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Animated movies that don't get enough love
  • Megamind: Strong female character, funny jokes, anti-bullying, great animation with touching scenes, and strong moral messages
  • Wreck it Ralph: Again strong female characters, plus overcoming mental hardships, proving that being different is okay, amazing moral messages, beautiful animation and a hella rad plot
  • Brave: Strong female characters, different views, wonderful animation, proved that you don't need a man to save you, cutting your own destiny, awesome characters, magic broken by actual love, and strong mother-daughter relationship
  • Peabody and Sherman: Is packed with witty dialogue, good morals about unconventional families, fatherhood, and childhood struggle, it respects the intelligence of its younger audience, does actually manage to teach some history to its watchers, and has well animated characters (plus mr. peabody is a boss ass bitch)
  • Atlantis: whats this i smell? Its...its more STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, roots for the underdog, over coming physical and mental hardships, shows religious differences, beautiful animation, witty character dialogue, sassy one-liner dialogue and humor, and a detailed plot and story line
  • How to train your dragon 2: Beautiful animation, MORE STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, plus characters who aren't physically strong being portrayed as strong, showed that war isn't always the answer, major feels trip, shows friendship and compassion, mother-son relationship rekindled, DRAGONS, ADORABLE PRECIOUS DRAGONS, CANT BELIEVE THIS MOVIE GOT OVERSHADOWED BY FROZEN

The little asteroid in your chart that represents healing. Take note Chiron is hard to draw up, some sites and charts don’t always pick it up. The one I like to use is through Chiron can talk about healing from “past lives” and other times it is considered where you are naturally wounded in life. I am going to concentrate on the “wounds” in life and issues one might have to overcome, as well as how one can heal. 

Aries Chiron: The wound is in the ego. They may have low self-esteem, shy away from conflict and individualism. Healing comes from concentrating on the self. Finding assertiveness and confidence. Once healing starts they can push others into action, encourages confidence, challenges others identity.

Taurus Chiron: Wound in security. Might feel uprooted and unstable throughout life. Insecure in their own strength. Healing is all about finding inner security. They help others by being strong and stable for them.

Gemini Chiron: All about wounds in communication. Finds it hard to express themselves, connect, and can never seem to find the right words. Can easily be misunderstood, prefers to observe and worries their intellect will be judged. Healing comes from expressing themselves, they must find their voice and not fear wounding words or misunderstandings. Helps others speak their mind and find their voice.

Cancer Chiron: Wound is emotional, especially with facing abandonment, coldness, or unhealthy attachment in life. Associated with having stress directly linked to the body, an unhealthy mind/heart will produce physical sickness. Healing comes from finding their inner mother, learn self-nurturing, compassion, healing, and protection. Healing comes from learning healthy detachment. Helps to nurture and protect others. Encourages others.

Leo Chiron: Struggles with self-expression, wound is in the ego, can lack confidence and empowerment. Associated with head vs. heart issues. Healing comes by finding outlets and tools of empowerment, must develop their confidence. Then they can help empower others.

Virgo Chiron: Associated with pushing oneself too hard, nervous energy, anxiety, harsh self-criticism, easily used by others. Healing comes from self-acceptance, helping others on their own terms, and by learning tolerance. Has the ability to serve others in a meaningful way and shows others balance between judgment and tolerance.

Libra Chiron: Wound is centered on self love and loving others. Gives into self-hate, losing identity, selfishness, jealousy, insecurity. Is prone to giving in, being manipulated, and abused for the sake of a relationship or approval from another. Healing comes through self-love, putting their needs first, learning what others need. Teaches others how to love.

Scorpio Chiron: Has a huge association with trauma-driven wounds. Their dark side takes over subconsciously. Fear of the world and themselves. Associated with sexual abuse. Has a connection with past life trauma. Associated with family spread or community trauma. Healing comes from accepting the past and facing their dark side. Helps others to face their inner darkness and trauma. Could help a community overcome their darkness. 

Sagittarius Chiron: Wound is in their belief system and mind. Might be discouraged or suppressed by a belief system. Loses their morals. Could be closed-minded, associated with corrupt morals, might have hatred towards a belief system.  Healing comes from learning a new perspective. By exploring their own and others beliefs. Helps to open others’ minds.

Capricorn Chiron: Wound has to do with authority and quiet suffering. Struggles with authority figures, finds it hard to gain their own authority. Might be apathetic or cold to others but more cold to themselves, too much control in their life, struggles with power.  Healing comes by finding their inner authority and/or learning to sympathize with others and themselves. Shows others how to take charge of their destiny, shows a different way to sympathize with others.

Aquarius Chiron: Wound is based on not being accepted into society. Easily feels outcasted, rejected, alienated, maybe even a scapegoat. Healing comes by accepting their individualism, learns to feed their needs first before society. Helps others essentially say forget society. Pushes individualism.

Pisces Chiron: Wound is spiritual. Lose their own imagination/creativity, finds it hard to set firm beliefs, inner conflict with beliefs. Heals by integrating their beliefs into their daily life. Helps others to accept and learn their own divine system.

Symbolic Effervescence of Goddess Kali

Kali’s aura and theme resonates with the concepts of rebirth, cycles, joy, courage, hope, cleansing and change. She is symbolically represented by flowers, dance, iron, swords, peacock feathers and honey.

Kali, a Hindu Goddess whose name means ‘time’, She is the embodiment of natural forces that either build or destroy. She is destructive of ignorance, dispelling negativity, however, She reminds us that good really can come of bad situations.

Where there is sorrow, She dances to bring joy. Where there is fear, She dances propagating courage.

Goddess Kali is equated with the eternal night, is the transcendent power of time, and is the consort of the god Shiva. It is believed that its Shiva who destroys the world, and Kali is the power or energy with which Shiva acts. Therefore, Kali is Shiva’s Shakti, without which Shiva could not act.

Of all the forms of Devi, She is the most compassionate because She provides moksha or liberation to Her children.


By K. Nagori

List of Wiccan Goddesses and Pagan Goddess Names:

Akhilandeshvari - Hindu Goddess Never-Not-Broken

Amaterasu - Japanese sun Goddess

Annapurna - Hindu Goddess of Food and Nourishment

Aphrodite /Venus - Greek Goddess of love and beauty

Artemis/Diana - Greek/Roman Goddess of the hunt, virginity, and childbirth, twin sister of Apollo, and an Olympian, often associated with the moon

Astarte - Greek Goddess of fertility, sexuality, and war

Athena - Greek Goddess of wisdom, defensive and strategic wars

Bast - Egyptian solar and war Goddess (in the form of a cat)

Baubo - Greek Goddess of mirth, jests, and bawdy humour

Brighid - Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing, and crafts (especially smith-work), holy wells and eternal flames

Cerridwen - Celtic Goddess of transformation, of the cauldron of inspiration, of prophecy

Cybele - Greek Earth Mother

Danu - Irish Mother Goddess

Demeter - Greek Goddess of the harvest and of grain, mother of Persephone

Durga - Hindu Great Goddess, Divine Mother

Eos - Greek Goddess of the dawn

Ereshkigal - Mesopotamian Goddess of Darkness, Death, and Gloom

Flora - Roman Goddess of flowers

Fortuna - Roman Goddess of fortune

Freya or Freyja - Norse Goddess of fertility, sexual liberty, abundance, and war

Frigg - Norse Goddess of marriage, household management, and love, Queen of Heaven, and wife of Odin

Gaia/Earth Mother - The Greek Goddess Gaia is the primordial Goddess of earth, mother and grandmother of the first generation of Titans

Hathor - Egyptian Goddess of the Milky Way, Mother Goddess, Goddess of childbirth and death.

Hecate - Greek Goddess of witchcraft and magick, crossroads, and the harvest moon

Hestia - Greek Goddess of the hearth and domestic life

Hel - Norse Goddess daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, Queen of the Dead

Hera - Roman Goddess of the Hearth, of women, and of marriage

Inanna - Sumerian Goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare

Isis - Egyptian Mother Goddess, matron of nature and magick, Goddess of creativity and the underdog

Ishtar - Mesopotamian Goddess of sexual love, fertility, and war

Juno - Roman Queen of the Gods and Goddess of matrimony

Kali - Hindu Goddess of Time and Death, slayer of demons, protectress (As Kali Ma: Divine Mother Goddess)

Kore - Greek Maiden Goddess of bountiful Earth (See also Persephone)

Kuan Yin , Kwan Yin Ma , Quan Yin - Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Fertility (Goddess as Mother/Sustainer)

Lalita - Hindu Goddess of Beauty

Luna - Roman Goddess of the Moon

Ma'at - Egyptian Goddess, personified concept of truth, balance, justice, and order

Mary - Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven, Goddess of Femininity

Maya - Hindu Goddess of Illusion and Mystery

Minerva - Roman Goddess of wisdom and war

Morrigan - Celtic war Goddess

Nut - Egyptian Goddess of heaven and the sky and all celestial bodies

Parvati - Hindu Divine Mother, the embodiment of the total energy in the universe, Goddess of Power and Might

Pele - Hawai'ian volcano Goddess, Destroyer and Creatrix

Persephone - Greek Goddess daughter of Demeter, Queen of the Underworld, also a grain-Goddess, Maiden Goddess

Radha - Hindu Divine Mother

Rhiannon - Celtic Goddess of the moon

Rosmurta - Celtic/Roman Goddess of abundance. She is also the Goddess of Business Success.

Saraswati - Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, the Arts, Mathematics, Education, and cosmic Wisdom (Creatrix)

Sedna - Inuit Goddess of the Sea and Queen of the Underworld

Selene - Greek Goddess of Moon

Shakti - Hindu primordial cosmic energy, Great Divine Mother

Shekina - Hebrew Goddess of compassion in its purest form (feminine aspect of God)

Sita - Hindu Goddess representing perfect womanhood

Sol - Norse Sun Goddess

Sophia - Greek Goddess of wisdom

Spider Woman - Teotihuacan Great Goddess (Creatrix)

Tara - Hindu, Mother Goddess, the absolute, unquenchable hunger that propels all life.

Tara, Green - Buddhist female Buddha, Tibetan Buddhism - compassion, liberation, success. Compassionate Buddha of enlightened activity

Tara, White - Buddhist Goddess known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra

Tara, Red - fierceness, magnetizing all good things

Tara, Black - power

Tara, Yellow - wealth and prosperity

Tara, Blue - transmutation of anger

Tiamat - Mesopotamian dragon Goddess, embodiment of primordial chaos (the Velvet Dark)

Uma - Hindu Goddess of power, the personification of light and beauty, embodying great beauty and divine wisdom

Vesta - Roman Goddess of the hearth

Voluptas - Roman Goddess of pleasure

Yemaya - Yoruban Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Ocean

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Lakota Goddess

Abusive parents usually take the opportunity to kick you while you’re down, claiming you are too needy or a burden when you’re having a hard time. This meme is right. Struggle just makes you human. It’s normal and there’s nothing wrong with it. If anything, it’s abusive people that are a burden, that are not really human.

A Winter’s Night

a/n: this fic is a soulmate AU; inspired by @justfandomwritings return to tumblr and the soulmate AU she wrote a week ago (and our undying love for soulmate AUs). This is my first Hamilton Imagine (imagine in general) and I’d reeeaaaallly love some feedback. without further a do…
Soulmate AU where everyone (with some exceptions) is given a compass when they are born;every compass comes with it’s own pair and when the soulmates are close to/have found each other the needle on the compass spins out of control. Written in second person, starts in third person then shifts to second person. (I mark where the shift is)… No warnings. 

Y/n did not want to go to the ball. She wanted to stay in her room and read her books and write until the candle burnt out. It’s not that she didn’t like balls. They were actually quite pleasant, she would have just rather have been in the warmth and comfort of her home, instead of introducing herself to strangers and making polite but meaningless small talk with them and dancing all night with possible suitors, who would possibly step on her feet and brush it off as if she had no feelings. She did not want to have her stay suffocate her and and cause her to almost faint if she was to be spun one too many times. This, however, was her father’s way to climb up the social ladder, so she had to suck it up (and suck it in) and smile and accept dances from all of her possible suitors. Nevertheless, y/n picked up her skirts and followed her parents into their carriage. 

It was a chilly evening. The trees were bare and the snow crunched under the boots and heels of the men and women arriving at the Burr residence. Before getting out of their carriage, y/n’s mother gave her a once over. She fixed y/n’s hair and ran her hand down the side of her face. ‘Y/n sweetheart, I want you to be on your best behavior. This night is very important to your father. I don’t want you to embarrass him. Accept all of the dances, understand?’ Y/n nodded. Y/n’s mother harbor the idea that y/n would embarrass her family. Y/n was the only child and as much as her parents loved her, she felt as if her parents resented the fact that their only child was a woman and the family name would not be continued through her. She plastered a toothy smile on her face. It didn’t reach her eyes but it satisfied her mother. 

Once inside, y/n was taken away from her parents by Angelica Hamilton. Angelica was y/n’s best friend, y/n liked to believe Angelica thought the same. Angelica Hamilton was a strong headed girl but still maintained to be very appealing to the opposing gender due to her beautiful looks. It’s not as if she were jealous of her, quite the opposite. She admired Angelica’s beauty, she had beautiful straight brown hair, that framed her freckled face wonderfully, she was lean and always looked beautiful. She was the second child in her family, she had 6 siblings and one on the way. Y/n had met all her siblings but one. Philip. He had always alluded her. First and foremost because he was sent to boarding school in New Jersey and followed a rigorous schedule that his father set up for him to ensure that Philip would live up to his potential. Secondly, Philip had been injured during a duel with George Eacker. Angelica had been grief stricken. She loved her siblings dearly but Philip was her role model. She looked up to him and though he was often away she cared for him deeply. From the way she talked about him, you felt as if you knew him.

(Change in pov; from third person to second person)

You were lost in thought when Angelica shook your shoulder. ‘Y/n did you hear what I said?’ You blushed and shook your head. ‘No I’m sorry I was lost in thought.’ You said. 'What were you thinking about?’ She asked. You reached up to your neck to grab your compass. 'I was thinking about my soulmate.’ Angelica nodded. She knew how much you longed to meet your soulmate. Since you were a little girl you longed to meet them. At times your compass would spin, as if your soulmate was close to you. Mostly, it would point south east as if it were stuck.

Your parents never let you follow your compass. They didn’t believe that a compass would lead anyone to their soulmate. They would try and take your compass away from you but it would always come back to you. Who were they to say that, you would think. Who are they to tell me they don’t believe in this when they found each other through their compasses. You would often stay up at night, wondering who your soulmate was and if they were alright. When you were nervous you would trace the design on the lid of the compass.

Every compass had its own counterpart, the pair held the same design, the initials sometimes etched on the back of the compass but the initials were always on the compasses of those who had already met their soulmate. Your compass had a small rose on it. Coincidentally, roses were your favorite flower. You didn’t have your soulmate’s initials engraved on your compass, not yet. You never showed anyone your compass, not even Angelica. Angelica, however, had shown you hers and by mere chance she had met her soulmate, John, that same day. You thumbed the design on your compass.

In comparison to Angelica’s compass yours was tiny. Angelica’s compass was big and bulky, her soulmate’s initials already carved into the compass, yours was small enough to fit on a chain, small enough to be worn as a necklace. ‘Forgive me Angelica, what were you saying?’ You asked. ‘Oh! Philip will be attending! As well as John.’ She replied. She was practically beaming. ‘Your mother finally let Philip attend an event?’ You teased. ‘He begged. He said he felt as if today was the day.’ You smiled. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was the most amazing woman you had ever had the pleasure to meet. After all she had been through, she still managed to do more than what anyone had expected her to do.

‘Y/n you’re wearing your compass! Are you finally going to let me see it?’ she teased. You reached to unclasp the necklace. Angelica looked at you skeptically. You laughed and looked at your compass. ‘It’s a little smaller than yours,’ Angelica scoffed, ‘but it holds my whole world.’ You looked up at her and handed her your compass. The whole ordeal seemed rather intimate. You were rather nervous, no one had ever seen your compass except for your mother. You watched Angelica’s face turn from excitement to confusion and then to an unreadable emotion. She went pale, paler than when you we’re 8 and you fell from the tree you were climbing. ‘Angelica are you alright? It seems as if you’ve seen a ghost.’ You asked, worry laced in your tone. ‘Y-yes I’m alright. Excuse me I have to go find my mother.’ She gave your compass back. You watch as she runs to her mother and you look back at your compass. You wondered why. What about your compass had scared her so much? You started to feel self conscious but it was quickly brushed off when a young boy asked you to dance. You forced a smile and accepted his offer.

You got lost in all the twirling and gliding and half heart felt dances. No one you danced with made you feel alive. They all stepped on your toes and looked the other way when you grimaced. They spun you too face, pulled you too rough, tried to make small talk but ended up making it all about their so called achievements which usually included their rank in society and were actually mostly their father’s achievements rather than their own. They bragged about how rich their family was and how they could better your standing in society. You lost count of how many boys had asked you to dance. None of them mattered anyway. When you had the opportunity, you would ask about their thoughts on soulmates. “Have you found your soulmate?” you would ask. “The idea of soulmates is very complex, don’t worry your pretty little head over it.” They would respond. One young man had told you that soulmates were stupid and you would have rather get the idea out of your head before you married him. Needless to say that he was not happy when you excused yourself to find your mother.

You walked through the crowds and small groups of people to find your mother. When you finally found her you saw she was speaking to Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, they seemed to be discussing a serious matter; both your father and Mr. Hamilton”s faces her twisted in confusion. Your mother seemed to be in shock and Mrs. Hamilton, well she looked over joyed. You smiled and walked towards them. Your mother was the first to see you. She pulled on a tight smile and motioned towards you. “Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton! What a pleasure to see you tonight.” You said. Mr. Hamilton took ahold of your hand and kissed the back of your hand. You tried to suppress the blush that rose to your cheeks, he always greeted you in such a manner that would leave you as red as your mother’s favorite dress. When you asked him why he greeted you and his daughters in such a way, he smiled and said “I want you to know how you should be treated by your future husbands.” Mrs. Hamilton greeted you by giving you a tight embrace. “I’m so happy to see you, Y/n.” she said with a smile so wide you believed she was genuine in her words. “Pardon me Mrs. Hamilton, but have you seen Angelica? She had gone to find you and I have not seen her since.’ You asked. ‘Oh! I assumed you already knew…’ she trailed off. ‘Angelica will be in the gardens. You know how much she loves the winter weather.’ She smiled. ‘Thank you Mrs. Hamilton.’ You excused yourself and walked to the gardens.

The gardens were always your favorite place of the Burr residence. In the spring, when the flowers bloomed, it was an array of colors far and wide. In the winter it was just as beautiful. You could almost paint a picture of it. It was the place where you first fell, where you shared your first kiss. You smiled, how foolish were you then. You had shared your first kid with a boy you don’t even remember. You sat down on one of the benches. You could look at the whole garden from this bench. You unclasped your compass and held it in your hand. Was it foolish to wait for someone who you didn’t even know? Was it foolish to give your love to someone who you’ve never met before? You shook your head, sometimes in the darkest times, these thoughts clawed their way in. Your deepest fears, your deepest insecurities were swept in. You opened your compass. It was spinning. They were close by. Your heart raced. What if they’re here… what if they don’t want to see you? You looked up and looked around. Where are you? You looked back down at your compass, it was pointing North.

You followed your compass past the dried bushes, the cold nipping at your nose and the snow crunching under your boots. You came to a stop by small pond. You sat on the small wooden bench there. You could see the lighted windows of the Burr residence from the bench. The laughter was faint and the music low. You looked back down at your compass. It was spinning and spinning and spinning, much like you had been earlier in the night. “I don’t suppose you’re looking for Angelica as well?” a voice questioned behind you. You gasped and turned, dropping your compass in the process. There stood a tall, handsome man.

His hair was wild, it was curled and twisted. He was beautiful and you were speechless. “Pardon me, I did not mean to frighten you.” He said. “It’s quite alright I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here, it is cold after all.” You replied. “Would it be alright if I sat down with you?” He asked. You nodded and he sat down next to you. He bent down to pick up your compass. “I’m sorry for scaring you…” he trailed off. “Oh, y/n. I can only assume you’re Phillip?” He nodded. He sat up and looked at your compass. He swallowed, “You know my mother said that when the needle of your compass keeps spinning it means you’ve found your soulmate..” He handed you your compass. You muttered a small thank you. You both sat in comfortable silence until you realized something and spoke up. “I haven’t met my soulmate yet.” You looked at him. His hazel eyes bore into yours. Your heart pounded. Could this be it… He swallowed and took a deep breath. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” You let out a laugh at the way he phrased his sentence but nodded nonetheless.

You closed your compass and handed it to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his compass and handed it to you. You looked at it and gasped. It was your compass. Well, it was his compass but it was the exact same. The design, the shape, the color… everything. Your initials were under the rose. You looked at Philip. He had a small smile on his face. He turned to you. You handed him his compass and reached out for yours. When he handed it back you noticed the way his fingers lingered, and the initials under the rose. P.H.

“I remember watching you fall from the tree when you were 8. I remember Angelica and Elizabeth thinking you were going to die.” You smiled. “I remember asking my mother about soulmates for the first time. She had told me that my father was not her soulmate,” your eyebrows shot up, “she told me her soulmate was a soldier. She believed he was dead when my father and her married. She loved that man, she begged my father to ask for him to have an honorable death after she found out that he was a British spy. Sadly she did not get her wish.” You were speechless. “My mother’s soulmate never courted her and my father tried to console her to his best abilities, he didn’t understand the pain of losing a soulmate since he didn’t have a soulmate of his own because he was born a bastard. They aren’t soulmates but they had each other in their time of need and they love each other. I believe everyone has someone out there. I’ll never forgive my father for keeping a mistress but he makes my mother happy. I’ve had my doubts about this…about my soulmate and now… I don't…” he trailed off, you could feel his gaze on you.

“I gave you my heart before I even knew who you were,” you chuckled, “and yes, I’ve had my doubts, but now” you looked up at him, “now I know my heart will be in great hands.” You finished with a smiled at him. “My name is Philip, I am a poet and I’m a little nervous and I can’t help but show it, I’m full of pride and I can’t hide, having you in my life, it’s do or die.” You laughed, how could it be that this, that he, was going to be with you for the rest of your life. “Well Philip, I’m so happy to have finally met you.” Philip smiled. “Likewise Y/n. Would you like to go share the news with our parents?” You nodded. “Only if you dance with me for the rest of the night.” Philip stood up and pulled you up with him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He laced his fingers with yours and you both made your way into the ballroom. Oh how lucky you were.

With all the horrifying things occurring in the world, it starts to feel as if we’re losing our humanity.. as if it’s being buried by all the racism, cruelty, ignorance, and greed, but I think Mother Nature must feel that way too, as she’s destroyed for skyscrapers and highways, and look at her- she’s reclaiming that shit and we can too.

The same way a dandelion sprouts in the middle of cracked concrete and ivy takes over walls and doorways, this little weed of hope, of faith in humanity and compassion, can create a change that’s unstoppable.

It just starts with you and me and a little bit of rainfall.