thought you were gonna notice.”

“Mine too after you told me! I was screaming WHAT THE FUCK on the inside. I was surprised you could keep a straight face with all the laughing you do.”

“Yo, I thought I was gonna laugh in the middle of it and throw it all off. Did you know your fans told me to do this?”

“They did not!”

“Uh bitch, wanna see the comments?”

He laughed again. “Oh my God. That was good. You got me there.” You hugged him. “Oh my God.”

“Love you!” you squeaked. “Well guys, I’d say that was successful.”

“Yes that was very successful.” Tom exclaimed from out of frame, getting his luggage and taking it to his bedroom. You turned the camera toward him. “I can’t believe you guys wanted me to freak out like that.”

You faced the camera toward you. “Well, I’m gonna go now. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I know I had fun pranking my boyfriend. Yes! I can’t believe it worked! I hope this was all you dreamed for it to be and-” you came close, whispering, “let me knew what you want me to do next because this was actually super fun. Okay, bye!” You turned it off, placing it on the coffee table and went to the kitchen, getting yourself  drink of water. Your tummy still had butterflies in it and year heart was calming, but you were still on that high from laughing so much that you didn’t even notice Tom’s strong arms wrap around your waist. He swayed you both side to side.

“That was hilarious, darling,” his breath tickled your neck. “But maybe one day, I hope it won’t be a joke.” You felt him smile against your skin and this time it was his turn to laugh at your expense.



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Hi! I'm not sure if you answered this already since for some reason my Tumblr is being all weird and not letting me scroll down to look for more asks so... Will you be purchasing the Pandora Box: Limited Edition Pandora Hearts Collection? It looks really amazing and perfect for a huge fan of Pandora Hearts to purchase!

*Sees this ask*

Hm? Whatever is this anon talking about? What could it possibly b—




OK, now that I’ve calmed down I can professionally (sort of) answer your question: As much as it pains me—and believe me, I live for collector’s editions and this one is GLORIOUS, so this pains me A LOT—I won’t be buying this set *sobs*.

There are a few reasons why, and they are totally unrelated to the edition itself. I’ve officially swapped to kindle and always try my best not purchase physical copies if I can avoid it. I move around a lot and having a physical library of books just doesn’t pay off any longer; in fact, it’s more costly because books are heavy and expensive to ship. I also already own the entire collection in Japanese, limited edition volumes included, and I decided that I would stick to a single language when collecting series a long time ago, lest I starve myself because MONEY :’)

But if I had the money for it and Doraemon’s magical 4D pocket? Hell yes, this beauty would be mine, look at that freaking box

SQUIP Strikes Again

Anon asked: Would you be up for writing a fic where Jeremy’s squip issues start acting up badly when he’s in a very public place, and Michael has to get him out of the situation?

No offense but I love this and I wish there were more fics of it??

“Dude have you even seen the new Space Invaders game in this place? It’s a sick contender to the retro aesthetic. I got a bunch of one dollar bills for us to waste away, just me and my player two!”

Jeremy let out a breathy laugh, a smile tugging at his lips as Michael led him through the mall. As he talked he moved like an animated character, but a poor budget one. His hands spasmed in random directions, trying hard to express his excitement for the big Space Invaders game recently set up. Apparently Michael had stayed till closing yesterday to get top on the list of highscores. Now that it was Saturday Michael had decided that Jeremy must also see this marvelous peice of art. At 9 O'clock, which was way too early for Jeremy’s sleep deprived teenage mind.

‘Jeremy, this game is a waste of time and even worse, in a public space. You’ll be seen making an embarrassment of yourself as per usual’

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A new start, part 8

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2697

Warning: Smutish stuff

Part 1  part 2  part 3 part 4  part 5  part 6 part 7  

The dream had been wonderful.  You were swinging on the tire swing out back of your parents’ house.  The sun was warming your face as you looked up towards the sky.  It was a beautiful day and the world was right.  A brief tickle of the grass grazed your foot as you continued to swing. You felt like you could do this forever. Another tickle passed over your other foot this time lingering longer.  After a moment it switched back to the opposite foot.  This drew you from the dream and slowly back to the reality of the soft bed.  There was another tickle on your foot but this time you giggled quietly as you stretched out.  A warm hand wrapped around your ankle.  Light fingers started to trail up your leg.  “Is there a reason I am awake now when I could still be asleep?”

Chris laughed as he crawled up next to you.  He kissed your cheeks, then forehead, nose, then finally your lips.  “I figured we could get some late breakfast then head out. That and I wanted to kiss you.”  

“Mmmm well I don’t mind that so much.”  Laughing you pulled him close and kissing him long.  Initially you did it to tease him, but now it was having the same effect on you. As you wrapped your arms around his neck, you found that he was shirtless.  Damn man and his beautiful body.  Your hands moved down his muscular back.  Chris inhaled quickly as he was not expecting that response.  His lips moved down your neck kissing and sucking lightly.  “Ahhh.”

He smiled against your neck as his hand skimmed over your hip and up your side.  His lips returned to capture yours as his thumb teased the side of your breast.  Your hands moved down over his ass giving both cheeks a good squeeze, causing him to pull back and laugh.  “Getting a good feel?”

“Oh yes.  I’ve wanted to see how firm they were.”

“Is that so?  What do you think now?”

“They are nice.” Chris grinned down at you.

“Just nice?  Damn I better do more squats.  Captain America needs an ass that is better than ‘nice.’”

You giggled as you stole another kiss before crawling out from under him.  “Your ass is amazing.  All the Captain America fans are going to swoon as soon as you flash it on screen in that suit.”  

Chris groaned as he tried to pull you back down into bed.  “Come on, we have plenty of time before we have to be anywhere.  I was having fun.”

You made sure to stay just outside of his reach as you looked for your clothes for the day.  “Oh no handsome.  You said breakfast and I’m hungry.”


After a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon, as he promised, the two of you set off on the highway for Tennessee.  You had told Chris before about your love of country music but he was given a front row seat to you singing along to the radio as you drove.  He leaned back against the car window as he watched you sing “Bottoms Up” by Brantley Gilbert, there was a wide smile on his face.  The way you let loose and were yourself in front of him, it made him care for you even more.  There you sat without a bit of makeup, your hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, singing at the top of your lungs without a care.  It was only a matter of time before he would have to tell you how he was completely under your spell.

The rest of the car ride passed with many more smiles and laughs.  You both getting to know the other more than before.  Stories told and jokes shared.  By the time you pulled up to the house, it was growing dark.  It did not take much time for you to unload the car of your belongings and bring them all in the house.  Chris was looking through the fridge for something to drink when he heard someone open the sliding door behind him.  “[Y/N] you around?  Damn. Sorry you are definitely not [Y/N].  You must be the boyfriend.”

Chris turned to see Jake standing there.  You came around the corner spotting your brother standing just inside the door. “Jeez Jake I have been home like five minutes.  Barging in already?  Jake this is Chris, Chris this is my nosey ass brother Jake.”  

Jake walked over, both men shook hands.  “Just wanted to know if you wanted to see the horse, since I was over here feeding them. Didn’t know you were bringing someone. If I had I would have waited.  I wouldn’t want to find y’all all naked and such.”

Rolling your eyes you pushed your brother’s shoulder.  “You are such a pain.  Some of us can actually control ourselves.”

“Maybe, but at least I’m not a prude.”  You groaned slapping him this time.  Chris laughed watching the interaction between you and Jake.  “You want to see her or not?  I want to get home sometime tonight.”

“Yes I want to see her. Just stop trying to embarrass me.” Jake smirked at you as he walked back out the sliding door.  You slipped your hand in Chris’s, following your brother to the barn.  

“Mom doesn’t know you brought anyone with you, does she?”  Shaking your head, you tried to look innocent.  “Didn’t think so.  She would have told the whole town if you had.”

“Why do you think I didn’t tell her?”  

The new horse was stalled next to the other two horses.  She was a beautiful midnight black with a small white spot on her forehead.  Coming right to the door when she heard the voices, she stuck her head over the stall door to see.  You were in love instantly.  Letting her smell your hand first, you did not want to spook her.  Once she seemed satisfied, she bumped your hand as though she were looking for something.  “You spoil her already that she is looking for a treat?”

“I didn’t spoil her any more than I do the other two.”  Boots and Talladega neighed in the background when they heard your voice.  Both coming over for their treats as well.  Chris walked over to Boots mirroring what you had done with the new one, letting her sniff his hand.  Boots bumped his hand wanting what she thought she deserved. He pet her nose lightly smiling.

“Well aren’t you a pretty thing.”  She responded with another, harder, bump.  Both you and Jake laughed.

“There’s a reason her name is ‘Bossy Boots’.  She tells you what she wants and won’t do anything she don’t want to.”  Jake nudged Boots before walking over to pull three apples out of the bucket across from the stalls.

You turned your attention back to the new horse.  “She have a name?”  Jake shook his head as he fed Talladega.

“Nope.  Figured you would want to find something that fit her. Though I am kinda partial to Appleblossom.  Found her when I was going past the orchards off Mason Road.”  As you looked at her, you thought it fit.  Pretty name for a pretty girl.

“Alright then, Appleblossom it is.  Apple for short.”  The next hour you all cleaned up the barn and the stalls.  Chris jumped right in, offering to help.  With the three of you it took far less time than it usually did.  Jake went home for the night, promising not to tell your mother about Chris.  It left the two of you alone for the night.  You made an easy dinner and showed Chris to the guest room.  Throughout the day, you had been thinking about allowing him to sleep in the bed with you but it felt like it would cause too much pressure to have sex.  In the end, you knew it would happen when it happened and that Chris would wait until you were ready.  It just made it difficult at first to fall asleep, especially thinking about this morning.

With it being your first day home, you wanted to sleep in.  The movie was done and there were no time constraints.  Just spending time with Chris and eventually have him meet the rest of your family.  You were lazily still in bed staring up at the ceiling as you were sprawled out under the covers.  Nothing like coming home to your bed after months away.  Chris had been up for a little bit; you had heard him walking down the hall then down the stairs a little bit ago.  The smell of coffee started to creep into the room in an attempt to pry you from your bed.

He was sat at the kitchen island with a cup as he read one of the newspapers that was there. Clothed in nothing more than a pair of gym shorts, your mother found him as she came over to welcome you home.  “Baby girl you up… Oh goodness gracious.  That girl did not tell me she brought you home with her.  She deserves a good paddle for that one.”

Chris nearly spit out his coffee as he laughed.  “Umm sorry ma’am.  I… well [Y/N] is upstairs… still sleeping…”

“I can one reason why she likes you.  Good manners. I like that too.  But it’s good to meet you in person now.  I’m Gini [Y/L/N].”  He shook her hand trying to wipe the coffee that had made its way to his chin.

“Chris Evans, ma’am.”

“Welcome Chris.  Glad you came with her.  Her daddy and I wanted to meet you.  Though make sure he don’t see you like this.”  He had forgotten that he was shirtless, his cheeks turning a lovely shade of red.

“It’s not… we aren’t…” Gini held up a hand to stop him.

“I don’t mind as long as y’all are being safe and using something.  I want grandbabies someday but after they are married.  Don’t be like Eli and me.  My Jake was born eight months after our wedding.”  She smirked knowingly.  Your brain had not fully woken up by the time you made it downstairs. So the complete shock of seeing your mother talking to your shirtless boyfriend took a moment to process.

“Mom?!  What are you doing here?”  The smile on your mom’s face and the pink on Chris’s cheeks was not a good sign.

“Morning baby girl. Just talking to Chris.  Telling him to make sure y’all are being safe in bed.” If you could have shriveled into nothingness, you would have welcomed it.

“Sweet baby Jesus, mother. I swear to God that if you scare him off…”

“I’m not going to scare him off.  Isn’t that right Chris?”  He looked more mortified than you did.

“Umm I think I am going to go put a shirt on.”  Scooting past you with a kiss on your cheek he all but ran upstairs.


“Oh [Y/N/N] he is something to look at that is for sure.  Definitely some beautiful babies.”

“Mom we haven’t slept together yet.”  She looked over at you, as though you had grown an extra head over night.

“Why the sam hell not? You can’t tell me you don’t feel something for him.  Because that is just obvious.”  You groaned rubbing your face.  There was no way you were going to make it through this conversation without coffee.

“I’m trying to take my time. Look what happened last time I rushed things.”

“That is completely different.  This boy ain’t nothin’ like David.”  Even your mother could see how different this was, even from the little time meeting Chris.

“I know mom.  I just want it to be right.”

“Fine.  But that boy is… well I can see why they picked him for Captain America.”  She winked at you as she started walking towards the door.  “Anyway, dinner tonight girl.  ‘Round six and bring a pie.  Daddy has been itching for one.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Chris came back down as you were sipping at your coffee mug.

“Is it safe?”  You laughed because he had no idea what was in store for dinner that night.


The morning and afternoon consisted of you showing Chris around your land.  You introduced him to the goats and went for a walk by the pond. By five-thirty, you were finished getting ready before you pulled the peanut butter pie you had made out of the fridge.  Chris was quiet as you walked hand in hand to your parents out.  “You okay?”  He looked over with a brief smile.

“I’m just hoping your dad likes me.”  Squeezing his hand gently, you kissed his cheek.

“My dad is going to like you.  Don’t worry. He is really laid back.  Just don’t talk football with him.”  He laughed as you bumped his hip.

Your father was seated out on the porch as you walked up.  “Heya daddy.”

“Evening sugar.  Mom told me you were bringing a friend. Figured I’d wait out here so she doesn’t meddle.”  He held his hand out to Chris as you climbed the stairs.

“Eli [Y/L/N].  Nice to meet you.”

“Chris Evans sir.  Very glad to meet you.  [Y/N] has told me all about you.”  

“I’m sure my girl has. Oh pie… you just made my night.”  Eli took the pie from Chris before walking quickly in the house.  “Gotta put it in the fridge make sure it don’t melt before I get to it.”

Chris seemed to relax a bit as you followed into the house.  Jake was already there setting the table as your mother told him to.  Thankfully, your mother behaved herself through dinner. She asked about Chris’s family and home life.  Jake saved him after a little while asking your mother about when the county fair was coming and if she was making preserves for it this year.  That had her on a tangent for a good thirty minutes. Enough to have dinner finish up and the table cleared.  Your mother smiled bigger than you had ever seen when Chris helped you clean up then wash the dishes.  That was a good sign.

Not long after your father asked Chris to join him outside on the porch for a talk.  There was a flash of fear in Chris’s eyes but you gave him an encouraging smile.  At least with your father there was little risk of him embarrassing you.  When they were out on the porch alone, your father took a seat in his chair and looked over the pond.  “Does my girl know you love her?”  He obviously did not beat around the bush.  Chris was not expecting that question.

“Uh no sir.  I haven’t told her yet.”  Eli gave him that lazy smile.

“You do love her though. I was watching you.  You light up anytime she is in the room.  That’s the way it should be.  I’m still like that with Gini.  That woman is my world.  Though, God knows she pushes my buttons at times.  I still love her more every day.  [Y/N] is a strong woman.  She deserves a good and strong man.  She doesn’t need savin’.  Just needs someone who will let her shine.  ‘Cause my girl shines whether she tries to or not.  Takes a strong man to be able to do that.”  Chris grinned as he looked down at his clasped hands.

“Yes sir she does.  I’m just happy she lets me stay around.  I don’t feel like I’m good enough for her.”

“I ain’t gonna lie. No one is good enough for my baby girl. But I like you.  She walked up tonight smiling all bright.  You made that happen.  So if it happens that you end up part of this family I won’t be upset. Come on now, let’s get some of that pie before that greedy son of mine tries and eats it all.  It’s good stuff.”

They shook hands once more as they walked into the house.  Just looking at the relief on Chris’s face, you knew it went well.  It was good to know Chris had won over everyone in your family just as he had you.  Not that there was any doubt.

Part 9

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Open letter to the Bible Belt South

I am from Mississippi. I was born in Florida. Raised all over the country but Mississippi was always the place I came back to. It was my mother’s birthplace. It was the consistent home that I knew had welcoming arms and delicious gumbo. It was the place where I first fell in love and first felt grief. It is my home. 

My mother was very southern. She had a Confederate flag hanging in her car to prove her pride. But one day, one of her black friends turned to her and explained to her what the flag meant to the black people in this country. My mom immediately took it down. That day, my mother chose love over pride. 

I am confused as to why the South that I love so much cannot make that same decision. Over and over again, I see people argue that the Confederate flag stands for “values.” I don’t know what values you are referring to but you better not be insinuating that those values reflect on my Jesus. 

A few years ago, I took the time to read the entire Bible, cover to cover. Throughout that journey, I discovered that one of the most consistent messages in the Bible is God’s stance on pride versus love. Throughout the New and Old Testament, God actively condemns the proud who refuse to recognize the needs of those different than them, those who, by the harsh blows of this world and our societies, were dealt a hard hand. In the Old Testament, God levels the Israelites time and time again for this sin of pride over love. He adamantly calls His people to break their hardened hearts and help others.  In the New Testament, Jesus calls the Pharisees snakes. 

Okay, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Jesus is a really nice guy. So if He’s going to come out and tell someone who chooses pride over loving their neighbor pretty nasty names, I’m gonna listen and probably take notes. 

By choosing to remain prideful behind a flag that for so many people causes so much pain and inequity in this country, you are not choosing the simple act of love. So don’t say that your flag represents my Jesus. Don’t even say that your flag represents my South. My South is place of friendly neighbors and sweet tea. It is a place of real gentlemen, a good story and a hearty welcome. It is not a place that holds onto symbols of hatred. Keep your flag. The only emblem I will stand behind is the cross. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do a reaction to MC seeing the Bidders (ALL of them) *ahem* you know for the first time? And how big you think they would be please

So- I’m so happy that you came to me with your NSFW needs honestly baby that’s what I’m here for lol. No seriously, I had fun with this LOL. But, I hope this was what you were looking for lovely~

Remember this is just my opinion.


Eisuke’s MC

Honestly- she’s confused? Being as he’s so cocky, she would’ve thought he would’ve been a little bit bigger. Although, he’s a little on the thicker side. She kind of laughed, by accident and he didn’t take a liking to that.In fact, he punished her for it- she didn’t realize that it had a slight curve and when he hit her spot as he rolled her hips- she wasn’t laughing anymore. She teases him here and there but, she knows what she’s getting herself into now.

Dick Size- 7 ½

Soryu’s MC

She was surprised- the mobster was bigger than she anticipated and she didn’t know how it would’ve worked. She bit her lip at the thought- before they even started dating, she saw an imprint in his pants but, she didn’t think anything of it and now she knew why. The way it curved- sort of like ‘god damn’. He wasn’t that thick but, it was long enough to make her think twice about it.

Dick Size - 7

Mamoru’s MC

She pierced her lips together- looking at his dick as her lips seeped through her teeth. She knew that he was big but, to be long and thick was something she hadn’t anticipated. Though it didn’t curve- it was more than enough to make her want it. There was a vein that popped from the side of it whenever he got ‘happy’

Dick Size - 8

Ota’s MC

She kind of figured that he was all talk- though he was a little thicker than she imagined he would be. No curve though, she wondered if he even knew how to work but, to her dismay- he does.

Dick Size- 6 ½

Baba’s MC

She knew there would be something that would keep the females wanting more of him, especially if he did sleep with them. So when finally figure out how big he was- she wasn’t necessarily surprised as he thought she would be. Also with it curving the way that it did- she knew she was in for the ride of her life.

Dick Size- 8

The rest are under the cut so it won’t be too long! <3

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I’m busy rn and I shouldn’t be here on Tumblr, but like…I can’t stop thinking about something.


I love fics where Inko is involved in her son’s life. I like to see how strong and resolute she is, and also how she improved since the discovery that her son was quirkless.
She was young and she had to endure all of that alone, and yet she was his son’s best friend when he had no one. And even if she misunderstood what he really needed at the time (since he needed someone to root for him, instead of apologizing or being sorry for him), Inko had always been an excellent mother and I want to know more about her fears.
Not only her concerns regarding her son, but also her fears as a mother/wife/woman/her own person.
I love Inko so much.

And don’t get me started on Todoroki’s mother.
(Since I fully believe the Dabi-is-Shouto’s-brother-theory, is Hori not revealing her and Dabi’s names because they resemble each other? Who knows)
But anyway. This woman. I swear to fucking god I want to know EVERYTHING about her.
In every fic regarding Shouto, his mother seems the most concerned about him, and I know she must have felt guilty for hurting him but…she has four kids. Four. FOUR.
Where’s her sense of guilt for (involuntary) abandoning the lot of them? Where’s her bond with Fuyumi and her conflicting feelings regarding her marriage? Where’s her own mother??
She had four kids in a very short period of time, she must have been really young.
I want to see her after injuring Shouto in the hospital, dealing with her mental illness and coming to terms with what she had done. I want to see her growing up on her own, in solitude in the hospital for sure, but not as a passive prisoner of her husband’s will. I want to see her fighting with gentle determination, willing to work hard on healing herself in order to come back to her family to save them from an abusive father.
I want to know her name and her personality.
Her existence should not be a mere plot point for Shouto’s development as a character.

Sweet mother of Jesus…they had to deal with a genius troubled kid. And they don’t seem the type to not be invested in their child’s life or feelings. So I want to see more of them in fics that explore Katsuki’s childhood.
I want to know how his gentle father met and successfully snatched away such a strong willed woman as Katsuki’s mother.
I want to see how they struggled to make sure their child could communicate with them; feeling at loss when they discovered his bullying attitude; and then ultimately trying to talk to him on the matter.
ALSO I want them to be such a good team. I want them to be extremely embarrassing when they are together, always flirting and shit, proving me that true love exists even between hard working married couples no matter how many years have passed since their dating times.

ARE THERE ANY OTHER SINGLE PARENTS A PART FROM INKO (who is actually married but I have my doubts on her husband’s reliability)?

And so on. Sorry for rambling.
I really want to know more about the parents, that’s all.