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◾ The pair of you would literally be inseparable, to which no one would find the pair of you without the other, - even older years-, and if it were the case that you were separated, people would race their brows, questioning this rare instance.

◾ It would be scarce that you and your twin brother would fight, but bickering could often be quite normal. However, if you did argue or fight, it would be severe and would be more heartfelt; harder to get over, but would strengthen.

◾ Neither of you would think to hesitate to stand up for one another - or your family -. The relationships you share with one another, your family and friends would be be such a tight unit. Loyalty would run thick in your veins.

◾ Bjorn and you would often be found relaxing by the docks, visiting Floki, sitting in nature and speaking to one another or just simply laughing together. Usually you both would enjoy the time you spend together because it’s simple and doesn’t require much thought.

◾ It would amuse people when you both finished one another’s sentences, or if you answered at the same time. Your father Ragnar would find it amusing, particularly if it irked Lagertha sometimes.

◾ During feasts - even at a young age - the pair of you would stick together to protect one another, keeping one another company; and as the pair of you grew older, it would become a fixed habit.

◾ Your twin brother would certainly take up the role of acting like the eldest in the sibling relationship, - even if you were the oldest -. He would feel the need to protect you, seeing you as his younger siblings more than usual, forgetting that you are his twin.

◾ Bjorn never feeling that anyone is ever good enough for you.

◾ You never feeling that anyone is good enough for Bjorn.

◾ You never really having liked Porunn but never having told Bjorn because you knew he loved her very much.

◾ Always persuading one another to stay home instead of going to raids, then bickering over it, but realizing both of you need to go to honor Kattegat.

◾ You would be fiercely protect one another, sticking together and oddly enough, adopting your own way of fighting with one another, often mesmerizing everyone around you because the fight is so well choreographed.

◾ People sometimes having mistaken you both for one another, making you both feel embarrassed. 

◾ “For the love of all the Gods brother! Would you please stop following me!” “This is getting out of hand!” You hollered, irateness clearly laced within your tone as you sent an annoyed glower to your brother, like you’d shot an arrow at him. What did he not understand by you wishing to have some alone time for a couple of hours to yourself? 

◾ “I have no idea what you are talking about, my dear twin.” Bjorn stated as if oblivious to what you were on about, as a large grin flew across his countenance, full of mischief. “Anyway, we are walking the same way.” He’d justify his actions with no further objections from you.

◾ Before Bjorn parts from Kattegat to prove himself to Ragnar, you end up showing much dread and apprehension, voicing your opinion passionately and strongly on the situation at hand. You would fear for your twins safety, though deep down you would know that Bjorn would make it out alive, and that the Gods would watch over him carefully.

◾ It would strike the strings of your heart with melancholy because you would be without your twin for a long time, not sure if he may die in the process of surviving.

◾ “It is nice to see you again, dear brother. You have no clue of how much I’ve missed you!” You exclaimed while feeling relief wash over your being and soul as you embraced him, your other half that you have missed so dearly. “I prayed every day and night to the Gods for your safe return home.” 

◾ “As the same to you, my dear twin. It has been too long.” Bjorn would state truthfully while feeling relief mirror within him. To see you truly well and alive made his heart fill with joy. “As you can see I am well and fine.” He would boast.

◾ “After all of this time, I can see that you have ‘beared’  it.” You jested out jokingly trying your best to bite back a laugh. Hearing upon this and noticing your pun, your father and mother, as well as all the citizens in Kattegat roared within laughter at your joke. While your twin brother Bjorn gazed ahead at you in disbelief with a look that told you ‘Really?’ but trying his best not to crack up himself and soon rolling his blue eyes towards this terrible pun. 

◾ If you were to become fatally or severely injured on the battle field, your twin -as well as your mother and father- would fight his/their way across the blood covered battle field to get you away from any enemies hands, as quick as the God of Thunder himself. 

◾ “Everything will be alright (Y/N).” Bjorn stated with concern upon his face as he applied a strong amount of pressure upon the large gash you now possessed. “You are going to fight through this, my dear twin. I promise that to all the Mighty Gods, as for they will save you!

◾ When you are in the process of healing Bjorn would - as well as your mother and father - would be there every step of the way to nurture you back to perfecct health and would get you back to your normal, strong, self.

◾ Your father, your mother and your twin would take turns of looking after your tired resting form, not minding if they were to miss a wink of sleep. You would be their number one priority! 

◾ “I feel as though this is all my fault…” Bjorn would say quietly, sitting upon a chair that was seated beside your sleeping form. Guilt and sorrow flowed through his veins and swam in his soul while watching your weak form. “If I were to have gotten there sooner to you my twin, you wouldn’t be like this.” 

◾ Bjorn praying to the Gods every waking second -as well as your parents- for you to fight through this horrible time and to make it out alive and well. 

◾ “I ask all the Mighty Gods from above to aid and assist my dear twin to make it out alive and stronger than ever.” Bjorn would utter quietly into the darkness of the night as he watched your sleeping form. “For I cannot lose my other half…

◾ In your younger years, you both would have joked around with one another, which would have seeped greedily into your older years. You would also pull ‘harmless’ small pranks upon one another, which would usually end up with you both trying to ‘one up’ the other.

◾ With that said you both would begin a pranking war that would pretty much have no end. Your parents would be telling you off even when you are much older than when you being chased by Bjorn who was screaming at you, soaked in goat piss.

◾ “(Y/N)!” Bjorn howled, voice booming with immense displeasure. “I swear upon all the God’s, once I find you, you are going to pay for this greatly!”

◾ There was a short pause in the distance but soon you heard a loud grunt that was followed by curse words from where your dear twin brother was, there was sounds of him struggling. Trying to hold back your laughter an amused look sat upon your complexion. “Oh my dear brother, you truly are a fool!” You laughed out in mischief  “Pay back is always a bitch!” 

◾ Overall, your twin bond would be like an unbreakable chain that no person could break, or even the Mighty Gods above. 

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Mini Trivia for Izuki

This man’s pun will be the death of me

  1. He’s actually popular with girls. Probably the most popular one in the team. However, they would all run away once they saw his pun books.
  2. He had a total of 108 pun books. The first few ones were totally rubbish. There is one dedicated to his teammates names. 
  3. He lives with two sisters (one older one younger) and his mother. He probably has a father but we don’t see him. His mother and sisters all loves to make puns. We now know where he got that from.
  4. Kiyoshi and Izuki’s family seems to be close. Kiyoshi ran into Izuki’s mother while he was jogging so their house must be close to each other too.
  5. One of Izuki’s sister (older one) had a crush on Kiyoshi because he laughed at her puns and she commented that he was good-looking.
  6. Izuki’s special skills it (no surpises) making puns. He said that he could make 100 puns consecutively. He was a judge when Midorima, Kise, Kuroko and Kagami had a pun contests which Midorima won.
  7. He’s Seirin vice captain. (At first I thought i would be Kiyoshi but nope, it’s Izuki)
  8. He’s actually very good at storytelling, especially horror story. There was one time where he freak Hyuuga out with school’s ghost story when they were searching for Nigou at night. (Even though he screamed with Hyuuga when something creepy happened.) In the novel, it says that he was the reason that Hyuuga developed psychological fear. 
  9. In all of the Seirin members, Izuki started playing basketball the earliest. He started at his second grade. Although he wasn’t very athletic compared to most of them. It was probably the reason why he knew a lot of strategy and movements enough for him to use eagle eyes.
  10. His voice actor (Nojima Hirofumi) also voiced Nigou
  11. Edit: He often use eagle eyes in his daily life too. 

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