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Some prompts I made up for amazing writers to use:

“Would you bleed for me?” She sauntered over to him on her hands and knees, resting herself in between his legs with her head tilted upwards, “Lick it off my lips like you needed me?”
“Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
“I’m a Christian, yet my mind is telling me to force you on your knees.”
“I’m sorry, She’s just a little…tied up.”
“Smite me, King.”
“Mind over matter.”
“You’re a child and I resent your very existence.. but I love you all the same.”
“Water the plants so they won’t ever die; because that’s the only love still alive.”
“Playing with fire will get you burned, but maybe I like the burning sensation?”
“You don’t know me but I’m your neighbor.”
“Smoking is bad, but so are you.”
“Baby, names aren’t important right now.”
“Did you just raise the stakes? Fuck. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of losing everything.”
“Tequila and Vegas aren’t a good mix.”
“How’d you get stuck in my window?”
“Not a minx but a cougar.”
“Where’s your dignity and respect?”
“If you want me. You’re gonna have to earn me.”
“You put God first, but I put myself first.”
“Stop! You snore like a grizzly bear with asthma, hibernating.”
“You made me hate my own reflection.”
“Cheesy pickup lines will get you nowhere.”
“Are you- Why? You’re ass naked in my kitchen holding a spatula?”
“I can give you a ride, but it won’t be in a car.”
“40s the new 20.”
“Heartfelt apologies that mean shit.”
“You can only say sorry for so long before it becomes the same damn song.”
“I wanna scream ‘I love you’ from the top of my lungs but I’m afraid someone else will hear me.”
“Yell it from the rooftop down!”
“I told myself I won’t miss you, but I was only fooling myself.”
“Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.”
“You reap what you sow.”
“Not even the tenth layer of hell can rectify the shit you’ve done.”
“Mistakes are made once or twice, not every day.”
“I seen you spike my drink so I switched your glass with mine. Karma, bitch.”
“When the water runs dry, who’s gonna wet those lips?”
“You chipped my tooth and I gave you a black eye. Is this love at first sight?”
“My reflexes re bad, I’m sorry!”
“You can tell me to leave, but I’m stubborn as hell, so I’m not going anywhere.”
“Sex cannot fix the broken-hearted or the damned.”
“Two-faced? Have you taken a look into the mirror lately?”
“You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing.”
“Scream in my face. Drag me by my hair. Degrade me to filth. I love it!”
“You can’t run from your troubles, but I know you’re gonna be the little bitch and try.”
“I’m so angry at you and myself, And I locked my keys inside my car.”
“I’m not a fish! You can’t just reel me in.”
“Cats have nine lives, supposedly. Fuck with me and you’ll have none!”
“You pushed me off a six foot ladder and nearly ended my career, sweetheart. I can’t wait to watch you suffer.”
“Sex is your remedy, not mine.”
“I know you heard about the blood knife; my daddy’s perfect virgin and my mothers wife.”
“Goodnight, Sweet Prince.”
“Barbie had Ken, but I have you.”
“Go home, You’re drunk and you smell like sex.”
“I’m bleeding from an unknown source and I asked for chocolate but you gave me white chocolate.”
“Teach me how to stop loving you like you did me.”
“Are my letters going through?”
“It’s late at night and you’re on my laptop, what the hell are you doing?”
“You spend more money than a Kardashian.”
“Size doesn’t matter, but I’m angry at you so now it does.”
“Did you just vomit on my limited edition Jay’s?”
“Some float and some drown.”
“I see you outside my house but I’m skyping you. What the hell is going on?”
“A little birdie told me a secret about you. Wanna hear?”
“You called me a weak link so I broke your gaming system . Who’s the weakest link now?”
“Your gambling put us in debt! Either get help or I’m leaving and never coming back.”
“Home? This isn’t a home!”
“Searching for something that I can’t reach.”
“I don’t like em’ innocent.”
“You were the puppeteer but the tables have turned.”
“Packing up your things made everything so much more real.”
“If I asked you to leave, would you?”
“I love it when you treat me like the filthy whore I am.”
“You’re lying and I know you’re lying, because your eyes deceive you.”
“You fucked up and this time you can’t right your wrong.”
“Don’t blink. Don’t smile. Don’t move a muscle. You’re my doll.”
“You say I’m too young, but know you more than anyone, including your own damn self!”
“Reject me. I need to feel some pain.”
“Loving you is suicide, but maybe that’s how I want to die.”
“For a split second I thought you were going to kiss me, but you simply threatened me.”
“I’ll never end up like him, behind my back I already am.”
“Line em’ up and I’ll knock em’ all down.”
“Money is the root of all evil, but I’m staring into the eyes of satan himself.”
She was sweet until she slipped herself into high heels. Now she’s the devil in heels.“
"Go big or go home. And by the looks of it, I think you should go home.”
“I woke up to pebbles being thrown at my window.”
“Hit me like a man and love me like a woman.”
“My blood runs cold when you step into the room.”
“How drunk was I and why is your face tattooed on my ass cheek?”
“You hid my body but your conscious weighs down on you.”
“I wish you would’ve stabbed me in the heart, because my back is sore from all the knives.”
“Make me!”
“I’m gonna say what sober couldn’t say!”
“I usually have no regrets, but I think you’re my first one.”

Credit is appreciated but not mandatory.

Prayer to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

O most beautiful Flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. O Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein that you are my Mother.

O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herein that you are my Mother. Amen.

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that have recourse to thee. (3 times)

Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands. (3 times)

“the bitch is back” *slow motion bad ass walk*


The beginning

In the last 24hrs I have received well over 100 emails all basically asking the same thing. So I’ll answer them here.

1. How old was I the first time I did anything sexual?

The first time I remember was the age of 5. My real father asked me to stick his penis in my mouth. At that time I didn’t know right and wrong so I did it. All I remember was telling my real mother later. She kicked him out after that.

2. How old was I when I lost my virginity?

My mother had met and remarried not long after the incident with my father. A few years later one night she brought me into their room to teach me about sex. At first it was just my stepdad and mom touching me. It progresses to me touching them at first with me hands, then using my mouth on them both. About a year later the age of 9, my mother help lift me up and placed me down on my stepdad. That’s how I lost my virginity.

3. When did I start enjoying sex?

This didn’t happen until 2 years later. One of my stepdad friends was very gentle sexually with me. After that I learned I could have a lot of pleasure from what was going on.

Web of Lies {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Part II of here 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes. Anonymously~   “ Could you please do a part 2 of “pants on fire”??? ”  

Warning: Mild swearing, dark!Pan

I was led by this mysterious stranger, through his mysterious island, to his mysterious campsite. Mysterious, I know. 

I still didn’t trust this guy, something in my gut told me he was just some creep, who doesn’t even have my brother, and is just leading me away to eat me…okay, I just frightened myself. 

“Something on your mind, little dove?” He snapped me out of my thoughts, practically scaring me shitless, as he was standing in my personal space. 

“Stop that,” I warned.

“Stop what?” Before I could answer, he disappeared. A little startled, I froze where I stood. “This?” I heard his voice right in my ear, as I screamed, turning around to face that stupid smug look he held.

“YES! That! Cut it out, you’re supposed to be taking me to my-!” I felt his hand clamp harshly over my mouth, shutting me up completely.

“You need to learn to relax, Y/n. We’re already here,” He turned me around, showing me his, might I say, well maintained campsite. How did we get here? 

Looking around I notice a whole tribe of boys, all seeming to be preoccupied with work, or conversation. Not seeming to notice us yet, a small boy caught my eye, as he ran around with two other little boys, possibly his same age, all of them holding smiles on their small faces. 

Moving away from Pan a little, I was about to sprint towards him, until he grabbed my forearm, halting my movement.

“Eager, aren’t we?”

“Let go! I want to see my brother! Lucas!” I cried out to him, watching as everyone stopped what they were doing, staring at me between awe, shock, and anger. Lucas came to a stop as well, hearing his name being called. 

Looking in Pan and I’s direction, he looked a little confused. Escaping Pan’s grip, I ran over to the small boy, wrapping him in my arms. As I hug him tightly, I realized that he was indeed not hugging me back. Confused, I pulled slightly away, looking him in the eyes.

“Who are you?” 

Just those few words made my heart drop. Stuttering, I carefully set him down, kneeling to eye level.

“Luke…it’s me…Y/n. Your sister.” I smile nervously, thinking this was some kind of game he was playing.

“I don’t have a sister…only brothers.” He seemed to look even more confused, and took a step away from me. I felt myself panic on the inside, my eyes widen at his response.

Standing up, I basically stomp the whole way back to that bastard, holding his collar tightly, pulling him dangerously close. I heard and saw most of the boys draw their weapons, ready to fight if needed to. Pan only wore that shit-eating grin that I hated so much.

“What. Did you. DO to him!” I shook him a little, him not seeming to be phased at all by it. 

“What on Earth do you-?”

“Don’t you play dumb with me, you son of a bitch!” I was on the verge of tears now, but he didn’t need to know that. 

“Whoa, love, it’s not very lady-like to curse,” His smirk grew bigger, as his lost boys laughed at his comment. 

“Kiss my ass, you bloodied twat! What have you done to my brother?! Why can’t he remember me?!” I felt a tear cascade down my left cheek, and I know he noticed as he rolled his eyes. 

Gripping my wrists tightly, he pulled my hands off his collar, and held me like that. His strong grip would cause bruising, as his once light forest green eyes, turned into a dark sea-green. 

“Because he didn’t WANT to remember, Y/n.” He growled, making me at loss for words, so he continued. “Lucas came here because he was lost. He wanted to forget his drunk of a father, his whore of a mother, and his neglecting sister.” 

I stared at him in utter shock, at the lies he told to my face. 

“T-That…that’s not true. We love Lucas, we have been grieving ever since he went missing! My father has never touched alcohol, my mother saved her virginity until after marriage, and me? I love him more than anything! He’s my little brother, I was there when he was afraid of the dark! I was there when he lost his first tooth! I’ve always been there for him!” I turned to the group of boys, looking straight at Luke with tears streaming down my face.

“Luke, I don’t know what Pan did to you, or said to you, but what he’s done is all wrong! None of it is true! I’m your sister, Y/n Y/m/n Y/l/n, and you’re Lucas Christopher L/n! Your family misses you, I miss you! Please, remember!” I pleaded, but only got a terrified look from Luke in response, making my hopes come crashing down. 

Clicking his tongue in disapproval, Pan signaled a couple of the older boys to hold me. I didn’t bother fighting, as I already knew my fate. 

“A deal’s a deal, love. Remember that?” He gloated, but I kept my head down, avoiding eye contact. “Even if he did want to go home….ya see, Y/n,” He walked around me, then leaned down to my ear. “I had my fingers crossed.” 

Feeling even sicker than I did before, all I wanted was this day to end, or for this all to be some kind of sick dream…but it felt too real.

“Take her to the cage. I’m sure she’ll warm up nicely to being one of us. A lost girl…I like the sound of that. Wouldn’t you agree, sweetheart?” He roughly lifted up my chin, showing me that demonic smirk. 

And that was the last thing said, as I was harshly dragged to what he referred to as ‘The Cage’.  

Once they threw me in, and slammed the door shut locking me in, they started to hoist me up into the air. I heard them yelling comments and hurtful slurs, but I chose to ignore it.

Looking down, as they started to leave I saw one little boy that stayed, staring up at me with big, e/c eyes. 

Smiling softly, I saw that his tiny wrist had a little yarn-weaved bracelet wrapped around it. As he stared up at me a little longer, I showed him my wrist as well, the matching bracelet secured around my wrist. 

I saw him open his mouth, taking a look at the yarn around his wrist, then back up at me. It looked like he was about to say something, until he must have heard his name being called. Taking one more look at me, then at the bracelet, he sprinted back to the camp as fast as his little legs could take him. 

Leaning against the wall of the cage, I had to start planning, and fast. I don’t know what Pan did to take my brother’s memory away, but I swear on my life that I will restore it back to him, and get us out of here. 

One way. Or another.  

On a side note, Happy Easter everyone. Since I’m a Christian, to me this is the day Jesus has risen back from the dead after giving the ultimate sacrifice for us because he loves us so much~! I just wanted to express my thanks for it~! 

(plus I also celebrate the cute bunnies and eggs. I enjoy a good Easter egg hunt! And I’m guessing you’re also shocked someone rping as the Darkness is a Christian. XD)

If I was at that Anime Con for the last day it’s running (today), I would have worn my Mother Virgin Mary outfit because it’s Easter and I love Mama Mary!. <3 Anywho’s lots of love. 


Memorare, a plain chant rendition of the popular Marian prayer traditionally attributed to St Bernard of Clairvaux.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you do I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.

I’m sorry baby for getting mad at you and please don’t think that you’re boring, you’re not boring baby. Last night you were off and I don’t know why. You’re the one I’ve been waiting for. You’re so attractive silly girl, but you’re my silly girl, and no matter how much we fight or hurt each other you’ll always be my girl, you’ll always be my dream, my wife, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and really you’re the perfect girlfriend to me. I’m so sorry for saying you’re not showing me love okay I’m so sorry for that I didn’t mean it. I love you with all my heart and even if you never even talked to me I wouldn’t give up, I won’t let you grow distant. You’re mine and only mine. You’re my wife damn it you’re gonna be the mother of our kids, you’re gonna be the girl to take my virginity, you’re gonna be the girl to marry me, to have kids with me, to have everything with me. I’m sorry I haven’t been that patient with you recently. I’m sorry baby. I miss you so much and was thinking about you all day, baby. Something seems just different and I’m really hoping that it’s not us changing. I’m so scared of it, please don’t let us change. I’ve been trying and trying to be happy and talkative with you and trying to make you even laugh at silly pictures, and recently it seems like you’ve changed. I don’t know if maybe it’s just because you’ve been feeling off or maybe you’ve just gotten bored of me, whatever it is, recently you seem different. I prayed to God that you’ll never change and I really hope that He’s answering my prayer. I love you so damn much I can’t even show with words how much I love you. Please baby I want us to fix this, fix all of the fighting and being off with each other because right now it seems like we are growing more and more distant each day. It is frightening me so much and upsetting me so much just the thought of it. I wanna go back to how we used to be like when we would laugh and be badass and just having good conversations. I love you so damn much you know I do, and I know you love me so much too and you’re the perfect girlfriend in my eyes and I don’t ever ever wanna lose you not ever, baby. I’m sorry for all the wrong things I said to you. I really hope we can talk about this when you wake up and I hope you will be happy. I miss you so much. I love you so fucking much, sorry for swearing, but I mean it I love you so damn much and please sleep well my wife, goodnight and I love you so much my baby.
Abort Mission 2-Stiles AU

Part 2 of abort mission.

You can find part 1 here: 




I am holding my camera while walking down the street taking pictures of that weird perv that lives down my street when a car pulls over stopping right in front of me. The car just waits and I know they want me to go in , but I decide to tease them.  I just stand there staring right through the dark window smiling and waving. The the driver’s window lowers and I see this weird guy with an uneven jawline  in a suit.

‘’look , I’m just trying to do my job here-‘’ he starts saying but I just laugh and enter the car.

A long silent drive later we arrive in this building I have never seen before. I thought I’d be taken back to the company’s headquarters. Soon another car pulls over and stops.

The uneven jaw guy opens my door and I exit, following him up the elevator,

‘’AAAND IT’S A TEN !’’  I hear someone saying from behind me and turn to see this guy with messy hair , entering the lift with us. I simply groan.

The lift is taking a while since we are heading towards the floor that isn’t even on the buttons , after that uneven jaw guy enters a code. I just stare to my front trying not to look at anyone .

The guy extends his hand and waits for me to shake it , but thank god the lift stops and we get off, heading towards the door we are supposed to go. I walk in faster pace behind the uneven jaw  guy , trying to avoid the shithead behind me.

‘’I had a dog once, did a lot more talking than you ‘’ he mumbled as we walked trying to catch up.

‘’ Oh and Courtney . Courtney , was this old friend of my mothers with long finger nails , I lost ,my virginity to her. You kind of look like big old Courts ‘’ I sighed as we finally entered a room.

Once in , we see my Boss, and I assume his as well , standing behind a desk , with screens , files , and equipment.

‘’ Hello guys !’’ My Boss says.

The guy with the messy hair , my , ugh , partner to be , leans in to whisper something to my Boss.

‘’ is . she. Mute  ?’’ he asks , His Boss facepalms as he expected him to fuck up.

‘’ Dickhead’’ I mumble. He walks back same line as me , as our bosses get their files done.

‘’ heard that’’ he whispers slowly leaning to his left poking my shoulder. God how is he even an agent .

‘’ Right , this is protocol three mission. Which means , extremely confidential.’’ His Boss begins. His has sort of grey dark hair , and a weird beard I read the card on his desk that says DEREK HALE.

‘’ There are no major details in the files you will receive. All we can tell you , is that there is a series of targets, once you eliminate the first move on to the next one’’ My Boss continues.

‘’ wait , so you’re not gonna tell us , why we’re killing them ? or if it is an organization or something ?’’ The guy steps to the front and his boss motions him to walk back.

‘’it is of utmost secrecy , for your own good’’ My boss says.

‘’ whatever , let’s just get the job done ‘’ I whisper to myself. The guy leans to his left again to whisper to my ear.

‘’That is what Courtney said’’ I just smile while shaking my head.

‘’ There is a list of all the names , as well as the basic things you need to know, but you must not ask questions. There are fake ids you might need, and equipment.’’

‘’ when do we start ?’’ He asks

‘’ as soon as you exit this building. ‘’ His Boss says .

‘’ It is vital that you can’t be identified, therefore, we have covered your loans for the next months as locations will most likely change, But you need to be able to not be tracked down….’’ My Boss starts

‘’ don’t say it’’ I mumble.

‘’ We have arranged an apartment under a fake name and account, for the first target.’’

‘’ she said it’’ I add.

‘’ Scott, will be your driver’’ She motions to the uneven jaw guy who waves and smiles, like I did when he waited. I sigh , big time. I grab the files and the equipment and head outside.

‘’ I’m Stiles by the way’’ he says as Scott is the one to follow us now.

‘’ Listen Scott, I’m not in this to make friends , so let’s just tick off this list, so that I can go back to my apartment.’’ I say as politely as I can.

‘’ what is our first target anyway ?’’ he asks as we enter Scott’s car.

I open the files.

‘’ Isaac Lahey, 45 Head of Human rights committee. ‘’ I read out loud.

‘’ what did he do ?’’ he asks.

‘’ what all CEO’s of non governmental organizations do .’’ I say closing the files.  Stiles looks at me with curiosity.

‘’ fuck up .’’ I add , and look out my window. He spreads his legs a bit.

‘’ do you think we should get a dog ?’’ he asks and chuckles.



Three hours later we have settled In our apartment. There is this huge glass wall in the bedroom, and a big tv, and a full fridge .

‘’Cool they have robes, and expensive clothes , and caviar for food, and look at the great Jacuzzi in the bathroom !’’ I exclaim but as soon as I pin point the luxuries of the new place. She is throwing out of the wardrobe the clothes , putting her guns, empties the fridge , putting in her bombs and gas bottles , and fills the Jacuzzi with handcuffs, more guns, belts, bullets, and a samurai sword.

I chuckle leaning against the doorframe.

There is a knock on our door , and I peak through the small hole on it to see Scott.

‘’ Got orders to drive you At Royal Casino , in about three hours, thought I’d let you know’’ he says .

‘’ And what will you do for three hours ?’’ I ask. He looks around, grabs the caviar Y/N has tossed away and a spoon.

‘’ play rich’’ Scott exits the room. Y/N is nowhere to be seen, but then I see her walking around in a towel heading towards the bathroom. I stare until she sighs and closes the door , loudly.

I jump onto the bed, and start emptying my suitcase. I pull out my laptop. Oh hey two new messages. I check my e-mails.

Isn’t he cute ? my sister asks with an attachment of a puppy.

Your left ear was slightly caught on camera. I’m removing that from your raise. Boss says. I close my laptop.

‘’ You alive in there ?’’ I yell , feeling bored. And then there is a loud sound , as a bullet goes through the bathroom’s wooden door. And hits the wall right behind me, taking away two strands of my hair.

‘’ okay got it !’’ I yell back.

A couple of minutes later she is finally done , and enters the room in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt wiping her hair.

‘’ So’’ she says climbing onto the bed.

‘’ so..’’ I raise my eyebrows.

‘’ The mission Stiles I mean the mission!’’ she drops the towel leaving her wet her lose. Yeap, definatelly a ten.

‘’ Right , Royal Casino , how do we enter? I’ve got…’’ I open the file with the ids.

‘’ Mr and Mrs Carter, and the Hammocks’’ I read the names .

‘’ Hammocks ‘’ she chooses.

‘’ Oookay , let’s see, James Hammock, 22 years old, made innovative phone app , became a billionaire. And Aliena Hammock , oh ! we’re brother and sister. ‘’ I say reading the details of the fake ids.

She is holding Lahey’s file.

‘’ that guys spends a fortune in Royal Cas, ‘’ she exclaims.

‘’ give me a minute’’ I reply opening my laptop running down some codes, and then the internal files of the Casino open, really cheap firewall , you guys , I click on Lahey.

‘’hasn’t lost a game’’ I say and she approaches , pulling the laptop closer.
She clicks on some things.

‘’ he has a deal with the Casino, they place him with weak players and then he only keeps half of the prize. The rest returns to the Casino’’ she says opening his bank records.

‘’ Which picture shows off my bone structure ?’’ I ask opening a file with selfies.

‘’ The one from the morgue ‘’ she says causing me to burst out laughing.

‘’ You know , you’re funny when you’re not a bitch’’

‘’ and you’re a bitch when you’re funny’’ she chuckles and points at a selfie of me in a suit.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ she asks as I start typing numbers,

‘’ creating our Casino account. Making it look like we’re really two naïve young millionaires who can’t play’’

‘’ you think they will place him with us?’’ she asks.

‘’ if we seem bad enough’’ I answer while fixing the records making it look like we have registered in the casino and lose 5 out of 7 games.

‘’ so what do we do ?’’ I ask as soon as I finish the scripts.

‘’ we beat Lahey’’ she says.

‘’ but if he loses the whole Casino will turn against us. ‘’

‘’ yes , but what will they say ? , They will be crossed. But only Lahey can protest…’’ she continues.

‘’ and then he asks for a rebound game…a private one..’’ I say realizing where this is going.

‘’ why don’t we just kill him , as soon as he exits his limo ?’’ she says sighing.

‘’ Cause ! we need to record him , on the Casino deal. You know , your making it sound way too easy.’’ I notice

‘’ what ?’’

‘’ killing. When did you stop  caring about human lives ?’’ I genuinely ask.

‘’ when I realized they don’t matter’’ she says getting her id.

‘’ I’ll go hang out with Scott, let you dress…’’ I get up awkwardly and leave.


God he is a pain in the ass. I wish he could shove his questions up his ass. I notice the clothes on the floor. i fix my back bag for the mission. Wear my garters  and tie my gun on them. I’ve been doing that for far too long , that now I feel weird when there is not a gun on  my thigh. I fix my hair
and put on the same camera earrings, hoping they’ll get Lahey cheating on the game. I wear this grey dress that I find with exposed back, and put on my high heels
I open the window and fire once Scott’s car, letting Stiles know he can come up. Seconds later , the door opens.

‘’Y/N , guns are not a way of communicating ’’he mumbles before even entering.

‘’ guns are supposed t- Woah’’ he says looking at me.

‘’what ?’’ I ask suddenly feeling conscious.

‘’ Incest , that is what ‘’ he says referring to our fake ids , being brother and sister.

I chuckle and move to the mirror to apply some make up.

He stands in front of the wardrobe and tries to pull a tuxedo among the guns. Then I see him , removing his black shirt. I just look through the mirror and notice that he is firm. He removes his pants and that is when I focus back on my lipstick.

‘’ let’s roll sister!’’ he is now fully dressed in a black tuxedo and bowtie smiling at me.

‘’ if you call me sister one more time-

‘’ ready ?’’ Scott asks opening the door.

‘’ Dude , knock first , what if Y/N had been naked !’’’ Stiles says offended.

‘’ so , you do see my point…’’ Scott smiles and I breathe in. You are doing this for the promotion Y/N, hang in there.

About half an hour later we are outside the Casino.

‘’ call and I’ll track your phones and pick you up’’ Scott yells from the window as he pulls away. We start walking towards the entrance among a crowd of fancy dressed middle aged people, models. And handsome billionaires. Stiles places his hand around my waist and I grab it , leading it lower against my skin until he can feel gun resting on my thigh. He pulls his hand away.

‘’name please’’ a man in a green velvet suit asks by the entrance

‘’ Un fucking believable !’’ Stiles exclaims and turns to me.

‘’ I know , you’ve invested so much and they still ask for your name…’’ I carry on the act. Stiles sighs as the guy starts sweating.

‘’there might an implication , it is our duty to ask a-

‘’ James and Aliena Hammock’’ Stiles says pissed. He checks our names off the list.

‘’ My apologies, welcome again Mr. Hammock’’ he says.

‘’ and ?’’

‘’ And miss Hammock..’’

‘’ good’’ Stiles says and I smirk as we enter this huge building. Cashier’s everywhere. Tables with poker , cards , bars, drinks, Sofas, a huge expensive car right in the middle. A fountain, Models dressed in tiny tight blue dresses and pretentious bastards everywhere.

I fix my earring searching for target.

‘’ do you see him ?’’ I ask but exactly that moment we hear giggling , cheers and clapping coming from one of the tables. There is crowd surrounding the people around it. But then they slightly move to reveal this guy holding markers, pulling them close to him, while cheering.

‘’ there!’’ I point . Stiles and I walk closer and sit at a near by table.

‘’ follow my lead’’ he whispers.

‘’ don’t tell me what to do !’’ I protest as they share us our cards.  We play for about three minutes, not even trying. Stiles pulls the most random cards.

‘’ Oh darn it ! ‘’ he huffs out every now and then.

‘’ it’s okay  James, maybe next time’’ I act like I am comforting him. We notice Lahey looking at us.

About five more minutes on this act and one of the Casino’s employees approaches us.

‘’ How would you feel Mr. Hammock about a challenge ?’’ they ask and Stiles smirks.

‘’ I never miss one !’’ he exclaims.

‘’ Are you sure ? it is with our best player !’’ they inform him.

‘’ Accepted ‘’ I say as they lead us on that table Lahey is playing. There is a roulette in the middle. He grabs a random lady passing by , and kisses her passionately.

‘’Mr. Lahey..’’ Stiles begins.

‘’ what do you want kid ?’’ he asks rudely.

‘’ My sister is a big fan of your work !’’

‘’ I hate you’’ I whisper.

‘’ is she now ?’’ Lahey eyes me from head to bottom while smirking.

‘’ blow me’’ he says and I frown but then I notice he is holding a dice in his hands. I blow , he shakes and throws it , to get a perfect six.

The lady gives Stiles some markers and he acts like he is puzzled.

‘’ having trouble ? mr. …?’’

‘’ Hammock..’’ I say seductively.

‘’ no ,no , I’m sure , I can do it , it’s just , I’ve never played this particular game before..’’ Stiles lies.

‘’it’ simple. You choose a number , and bet on it, then wish for luck. As you can see , I have lots of’’ Lahey smirks.
I sit on the table exposing the gunless thigh, and his eyes wonder there. Stiles coughs.

‘’ then I shall play’’ he says. Lahey laughs.

‘’ you’ve got guts kid , I’ll give you that’’ he says . Stiles bets on a number, and of course we lose the first round.

‘’ look’s like ,it won’t be your lucky day …’’ he says and  Stiles sighs.

‘’ I wouldn’ bet on it’’ he says as the ball stops on his number and he wins.  

Soon, the game is neck to neck , and people have gathered around our table , drinking and cheering. Others supporting Lahey and others us. I see Lahey fixing his tie. And then his hand wonders over my thigh. Suddenly Stiles pulls me down on his lap.

‘’ well , for brother and sister, you sure are close…’’ He says and Stiles smiles.

‘’ lost our mother when we were ten, she’s all I have !’’ Stiles smiles the fakest smile and kisses my cheek. I giv him a death glare and he only smirks more.

There is a break called on us , before going on round two. Lahey leaves the table.

‘’ Right , I think we can win this…’’ Stiles says.

‘’ keep playing , I’ll go get the recordings..’’ I inform him getting up and I can feel his eyes on me. I grab a drink and stand near were Lahey is. I use m,y earring and zoom in as he is talking witht eh cashier. I raise the volume.

‘’ YOU SAID THEY’D LOSE !’’ he says .

‘’ THEY WILL , RELAX , THEIR RATINGS ARE 5 OUT OF 7 ‘’ he tries to calm him down.

‘’ they better lose.. or else..’’ he says . I keep recording it.Then I feel someone tapping my shoulder.

‘’ he’s mad ?’’ Stiles asks.

‘’ furious’’ I smile.

‘’ Round two for Lahey and Hammock’’ is heard from oiur table and we return.  Stiles wins the first go

‘’ looks like I underestimated you kid’’ Isaac smirks.

‘’ I guess you did’’  Stiles wins second go.

‘’ Are you gonna lose mr.Lahey ?’’ one dump model asks him.

‘’ daddy never does’’ he says at her and wins third fourth and fifth go. One last go.

‘’ this will determine the winner..’’ the cashier says,.

‘’ all in’’ Stiles pushes his markers. Lahey  laughs.

‘’ ALL IN’’ he says too copying his actions. Then the roulette spins, and Stiles uses this techno magnet thing he has been using it , and causes the ball to stop on the desired number.

Everyone cheers, Champaigns open, and more people gather.

‘’ congratulations !’’

‘’ nobody’s ever done that !’’

I see Lahey getting up and follow him. Getting on camera the whole fight with the employee.

‘’ i’m sorry , maybe they were just lucky. ‘’

‘’ more lucky than the casinos’ system ?!?!’’ Isaac says pissed/

‘’ there is nothing we can do..’’

‘’ but I can’’ he says and I return to my place. Lahey extends his hand and shakes Stiles’

‘’ good game James’’

He kisses mine.

‘’ may I have a word ?’’ he asks and pulls us somewhere less crowded.

‘’Everything alright Mr. Lahey ? ‘’ I ask innocently

‘’ how bout we settle this on our own huh ? double money ? less rules ? ‘’ he suggests and grins.

‘’ no , I;m sure I’d- Stiles acts hesitant.

‘’ oh come on ! risky young man like you hammock. You know you remind me of myself at your age’’ Lahey says.

‘’ double money ?’’ Stiles asks, and Lahey nods.

He then notions something and five guys come near us. We follow him outside the Casino and into his car. He stops by a dark filthy alley next to a bin where there is a large man standing by the door.

‘’ Get in’ Lahey says and the man opens the door as we walk to enter. I notice the big guy’s hand moving to slap my butt but I catch it mid air and twist it breaking th thumb.

‘’ love it when you get rough’’ Stiles whispers and I chuckle. There is another green table with a roulette in that room, filled with huge guys , the smell of alcohol and cigarettes filling the air.

‘’ Boys , Mr, and Miss Hammock’’ Lahey opens his hands presenting us as we take a seat. There is this huge dog by the corner and Stiles pouts his lips.

‘’ not happening’’ I whisper to him.

The game begins and Lahey holds a cigarette in his mouth chuckling as we lose the first go.

‘’ Not that much luck now huh ?’’ he asks and Stiles pretends to be troubled.
I get up.

‘’ excuse me, is there like a restroom ,I could use to freshen up ?’ I ask. And Isaac simply moves his fingers, sowing off his many rings. One of the huge guys gets up and guides me towards the restroom. Once inside , I call Scott letting him know of our location.

Then I fix my hair and breathe in once.
I look at my reflection and mimic Stiles’ voice.

‘’ let’s roll sister’’ I open the door and see the huge guy grining at me.

‘’ Sorry took me a while, see there was this stain right here’’ I point at my chest and his eyes wonder there giving me the perfect chance to smack his nose and punch his neck. Then I hit his ears , going for the knees next until I bump my head on his leaving him on the floor. I shake the dust off my dress and slowly walk back inside.

Stiles catches sight of me, and In a sudden movement, I pull out my gun firing two of the guys down. Lahey turns to look t me giving Stiles the chance to get off the table , pull out his gun , and fire three others.

‘’ FUCKING KID !’’ Lahey screams jumping away from the table , pulling out a gun himself , buyt before he can shoot Stiles I shoot the handle of the gun causing him to drop it. Then two guys aim at me , but Stiles shoots my heel causing it to break enough for me to lose balance fall down and escape the two strikes. Soon Lahey is the only man standing. Stiles aims at him from the front , and I aim at him from behind.

‘’not much luck now huh ?’’ I say as Stiles and I fire at the same time. Then we hear a car stopping outside and start running as more guys appear from the door behind.

We exit while trying to escape the bullets from the guys chasing us.

‘’ GET IN !’’ Scott yells , and opens the doors. We enter and fire back , killing two of the five guys who manage to get a car themselves.  Scott drives fast causing traffic jams, Stiles shoots from the window.

‘’ they can’t follow us back remember ! ?!?’’ I yell placing my gun in my moth unzipping my dress. I am on the back seat while Stiles and Scott struggle from the front. I notice Stiles has Lahey’s cigarette in his mouth.

‘’ did you take that before or after her died ?’’ I ask.

‘’ after !’’ Stiles winks.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ Scott asks noticing I am taking off my heels.

‘’ changing , I’’ll lead them the other way , you take Stiles back’’ I say and remove the dress as well , as my skin shivers against the leather seat. Stiles stops firing as the car takes wild turns. He fixes the car’s mirror so that he can have a better view of me changing.

‘’ OH MY GOD SHE IS GETTING UNDRESSED AT THE BACK OF MY CAR !’’ Scott cheers, as Stiles puffs the smoke out adjusting the mirror to show my \legs and thighs as he smirks.

‘’ ON YOUR FACE MUM !’’ Scott continues as I pull my pants and put on my leather jacket.

‘’ TURN LEFT ‘’ I yell and Scott takes a sudden left turn.

‘’ what are you gonna do ?’’ Stiles asks getting back to shooting the car behind us from his open window. The wind takes away the fag from his mouth.

‘’ fuck’’ he mumbles. I see the bridge.

I grab another gun so that I can fire with both. And open the door. I count to three .

‘’ Y/N ! !’’ Stiles yells as I jump out , while shooting the tires of the car causing it to hit the wall of the bridge.

It Only Takes One Time (Part 6)

Hey guys! I’m working hard on trying to get some writing cued up because I am going on vacation for a week and will not have internet! So pardon my absence, but this chapter is long over due.

Ya’ll want the baby to be a boy or a girl?

 Part 5

Warnings: Swearing, little bit emotional


It was hard. I admit it, it was so fucking hard. Deciding whether or not I should text Dan back, became a battle with myself.

Did I really need to? Yes.

Did I really want to? Yes.

Could I do it? No. Every time I tried typing a reply, I couldn’t bring myself to press send. My mind went crazy every time I thought about what he would reply with. So, I decided that just for one day I wouldn’t deal with this.

One uneventful day to myself. Catherine was at work, I didn’t have to study, and it was just all good. Or at least I could pretend.

The first little bit of the day was spent with me cleaning up the apartment. It was honestly a mess since Catherine and I had been neglecting the chores.

After cleaning, I did some laundry. A lot of my clothes were starting not to fit me, so I was wearing the ones that did over and over again. There was less I was wearing, so that meant more washing.

After doing laundry, I took a nap. Could you blame me? The baby took all of my energy and to add to that, I was emotionally drained.

I woke up to the door bell ringing. I figured it was just Catherine, who’d more than likely forgotten her keys again, since she did that at least twice a week. I lazily got up and tied the strings of my sweatpants and rubbed my eyes. I was so groggy that I felt almost disoriented. I twisted the knob of the front door and opened the door wide open.

“Y/N…” I heard a masculine voice say. I looked up to see two very tall and dark figures staring back down at me. Great, Dan AND Phil were here. My drama free day wasn’t even halfway done and now I had to deal with this shit. Who am I kidding? Could I ever really have a stress free day?

“Oh…” Was all I could force out of my mouth. I awkwardly put one hand on the door, and one hand on my hip.

“Sorry for just showing up… Erm…” Dan rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat. He tried to find his words before Phil interrupted.

“Can we come in?” Phil looked equally as awkward as Dan, but far more agitated. All I did was nod and step out of the way so they could step inside.

Once they took off their coats and hung them up, I led them into the living room. They both sat adjacent to one another and could only look at their feet.

“Sorry that it’s freezing in here.” I sighed, going up to the thermostat and turning up the heat. “Catherine and I haven’t been coming in here often so we just haven’t used the heater.”

“Don’t worry about it, I didn’t even notice.” Dan shrugged. That was bullshit considering he’d just zipped up his jacket and shoved his hands in his pockets. He and Phil were just trying to be nice, and while that was appreciated, I really wasn’t in the mood. One day was all I needed away from this whole mess. One fucking day.

 “Alright, either of you want some tea?” I offered, just wanting to get out of the room. The two men exchanged glances and shrugged.

“Sure, sounds good.” Phil nodded his head forward.


After drinking some tea, and awkward small talk, Dan finally gathered some courage to speak up about the elephant in the room.

“I want to be in the baby’s life, no matter what.” He sat back and crossed his legs. I shrugged and sighed.

“Dan, I know. But there’s just so many things that make this whole situation complicated,” I began. “For starters, I still don’t even know that keeping it is actually a good idea. I don’t know if I’m going to move out and live on my own, or whether or not I’m going to keep going to school. Dan, I’m having so many inner conflicts right now.”

“I can help you with all of that, though. We’d have help raising the baby. Between me and you, Catherine, Phil, our families, and even Marie-“

“I don’t want my baby calling another woman ‘mom’, Dan. I get that she’s your girlfriend and all that, but I probably wouldn’t even be comfortable with anyone but Catherine just holding him or her.” At this point, Phil awkwardly scrolled through something on his phone. He didn’t need to be here, and I felt so bad that he was listening to this.

“Not even its father?” Dan scooted to the end of his seat and his cheeks started turning red. I was frustrating him, but he was also frustrating me (in more ways than one. Hello, hormones exist.)

“You know what I mean.” I retorted. His jaw muscle twitched and he ran his fingers through his hair.

“You’re being really fucking unreasonable. This kid is just as much mine as yours, so I deserve to actually be included in raising him or her and contribute to your well being. We aren’t together but we did this together, and we have to be a fucking team to be parents.”

“This is all so fucked up. What you’re saying may sound reasonable to you, and I understand that. However, try being in my shoes. I’m pregnant and I live with a roommate. I go to university and I have to work hard to maintain myself on my own. My mother doesn’t even know I’m not a virgin. Everything seems so easy to you, but you just don’t understand why this is so hard for me.” I shook my head. “You don’t have to walk around with the evidence of what we did inside of you.” Dan’s face turned from red to pale. He was out of things to say, and to be honest, so was I. Phil had tried to pretend he wasn’t even listening to this and continued on playing some sort of game on his phone.

After a few minutes of silence, Dan finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry.” He simply stated. “We both screwed up, but now we have to pay the price. I really want to help you in any way I can. Can you please just give me a chance? Seriously. One chance, that’s all I need.”

I looked at my feet, then I looked at Phil. He was still playing his game, but he kept glancing up at us. From Phil, I looked back at my feet, then to Dan. I sucked in a deep breath and stood up. Dan followed my actions, and so did Phil. Now, they both just waited to hear my answer.

“One chance.” I mumbled, more to myself than either of them. Dan cocked up an eyebrow.

“Sorry?” He slid his hands into his jean pockets and hunched up his shoulders.

“You get one chance. But, that’s it, okay? I want you to do your part for the child. Pay for things you want the child to have and things we need for it. Don’t spend a single penny on me. That’s all.” I held out my hand for him to shake it, and he grasped it without hesitation.

“Well, this is lovely.” Phil interjected and gave a half smile. “I’m sorry for what I said about Dan yesterday, Y/N. I’m sure he’ll suffice.”

“Yeah? Well, good thing he has one chance.” I nodded.


After the boys left, I was still left with a sort of pang in my chest. I really needed advice on how to deal with pregnancy from someone other than my doctor. Catherine was no good in this category, but there was only one person.

My eyes welled with tears and my hands shook as I dialled the number on my cell. The phone rang three times before hearing the other line pick up.

“Oh, Y/N! So lovely to hear from you, how are you, dear?” My mom’s angelic voice said through the line. At this point, I was full on ugly crying.

“M-mom…” I mumbled into the phone. I heard her sigh and I could just picture her frowning.

“Darling… What’s wrong? Talk to me. You haven’t been answering my calls and I was worried something was going on.” I could hear a door shut, which probably meant she’d gone into another room to talk to me.

I-I’m… I’m pregnant, mom.”

( officialjamesbarnes I don’t have my original reply, but I remember what it was for the most part.)

Steve smiled slightly. “Thank you, Prince James,” he said softly. “I appreciate that as well. To be quite frank… I was forced into this marriage. I’m sure you’re aware that we were betrothed at birth. This is all very strange for me. I’ve never even slept in the same bed as an alpha, my mother wanted to make sure I was a virgin upon my arrival.”

Let’s talk.

How did your parents react when they found out you lost your virginity?

I’ll go first. 

My mother told me I was ugly, I had a big forehead and big lips and no man was ever going to want me. Then she threw my jacket at me and said “come we going to the doctor.” I love her so much.
Edit: Dad still thinks I’m a virgin

anonymous asked:

Can you do a one where Jack (from All Time Low) walks in on a heated moment with Luke? Thank you! :D

jack is such a little shit and always has been when he’s hanging around you and the guys, always playing practical jokes and generally being such a live wire you feel like you’re babysitting a five year old; and you wouldn’t have it any other way. jack was like a big brother to you. it was half an hour before stage and luke really really wanted some alone time with you before the show because he’d been with the guys all day doing “cool touristy shit” according to ashton, while you spent the afternoon with your friend shopping and catching up. you and luke had clearly both missed each other because you hadn’t been able to keep your hands off each other all afternoon, meaning you were getting a lot of banter from the boys about how you should “get a room!” but that was nothing new.

luke had finally had enough after one too many comments and quickly stood up, taking your hand in his and leading you into a separate dressing room that was across the hall from where you all would usually hang out. he pulled you inside, shutting the door behind him. “finally” he’d breathe out as he cornered you and wasted no time in pulling the strings of your loose vest and down your arms, exposing your black lace bra. “god i missed you today” he’d whisper, crashing his lips with yours then moving to your neck and finally working his way down to your boobs. he’d move both of his hands onto your ass and you instinctively jump and wrap your legs around his torso, your short skirt hitching up to your waist. you’d whine in desperation and pull his head back up to your level, your fingers already working at turning his hair into an unruly mess; just the way you liked it. luke always did rock the “i’ve just been fucked thoroughly” aesthetic. you kiss him hard again and speed things up a little, expertly unbuttoning his skinny jeans and pulling them down just enough to expose his boxers (teenage mutant ninja turtles ones, obviously) and you’d giggle up at him when he realised that yes, he actually was wearing them today. “shut up” he’d laugh against your lips again, soon moaning at the contact of your hand palming him through the cotton material. “we have like ten minutes” “don’t worry princess, i got you”

a couple of minutes later and luke had settled into a steady perfect pace with his thrusts, a few quick ones followed by a long deep one, repeating the pattern over and over, and the sensation was beginning to get overwhelming, your abdomen starting to form a knot causing your nails to dig into his back as he moaned into your shoulder, his words breathless and shaky. “fuck, i’m not gonna go much longer y/n, we need to-” “please, k-keep going” you’d beg as he moved to lower you onto the dressing room desk, settling your ass gently on the edge. luke’s thrusts quickened as he felt his high coming over him, and you did too, before suddenly..

“luke you in here? we need to- OH MY GOD” jack bursts through the door, before squealing like a pre-pubescent boy and covering his eyes like his mother probably did to him when he was a child. “my poor virgin eyes!!!!” he’d shout, but you could hear the amusement in his voice. luke scrambled off of you and pulled his jeans up while you quickly covered yourself by pulling your skirt back down. “what the fuck, bro?” luke would gasp, trying to fix his hair. “i’m sorry man, i just.. wow i totally interrupted a synchronized orgasm didn’t i? those are the best kind, let me tell you.” “jack!!” you’d yell, getting up off the desk and walking to stand behind luke, because even though you love jack, you saw him like a brother so naturally you were pretty embarrassed. luke subconsciously held your hand and squeezed it, silently telling you it wasn’t that big of a deal. “i just came to tell you, it’s 2 mintues before stage so uh.. good luck with that” jack would say through stunted laughter pointing at luke’s crotch which was still, well, prominent. “i’ll uh, i’ll leave now. maybe go burn my eyes out? or watch a porno? i haven’t decided.” he’d mumble as he leaves the two of you alone again. luke would turn to you and kiss your forehead sweetly. “sorry, that was.. bad.” “it’s okay, it’s not like we knew he was gonna just walk in” “true. i’d better go..fix this.” he looks down and his cheeks turn an even deeper shade of pink than what they already were. you’d look up at him, arching your eyebrow and smirking. “i think i can be the one to fix it..”


Scared - a Chris and Sutton story

Chris pulled his car into a spot outside Sutton’s apartment building and killed the engine. The street outside was abandoned to the quiet darkness of eleven thirty at night in a residential neighborhood. “Is everything okay? You’ve been awfully quiet on the drive home.”

Sutton started from her reverie. “Everything’s great. You’ve been great.”

“Then why aren’t you smiling?” She had been smiling the entire evening, as dinner had turned into desert and then moved to a coffee shop so they could keep talking after the restaurant had closed.  They would still be there if it wasn’t a school night.

“I think I need to say something.” Her eyes scrunched shut and she rubbed her temples like she had a headache.

“Well, that’s not a reassuring face. What’s going on?”

“I think we should stop seeing each other.”

Chris sank back in his seat and stared out the windshield. “I…uh…I, um, wow. I have to say I did not see that one coming.” He clenched the steering wheel spasmodically. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No! No. You’ve been perfect.” She reached over to touch his cheek but then stopped. The last thing she should be doing right now is touching him, even though she desperately wanted to do just that.

“Then why? I mean, we’ve only been on three dates but I thought there was something special between us.”

“There is.” Oh, there was. Something special that filled her with warmth and made her think of his face at the most inopportune times, like when she was teaching and cause her to lose her train of thought in front of an entire class.

“Then why?”

There was no way to explain it to him. They were too different and he would never understand. “It’s just something I need to do.”

Chris clutched her chin and turned her face so she was looking at him. “I’m sorry, but the bullshit ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech isn’t going to cut it here. There’s something between us. We both feel it, and I want to know why you’re bailing on us before we even really get started.”

She jerked her chin from his grip. “It is you.”

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