mother of pearl clouds

Let’s call on the plasmoids
to splotch up their picnic.
Let’s snow ultraviolet
so they grow extra limbs.
Let’s give vegetables sex lives,
grill them flagrante.
Let’s unite the divided
so the shy one crawls back
to his witch, so his witch
can flog him hill sunrise.
Let’s be lenticular, delicate.
Let’s stretch over Norway.
Let’s terrorize swing-sets,
yank down some knee-socks,
fondle some calves.
Let’s cause some trauma.
Let’s hide all their gods.
Let’s extend civil twilight,
rattle a private, scour
and wax it. Let’s not let them
think we’re just passing.
—  “Mother-of-Pearl Clouds,” Larissa Szporluk, Embryos & Idiots