mother of my virginity

Omegaverse:{ReWritten}Pt. One

The empty, refurbished cafe for home-made caffeinated drinks called for such sweet aromas to float even without the creation of delightful taste floating about. 

The shimmering, warm caffeinated liquid awaited the wolf and easily slid into his home, a greenEarth plastic cup with a yellow and black V painted onto the outside.The owner’s usual red jacket hung from it’s hook with pride near the coffee making station.

A sweet, new yet usual aroma filled the cafe as a certain raccoon striped wolf made his delightful way into the doors. The bell above one of the doors rung harshly as the wolf made it’s way towards the counter with such, familiar ease.

The alpha watched the wolf come closer, peering at the many different velvet colored cushions on the chairs. “Good morning, sir.” Evan formally addressed the omega counterpart.

The wolf grinned proudly, “Hey, Ev.” His usual bright, white teeth shimmered joy into the alpha’s heart and led a smile onto his face.

“Hey, Delta. The usual or nah?” Evan smiled at the delta wolf with great intrigued joy.

“I’ll have something new from your menu first, then I’ll pay for my usual cup.” the wolf grinned once more, Evan nodding to him and affirming his order before beginning on it.

“So, Jonathan, late to work yet again?”

“You know me too well, Evay-Bear.” The delta flirted, swinging his hips nonchalantly with a mischievous grin.

Evan grinned to himself, his back turned to the delta once more to grab the flavored tubes of liquid to add to the warm liquid in the cup, nodding to reassure Jonathan that he had been listening.

As Evan finished making the first masterpiece of caffeine, Jonathan began rambling about how he had to capture a criminal late last night because he stole his heart. 

Evan let out a sly chuckle, knowing full well that had been him last night. “So I take it, you enjoyed our dinner last night?”

“Enjoyed? I loved the fuck out of it, you stupid mother fucker.”

Evan chuckled, “I am known to give a hell of a good time to any passerby in my line of sights.”

A sigh of dismay fled Jonathan’s lips before he could filter it. “Hm?” Evan asked, half turning his gaze to meet Jonathan’s disappointed stares.

“Nothin’.” The delta lied through his teeth and reassured Evan with a smile.

“Okay, well uh… I heard about Bennien and your brother. You want to talk to me about what happened before  I left last night or am i going to have to force it outta you?”

Jonathan took it as a challenge, “Oh? And what will you do exactly to force it out of me, Mr. Alpha boss man?”

“Probably tickle the fuck out of you. Or just fuck the tickling sensation right out of your challenging mouth.”

Jonathan shut his mouth and gulped nervously, knowing full well he’d end up like his rebellious omega brother if he kept up with this alpha. “Right, right. Well um…”

Evan flashed him a reassuring smile, assuring Jonathan he wouldn’t. He wrapped the apron around his waist slyly, listening to Jonathan’s somewhat stuttered explanations and slightly clear words.

“Well, before you had left last night, Bennien came to pick up my brother. And well, my brother refused, challenging the strong ass alpha much to his dismay. But he disappeared after you had left, ya know, after you tried to fight Bennien off of my brother yet he still won, that tough son of a bitch.”

Evan finished placing the second drink in his cup correctly before placing both in front of Jonathan and nodding for him to continue as the delta glanced at him in worry.

“We, my mom and me and my alpha sister, found my brother raped in an alleyway this morning. Before I came in here, we had to get the poor, mentally unstable man to a hospital and quick. At least before Bennien could return.”

Jonathan paused to take a sip of his first coffee and nodded a thanks, pulling a ten dollar bill from his wallet with ease. “There’s a discount for your troubles, you only owe me 7:78.”

Jonathan smiled feebly, “Thanks”

Evan took the bill and gave back the change with a polite smile, “Anyway. How long have the two of them been dating?”

“Only two weeks sadly. My brother got pregnant.”

“Would you like a coffee for your brother too then?”

“Yeah… Yeah, that would work great.”

As Evan fixed a third cup, Jonathan continued his little story, “Well, Bennien was caught red-handed by my sister and well, now she’s been raped.”

Evan stalled, “That fucker touched Gyno?”

“Y-yeah. Yeah he did. I can’t do a damned thing about it either. Evan, please don’t tell anyone or he’l have my ass next. He rapes anyone who tells his secrets.”

Evan snarled, “That fucker better not touch your ass. That’s not his job to. His job is to be a policeman, not a fucking rapist.”

Jonathan stayed silent for a long while before approaching steadily towards Evan, leaning over the counter, “Do not tell anybody, Fong. I mean it… Just please.”

Evan could hear the fear in his voice, “That fucker. Jonathan, has he touched you?”

Jonathan flushed red, “N-No. I’m a virgin, idiot.”

“T-that’s good. If you weren’t with consent or without, that would be terrible for a delta like you. You’d become a sex machine instantly with random people you had no connection with.”

Jonathan groaned, “Hurry. I don’t need to be thirty minutes late and half aroused by your complete idiocy over my virginity, mother fucker.”

Evan smirked, “That sounds weird when you think about it, Delta.”

“For fuck’s sake, can you just call me Jonathan. Delta is so weird, it’s like a reminder to my role, okay? Stop remindin me, ALPHA.”

“Unlike you, I enjoy little roles like you and omegas calling me by my role, it’s empowering~”
Jonathan flushed red as Evan put down the next cup of coffee, “A peck and it’s free.”

“On your l-lips?”

“No, my cheek. I’m not taking your innocence away from there. I’ll save it for later.”

“Shut the hell up, Fong.”

Evan sent a challenging stare before the delta could retaliate any further. “Come on, delta. Show me how dominant you can be, eh?”

Jonathan frowned but flushed pink and shook his head, “Fine, fucker. But you owe me more than free coffee later.”

Jonathan sighed as the challenging stare was released. He leaned over the counter and pecked Evan’s cheek. As he pulled away, he smirked, “Catch you tomorrow morning at the same time. Hvae my usual ready please?”

“Maybe with another kiss~ Or another date?”

“Fine, Fong, this Saturday at the movies. We’ll figure out what timeand what movie, later but I gotta go. I’m hella late.”

“Alright, bye bye Delta boy~”

Anonymous: Mother and Son

My son was 13 when I took his virginity. I had been building it up for some time and was at the point that I had given him pictures of me to mastutbate to, and my panties to masturbate in. I told him I knew what he was doing and I liked it, that I wanted to wear them without washing them. I’d wait outside his door when I knew he was doing it and when he finished I’d walk in, ask him for the wet panties, and put them on right there. Eventually it was so comfortable that I asked him if he’d like to have sex with me for his birthday. He said yes

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

O most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein that you are my Mother. (Mention your request)

O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herein that you are my Mother.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that have recourse to thee. (3 times)

“the bitch is back” *slow motion bad ass walk*


One Minute Reflection – 15 May

When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple there whom he loved, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son.”
Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his home
…………….John 19:26-27

REFLECTION – “The Blessed Virgin directs to us, all the acts that every mother lavishes on her children.
She loves us, watches over us, protects us and intercedes for us.”……..St John XXIII

PRAYER – As we are now halfway through this beautiful Marian Month of May Lord Jesus, let me have constant recourse to Your holy Mother Mary. Grant that I may be devoted to her who loves me and takes care of me, just as my earthly mother does. Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, Pray for us, amen

mama mary.

{ remember, o most gracious virgin mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided. inspired by this confidence, i fly unto thee, o virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do i come, before thee i stand, sinful and sorrowful. o mother of the eord incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. amen. }


Memorare, a plain chant rendition of the popular Marian prayer traditionally attributed to St Bernard of Clairvaux.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you do I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.

New Orisons for the Hours - Midnight

Oh my good Guardian Angel
Be at my side in this hour
Free me from visions;
And let God keep my soul
From any mortal sin,
And avoid dreams and ideas
That may harm my brothers
Oh my good Guardian Angel
Ask the Virgin our Mother,
To keep me from all sin
Through all this life. Amen.

From the Book of St Cyprian, trans. Jose Leitao

I’m sorry baby for getting mad at you and please don’t think that you’re boring, you’re not boring baby. Last night you were off and I don’t know why. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for. You’re so attractive silly girl, but you’re my silly girl, and no matter how much we fight or hurt each other you’ll always be my girl, you’ll always be my dream, my wife, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and really you’re the perfect girlfriend to me. I’m so sorry for saying you’re not showing me love okay I’m so sorry for that I didn’t mean it. I love you with all my heart and even if you never even talked to me I wouldn’t give up, I won’t let you grow distant. You’re mine and only mine. You’re my wife damn it you’re gonna be the mother of our kids, you’re gonna be the girl to take my virginity, you’re gonna be the girl to marry me, to have kids with me, to have everything with me. I’m sorry I haven’t been that patient with you recently. I’m sorry baby. I miss you so much and was thinking about you all day, baby. Something seems just different and I’m really hoping that it’s not us changing. I’m so scared of it, please don’t let us change. I’ve been trying and trying to be happy and talkative with you and trying to make you even laugh at silly pictures, and recently it seems like you’ve changed. I don’t know if maybe it’s just because you’ve been feeling off or maybe you’ve just gotten bored of me, whatever it is, recently you seem different. I prayed to God that you’ll never change and I really hope that He’s answering my prayer. I love you so damn much I can’t even show with words how much I love you. Please baby I want us to fix this, fix all of the fighting and being off with each other because right now it seems like we are growing more and more distant each day. It is frightening me so much and upsetting me so much just the thought of it. I wanna go back to how we used to be like when we would laugh and be badass and just having good conversations. I love you so damn much you know I do, and I know you love me so much too and you’re the perfect girlfriend in my eyes and I don’t ever ever wanna lose you not ever, baby. I’m sorry for all the wrong things I said to you. I really hope we can talk about this when you wake up and I hope you will be happy. I miss you so much. I love you so fucking much, sorry for swearing, but I mean it I love you so damn much and please sleep well my wife, goodnight and I love you so much my baby.
Abort Mission 2-Stiles AU

Part 2 of abort mission.

You can find part 1 here: 




I am holding my camera while walking down the street taking pictures of that weird perv that lives down my street when a car pulls over stopping right in front of me. The car just waits and I know they want me to go in , but I decide to tease them.  I just stand there staring right through the dark window smiling and waving. The the driver’s window lowers and I see this weird guy with an uneven jawline  in a suit.

‘’look , I’m just trying to do my job here-‘’ he starts saying but I just laugh and enter the car.

A long silent drive later we arrive in this building I have never seen before. I thought I’d be taken back to the company’s headquarters. Soon another car pulls over and stops.

The uneven jaw guy opens my door and I exit, following him up the elevator,

‘’AAAND IT’S A TEN !’’  I hear someone saying from behind me and turn to see this guy with messy hair , entering the lift with us. I simply groan.

The lift is taking a while since we are heading towards the floor that isn’t even on the buttons , after that uneven jaw guy enters a code. I just stare to my front trying not to look at anyone .

The guy extends his hand and waits for me to shake it , but thank god the lift stops and we get off, heading towards the door we are supposed to go. I walk in faster pace behind the uneven jaw  guy , trying to avoid the shithead behind me.

‘’I had a dog once, did a lot more talking than you ‘’ he mumbled as we walked trying to catch up.

‘’ Oh and Courtney . Courtney , was this old friend of my mothers with long finger nails , I lost ,my virginity to her. You kind of look like big old Courts ‘’ I sighed as we finally entered a room.

Once in , we see my Boss, and I assume his as well , standing behind a desk , with screens , files , and equipment.

‘’ Hello guys !’’ My Boss says.

The guy with the messy hair , my , ugh , partner to be , leans in to whisper something to my Boss.

‘’ is . she. Mute  ?’’ he asks , His Boss facepalms as he expected him to fuck up.

‘’ Dickhead’’ I mumble. He walks back same line as me , as our bosses get their files done.

‘’ heard that’’ he whispers slowly leaning to his left poking my shoulder. God how is he even an agent .

‘’ Right , this is protocol three mission. Which means , extremely confidential.’’ His Boss begins. His has sort of grey dark hair , and a weird beard I read the card on his desk that says DEREK HALE.

‘’ There are no major details in the files you will receive. All we can tell you , is that there is a series of targets, once you eliminate the first move on to the next one’’ My Boss continues.

‘’ wait , so you’re not gonna tell us , why we’re killing them ? or if it is an organization or something ?’’ The guy steps to the front and his boss motions him to walk back.

‘’it is of utmost secrecy , for your own good’’ My boss says.

‘’ whatever , let’s just get the job done ‘’ I whisper to myself. The guy leans to his left again to whisper to my ear.

‘’That is what Courtney said’’ I just smile while shaking my head.

‘’ There is a list of all the names , as well as the basic things you need to know, but you must not ask questions. There are fake ids you might need, and equipment.’’

‘’ when do we start ?’’ He asks

‘’ as soon as you exit this building. ‘’ His Boss says .

‘’ It is vital that you can’t be identified, therefore, we have covered your loans for the next months as locations will most likely change, But you need to be able to not be tracked down….’’ My Boss starts

‘’ don’t say it’’ I mumble.

‘’ We have arranged an apartment under a fake name and account, for the first target.’’

‘’ she said it’’ I add.

‘’ Scott, will be your driver’’ She motions to the uneven jaw guy who waves and smiles, like I did when he waited. I sigh , big time. I grab the files and the equipment and head outside.

‘’ I’m Stiles by the way’’ he says as Scott is the one to follow us now.

‘’ Listen Scott, I’m not in this to make friends , so let’s just tick off this list, so that I can go back to my apartment.’’ I say as politely as I can.

‘’ what is our first target anyway ?’’ he asks as we enter Scott’s car.

I open the files.

‘’ Isaac Lahey, 45 Head of Human rights committee. ‘’ I read out loud.

‘’ what did he do ?’’ he asks.

‘’ what all CEO’s of non governmental organizations do .’’ I say closing the files.  Stiles looks at me with curiosity.

‘’ fuck up .’’ I add , and look out my window. He spreads his legs a bit.

‘’ do you think we should get a dog ?’’ he asks and chuckles.



Three hours later we have settled In our apartment. There is this huge glass wall in the bedroom, and a big tv, and a full fridge .

‘’Cool they have robes, and expensive clothes , and caviar for food, and look at the great Jacuzzi in the bathroom !’’ I exclaim but as soon as I pin point the luxuries of the new place. She is throwing out of the wardrobe the clothes , putting her guns, empties the fridge , putting in her bombs and gas bottles , and fills the Jacuzzi with handcuffs, more guns, belts, bullets, and a samurai sword.

I chuckle leaning against the doorframe.

There is a knock on our door , and I peak through the small hole on it to see Scott.

‘’ Got orders to drive you At Royal Casino , in about three hours, thought I’d let you know’’ he says .

‘’ And what will you do for three hours ?’’ I ask. He looks around, grabs the caviar Y/N has tossed away and a spoon.

‘’ play rich’’ Scott exits the room. Y/N is nowhere to be seen, but then I see her walking around in a towel heading towards the bathroom. I stare until she sighs and closes the door , loudly.

I jump onto the bed, and start emptying my suitcase. I pull out my laptop. Oh hey two new messages. I check my e-mails.

Isn’t he cute ? my sister asks with an attachment of a puppy.

Your left ear was slightly caught on camera. I’m removing that from your raise. Boss says. I close my laptop.

‘’ You alive in there ?’’ I yell , feeling bored. And then there is a loud sound , as a bullet goes through the bathroom’s wooden door. And hits the wall right behind me, taking away two strands of my hair.

‘’ okay got it !’’ I yell back.

A couple of minutes later she is finally done , and enters the room in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt wiping her hair.

‘’ So’’ she says climbing onto the bed.

‘’ so..’’ I raise my eyebrows.

‘’ The mission Stiles I mean the mission!’’ she drops the towel leaving her wet her lose. Yeap, definatelly a ten.

‘’ Right , Royal Casino , how do we enter? I’ve got…’’ I open the file with the ids.

‘’ Mr and Mrs Carter, and the Hammocks’’ I read the names .

‘’ Hammocks ‘’ she chooses.

‘’ Oookay , let’s see, James Hammock, 22 years old, made innovative phone app , became a billionaire. And Aliena Hammock , oh ! we’re brother and sister. ‘’ I say reading the details of the fake ids.

She is holding Lahey’s file.

‘’ that guys spends a fortune in Royal Cas, ‘’ she exclaims.

‘’ give me a minute’’ I reply opening my laptop running down some codes, and then the internal files of the Casino open, really cheap firewall , you guys , I click on Lahey.

‘’hasn’t lost a game’’ I say and she approaches , pulling the laptop closer.
She clicks on some things.

‘’ he has a deal with the Casino, they place him with weak players and then he only keeps half of the prize. The rest returns to the Casino’’ she says opening his bank records.

‘’ Which picture shows off my bone structure ?’’ I ask opening a file with selfies.

‘’ The one from the morgue ‘’ she says causing me to burst out laughing.

‘’ You know , you’re funny when you’re not a bitch’’

‘’ and you’re a bitch when you’re funny’’ she chuckles and points at a selfie of me in a suit.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ she asks as I start typing numbers,

‘’ creating our Casino account. Making it look like we’re really two naïve young millionaires who can’t play’’

‘’ you think they will place him with us?’’ she asks.

‘’ if we seem bad enough’’ I answer while fixing the records making it look like we have registered in the casino and lose 5 out of 7 games.

‘’ so what do we do ?’’ I ask as soon as I finish the scripts.

‘’ we beat Lahey’’ she says.

‘’ but if he loses the whole Casino will turn against us. ‘’

‘’ yes , but what will they say ? , They will be crossed. But only Lahey can protest…’’ she continues.

‘’ and then he asks for a rebound game…a private one..’’ I say realizing where this is going.

‘’ why don’t we just kill him , as soon as he exits his limo ?’’ she says sighing.

‘’ Cause ! we need to record him , on the Casino deal. You know , your making it sound way too easy.’’ I notice

‘’ what ?’’

‘’ killing. When did you stop  caring about human lives ?’’ I genuinely ask.

‘’ when I realized they don’t matter’’ she says getting her id.

‘’ I’ll go hang out with Scott, let you dress…’’ I get up awkwardly and leave.


God he is a pain in the ass. I wish he could shove his questions up his ass. I notice the clothes on the floor. i fix my back bag for the mission. Wear my garters  and tie my gun on them. I’ve been doing that for far too long , that now I feel weird when there is not a gun on  my thigh. I fix my hair
and put on the same camera earrings, hoping they’ll get Lahey cheating on the game. I wear this grey dress that I find with exposed back, and put on my high heels
I open the window and fire once Scott’s car, letting Stiles know he can come up. Seconds later , the door opens.

‘’Y/N , guns are not a way of communicating ’’he mumbles before even entering.

‘’ guns are supposed t- Woah’’ he says looking at me.

‘’what ?’’ I ask suddenly feeling conscious.

‘’ Incest , that is what ‘’ he says referring to our fake ids , being brother and sister.

I chuckle and move to the mirror to apply some make up.

He stands in front of the wardrobe and tries to pull a tuxedo among the guns. Then I see him , removing his black shirt. I just look through the mirror and notice that he is firm. He removes his pants and that is when I focus back on my lipstick.

‘’ let’s roll sister!’’ he is now fully dressed in a black tuxedo and bowtie smiling at me.

‘’ if you call me sister one more time-

‘’ ready ?’’ Scott asks opening the door.

‘’ Dude , knock first , what if Y/N had been naked !’’’ Stiles says offended.

‘’ so , you do see my point…’’ Scott smiles and I breathe in. You are doing this for the promotion Y/N, hang in there.

About half an hour later we are outside the Casino.

‘’ call and I’ll track your phones and pick you up’’ Scott yells from the window as he pulls away. We start walking towards the entrance among a crowd of fancy dressed middle aged people, models. And handsome billionaires. Stiles places his hand around my waist and I grab it , leading it lower against my skin until he can feel gun resting on my thigh. He pulls his hand away.

‘’name please’’ a man in a green velvet suit asks by the entrance

‘’ Un fucking believable !’’ Stiles exclaims and turns to me.

‘’ I know , you’ve invested so much and they still ask for your name…’’ I carry on the act. Stiles sighs as the guy starts sweating.

‘’there might an implication , it is our duty to ask a-

‘’ James and Aliena Hammock’’ Stiles says pissed. He checks our names off the list.

‘’ My apologies, welcome again Mr. Hammock’’ he says.

‘’ and ?’’

‘’ And miss Hammock..’’

‘’ good’’ Stiles says and I smirk as we enter this huge building. Cashier’s everywhere. Tables with poker , cards , bars, drinks, Sofas, a huge expensive car right in the middle. A fountain, Models dressed in tiny tight blue dresses and pretentious bastards everywhere.

I fix my earring searching for target.

‘’ do you see him ?’’ I ask but exactly that moment we hear giggling , cheers and clapping coming from one of the tables. There is crowd surrounding the people around it. But then they slightly move to reveal this guy holding markers, pulling them close to him, while cheering.

‘’ there!’’ I point . Stiles and I walk closer and sit at a near by table.

‘’ follow my lead’’ he whispers.

‘’ don’t tell me what to do !’’ I protest as they share us our cards.  We play for about three minutes, not even trying. Stiles pulls the most random cards.

‘’ Oh darn it ! ‘’ he huffs out every now and then.

‘’ it’s okay  James, maybe next time’’ I act like I am comforting him. We notice Lahey looking at us.

About five more minutes on this act and one of the Casino’s employees approaches us.

‘’ How would you feel Mr. Hammock about a challenge ?’’ they ask and Stiles smirks.

‘’ I never miss one !’’ he exclaims.

‘’ Are you sure ? it is with our best player !’’ they inform him.

‘’ Accepted ‘’ I say as they lead us on that table Lahey is playing. There is a roulette in the middle. He grabs a random lady passing by , and kisses her passionately.

‘’Mr. Lahey..’’ Stiles begins.

‘’ what do you want kid ?’’ he asks rudely.

‘’ My sister is a big fan of your work !’’

‘’ I hate you’’ I whisper.

‘’ is she now ?’’ Lahey eyes me from head to bottom while smirking.

‘’ blow me’’ he says and I frown but then I notice he is holding a dice in his hands. I blow , he shakes and throws it , to get a perfect six.

The lady gives Stiles some markers and he acts like he is puzzled.

‘’ having trouble ? mr. …?’’

‘’ Hammock..’’ I say seductively.

‘’ no ,no , I’m sure , I can do it , it’s just , I’ve never played this particular game before..’’ Stiles lies.

‘’it’ simple. You choose a number , and bet on it, then wish for luck. As you can see , I have lots of’’ Lahey smirks.
I sit on the table exposing the gunless thigh, and his eyes wonder there. Stiles coughs.

‘’ then I shall play’’ he says. Lahey laughs.

‘’ you’ve got guts kid , I’ll give you that’’ he says . Stiles bets on a number, and of course we lose the first round.

‘’ look’s like ,it won’t be your lucky day …’’ he says and  Stiles sighs.

‘’ I wouldn’ bet on it’’ he says as the ball stops on his number and he wins.  

Soon, the game is neck to neck , and people have gathered around our table , drinking and cheering. Others supporting Lahey and others us. I see Lahey fixing his tie. And then his hand wonders over my thigh. Suddenly Stiles pulls me down on his lap.

‘’ well , for brother and sister, you sure are close…’’ He says and Stiles smiles.

‘’ lost our mother when we were ten, she’s all I have !’’ Stiles smiles the fakest smile and kisses my cheek. I giv him a death glare and he only smirks more.

There is a break called on us , before going on round two. Lahey leaves the table.

‘’ Right , I think we can win this…’’ Stiles says.

‘’ keep playing , I’ll go get the recordings..’’ I inform him getting up and I can feel his eyes on me. I grab a drink and stand near were Lahey is. I use m,y earring and zoom in as he is talking witht eh cashier. I raise the volume.

‘’ YOU SAID THEY’D LOSE !’’ he says .

‘’ THEY WILL , RELAX , THEIR RATINGS ARE 5 OUT OF 7 ‘’ he tries to calm him down.

‘’ they better lose.. or else..’’ he says . I keep recording it.Then I feel someone tapping my shoulder.

‘’ he’s mad ?’’ Stiles asks.

‘’ furious’’ I smile.

‘’ Round two for Lahey and Hammock’’ is heard from oiur table and we return.  Stiles wins the first go

‘’ looks like I underestimated you kid’’ Isaac smirks.

‘’ I guess you did’’  Stiles wins second go.

‘’ Are you gonna lose mr.Lahey ?’’ one dump model asks him.

‘’ daddy never does’’ he says at her and wins third fourth and fifth go. One last go.

‘’ this will determine the winner..’’ the cashier says,.

‘’ all in’’ Stiles pushes his markers. Lahey  laughs.

‘’ ALL IN’’ he says too copying his actions. Then the roulette spins, and Stiles uses this techno magnet thing he has been using it , and causes the ball to stop on the desired number.

Everyone cheers, Champaigns open, and more people gather.

‘’ congratulations !’’

‘’ nobody’s ever done that !’’

I see Lahey getting up and follow him. Getting on camera the whole fight with the employee.

‘’ i’m sorry , maybe they were just lucky. ‘’

‘’ more lucky than the casinos’ system ?!?!’’ Isaac says pissed/

‘’ there is nothing we can do..’’

‘’ but I can’’ he says and I return to my place. Lahey extends his hand and shakes Stiles’

‘’ good game James’’

He kisses mine.

‘’ may I have a word ?’’ he asks and pulls us somewhere less crowded.

‘’Everything alright Mr. Lahey ? ‘’ I ask innocently

‘’ how bout we settle this on our own huh ? double money ? less rules ? ‘’ he suggests and grins.

‘’ no , I;m sure I’d- Stiles acts hesitant.

‘’ oh come on ! risky young man like you hammock. You know you remind me of myself at your age’’ Lahey says.

‘’ double money ?’’ Stiles asks, and Lahey nods.

He then notions something and five guys come near us. We follow him outside the Casino and into his car. He stops by a dark filthy alley next to a bin where there is a large man standing by the door.

‘’ Get in’ Lahey says and the man opens the door as we walk to enter. I notice the big guy’s hand moving to slap my butt but I catch it mid air and twist it breaking th thumb.

‘’ love it when you get rough’’ Stiles whispers and I chuckle. There is another green table with a roulette in that room, filled with huge guys , the smell of alcohol and cigarettes filling the air.

‘’ Boys , Mr, and Miss Hammock’’ Lahey opens his hands presenting us as we take a seat. There is this huge dog by the corner and Stiles pouts his lips.

‘’ not happening’’ I whisper to him.

The game begins and Lahey holds a cigarette in his mouth chuckling as we lose the first go.

‘’ Not that much luck now huh ?’’ he asks and Stiles pretends to be troubled.
I get up.

‘’ excuse me, is there like a restroom ,I could use to freshen up ?’ I ask. And Isaac simply moves his fingers, sowing off his many rings. One of the huge guys gets up and guides me towards the restroom. Once inside , I call Scott letting him know of our location.

Then I fix my hair and breathe in once.
I look at my reflection and mimic Stiles’ voice.

‘’ let’s roll sister’’ I open the door and see the huge guy grining at me.

‘’ Sorry took me a while, see there was this stain right here’’ I point at my chest and his eyes wonder there giving me the perfect chance to smack his nose and punch his neck. Then I hit his ears , going for the knees next until I bump my head on his leaving him on the floor. I shake the dust off my dress and slowly walk back inside.

Stiles catches sight of me, and In a sudden movement, I pull out my gun firing two of the guys down. Lahey turns to look t me giving Stiles the chance to get off the table , pull out his gun , and fire three others.

‘’ FUCKING KID !’’ Lahey screams jumping away from the table , pulling out a gun himself , buyt before he can shoot Stiles I shoot the handle of the gun causing him to drop it. Then two guys aim at me , but Stiles shoots my heel causing it to break enough for me to lose balance fall down and escape the two strikes. Soon Lahey is the only man standing. Stiles aims at him from the front , and I aim at him from behind.

‘’not much luck now huh ?’’ I say as Stiles and I fire at the same time. Then we hear a car stopping outside and start running as more guys appear from the door behind.

We exit while trying to escape the bullets from the guys chasing us.

‘’ GET IN !’’ Scott yells , and opens the doors. We enter and fire back , killing two of the five guys who manage to get a car themselves.  Scott drives fast causing traffic jams, Stiles shoots from the window.

‘’ they can’t follow us back remember ! ?!?’’ I yell placing my gun in my moth unzipping my dress. I am on the back seat while Stiles and Scott struggle from the front. I notice Stiles has Lahey’s cigarette in his mouth.

‘’ did you take that before or after her died ?’’ I ask.

‘’ after !’’ Stiles winks.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ Scott asks noticing I am taking off my heels.

‘’ changing , I’’ll lead them the other way , you take Stiles back’’ I say and remove the dress as well , as my skin shivers against the leather seat. Stiles stops firing as the car takes wild turns. He fixes the car’s mirror so that he can have a better view of me changing.

‘’ OH MY GOD SHE IS GETTING UNDRESSED AT THE BACK OF MY CAR !’’ Scott cheers, as Stiles puffs the smoke out adjusting the mirror to show my \legs and thighs as he smirks.

‘’ ON YOUR FACE MUM !’’ Scott continues as I pull my pants and put on my leather jacket.

‘’ TURN LEFT ‘’ I yell and Scott takes a sudden left turn.

‘’ what are you gonna do ?’’ Stiles asks getting back to shooting the car behind us from his open window. The wind takes away the fag from his mouth.

‘’ fuck’’ he mumbles. I see the bridge.

I grab another gun so that I can fire with both. And open the door. I count to three .

‘’ Y/N ! !’’ Stiles yells as I jump out , while shooting the tires of the car causing it to hit the wall of the bridge.

take a walk ➝ some upbeat/happy songs to give you the motivation to go do something, whatever that may be :)

1. twenty years - bad suns // 2. brighter days - st. raymond // 3. headphones - mounties // 4. high - young rising sons // 5. i wanna get better - bleachers // 6. tonight - coasts // 7. she way out - the 1975 // 8. infinitesimal - mother mother // 9. teen lovers - the virgins // 10. got to my head - waters // 11. make out - rixton // 12. riptide - vance joy


It Only Takes One Time (Part 6)

Hey guys! I’m working hard on trying to get some writing cued up because I am going on vacation for a week and will not have internet! So pardon my absence, but this chapter is long over due.

Ya’ll want the baby to be a boy or a girl?

 Part 5

Warnings: Swearing, little bit emotional


It was hard. I admit it, it was so fucking hard. Deciding whether or not I should text Dan back, became a battle with myself.

Did I really need to? Yes.

Did I really want to? Yes.

Could I do it? No. Every time I tried typing a reply, I couldn’t bring myself to press send. My mind went crazy every time I thought about what he would reply with. So, I decided that just for one day I wouldn’t deal with this.

One uneventful day to myself. Catherine was at work, I didn’t have to study, and it was just all good. Or at least I could pretend.

The first little bit of the day was spent with me cleaning up the apartment. It was honestly a mess since Catherine and I had been neglecting the chores.

After cleaning, I did some laundry. A lot of my clothes were starting not to fit me, so I was wearing the ones that did over and over again. There was less I was wearing, so that meant more washing.

After doing laundry, I took a nap. Could you blame me? The baby took all of my energy and to add to that, I was emotionally drained.

I woke up to the door bell ringing. I figured it was just Catherine, who’d more than likely forgotten her keys again, since she did that at least twice a week. I lazily got up and tied the strings of my sweatpants and rubbed my eyes. I was so groggy that I felt almost disoriented. I twisted the knob of the front door and opened the door wide open.

“Y/N…” I heard a masculine voice say. I looked up to see two very tall and dark figures staring back down at me. Great, Dan AND Phil were here. My drama free day wasn’t even halfway done and now I had to deal with this shit. Who am I kidding? Could I ever really have a stress free day?

“Oh…” Was all I could force out of my mouth. I awkwardly put one hand on the door, and one hand on my hip.

“Sorry for just showing up… Erm…” Dan rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat. He tried to find his words before Phil interrupted.

“Can we come in?” Phil looked equally as awkward as Dan, but far more agitated. All I did was nod and step out of the way so they could step inside.

Once they took off their coats and hung them up, I led them into the living room. They both sat adjacent to one another and could only look at their feet.

“Sorry that it’s freezing in here.” I sighed, going up to the thermostat and turning up the heat. “Catherine and I haven’t been coming in here often so we just haven’t used the heater.”

“Don’t worry about it, I didn’t even notice.” Dan shrugged. That was bullshit considering he’d just zipped up his jacket and shoved his hands in his pockets. He and Phil were just trying to be nice, and while that was appreciated, I really wasn’t in the mood. One day was all I needed away from this whole mess. One fucking day.

 “Alright, either of you want some tea?” I offered, just wanting to get out of the room. The two men exchanged glances and shrugged.

“Sure, sounds good.” Phil nodded his head forward.


After drinking some tea, and awkward small talk, Dan finally gathered some courage to speak up about the elephant in the room.

“I want to be in the baby’s life, no matter what.” He sat back and crossed his legs. I shrugged and sighed.

“Dan, I know. But there’s just so many things that make this whole situation complicated,” I began. “For starters, I still don’t even know that keeping it is actually a good idea. I don’t know if I’m going to move out and live on my own, or whether or not I’m going to keep going to school. Dan, I’m having so many inner conflicts right now.”

“I can help you with all of that, though. We’d have help raising the baby. Between me and you, Catherine, Phil, our families, and even Marie-“

“I don’t want my baby calling another woman ‘mom’, Dan. I get that she’s your girlfriend and all that, but I probably wouldn’t even be comfortable with anyone but Catherine just holding him or her.” At this point, Phil awkwardly scrolled through something on his phone. He didn’t need to be here, and I felt so bad that he was listening to this.

“Not even its father?” Dan scooted to the end of his seat and his cheeks started turning red. I was frustrating him, but he was also frustrating me (in more ways than one. Hello, hormones exist.)

“You know what I mean.” I retorted. His jaw muscle twitched and he ran his fingers through his hair.

“You’re being really fucking unreasonable. This kid is just as much mine as yours, so I deserve to actually be included in raising him or her and contribute to your well being. We aren’t together but we did this together, and we have to be a fucking team to be parents.”

“This is all so fucked up. What you’re saying may sound reasonable to you, and I understand that. However, try being in my shoes. I’m pregnant and I live with a roommate. I go to university and I have to work hard to maintain myself on my own. My mother doesn’t even know I’m not a virgin. Everything seems so easy to you, but you just don’t understand why this is so hard for me.” I shook my head. “You don’t have to walk around with the evidence of what we did inside of you.” Dan’s face turned from red to pale. He was out of things to say, and to be honest, so was I. Phil had tried to pretend he wasn’t even listening to this and continued on playing some sort of game on his phone.

After a few minutes of silence, Dan finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry.” He simply stated. “We both screwed up, but now we have to pay the price. I really want to help you in any way I can. Can you please just give me a chance? Seriously. One chance, that’s all I need.”

I looked at my feet, then I looked at Phil. He was still playing his game, but he kept glancing up at us. From Phil, I looked back at my feet, then to Dan. I sucked in a deep breath and stood up. Dan followed my actions, and so did Phil. Now, they both just waited to hear my answer.

“One chance.” I mumbled, more to myself than either of them. Dan cocked up an eyebrow.

“Sorry?” He slid his hands into his jean pockets and hunched up his shoulders.

“You get one chance. But, that’s it, okay? I want you to do your part for the child. Pay for things you want the child to have and things we need for it. Don’t spend a single penny on me. That’s all.” I held out my hand for him to shake it, and he grasped it without hesitation.

“Well, this is lovely.” Phil interjected and gave a half smile. “I’m sorry for what I said about Dan yesterday, Y/N. I’m sure he’ll suffice.”

“Yeah? Well, good thing he has one chance.” I nodded.


After the boys left, I was still left with a sort of pang in my chest. I really needed advice on how to deal with pregnancy from someone other than my doctor. Catherine was no good in this category, but there was only one person.

My eyes welled with tears and my hands shook as I dialled the number on my cell. The phone rang three times before hearing the other line pick up.

“Oh, Y/N! So lovely to hear from you, how are you, dear?” My mom’s angelic voice said through the line. At this point, I was full on ugly crying.

“M-mom…” I mumbled into the phone. I heard her sigh and I could just picture her frowning.

“Darling… What’s wrong? Talk to me. You haven’t been answering my calls and I was worried something was going on.” I could hear a door shut, which probably meant she’d gone into another room to talk to me.

I-I’m… I’m pregnant, mom.”

H.S Dirty Imagine: "Marcel's Best-Friend" [Part 1]

Your Point of View:

                “(Y/N) this idea is absurd; as if you would even consider it, is beyond me.” Marcel Styles - my best-friend – scolded me for my outrageous idea.

We were close friends; so close sometimes people mistaken us as siblings and it came to my attention the other day – we were seventeen and hadn’t done…the deed as my Mother would call it. We were still virgins, still learning life, but the freedom and the weight of having done…it would have been amazing – if he agreed.

                “Come on Marcel,” I begged him that afternoon.

                “(Y/N) losing your virginity is something important; something y-you do with someone special.” He explained but I shook my head.

                “You are special; special to me and I would like to remember the first time I did it was with someone I cared about; someone who meant a lot to me.” I argued. His facial features softened at my words; removing his classes he rubbed his eyes and sighed.

                “(Y/N)…I-I’m not even ready yet.”

                “Neither am I, but this is good practise.” I urged. It was. Good practise for him and me, too know what’s right and what’s not. What position works and what one doesn’t, how it all feels; before, during and after.

                “I-I’ll think about it.” He concluded looking away from me. I nodded, understanding he needed time. I gathered my belongings, before strolling out of his room and out the house with a final goodbye leaving him by himself.

                Marcel’s Point of View:

“We’ll be back later Marcel,” my Mother informed me that night as I stood in the kitchen with my Biology text book and lap-top, overlooking a few questions. I was soon going to congregate to my room. “And don’t worry about Harry or Edward. Harry’s at Louis’ tonight and Edward’s…well, we won’t be home.”

I nodded, rolling my eyes at the typical actions of my brother; Edward. He was the eldest out of us triplets and the one who rebelled against the parentals.

“Don’t answer the door unless you’re expecting someone.” My Father added before closing the door. As my parents pulled out of the driveway; I wandered back towards my room, carrying my text-book and lap-top.

It was 9:40PM, as I placed my things on my wooden desk. I kept thinking about (Y/N)’s idea; of the two of us losing our virginity to one another rather than some; slut or manwhore. It would be nice to experience such a thing, I had only ever “jerked” off to videos or images of pornography though I had never done it.

Both Harry and Edward had lost their virginity in the early stages of their teen years; me however wanted to wait for someone – someone, special like (Y/N). She was my closes girl mate, always there when I needed her and always my constant support. She knew me inside and out, knew what made me tick and made me smile.

Though she never realised; I had feelings for her. Of course boys and girls will develop feelings for the opposite sex, especially best-friends who were the opposite sex and it was so rare at times that the other felt the same.

Sitting down in my computer chair, the house was silent. I stared blankly at my desk-top screen, thinking of all the possible things (Y/N) and I…could, possibly do. We weren’t experienced; aside from me knowing how to jerk off, or watch how certain positions were. That was about it.

Before I even realised my actions, my fingers typed hastily into the search bar of the internet explorer typing in the words porn. I clicked on the first website, a regular I went too, as I sat back and watched the screen load.

The website had; ads and videos upon it – some causing my dick to tingle and others not. I scrolled through the numerous explicit videos, before clicking on a recent one that seemed interesting. As it loaded, I watched curiously; the woman on her knees bringing her lips to the head of the penis she was about to take in her mouth.

My hands slid down to my crotch, palming through my pants, though it wasn’t enough. The volume was rather high as the man cursed and exhaled heavily. His head was bowed, watching her take him further down her throat. I pulled my pants and boxers slightly down; only so I could have enough room to touch myself.

I whimpered as my hand came in contact with my penis, moaning as I watched the woman take the guys penis. She looked like a professional and I could not help but picture (Y/N) in her place and my shaft being the object within her mouth.

                “(Y/N).” I moaned ever so slightly; the image of her on her knees and sucking me, made me whimper. Even if she wasn’t experienced, I wanted her lips wrapped around my cock, her tongue against the length of my shaft and her saliva covering me. “Shit,”

The woman was standing upright now; moving towards the white sofa before sitting down and parting her legs giving me an excellent view of her pussy. I had seen many on this site, but curiosity got the better of me. I wondered what (Y/N’s) pussy would looks like.

It was the male’s turn as he got to his knees, his face levelled with the woman’s, womanhood. His tongue licked her and she moaned quietly, before he started he lick and suck harshly against her pussy. The woman started to moan loudly, requesting for more pleasure.

My hand moved up and down my shaft, moans emitting from my own mouth, as I thought about (Y/N) and doing all these extremely dirty and naughty motions towards her and her body. My fingers were wrapped tightly around my member, my thumbs softly and gently coming in contact with the head of my penis.

The pair in the video were now in a position known as the “doggy” or “behind” as it was called; her on her knees and him behind. He pushed into slowly before moving in hard and fast, her gripping the couch as she desperately tried to watch him.

                “Urgh.” I growled continuing to jerk myself off at the sight of the pair, before she screamed out loudly and released her cum over his cock. I pumped harder, (Y/N’s) body underneath mine, my lips on her body and her mouth around my manhood made me groan her name loudly and release my semen.

                Your Point of View:

I was sat on my couch, watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that night and just admiring Jamie Campbell Bower and how beautiful he was.

My eyes focused solely on Jamie’s character; Jace Wayland, as he fought Valentine in the library quarters of the Institute. This was one of my favourite scenes; where he defends Clary after she was knocked on the head.

Though my attention snapped to the vibration, ringing of my phone beside me. A familiar contact appearing across the title. I furrowed my brows as too why he was calling at this time.

                “Hello? Marcel, you okay?” I questioned putting the DVD on mute for a moment. Marcel sounded out of breath over the phone, his breathing was heavy almost as if he was trying to catch it.

                “I was thinking…” he breathed out causing me to have his full attention. My brows furrowed some more. Where was he going with thisDid he mean doing it? Or… “I want to…lose it.” He added shortly, making me gasp slightly.

                “Marcel…are you sure?” I asked wanting to know that he was a hundred per cent on game with this idea. It was outrageous in my opinion; but I wanted to lose my virginity and especially too…someone special like Marcel. I would never admit it in reality; but I truly did have feelings for him and I just wanted to be with him though he never liked me. He was intelligent and too good for me, that he deserved someone better someone with his academic status.

                “Y-yes, I-I’m sure.” He started to control his breathing as he continued. “Is it cool if you…came around now?” I was slightly taken a back from his request. I glanced over at my clock; 9:50PM. My house was empty; aside from my Grandmother who was in the kitchen and Marcel only lived, literally, around the corner.

                “I’ll see, hold on.” I informed him waddling over to the kitchen. Grandmother stood by the counter, on the home-phone to someone. “Gran…” I started. Her eyes wandered over to me, giving me attention for a few seconds. “I’m going to stay at Hannah’s okay?” I lied, knowing she would never let me stay at Marcel’s. She nodded, waving me off as she continued. I smiled to myself and wandered towards my room.

                “Is it okay if I stay the night?” I asked him.

                “Yeah – sure; the brothers are out and my parents don’t…mind at all.” Marcel informed me. I smiled to myself; closing the bedroom door and getting ready. “I’ll see you in a few.” He concluded, and with that we hung up.



anonymous asked:

I understand ur a feminist or whatever an that's OK. I'm not an I'm a female. Exactly what LEGAL rights do men have that women dont. Every time I have this convo with a feminist they say oh u don't understand when in reality I'm a hell of a debator an their support be trash. So which rights do men have that we don't.

I’m glad you think its okay but it really seems like you don’t understand what it is and what it means to women and society.  Feminism gets such a bad rep that its ridiculous and people are so uneducated on it that they seem to not even want to try and understand what it is- they just take it for what they think it is and move on so they can have something to demean and gripe about- as if there weren’t enough things in the world.

It isn’t about what legal rights you have as a man and the ones I don’t as a woman.  It may have something to do with that but its much more than that.  As a female in this country, especially a WoC and the daughter of immigrants you don’t understand the struggle on THISside because you’re on the outside looking in but generally there are many things that feminism stands for that don’t center around the legal rights of men and women as separate gender classes. 

  1. there are many many  laws that dictate what i can or can’t do with my body as a female but not one dictating what a male can or can’t do starting with the fact that prochoice isn’t even considered a helpful law.  Am I saying I would ever have an abortion- no I’m not, but to know that if I’m ever in a situation where I may think its for the best I would like to have comfort in knowing that the option is always open.   You never know another person’s situation or the hardships they could be facing so instead of having a society of men who are made uncomfortable by the topic shove their beliefs and such down our throats I would love for them to think about what it really could mean to another person.  No one just wakes up and goes “welp I’m preggers, lets go get an abortion” like their deciding their going for coffee, its a serious decision and until its illegal for a man to walk away and choose not to be a parent then women should be allowed to make this decision for herself.   And think of all the young teenage girls who die at child birth (its the number 1 killer of girl ages 12-19) and then of the ones who survive and are forced to care for children they didn’t want to have and then people say you could put it up for adoption but kids rot in foster care- look at all the white actresses who go to poor african nations to adopt children like their a white savior or some shit when there are millions of kids right here in this country that need to be taken care of. 
  2. We live in a patriarchal society dominated by white men who feel that their opinion and decisions is what’s best for women all over the nation even though they have never known what its like to be a woman.  
  3. society expects certain things of me as a female, such as being quiet and submissive to my male counterparts and speaking out makes me bossy and a bitch- Nicki Minaj spoke on this: she literally compared herself to her boss Lil Wayne.  In short she can’t act the way he does cause when you’re a female and you’re assertive you’re a bitch : :educate yourself
  4. the fact that there is still a wage gap between men and women who have the same professions woman have proven for centuries that we’re capable of doing the same things men can but we are still subjected to ridicule, harassment in the workplace, discrimination, and of course general maltreatment- just ask Joan of Arc, or watch Mulan… you’ll get the picture.
  5. the fact that I’m expected to have sex with only one person throughout the course of my entire life and that my virginity is something to be guarded and protected because its the only thing I have that defines my self worth and if i keep in tact by the time I’m 18 im some magical unicorn but if you keep it till you’re 18 you’re either a fuckin saint or loser.  By society standards, my virtue is something that should be coveted and that the man who takes it should be given the highest regard because its apparently an honor.  if you feel your virginity should be saved for someone special, then all power to you but to me- its not that serious.  Honestly it should be about what you’re doing like if you’re just fuckin or makin love or just having sex with someone- that’s what should be focused on here.  And on top of that if it is found out that I had lost my virginity at the “wrong” time I’m not the only person looked down upon- In most cultures like my own my father and my mother would be shamed for not keeping my a virgin- literally in Uganda some 100-200 years ago I would be married off to a random person and probably never be able to see my family again and if my husband finds that I’m not a virgin he has to send the mat we had sex on to my father for all the world to see shaming him for not being able to keep me locked up in the house. Just a lil fun fact I read about in one of my dad’s history books on our country.
  6. The fact if I have sex with more than one person, I’m considered a whore or a slut but you’re glorified as like a sex god or a “lady killer” As a female I’m not allowed to like sex the same way men do so when it comes to women like Rihanna, or Nicki Minaj (who has stated time and time again that she is celibate and has never had sex with anyone in the industry- seriously not one nigga stepped up and said he did, aside from Gucci Mane but that’s its own explanation) they are written off as whores and thots while their male counterparts like Drake or Chris Brown are praised for being around lose women and having sex all the time and then speak on this in the music and hit the top of the charts
  7. The fact that niggas can sing “These hoes ain’t loyalI” and not even take a step back and look at themselves.Now do I love that song, of course cause dudes were spittin truth in that song- while truly questioning these people in their lives who are willing to disrespect themselves and the people around them and use the people around for their own personal gain (why give them your heart when they rather have your black card and attention) and will do anything to have what they want but I can’t help but think about the men and women who forget that men can be hoes too.  But to me a hoe isn’t just someone who has a lot of sex.  If you’re single and have sex with other single people then all power to you, to me you ain’t a hoe cause WHAT GOES IN YOUR VAGINA AND WHEREVER YOU PUT YOUR PENIS IS YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESSit does not concern me unless it affects me directly but if you trappin people with kids, and spreading things and having sex with people and blackmailing them to get what you want or being a home wrecker then you’s a hoe in my book. 
  8. The fact that they very men who will pay strippers to take off their clothes and dance are the same men who will degrade them for doing what they have to do to survive.  If you’re a stripper i fuckin endorse you cause you out there getting you money and being self sufficient. Girls can strip through college to make ends meet and then end up makin less money in the profession they went to college for compared to the money they made strippin. 
  9. The fact that if a man shows any “feminine” traits or mannerisms he’s called “gay” and “weak” for not doing something “manly”
  10. The fact that “you ____ like a girl” is an insult because its degrading to be a female in this “modern" society

  11. the fact that people still don’t get understand that feminism works for both men and women when it comes to gender roles and what’s considered women’s work and men’s work
  12. the fact that most people rebuke the topic because they think it revolves around the bashing of men and women burning their bras, when in reality its something that fights for the equality of the sexes

And now some quotes from one of role models to help further your understand:

  • “I often use “emasculation” in quotes in my writing, to imply that I am questioning the word itself. The correct word to use is dehumanization. But a man is not even dehumanized solely because a woman does something better than he does, unless he views his humanity as the conglomeration of patriarchal norms, not a real humanity of complexity and nuance. That’s the issue. Any patriarchal norm deviated from is viewed as a threat to their existence versus them realizing that the real threat to their existence is making it predicated upon a list of limiting and rigid norms. When men state that women can’t do X, they often are also stating that they must do X. They imprison themselves via patriarchy as well. The only reason why it impacts women much worse is because men still have male privilege, can enforce misogyny with greater power and sexism benefits them.”  ~Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • “We teach girls shame. Close your legs, cover yourself, we make them feel as though being born female they’re already guilty of something. And so, girls grow up to be women who cannot say they have desire. They grow up to be women who silence themselves. They grow up to be women who cannot say what they truly think. And they grow up–and this is the worst thing we do to girls–they grow up to be women who have turned pretense into an art form.”  -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

When it comes down to it, its not just about rights one group has and one doesn’t.  Feminism works both ways but I guess not every one is catching that drift.