mother nature's orchestra


What piece would you play if you were on a mountain? 

I asked you guys that question a few weeks ago and this was why! :) I really was inspired when I visited Norway, there is just so much beauty…

So here is my 3rd video of the month, Please feel free to give me feedback! I hope you guys enjoy the music and the view… <3 

P.S: can anyone guess the piece I’m playing? ;)


unpopular opinion time: So… I kind of think autumn is overrated!  It is beautiful but I just love summer so much! And when autumn comes I think things like ‘shorter days!’ ‘cold!’… ‘it will get colder.. and darker!’ But maybe that’s just because I come from Brazil..

Please don’t throw stones at me! 

Mother Nature’s Orchestra - You Are My

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Evan Golde sent this over the other day. He makes music as Mother Nature’s Orchestra. He is a native New Yorker, but transplanted himself to London in 2008. His self proclaimed goal is to express nature through the use of electronics. An odd goal at that, but there is something natural about the sounds he’s creating, like listening to the waves crashing as you close your eyes on the sand. There’s an overt message of love through his music, which you can feel. 

The vibes are abundantly good, and there’s not a bad track to find. Peruse his soundcloud for more soothing gems. Here’s another favorite just for the hell of it:

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