mother night quotes

She rode through the night with fear in her eyes and hope in heart.
She knew of not where she was going but where her soul was crying for.
Like lightening she rode and soon enough, she crashed like thunder.
With fractured feelings and broken brakes, not once stopping, she kept going.
She kept going.
—  She. Kept. Going. -BNH
But seriously, why would you do such a thing?
Make me fall in love and then just turn away?
You told me there was so much of me worth remembering.
You said we were all black and white with not a hint of grey
—  Falsified Black & White- B.N.H
It’s been three days and I’m still searching your name
I’m sitting here, waiting for your arm to rest around me again
How am I suppose to find you through all of this pain?
I felt as if, after that night, I’ll most definitely
Never. Be. The. Same.
—  Most Definite B.N.H


“You must be careful who you pretend to be…because in the end, you ARE who you pretend to be.”

- Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

Mother Night was about an American spy who infiltrated and rose to the top of the Nazi propaganda machine during WWII. One Nazi said the spy had helped the Nazi movement more than he could ever have hurt it. After the war, white supremacist organizations celebrated him as a hero after hearing of his work with the Nazis. 

Likewise, people only know of you what you show them. You will be remembered and known for the things you do, not for what you were thinking underneath the surface while doing them.