mother of abbas

I love Abba El; God the Father. I love Him with all my heart and He knows this because He knows what is in my heart. He created the love in that heart and it has always belonged to Him. But He does not desire for me to give back that love purely to Him and neglect all others. He would gladly sacrifice all the love that I could give back to Him so long as it is shared amongst my brothers and sisters in this Universe - as well as to love myself. 

And I feel He wants me to love Imma Sophia, Barbelo, God the Mother, as much if not more than Him. He wants me to sing Her praises, He wants me to talk to Her when I need help and He wants me to share Her light to the world. 

Of course, I would do this whether Abba wanted me to or not - but the point is that I reject any criticism that God the Father would be angry with me for putting my worship of Mother God first or speaking more of Her than Him. What a preposterous idea - He loves Her as much as we do! What kind of good and just father doesn’t tell his children to respect and show gratitude to their loving mother? 

I believe God is a Parent, either Mother or Father, both or either - it depends on how one chooses to seek Them. There is no right or wrong. 

I tend to speak of Imma, Mother God, more often because She has been forgotten or degraded. Because Father God has either been spoken of enough in all His loving and virtuous aspects, or corrupted and made to be feared like a god I do not recognise as my Abba. More than that, I believe that Mother is just as much in power and responsible for creation as Father, if not more. Sophian Gnosticism teaches that She is the constant, ever-present force that stays with us always, while the Father is the static point, eternally loving but distant. And I believe that Father is more than happy for me, or any of His children, to put Her first in our practice, even though they are both equal in my heart. 

And the same goes for the Son and Holy Daughter. 


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Name: Tess, a crippled shortcut of my actual name ;)

Nickname(s): Um Abbas.

(Arabic for ‘Mother of Abbas’, a common practice in Middle East to call parents by ‘mother of’ or ‘father of’ of their either firstborn if girls only, or first son, once there’s a boy)

Gender: Female

Gender expression: Not really sure what that means.

Sexual Orientation: :)

Star sign: Saggitarius

Height: 1.68 m (5′6″)

Hogwarts House: Oddly enough, I’m not a HP fan. So no idea.

Favorite Animal: Hmm…cats, horses, recently added birds to the fav list…but I like ‘em all, really. Bring a goat and I’ll cuddle it. I will just avoid pigs, I have a massive respect for their sharp and dangerous teeth. Not kidding. Auntie had a pig farm. Scary stuff.

Avg Hours of Sleep: 3 - 7 …depends.

Cats or Dogs: Cats ;)

Favorite Fictional Characters: humhh, no particular order… 

Bones (from the books),
Solas (DAI),
Eilis Lacey (Brooklyn),
Clementine (Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind),
Amelie (Amelie Poulain),
Vol’Jin (World of Warcraft), 
Garrus (Mass Effect trilogy),
Lisbeth Salander (The Girl Who- trilogy)…

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Never say never. Who knows, maybe she'll one day be reincarnated as a boy pokemon

Kimmy: “I oughtta take you shopping some time when you’re older. I doubt your mother will”

Abba: “Hey slow down there, I only willingly go shopping with my girlfriend.” 

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Hi! Just wanted to say seeing Hebrew on your blog made my day! Are you Jewish? Your Tina is so good

Awwwwww!!!! Thank you anon! I am indeed Jewish! I was raised Orthodox Jewish, my dad/stepmother are still while I have become less religious over the years. But I’m still VERY much proud of my heritage and who I am. It’s why I love Tina so much, because at last we have a JEWISH WITCH IN THE HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE!!!!

*does an enthusiastic Snoopy dance*

Which is why I want to incorporate ALL THE JEWISH HEADCANONS FOR TINA AND QUEENIE!

* Tina’s earliest memory is lighting the Shabbat candles with her Imma(mother) while waiting for her Abba(father) to come home from Shul(temple).

* Tina being given her middle name after her mothers older sister who was murdered in the Russian Pogroms. It was the death of her aunt that finalized the decision of her mothers family to immigrate to America.

* Queenie’s hebrew name being Malka which translates to QUEEN

* Tina and Queenie lighting Yahrtzeit (Memorial) candles for their parents every year on the anniversary of their deaths.

* The Goldstein sisters celebrating Shabbat whenever they aren’t swamped with work over the weekend and are able to

* The Goldstein sisters ALWAYS celebrating the high holidays, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashana, Pesach, Channukah, Purim, you name it… they celebrate it. Fasting and everything.


* Tina having her son get a Bris Milah after he’s born as does Queenie with her sons.

* Tina teaching her son how to say Shema and how to say the Bracha’s over Kiddush and Challah.

* Tina discussing with Newt, and agreeing together to foster/adopt two Jewish magical children orphaned from the Holocaust

* The Goldsteins taking Newt to Shul and teaching him all about their beliefs

* Tina being willing to also celebrate Newts holidays and religion as well. Letting their home be a mixed home.

* The only main request she makes is celebrating the Sabbath whenever they can.



* Tina and Queenie being proud of their heritage





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basically put your music on shuffle and put the first ten songs that come up, and then tag ten people. (Warning: I kind of have weird taste in music)

1.) Ain’t no rest for the wicked-Cage the Elephant

2.) Does Your Mother Know-ABBA (I love ABBA, I mean who doesn’t)

3.) Here Comes a Thought-sung by Adriana Figueroa

4.) Sticking it to Myself-Jonathan Coulton

5.) Bohemian Rhapsody-Panic! at the Disco (This is the only Patd song I own)

6.) The Winner Takes it All-ABBA

7.) Carry On Wayward Son-Kansas

8.) Still Alive-Jonathan Coulton

9.) Doctor Worm-They Might Be Giants

10.) When You Sleep-Cake

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  1. “Waidmanns Heil” by Rammstein
  2. “Lake Of Fire” by Nirvana (MTV Unplugged)
  3. “Monster” by Imagine Dragons
  4. “Mamma Mia” by ABBA
  5. “The Sense Of Me” by Mud Flow
  6. “Afterlife” by Avenged Sevenfold
  7. “Down” by blink-182
  8. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
  9. “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA
  10. “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)” by All Time Low

Mother Sophia loves me.
Abba, Father, loves me.
Mary, the Magdalene, loves me.
Yeshua, the Christ, loves me.

Last year I teetered on the edge of becoming an atheist. I accepted that there was no physical evidence for the existence of God. I saw that, out of the hundreds of faiths that have existed throughout time; they cannot all be right, yet they could all be wrong. I understood that all religions and scriptures were clearly created by men to control and influence others, mostly through fear and guilt. I still love listening to atheists and secular humanists explain why they don’t believe in God or gods and how unnecessary belief in supernatural things are to live a good, moral and compassionate life. 

But, no matter how hard I tried, I could not deny the four truths above that I felt in my heart. It is an experience that is completely personal and one that I would never put forward to convince another of God’s existence. I am very much aware that they could be right and that God could be nothing more than my imaginary friend. A figment of my own delusion that I myself create so I can feel loved and never alone. However, I find myself content with that, as silly as it may sound. I cannot force myself to change my beliefs. I, by all means, invite the evidence and arguments that might some day convince me there is no God. But that day has yet to come. 

Until it does, I continue to believe that Sophia holds me in Her arms, just as She holds all Her children, no matter their beliefs. 

"Does your Mother know" A Malec moment.

Just imagine Alec, sometime in City of Glass going around to Magnus’ once again, alone, which is a practice becoming quiet common. Magnus is there, in the mists of one of his parties, dedicated to camp music from across the globe. Shyly Alec stands on his own for a while, occasionally sipping a drink just watching it all wondering whether is this is what normal teenagers do, go out to parties, spying on those they may be developing a small (massive) crush on. Noticing Alec out of the corner of his eye, Magnus saunters over, him and Alec talking, well Alec stuttering and Magnus flirting and towards the end of the night after a massive amount of persuasion, He and Alec dance, and just as the moment is right Magnus switches the music to “Does your Mother know” by ABBA. At the time Alec doesn’t understand the importance of the music change, but once he is home once more, with a cute little smile, a revealing blush and humming a song that infuriates Jace so much he refuses to train with Alec until he stops singing it and it is when he is singing it on his own, he realises what message Magnus was trying to say and it is this thought, that song and that moment that goes through his mind as Alec kisses Magnus in front everyone in Idris.