mother of god

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: If you think back to the videos “Alone on Valentines Day?” and “My Negative Thinking” Do you think Logan learned that phrase in Spanish because Roman knew Spanish? That maybe before hand Roman teased Logan and made him feel inferior because Roman knew Spanish and Logan didn’t. Which is why Logan went above and beyond to learn “Prince is stupid” in not only Spanish, but a multitude of languages. To prove that he’s smart? That he knows more than Roman and Patton and Virgil? To prove that his existence isn’t meaningless and he’s a valued part of Thomas? Do you ever think he feels like his existence isn’t needed? And whenever he makes a mistake he loses all his dignity and feels like a failure because he feels like the others are better at fulfilling his one purpose. Do you think he’s constantly awake trying to come up with ways to help Thomas achieve something great with his intelligence? Because if he does he won’t feel like a waste of Thomas’ personality. WHICH IS WHY HIM AND ROMAN DISLIKE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. BECAUSE THEY TRY TO GET THOMAS TO GO INTO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS WITH HIS LIFE. BUT, ROMAN IS WINNING AND HE CONSTANTLY THROWS IT IN LOGAN’S FACE. WHICH IS WHY LOGAN IS SO EXTRA IN VIDEOS TRYING TO GET HIS POINT ACROSS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL SEE HE’S VALUABLE AND SMART AND NEEDED


Can we talk about this picture for a sec? Just a real quick sec?

It’s a picture of Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, the Visitation (obviously). Yes, it’s from the Nativity Story movie.

But look at those two. We know that John literally jumped in his mother’s womb when Mary approached (Lk 1:41). Can you imagine, especially you mothers, the child inside you leaping at the sound of somebody’s voice? Even as a teeny little baby in Elizabeth’s womb, John knew his Lord and Savior was approaching.

Can you imagine Mary, with her quiet faith and just starting to accept that fact that God was inside of her? Here is her cousin, much older than she, running up to her saying, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Lk1:42-43)

Obviously they are both filled with joy and we can imagine Elizabeth reaching out to feel her Lord in Mary’s stomach. Look at how beautiful and tender and joyful that moment was. Pure joy radiating on their faces.

Both of them, docile to the Lord’s will. Complete trust, even when circumstances are unusual (Mary’s virginal conception and Elizabeth’s aged one), in their Lord. Neither of them seeking their own gain, but all for the glory of God.

Look at Mary’s face. She knows she carries God in her womb. We can imagine that when she was with Elizabeth, she started to understand more fully the magnitude of who was inside of her. What sort of impact Jesus would make. It probably started to hit her that her Son would change the world. Forever.

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE the Visitation.