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The Narcissist and the Cult

Growing up in cult is bad enough, but growing up in a cult with a Narcissist for a mother was doubly as bad.
Narcissists and Cults go hand in hand.
The Narcissist always feel like they are superior.
Cults tell their followers that they are superior For Only THEY know the REAL truth!
For me, the unwanted child, the DOOM of the Cult’s beliefs fell straight at my feet. I was a “BAD” child and would therefore be cast into some horrible LAKE OF FIRE with the rest of the wicked while my brother would be a PRINCE in the coming “Kingdom of Heaven’ here on earth.
As a young child, I believed this, not knowing anything different.
The fear that others knew would overwhelm me when we would walk into that crummy building for “church” as she would begin her weekly stories of the horrors of being my mother. Her friends would give me mean looks and inform me that there were “places for bad little girls”.
To this day I have nightmares about being pushed into burning pits of fire.

Like a mother who takes small steps away from her child learning to walk, God also steps away, all the while calling you towards Him. He has not turned His back on you. Rather, He wants you to love Him and walk towards Him without constant dependence on your own standards of pleasure, peace, happiness. Only then, when you are empty, can He fill you with His very own pleasure, peace and happiness. And then you will wonder why you ever questioned Him, why you desired anything other than Him, and why you ever hesitated to endure the purgation required to become one with Him.
—  From J. Conor Gallagher’s preface to ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ by Saint John of the Cross.

Please pray with me that my best friend and boyfriend would convert to the Catholic Church. They’re both already Christians, but I have a strong desire to see them come home to the one true Church. I’m not a Catholic yet myself, but I’m like 99.9% sure that I’m going to convert. Please just say a small simple prayer and reblog for me. I’d love to get as many people to say a prayer for them or a Hail Mary. Then when they do convert or finally have an interest in it I can tell them all about the wonderful strangers who prayed for them 🙏🏼❤️thank you so much

No woman will ever be pope, 
but no pope will ever surpass this woman.

The greatest of all the saints is a woman, Mary, the mother of God. 

Mary is the most perfect example of what it means to be a follower of Christ. 

All Christians, both male and female, are meant to follow her example.

- quoted from catie-does-things​ in her excellent rebuttal to a nonsensical post about the church devaluing women 

Listen up people, I think about this often:

Adam Parrish is gonna have more time, possibilities and money to eat at college. I mean, he even starts developing real favourite foods and dishes (chicken wings, avocado salad, pasta with sun dried tomatoes, chocolate and caramel ice cream etc.). And ‘cause he has more time now, with only one job, he starts rowing in the university team.

And before you know it, those ratty t-shirts are getting tighter around his shoulders and fuck, you don’t need to scry to see those pecs through his shirt. What the fuck even and he is getting more sleep and if he didn’t look like god’s fucking angel before, he sure does now.

Imagine him going home for the winter break and guys haven’t seen him in a while and oh boy, when that sight steps out of that shitty piece of shit car…

Ronan: holy mother of god FUCK ME (i mean, literally, fuck me) notify the church, this worshipper is not coming around next sunday, gonna spend the whole holiday on my knees anyways. I GREET THEE MARY LADY AND MISTRESS TO WHOM ALL POWER HAS BEEN GIVEN IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH AMEN.

Gansey: This is the air, that is the glorious sun; this the pearl she gave me, i do feel’t and see’t; And though ‘tis wonder that enwraps me thus, yet ‘tis not madness. Blue, take more pictures, we’ll show them to every passer-by in Europe. What a glorious being he is. How blessed I am to live in the times like this. Thank you and salve, Cabeswater, this is what you resurrected me for.

like a moth; stung by the very same light it was entranced by, i’m a gothic novel, slipping in black sludge, cutting myself on all the red strings they left behind, a sacrifice of my own making, a test of faith for everything that doesn’t exist but could have.

we think of ourselves as kids/ car crashes /gods, you only visit your mother on church days, we shovel every heart we ever let touch us away with the snow, i write poetry so i have something to sink my teeth into, we are caught in a rat trap but we set it ourselves.

growing up, i was never passionate about anything, my psychology teacher taught me locke’s tabula rasa theory and i figured maybe i’m still a blank slate; i was raised by a cardboard box and a butter knife: no sharp ridges, no bed of wings to fall back on.

we spent our summers making ourselves pirates and astronauts and pioneers, turned our backyard into anything we wanted it to be, you settled into me like a sunset, and i held on to you like a grasshopper in the rain.

someday we’re going to forget each other, our memories will become dusty boxes shoved under beds and hazy photographs and melted puddles of ice cream.

but the backyard will still remember; all the knees we bruised in the time it took us to find ourselves.

—  someday i pray we find our way back.
What is the Pro-Life Argument?

I recently heard a pro-choice friend comment that the abortion debate is not about whether a fetus is alive or “not alive”. His said the argument has always been about if the fetus’ rights, whether alive or “not alive”, were more important than the rights of the woman who is carrying it.

The idea that this argument is about whose rights were more important really freaked me out, especially after the past couple years of hearing people yell, “All lives matter” (which doesn’t seem to put a preference on one life being more important than another) and “Black Lives Matter” (when the majority of abortions are done on African Americans in the US). If you don’t believe the fetus to be alive, I get it (even though I don’t agree with it). Of course in that circumstance the woman’s life is going to be more important. But this person was arguing that it doesn’t matter how you classify it. This person was saying that even if a fetus is alive, its rights STILL DO NOT MATTER. The pro-choice movement, it it takes this position is saying that it is OK the label the value of two human lives based on development. This mindset, if extrapolated, says that the life of an adult is more valuable than that of a child. I know you could find excuses for this (like the child’s life is not necessarily tied to the adult’s the way a fetus is to the mother’s) but you get the premise.

And yes, I know there are circumstantial exceptions such as incest or rape, but those instances make up a very small percentage (around 3% last I checked) of annual abortions in the US. And yes I understand there are instances where you can’t save both lives and you HAVE to make a choice about who to save, but again that instances are the minority. And finally, I understand the major critique of conservatives that we want the baby but we don’t want to support the mother, whether through aid or adoption, and I agree. There needs to be more love from Christians on this front, both for the child and the mothers who go through this. We are called to show compassion, not anger and judgement.

However, my point in this is that the root of the pro-life argument is this: All lives are precious and no person, mother or government, gets to decide when one is more valuable than the other, at least not in the vast majority of cases. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, not looking to start a fight. Just looking to at least be honest about what we are discussing. 


Armenian Church of the Holy Mother of God - Aleppo, Syria

"Christmas is only on December 25 because the Christians stole the holiday from the pagans!!!"

Sit down and let this email from my priest teach you a thing:
It is commonly said that no one really knows the date of our Lord’s birth, and that December 25th was an attempt by the Church to accommodate and assimilate into Christianity pagan winter solstice festivals. Not so fast: December 25th may be close to the date of the Nativity of our Lord after all.

The Feast of the Annunciation commemorates the visit of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, whereupon he announced that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Many Church Fathers wrote about the Annunciation, including St. Athanasius (c.297 – 373), St. Gregory of Nyssa (c.335 – c.395), and St. Augustine (354 – 430), showing its importance to Christian theology. The Annunciation focuses on the Incarnation (God adding full humanity to His deity) of the Second Person of the Trinity, upon which Christ’s saving work of the cross and resurrection depend.

The Feast of the Annunciation has been celebrated on March 25th from ancient times. Sextus Julius Africanus (c.160 – c.240) wrote that March 25 was the date of our Lord’s conception, with His birth logically nine months later on December 25th. When the calendar system of Anno Domini was first introduced by Dionysius Exiguus (c.470 – c. 544) in AD 525, he assigned the beginning of the New Year to March 25th, because that was already the accepted date upon which conception of Christ had occurred at the time of the Annunciation.

So although pagans did celebrate the winter solstice around the same time, we have good historical evidence that our Lord’s birth occurred near December 25th.