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Voltron Theory Part 2 Season 3: Lotor’s Parentage

So, we’ve now been introduced to Prince Lotor, and he’s a heck of a lot to un-package.

Smart and charismatic, but also manipulative and doesn’t suffer failure. It’s clear that there’s more to this man, he also seems to hold grudges and allows others to be harmed for his actions, such as in the case of Throk.

And yet, there is a nicer side to him. He’s protective of his generals, it’s clear that he respects them and their opinions. He’s also a man of action, showing that he can get into the thick of it, and yet knows how to pull back when there’s not much to gain.

It’s clear that he was trained hard in becoming very well versed in military strategy, but why? We also know for sure that he was exiled by the Galra for some reason, and has since been off doing something else. What’s interesting is that he picked up the Generals, all female too mind you, and have been using him as his elite squad of sorts.

Unlike Zarkon, there’s a clear equality that he sees in his team, something that…on the one hand is awesome, on the other hand, given his reaction to Acxa’s failure with the Teledav, one has to wonder how far his equal view of his men goes?

Physically he’s an interesting Specimen to the eye.

He’s tall, but smaller than a lot of Galra, meaning he’s roughly about the size of a Human or an Altean.

He has white hair, which again is unusual because there are only a few people that have that hair: Alfor, his wife, Allura, Keith apparently (as per Lauren’s comment about him dying it black was part of an idea they had for the series) and surprisingly Kolivan (the long end of his hair is white).

He also has a very narrow chin and features distinctive Altean ears, something that hints at his being half, and also, importantly, is something carried over from the main series in both the original Go lion and the American Voltron Defender of the Universe.

Lotor also has yellow eyes, but blueish irises, and a very sharp chin, unlike his father who has more of a square jaw. 

Again Altean features as far as we’ve seen in the show, save for some of the Galra, like Throck and Haxus who both have pointed chins but seem to lack some of the qualities that these two had.

There’s also the fact that he doesn’t wear the same sort of armor as the other members of the military, and that his helmet is distinctly Altean in design, much like Allura’s Paladin look.

What’s also interesting with Lotor is the fact that he bears no markings of the Altean people like his mother. Although there’s some question if that is his mother but more on that later. He also seems to have the smoother skin for the Galra rather than a more fuzzy aspect. Which is again rather different than other members of his species.

So this got me thinking, exactly who is Lotor. Or rather who is his parents? There are a few options, so let’s dive into them and hopefully we can come up with a good theory about where his blood line is coming from.

Let’s start by looking to the past to get an idea of who we can rule in and out of this versions heritage.

Lotor from the original series was born from King Zarkon and a young woman from Arus, who was taken as his slave. Haggar (Honerva in Go Lion), the former Queen of Planet Doom and Zarkon’s Mother, was Lotor’s grandmother, both of which Lotor didn’t know about. In the updated comic Lotor’s mother Lora, given an actual name, is the royal consort (although I don’t know if the marriage was an alliance deal or something that was a willing deal) of king Zarkon and actually does things in his name, and seems to have been there for Lotor as he grew up to a point. In both cases his mother seems to be Altean, and his father Zarkon.

We know for sure that we can rule out the idea of Haggar (points for using both aspects of the original series with that one guys) being his grandmother as we’ve seen that she came from Honerva, Zarkon’s wife. And we can probably rule out the idea of Zarkon enslaving someone to give him a child, since even Zombified Zarkon is somewhat honorable. So where does that leave us to figuring this out.

Well we know that Lotor claims that Zarkon’s his father so we can go with that as a Start and list all the ways that Zarkon can be Lotor’s father.

If Zarkon is Lotor’s dad Theories:

1.       Zarkon and Honerva had Lotor biologically

Now in Episode 7: The legend begings, we see the back story of how Zarkon met Honerva met and got married.

 During this time we also saw the birth of Princess Allura and, during none of the time while they were alive, did we see either of them mention having a child. 

This would be a big thing, as given how friendly the two men were before things went down, it wouldn’t have been that hard to believe that they could have arranged to have Lotor and Allura marry.

This doesn’t even touch on if Galra and Alteans can have kids together, however the show has been hinting at the fact that it’s a possibility with the hybrids and Keith’s existence.

As @radioactivesupersonic post pointed out, it seems really weird for the two to conceive a child after being Zombified. I’m going to go one further on this, I don’t just think they are Zombified, I think they are actively being controlled and possessed. So if that’s the case, why would they want to have a child? Given that Haggar couldn’t remember being married until she went into Zarkon’s mind, and he clearly wasn’t showing that he recalled her (even if they were still emotionally bonded) it would be hard to believe that they would want to have a child together.

Lotor clearly was born after Allura went into her sleep as she would have recalled him, and Coran indicated that they didn’t know he had a son. This means that Lotor wasn’t born before the Zombification of Zarkon and Honerva. So they had to have him after, but how? If they are dead, that would mean that they don’t have the living options in their body, as Haggar is shown to have gone from her normal brown color to a dark purple, which could be either from the thing that attached to them, or (like Transformer that turn gray) Altean’s bodies turn a darker color when they die. Thus making it clear that both are living on borrowed time.

Regardless, Haggred’s one track mind on experimentation and Zarkon’s desire for Voltron, indicate to me that neither of them would have the mind to, nor the inclination, to create a child though a union of their own. This also doesn’t explain why Lotor only sees Zarkon as his father and doesn’t mention Honerva, nor does it imply why he calls her his father’s witch. Unless Lotor has no clue of his mother at all, and this is going to be a situation where he wigs out and kills her like in the original Go Lion. But given the way they’re building up Lotor, I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen, as he’s more like the Devil’s Due version in that he’s a more honorable person…to a point.

So if that’s the case then…

2.       Lotor is an experiment by Haggar

This one is another thing brought up by @radioactivesupersonic, and I think it’s a good one. The idea is that Haggar created Lotor by building a child based on the DNA from herself and Zarkon, and possibly Alfor or his wife.

Now I can believe that. We know that Haggar can create things, and alter people (Shiro and the other cyborgs) and infuse people into the Robeasts (as we’ve seen with the first and second season) and we know that they’re creating clone technology (as per Kuro –fake Shiro). So the idea of her creating a child possibly from various bits of DNA and mixing them to give birth to him.

In that case, he would know that Zarkon is his father, but when was this done, and how long ago did this take? We have no info on that, and I would think that, if Lotor was going to be a test subject for Haggar, there would be more clues given.

On the other hand he could be from only one parent with add ons put in him. As in Lotor is a clone of Zarkon, the problem with that is that Lotor bears no significant traits with Zarkon, and only has the purple skin tone. And he certainly has more qualities with an Altean and has the white hair, which we now know is connected only two a hand full of people (Alfor, Allura, Allura’s mom, Kolivan and Keith). So did Haggar clone Alfor and alter him? There is that option since Lotor does have a similar eye color to the late King.

Then again, if Zarkon couldn’t remember her, could he have forced a child from another Altean?

3.       Zarkon’s the dad, but another woman is the mom

There is a chance that given Zarkon not recalling his past, he could have taken on an Altean woman to have Lotor and then left her behind.

However, this is less likely because people point out that Lauren Montgomery has noted that Lotor has a connection to Princess Allura. Something that being born from an unknown woman wouldn’t allow to happen.

The other option is that Zarkon and Allura’s mom had Lotor. We are told over and over that Alfor was killed by him and Altea was blown up. However I don’t fully believe that the Alteans are dead, due to the fact that Lotor had his ship built and the only ones that can do that are the Olkari, who probably wouldn’t do so, and the Altean’s since they built the first set of lions.

If Lotor is Allura’s brother through her mom and Zarkon, the issue is how has he stayed alive? Unlike Zarkon and Haggar, it’s clear that Lotor hasn’t imbibed in the Quintessense since his eyes still have irises, and we’ve seen other Galra not have glowing yellow eyes. These are Galra that look closer to the original form of the Galra (see the captain of the ship that the Blue Lion attacked in the first season) or seem to be halfs. So unless he’s being corrupted by the Quintessense I don’t think Lotor is that old, and can’t be Allura’s brother that way, unless he was frozen as part of his exile.

4.       Lotor is Zarkon’s son from another reality.

This one is weird but there is this option. We know that there are other realities and we’ve seen how things can pass through. So there is that option, but…and I say this hard, if Lotor did come through he would have had to have passed through via ship like Voltron and been picked up by the Galra. Now we know that he’s interested in building a teledev and that he seemed to have an idea of other realities, or at least that the meteorite can go between ala Voltron.

However the main problem also is that he was able to control the Altean ship, which means that he has to have some connection to the royal family to do anything to that ship. However he could very well be a descendent from both the Empress Allura and the Zarkon of another universe. We’ve only seen one so far, and the idea that there are more out there indicates that there’s a chance for that reality to have had some form of peace between the two forces.

The problem with this is, how do you prove he’s from another reality?

On the plus side, if he is from another reality and thus connected to Allura as a brother, then that could explain the whole issue of him moving the ship.

There is also a chance that Lotor is not the Son of Zarkon but may be another person’s child all together.

1.       Lotor could be the son of Empress Allura

While this is the least likely choice, there is a small hint that it could be. We know that Lotor has a very close look physically to Allura, and this isn’t just by design. If Lotor came from that world, how did he get to our known universe? The only way I can think of is due to a number of situations that allowed for him not to be affected by the rift.

However he clearly wants to travel between worlds as he purposely built that ship from that meteorite. He knows about the way it works, and the only way he could know that is if he was able to test that factor. He also wants a teleduv which means that he knows how to use that too.

If he is the son of Allura that could explain the whole idea of him being connected to her.  If he is from another universe, this might be a case of him wanting to go home, rather than continue Haggar’s tests. The issue is still how did he get across the rift without being vaporized.

2.       Lotor is Allura’s brother

Okay this one is one that keeps going around my head. There are still issues with it, but there’s some very interesting ways this could be.

While looking at Episode 7 I noticed that Lotor does bear a striking resemblance to Alfor. They share similar eyes, not only in color but in shape.

 Also chin and nose as well.

Alfor also has the same sort of side burns as Lotor, and there’s some similarity in their hair styles as well. Then there is the ears on Alfor and Lotor. They are practically the same.

They both seem to share even their smiles, and some of their personality traits in the smug department.

We also know again that he could turn on the Altean ship which is rather important since it’s been stated that only a royal family member can move Altean ships. Coran and others have said over and over that ships that are like the one that was between the rifts can only be moved or controlled by the royal family. Which means that previously the Commander of the ship would have had to have been a member of the royal family as well, or that there was something on the ship that allowed it to move.

Furthermore when you actually examine the options for who could be Lotor’s parents, with Honerva and Zarkon you run into a few problems.

For one thing their eye colors do not match their son’s. Like at all, in any way, shape or form. Not only that but there’s the fact that Lotor’s ears are closer in shape to Alfor’s then Honerva’s. Both Honerva and Zarkon have brown eyes, and yes I checked with a hexadecimal code to see the exact color that they used in the coloring of the eyes of the characters.

Lotor’s eyes match up with the range of Alfors as both Honerva and Zarkon’s eyes are brown. The only people that have blue eyes are Acxa, Allura, Alfor, her mom, Ezor, and oddly Coran.  Unless it turns out that Coran is his dad, which would match up with the idea of Coran having a missing son.

So how would Lotor end up being under Zarkon’s control? And why would Allura not know she has a brother?

Well if Allura’s mom was with child during the events of the fall of Altea, then there’s a strong chance that she could have, and would have given birth after the castle was taken. Assuming that the Alteans didn’t all die, it wouldn’t be that hard to believe that Zarkon would kill them all as they’re actually useful to them, and there are hints about the druids being Altean, then it could very well be that he’s placed them under his control.

If Allura’s mom did have a child, it wouldn’t be that far to believe that Zarkon and Haggar wouldn’t want a child to rise up and find his sister. They could have easily put him under experimentation, and frozen him for a time to carefully grow him in a controlled environment and make him believe he is the son of Zarkon.

The other option was that he was born from Alfor and Allura’s mom through a less conventional way and at a later time, then infused with aspects of the Galra to maybe create someone that could be used to control the Alteanas or Polluxians or other races in their stand. Unfortunately he’s too independent and was sent away due to his own nature to want to do his own thing.

It’s hard to tell for sure exactly where Lotor’s from, but a lot of signs point to the idea that he is at least connected to the royal family. So those are my theories, anyone have others?

One other funny note: 

Alfor’s sword….

Lotor’s sword. 

They’re very similar in design. 

  • every NPC: *turns to Inquisitor Solas in a worshipful way* You are the Herald of Andraste, called by Divinity...
  • Inquisitor Solas: Cut that shit out. :)

Prompt: Naegi and Kirigiri with Saihara as their child (PS this is spoiler-free and I haven’t played/watched the game so excuse me for mischaracterizing)

A/N for @qosic a WAY belated birthday gift. Dude, I love you so much that I would write naegiri for you. Thanks for being awesome and I hope this will be enough for your forgiveness at my late greeting.

Another Detective in the Family - naegiri with child saihara

When Saihara was born, they never talked about his talent.

Instead the parents cried and cooed at a healthy baby born and how they would protect him and shower him in love. Whether or not he had talent was not a concern of theirs so long as he was happy. Makoto did joke before that he wished their son didn’t inherit his luck if that counted as a discussion. Kyouko was still smooth as ever when she calmly mentioned that their son would most likely inherit his hope. They both blushed at that, him more so than her. It was nice and peaceful and all was right in the world in those moments.

When Saihara grew up, he inevitably showed talent.

At first it was just interest in his parents’ works which then developed into skill. He solved his first mystery when he was four and the culprit was his father who ate his mother’s pudding. It was an easy first case but he had been proud over debunking his father’s alibi. He had a feeling that his mother knew all along but just milked the situation for his father’s reaction. The next time they went grocery shopping, they bought him extra pudding as a reward.

From then on, he pursued mysteries with a wonderlust. He solved them left and right and he grew bolder with each success. It seemed as though he was already set on the path of being a detective just like his mother. However, unlike his mother, he didn’t become cold and distant in his work. He took after his father when it came to being social. He was friendly enough and made sure that everyone was at least  comfortable around him. His mother made no comment on his work ethic and his father cheered him on. He would make them proud.

At the tender age of seven, he was a prodigy.

A prodigy that was still babied by his parents just because they can.

“Mom, I have some news.” He declared as soon as he caught sight of her in the living room.

“Really?” Kyouko asked although judging by her tone, it sounded rhetorical.

Saihara’s smile immediately turned into a scowl or at least it was supposed to be but it came out as a pout. “You already know, don’t you?”

She hummed playfully. “If you say so then what ever gave me away?”

This was a test and he just knew it. Ever since he started showing interest, she also began to train him in subtle ways. Sure it was fun at first but after a few years, it got old fast. Well more like annoying since they were easy and she knew how he felt about the easier tests but still handed them out. Her excuse was that it was to drill in the basics but he knew better and that she just wanted to tease him.

He took a moment to reorganize his thoughts into a concise explanation. “Well you’re early but not too early. That provides just the right time frame for you to meet auntie given his schedule. However, the incriminating evidence is that your blouse has wrinkles around the shoulder area that could only be acquired by someone placing their arms there in a hugging manner. And you never let anyone but auntie do that. Given auntie’s nature, I have no doubt that she already told you about the news.”

Kyouko stared at him, her silence carrying judgement with every passing second. “Nice try.” She curtly said.

“Nice try? Not well done?” He asked incredulously.

“It’s not a bad induction.” She shrugged. “However, it is incorrect.”

“Incorrect?” He gasped. It was like a blow was dealt to his gut.

“I learned about the news from your uncle this morning. Everything else, I planned and planted.” She explained in a collected manner and then surprised him at the tenderness in her touch when she patted his head comfortingly. “It seems that you have much to learn since you were deceived easily.”

“It wasn’t that easy. I’m going to see through it next time.” He grumbled and covered half of his face in embarrassment.

“There, there.” She smiled as she continued to pat him.

Makoto came home shortly after and gave both of them warm hugs. “How was your day, Saihara?” He affectionately brushed his hair.

“M'fine.” He mumbled though he did not pull away.

“Oh, Kyouko. It looks like you already know about the news. Did uncle tell you?” Makoto said when he turned towards her.

“Seriously?” Saihara’s jaw dropped. “How did you even find out about that? I thought mom was the detective between the two of you!”

“I have my fair share of experiences at solving mysteries.” He winked at his son. “I just might be better than you.”

“How??” He squawked at how infuriatingly talented his father was. “At least tell me how you figured it out!”

“A lucky guess?” Makoto just laughed at his son’s scrunched up face. “Just kidding, kiddo. I actually saw them when uncle delivered the news.”

Saihara practically fumed. He was played by his parents. Twice! “I hate you both.” He grumbled.

“Love you more.” Kyouko giggled.

“Love you too!” Makoto chuckled.

Despite Saihara’s weak protests, Makoto pulled the three of them together in for another bear hug which Kyouko obliged. He ended up smiling with them and although he did laugh, he refused to acknowledge that out loud. More than the thrill and satisfaction of solving mysteries, he thought that it was moments like these that topped his list. Here, in the safety and warmth of his loving parents. He forgets and forgives them for teasing but they would never let him forget that he was their beloved son.

When Saihara looked up to his parents, he didn’t think of talent since all he saw was love.

Assassin: Chapter 5

A/N: Yeah for Assassin FINALLY being up. I think this is my most request fic to put like ever. Hopefully I didn’t disappoint. There’s not smut in this, but this chapter is the smut kind of chapter. I would like to thank @writing-obrien for helping me in my writers block and just being a great friend. Also, this gif is a little more dramatic then what actually happens.

Warning: Torture ( Mental and Physical), Mentions of Rape 

Word Count: 2504

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Saphael (kinda) prompt: Simon walks into Magnus' loft to see Raphael sleeping with his head in Magnus' lap while Magnus runs his fingers through his hair, Simon appreciates how adorable and innocent he looks

“Magnus, I need your–” Simon was cut off by magic muting him for a brief moment and he was just about to complain about this questionable method of shutting him up when he noticed why the warlock had prevented him from talking: Raphael was in the loft.

The clan leader wasn’t just there, he was also asleep and curled up on his side on the couch, his head resting on top of Magnus’s thigh who absently carded his fingers through Raphael’s hair. It was such a weird image that Simon froze for a few seconds, holding the breath he didn’t need anyway, and staring at the scene with his mouth open. He had never seen the older vampire like this - asleep, relaxed, with loose curls and not even wearing a suit jacket. Raphael’s face was completely relaxed, making him look younger and…softer.

“What happened?” Simon asked in a whisper when he couldn’t help but tentatively step a little closer, noticing the faint but still somewhat angry looking scars on the clan leader’s face. Despite their differences and after the whole thing with his mum Simon couldn’t help but feel worry rising in his chest because Raphael had clearly gotten hurt, badly enough that he needed to rest and that Magnus apparently hadn’t been able to heal him completely.

“Aldertree happened,” Magnus replied with a low but still angry sounding voice. Simon’s eyes widened and he wasn’t even sure he wanted to find out about the details but the warlock didn’t wait for him to ask further questions about it anyway. “Tortured him with a laser and burned crosses into his skin.”

Simon was suddenly glad for the fact that he didn’t consume a whole lot of blood lately because he felt like he would be getting sick at the mere thought of this otherwise. He wondered if this was somehow his fault or at least a result of the whole betraying the clan setting Camille free mistake. Even if Simon was aware of the fact that he had only been roped into freeing Camille and that he couldn’t have possibly anticipated all of the consequences of this action, he still felt even more terrible about it now that he saw what had been done to Raphael.

“Will he be okay?” Simon had thought he would react pissed off when he would see the clan leader again, after Raphael showing up in front of his mum, but now he couldn’t bring himself to even be remotely angry at the other.

“He will. I healed him and he drank some blood so the rest should be healed up as well after he got some rest,” Magnus answered silently, his fingers still gently carding through Raphael’s messy hair just like a mother would do with her child when it was sick. Simon definitely felt like he was intruding something he wasn’t supposed to see but it was still kind of fascinating to see this different side of Raphael and get a glimpse into the obviously close relationship he had with Magnus.

“Good. That’s…good.” Simon rubbed the back of his neck with his fingertips, feeling pretty awkward all of a sudden because he had come here to ask Magnus for help with Camille again but now seemed like a very bad time for that.

“Why don’t you talk to him about it?”

“About what?” Simon blinked at the warlock, even though he did have an idea what Magnus was on about - it was pretty obvious, anyway.

“You know what I’m talking about; not just apologising for what happened with Camille.”

Simon felt weirdly exposed all of a sudden because the way Magnus looked at him made it clear that he knew and the young vampire didn’t even know how. He had only realised his feelings for Raphael pretty recently, after he had ruined everything by betraying the clan, and was still kind of coming to terms with the fact that he wasn’t in love with Clary anymore but with a grumpy vampire who hated his guts. A certain vampire who was currently peacefully asleep with his head in Magnus’s lap, with the remaining marks of torture marring his still beautiful face.

“Sure, because that would go down so well,” he commented with an eye roll, not even trying to deny it because Magnus clearly knew about it anyway, “especially since I don’t even manage to find a right time to apologise, with him either threatening me or my mother.”

Magnus actually had the audacity to snort in amusement at that statement but didn’t give Simon a chance to complain about this reaction. “Believe me, no matter what he might have made it seem like, Raphael is definitely the last person to either harm you or your mother. He was trying to get you to cooperate and to save not only the clan but you as well by wanting to get a hold of Camille again quickly but there is no way he would endanger anyone willingly.”

Simon didn’t even feel like disagreeing because, deep down, he was aware of this fact. He knew Raphael hadn’t been serious about his indirect threats and that maybe they hadn’t even been threats, to begin with - Camille being out and about could also cause a danger to his mother, after all - but he had been so stressed out with the whole situation after the betrayal that Simon honestly hadn’t really stopped to clearly think about anything.

“You should talk to him and don’t talk yourself out of it because it doesn’t feel like it’s the right time. There is no such thing as a right moment other than you making it just that. Believe me, I have lived for quite a while and, not to sound pessimistic or anything, but there definitely is a too late , even for immortal beings like us.”

He felt honestly surprised by Magnus’s sudden seriousness, the hint of sadness in his expression before Simon’s eyes dropped to Raphael again, still sleeping and curled up on the couch, head tilted ever so slightly into the warlock’s touch. Maybe Magnus was right and he should own up to his feelings the next time he did get a chance to talk to the clan leader properly - there wasn’t exactly much for him to lose at this point, was there? Raphael couldn’t exactly hate him even more than he probably already did.

“Maybe you’re right…I will try to make things right, even though I can’t promise that it’ll work out but I’ll definitely try,” Simon promised, his voice sounding surprisingly soft even to his own ears and Magnus actually smiled at him, obviously pleased with this answer.

“Good boy. Now, would you mind coming back later? I know you’re probably here for the whole Camille thing but, as you can see, this isn’t exactly a good moment.” Magnus ran his fingers through Raphael’s curls absently while talking and Simon’s whole body felt like it was aching to switch positions with the warlock so he could be the one feeling the silky looking strands of hair between his fingers. He wondered if he would ever be able to make this experience.

“Would it be okay if I stayed?” The question left his lips before Simon was even aware of making this decision but if he had already gotten himself talked into confession to Raphael, why not do it as soon as possible - namely after the clan leader woke up and was hopefully somewhat in a calm enough mood to have such a talk.

“Someone is determined all of a sudden, huh? Be my guest but try to be quiet now, I don’t want him to wake up,” Magnus replied, shushing him with an almost playfully stern gaze. Simon nodded quickly and mimicked zipping his mouth before quietly sitting down in an armchair that allowed him to watch Raphael sleep because there was no point in trying to be subtle about it at this point anyway. The warlock simply smirked at him in amusement but didn’t comment before focusing back on the sleeping vampire in his lap.

Angry Girl Review: Eleanor and Park

One time in college I turned in an essay and my professor underlined a sentence I’d written and told me it wasn’t the appropriate register for a university essay and I have crazy respect for her so I tailored my papers for the rest of the semester but this isn’t a university essay so I’ll start off with




Let’s start with the most glaringly obvious: the racism! 

The sad thing is that half these descriptions are obviously supposed to be flattering except they’re… not… 

Wow ninjas and East Asia what a novel concept wow 

Wow because East Asian men aren’t emasculated in American media at all


by the way this is so very Memoirs of a Geisha-y because Park happens to be a half-Korean kid who LOOKS more Asian than his brother

But Park has green eyes!!!!! so magical!!!! So EXOTIC!!! Also “almond-flavored” please that’s not the most cliched description for Asian eyes in the book

Here have some more grossness around those oh-so-exotic “Asian” eyes

Please let that sink in for a moment. Like Ming the Merciless. Who, as you might know from the Flash Gordon comic, was originally introduced in 1934 and is a pretty clear stand-in for, uh… yellow peril. upon googling, looks like this:

Sooo…. yeah.

But then Park has a couple of self-hating moments where he of course implies that Asian women have it easier:

“White guys think they’re exotic”. And that is flattering why, Park? “Exotic”, really? And Eleanor isn’t exactly doing a great job of not contributing to this harmful mentality when she explicitly thinks that he’s “prettier than any girl”. Again:

But then!!! Eleanor makes it all better!!! By saying this!! In the middle of a STEAMY LOVE SCENE!!!! (which by the way neither steamy nor lovely just creeped me out a lot because of the following passage):

This Othering, this fetishization, does not stop through the entire book. Finally, we get towards the end: 

So no, Eleanor never gets over Othering her boyfriend.

Wait hold on Asian women don’t get a pass either, as Park’s mom is painted as the oppressive parent who doesn’t like “weird white girls”, but according to Eleanor…


“his” Dainty China person because of course Park’s mom isn’t a person, but a literal object to be moved and shifted according to the whim’s of Park’s dad, a Korean war vet. 

Here have some more bad stereotyping of Asian women as “thin pretty and petite” and Eleanor’s own self-hatred and fat-shaming:

Black women aren’t exempt from being props to uphold Eleanor either. Her two “friends” at school (I say “friends” in quotes because they don’t really comment on anything except how cute Park is and they all make fun of those OTHER nasty white girls in gym class together), oh, and Rainbow Rowell writes them like this:

“It was an honor that they’d let her into their club”…the “you’re not like THOSE white people club???" 

"I got a man”, REALLY??? 

Park’s “Asian”-ness As Other and He Could Have Been Edward Cullen, What is the Goddamn Difference

I would have felt better if Rainbow Rowell had written Park as a vampire or a werewolf or some other inhuman creature, the stuff of teen girl YA fantasy because a) vampires and werewolves don’t actually exist and therefore you can write them any way you want, albiet cliched, whatever–at least you’re not contributing to some very harmful societal stereotypes. 

Park, as you can see from the previous citations, is written out to be this “edgy” indie boy who wears eyeliner and listens to the Smiths (which wow I rolled my eyes at) and is also a loner at school in and his edginess and “magic” make him stand out in much the same way a vampire or a werewolf or otherwise nonhuman creature would. These descriptions of Park really made me think of Twilight and no, not because they are things that “normal” teen girls say or think but because we’ve seen this archetype of, for lack of better word, “magical boy” that comes barging into sad-manic-pixie-dream-girl’s-but-not-like-the-other-girls’-life and sweeps her off her feet:

How artsy, edgy, and NOT PREPPY, he wears all black.

Who else had a face “like a chiseled marble statue in its perfection”? (psst, it was Edward Cullen)

who else was described as “godlike” “angelic” and all that crap? Vampire boy Edward Cullen. Louis and Lestat and Claudia, all of our favorite too-gorgeous-to-be-real fairytale creatures.

But when you use those kinds of descriptors for a character who is very visibly POC and then give them an uncommon feature like ~green eyes~, do they not become a kind of mythical creature in, the stuff of exotic fantasy? Do they then become dehumanized and not real, only the kind of boyfriend a girl can aspire to get?

The answer, of course, is yes. But dreaming about dating a vampire or a werewolf is so very different and again does not carry the same weight as being hellbent on dating a ~perfect Asian boy~. Because at this point it is not about Park. This is not Park’s story, even though he shares half the title. This is Eleanor’s story, the manic pixie “not like the other girls” girl, with her crazy red hair and her weird clothes and her desire to get away from it all. 

Eleanor’s entire story is painted on a canvas of abuse and neglect and sadness, so of course she needs some magical boy to literally swoop in and save her– at the end, Park takes her to Minnesota where her uncle lives, away from the safety of her stepfather who is out for her blood. Eleanor is the most precious person in the world to Park, so much that he doesn’t care about his family anymore and the only person he cares about is her. How the hell is that any kind of healthy way to have a relationship?

Park’s Asian-ness is only brought up in the context that it is different to what Eleanor is used to, that it is EXOTIC and MAGICAL and because of that she likes him. No, but it’s in the text, where Eleanor openly admits to fetishizing:

I didn’t end up CARING about Eleanor’s family situation at all. Her relationship with her mother was completely one-dimensional, as was the relationship with her siblings and her stepfather. It was almost as though the backstory was there to make Eleanor more sympathetic to the reader, which as a reader I didn’t end up buying because there was literally no depth to any of it.

Similarly, Park’s relationship with his parents is weird and disturbing and also one-sided. His mom speaks broken English and is demure but madly in love with his dad, who, need I remind you, “liberated” her from her oppressive country. Miss Saigon, anyone? Park’s dad is typical American machismo, a simple kinda guy, but at heart a good one. I feel like the PARENTS’ relationship was something I was more interested in than Eleanor or Park, had it not been written like a weird yellow-fever wet dream, where the white dude comes home and just makes out with the Asian woman all the time and she stays home and tends to their perfect house and their perfect family. 

Rainbow Rowell has explicitly stated in an interview that one of her inspirations for writing Eleanor and Park and for making Park Korean was that her father had been in the Korean War:

1. My father served in Korea, in the Army.

This is probably the most obvious explanation.

My parents separated when I was in the second grade, and I never knew my dad that well. I didn’t grow up with him around. But I remember being fascinated by the fact that he was in the military – and stationed in a place where there had been an actual war, even though he was there decades after the worst of it.

There was this photo of him, in uniform, hanging over my grandmother’s coffee table – an unrecognizable teenager with short hair and tiny wire-rimmed glasses.

Every once in a while, if he’d had a few drinks, my dad would talk about the Army. How he signed up at 17 to avoid getting drafted and sent to Vietnam. The Army wouldn’t send a 17-year-old to Vietnam, he said. (I have no idea if this, or much else my dad told me, is true.)

He was especially proud of having protested the Vietnam War while he was in Korea. There was a clipping from a military newspaper with photos of the protest. I was 12 or 13 when he showed me this, and I definitely didn’t get it.

Over the years, I’ve had people tell me I must be confused about my dad, that there weren’t Americans soldiers left in Korea in the ‘70s. But there are still American soldiers in South Korea. We never left.

Anyway, the other thing my dad would talk about, every once in a while, was a girl he’d known in Korea. My mom says he carried this Korean girl’s photo in his wallet for years after he came home. He’d been in love with her; my mom thought he still was.

I used to wonder about that girl. About how he met her. Whether she spoke English. Whether she was his age. Whether it was some secret love affair, or something her friends and family knew about … What if she was his soulmate?

What if fate and circumstance and the U.S. government had come together to deliver my father across the continents to his soulmate – and he just left her there.

He could have stayed, I thought. He could have brought her back. Omaha is a military town; people bring wives and husbands back from all over.

I remember being so angry with him. First for leaving the person he was meant to be with; then for leaving my mom, the person he wasn’t meant to be with; and then for leaving all my brothers and sisters and me in his wake.

So … in Eleanor & Park, Park’s dad gets sent to Korea because his brother has died in combat in Vietnam. He meets his soulmate there. And he brings her home. 

He “liberates” her. And puts her in his pocket like a China Doll, right?

These were only a few selections out of the many, many in the novel. Over and over again we’re slammed in the face with the fact that Park is Asian, he’s half-Korean, but only in the way he looks and almost always in the context of his relationship with Eleanor, never by himself. Half the book is supposedly written from Park’s perspective but he never really introspects on his identity except during that scene when he’s with Eleanor, bitter that there aren’t any “hot Asian guys.” Not even Asian AMERICAN, just “Asian”. As though the author were not aware of the hybrid culture that exists in the country–maybe because Park’s “the only Korean in Omaha?”

What first love story is there to tell? They start off hating each other and he makes her a mixtape and asks if she listens to the Smiths, and given that this book came out after Five Hundred Days of Summer… 

I’m not sure what the point of the book was. To make people want hot Asian boyfriends?

This read like bad Tamora Pierce Circle of Magic Trisana Chandler/Briar Moss AU fic.

Luke Hemmings Smut - Everything I Didn't Say

Pairing: Luke and Y/N

Word Count: 5.3k +

Rating: R

Requested: Yes!

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Why Ja’far never was disowned by Rurumu.

Okay so like…I’m not sure why parts of this fandom find it so hard to believe that Ja’far was and remains to this day Rurumu’s adoptive child when it’s so obviously laid out in canon, but I’ve scene in a few places now comments that by the time the slave arc rolls around Ja’far’s relationship with Rurumu is “Strictly professional” and bears no resemblance to that of familial bonds or even a teacher/student dynamic, so here we are. I’m not sure what these comments even mean to say exactly either like are they insinuating that he was actually disowned or do they just think that he was never actually adopted?

Since I already covered the latter of those two here, I’m going to just assume that these comments where indicating that they somehow drifted apart and that Ja’far is no longer a part of Rurumu and HInahoho’s family. I find this all a bit ridiculous since we got the most interactions between Rurumu and Ja’far in this particular arc, but oh well let’s get into the analysis.

(long analysis below, screenshots from/ translations credit to sensescans)

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I guess I just find it gross that a psychologist like @slatestarscratchpad is effectively engaging in societal victim-blaming.

You’re a psychologist, man! Do you really have to sit there and wonder why abuse victims, bullying victims, and other victims of societal mistreatment don’t want to play fucking pattycake with their abusers?

A gigantic chunk of why I have chronic depression, low self-esteem, and a host of other issues, is spending my time either getting the same punishment that people who abused me got, or being told I have to “be the better person” and be nice to someone abusing me while they in turn get a slap on the wrist or often nothing at all for abusing me.

My family situation is basically “my mother emotionally abuses me, I run around trying to nicely ask her to stop doing it and appease her, she just continues emotionally abusing me because she goes ‘don’t like it there’s the door’ in response to asking nicely and always thinks up excuses to not be happy with anything I do to appease her”.

My school situation was getting physically assaulted by other classmates, given detention/suspension/other punishments right along with the people who assaulted me, and being told I was a “whiny crybaby who deserved what I got” whenever I asked the teachers to intervene before a smackdown started.

My work situation is a long list of doing my best to appease my bosses by being a hardworking and perfect worker, and getting terrible pay and working conditions in return.

My home situation was spending time dealing with a landlord who refused to do maintenance around the house to the point of things being so broken they were endangering mine and my mother’s health and then threatening me with eviction (just me, not my mother) whenever I asked him to fix anything.

My social situation is watching all of those general categories of things happen to other people over and over again same as they happened to me.

My political situation is watching conservatives do much the same to large numbers of oppressed and low status people same as they happened to me.

Give me something other than victim-blaming people being mistreated for being tired of trying to appease their abusers. Do you tell your patients who deal with abuse or bullying “Oh well, maybe if you just talked to them nicely and tried to understand where they’re coming from, they might beat/abuse/bully you less?” I seriously hope not!

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How would Sakamaki brothers react if Karl Heinz the ketchup king sent his new fiancee to their mansion to live there for some time before the wedding?


He would be irritated but if the woman didn’t get in his way he wouldn’t bother talking to her.


He would be a gentleman, of course but if he doesn’t see her as fit to be his father’s wife, he’d be a little cold to her. He will never harm her though unless it’s slipping a little something into his dear step mother’s tea.


Laito would be interested, wanting to play around with her but not doing so because he doesn’t want any unnecessary drama. He teases her from time to time, undirectly warning her about what could happen to her as a wife of the great Karl Heinz.


Angry is what he is at first but then cools off and just ignores her, throwing glares at her sometimes. If she attempts to talk to him, all hell will break loose.


I think he would be annoyed but really, it’s none of his business. If she is telling him what to do though, he would get pissed off, it reminding him of his mother and put her in her place.


Seriously pissed off. The fact that he’s marrying again annoys him and the fact the lady could end up in similar situations all the mothers did saddens him. He wants to help her but also it really is none of his business.

- Admin Jay

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hey random anon here, an asoiaf question because you seem logical, you know what i keep wondering? do you think anyone ,particularly the stark children, ever thought that bringing a bastard which you had while you were married to your own home, was just wrong? did they ever even care enough that their mother might be struggling? just plain question because i know how patriarchical the series is but did anyone EVER care?did they not get mad at ned for doing this to their own mother?thoughts?

Oh, Nonnie! You KNOW I’ll have thoughts about this! ;-) So many thoughts that I’ll put them under a cut to be kind to the many people with no interest in my thoughts! :-D

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Yuri! ❤ I was wondering why do you consider Hiroko Katsuki as a mother? Has she done anything special for you? Does she support you or does she help you with that teenanger stuff? And, she knows how much you appreciate her? Are you still talking to her? Messages, videochat... idk. Too much questions, I'm sorry.

Well, she was the first mother figure I had in my life. You all know the situation with my own mother, and my grandmother died when I was young, plus all the women in my life weren’t exactly motherly…they were Lilia, basically. There was never that whole gentle and nurturing bullshit. Not even when I was a child. They wanted something of me, and if I delivered, I was rewarded appropriately. About the only exception was this police officer woman that was there to do damage control when my birth mother was screaming at five year old me about how I was a worthless bitch that ruined her life and how much she hated me. The officer ended up beating the shit out of Natasha to shut her up and came back to hug me and tell me never to let anybody push me around like how she did, and how I was strong and I had to fight for myself, like a soldier. She was about the only woman at that time that wasn’t a coach or trainer or somebody like that that wanted something from me.

Mrs. Katsuki was my first exposure to a proper mother. We would talk sometimes while Katsudon was busy all over Viktor, and she’s such a sweet woman with a good soul….Yuuri really is blessed with a mother like her. She knows I appreciate her, but I don’t think she knows just how much I do. Even after she learned about my parental situation, she said to me without hesitation, “if you’d like, you can call me Mom.” I insisted not to at first, but after a while of her being the mother I never had and helping me so much, I just started calling her Mother - and eventually, Mom. Unlike Mrs. Altin in Kazakhstan, I call her Mama.

We still keep in touch, I always update her on how I’m doing and I make sure to call her at least every other week and I always try to visit her in Japan a day or so before or after Mother’s Day so I can celebrate that with her before celebrating the actual day with Otabek in Kazakhstan.

You know, I’m glad Natasha threw me away. It meant I could have two mothers even better than she ever could be - one in Almaty, and one in Hasetsu.

The Power’s That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Eighteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

Alexia stared at the dress in front of her. “They cannot be serious.” A dress, she could not remember wearing one in recent memory. Even for her mother’s funeral, she had worn pants. And of all the kinds; a large, heavy and uncomfortable looking one.

“We can assist you with it if you would like?” A maid smiled.

It was difficult, but Alexia kept her mouth closed, the girl was simply trying to assist her, but of course, she needed assistance with it, it was a corset style that needed to be tied from the back. She nodded instead and the maid came over smiling and began to prepare her for dressing.

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anonymous asked:

I saw your pro-life pose and was wondering on your stance when the mother's life is in danger by continuing the pregnancy? I'm not trying to start anything or be disrespectful, but I'm trying to figure out my own views on abortion and I'm trying to figure out various points of view.

Sorry it took me a bit to answer, Anon. In all honesty, I hadn’t put as much thought into this issue as I should have, so I wanted to do a little research into the medical conditions and collect my thoughts.

First, it would be important for any mother in that situation to look into all her options and seek a second opinion. I’ve read of a few cases where doctors would (for various reasons) jump to terminating the pregnancy without all the information, and then later turn out to have misjudged the situation. (Here’s one article.)

This is a dilemma, with no “right” answer. Two lives are in danger. If the mother decides against surgery to remove the baby, then both she and her baby have either a high risk or certainty of dying. (And what if there are other children now left without their mom?) If she chooses treatment, only her baby dies. (That sounds terrible to say, only a baby dies.)

To me, this is very different from abortion. Abortion is dehumanizing the baby, or saying that one person’s life is less important than another person’s (or people’s) comfort.

In this situation, it’s acknowledged as a tragedy. It is a tragedy to avoid a greater tragedy.

I guess what I’m saying is…it’s the mother’s choice. It’s the family’s decision to make, and they shouldn’t be forced one way or the other by someone outside. And I would not condemn a mother for choosing treatment to risks ending the pregnancy, in order to save her life.

I appreciate your asking my opinion, and the fact you’re asking. “The one who asks is never lost.” It’s important to look at all the sides before making decisions, so I’m glad you’re doing just that. I hope my answer was helpful, at all.

Apparently my guess of becoming inactive after Pokemon Sun and Moon came out was 100% on the mark.
I’ve spent the last couple weeks getting together all my old teams from gen III to bring up to my Sun game and only /just/ finished today.

I have over sixty Pokemon that I’ve accumulated since my first playthrough of Ruby back in the day, and even successfully recreated my old 1998 team with the VC version of Red.
(I’m working on my old Yellow team still, but at least I’ve got them started!)

I also need to apologize to all the daily Pokemon blogs I’ve been mass following but apparently I’ve reverted back to the age of six and I’m just devouring every Pokemon-related thing I can find again.
Next comes the Pokemon stickers ending up on everything.

I’m even kicking around over on @charizard-daily for the extra art practice when I should be trying to post more often here.

Somehow my brain has had its Pokemon switch flipped and doesn’t know how to turn it off. ; A;

It feels good to finally listen to reason

The last rushed chat I had with my mom in law and her friend was the best yet. It left me feeling empowered. At first I was even more sad. Then, Being pulled into 13’s session with the therapist left me feeling angry and sad. I had the weekend to reflect. I spent time with girlfriends and with new friends. I was shown that I am still “young” & desirable just like my mother-in-law said.

She left me with the question: why am I kissing his ass & trying so hard when he cheated on me and ran away from home?

I should forgive to lighten my heart and soul, but I was allowed to be angry. She is still angry with her own past situation.

13’s friends and mothers all know what’s going on even though we haven’t “made it public”. My girls hurt from this and talk to their friends. The couple that was once all over each other in public and had the home that was always home base for their kids now are rarely seen together. When we are together, we’re at arms length. I get knowing smiles, words of encouragement and big warm hugs. I’ve grown closer to all of those who have reached out.

It feels so good to start to let go and not suppress any more. He’s cranky as fuck these days. I laugh and snark right back. Cranky pants has his cranky pants on. That makes him unreasonably annoyed. So funny.

I’m yet another step closer to my new life.


WAIT, be sure to check out the first chapter of this ongoing series, Denizen.

Enjoy ~

“Are we almost there?”

“Yes sweetheart, we’ll be there soon.”

It was time for a fresh start. After my wife died everything went downhill. I decided the best thing to do was pack up and move to a new setting with my daughter. Her being so young, she didn’t fully understand the situation with her mother, all she knows is that her mommy is in heaven now and the angels are taking care of her. I’m not one to believe in all that stuff, but I thought it was the right thing to tell a six year old.

Right now we are on our way to our new home. I got it for a really great price too, considering how big it is. It’s a fixer upper, that’s for sure, but at least that’ll keep my hands, and mind, busy.

“We’re here Amber! Welcome to your new home!” I see her in the rear view mirror.

She looks out the car window, “Wow! It’s giant!”

She’s always making me laugh, that one.

I pull into the driveway, and turn off the car.

It took us a while to unload everything, by the time we got settled it was just about time for dinner.

“Hey kiddo, wanna order some pizza?”

Amber was in her new room, setting up all her stuffed animals and toys.

“Sure! Pizza, pizza, pizzaaaaa!”

A couple hours went by, we had our pizza, and started getting ready for bed.

“I know this place is pretty big, and the first night can be a little scary, but I’ll be right across the hall in my bedroom, okay?”

“Okay daddy.”

I smile, “Okay honey bun.”

I tuck her in, and kiss her forehead goodnight.

“If you need anything don’t be afraid to wake me. And I’ll keep your nightlight plugged in for you.”

She gives me a tired smile and nods her head.

I get up to leave the room, making sure I keep the door open just a crack.

Once I’m in my bed, it’s hard not to fall asleep immediately, today has been exhausting. But, I can’t help thinking about Amber, and how I hope this will be good for her. I just want what’s best for her.

After about 40 minutes, I finally start to doze off.

It’s 4am and I’m wide awake. But why? Maybe I’m dreaming - this feels like a dream. I get out of bed and leave the room. What am I doing? I can feel myself walking into my daughter’s room. I can see that she’s asleep. She looks so peaceful. I’m standing over her bed now. This has to be a dream, it feels like I have no control over my body.

“D-daddy?” Amber rubs her eyes and looks up at me. “What are you doing?” Her voice is quiet and tired.

I try to speak, but for some reason I can’t. The words just won’t come out.

She looks scared. I’m scared too.

I keep standing over her bed for a couple more minutes, while Amber keeps asking me what’s wrong, and why I won’t talk to her. Then I leave the room, still with no control over my actions.

I hear Amber get out of bed behind me, she’s following me down the hallway.

“Hello? Daddy? Are you in there?!”

I am in here sweetheart, I promise. I just don’t know what’s going on.

We are now standing at the front door. Amber is behind me, pulling at the leg of my pyjama pants.

“Don’t go out there! What are you doing?! No!!”

I open the door.

Amber isn’t following me anymore, but she’s crying now. I can hear her whimpers and sobs far behind me.

I’m standing in the middle of the road outside of our house.

I lie down on the pavement.

I hear a loud honk coming towards me.

And then Amber screaming.

“Jonathan Vox was pronounced dead on arrival. Cause of death declared as a hit and run. His six year old daughter was left in the hands of child services.”

Archer (Oda Nobunaga)

The son of a daimyo and one of the Three Unifiers of Japan, Oda was one of the most successful Japanese warlords, conquering over a third of the country before his death in 1582.

He was also a master of warfare tactics and at the Battle of Okehazama, his 3000 men would defeat an army of 25,000. He would also change the economic system of Japan as well as revolutionizing fire-arms.

Oda was also a ruthless and brutal man, burning Buddhist temples that had slandered him, slaughtering all men, women and children that lived in them. Some people believed that Oda was so evil, that he had made a deal with a demon to gain power and thus he called himself ‘Demon King of the Sixth Heaven’.

His loyal retainer Akechi Mitsuhide would betray Nobunaga as he was a stout Buddhist and could not bear to see his fellows die. His mother would also die in a hostage situation and he lost all faith in Oda. 

He would attack Honno Temple killing both Oda and his son along with several bodyguards and Mori Ranmaru.