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Amazing Mother Nature

This collection of images demonstrates how amazing Mother Nature really is. The images, taken by photographers around the globe, show off the best the planet had to offer. From a stunning supermoon rising over the Statue of Liberty to a phoenix shape among the dancing northern lights, a breathtaking ice cave or a colorful volcanic eruption, these pictures prove our planet is truly beautiful. (Caters News)

Photo credits: Martin Heck/Caters News, Julia Sundukova/Caters News, Chad Weisser/Caters News

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Alright, this image right here. It was on the best of tumblr (congrats oc) well I read it and I was like “woah that shit is cool” and so I went to comment and there were two guys asking if this is how the uterus and the tampon work.

Tampons: if you don’t remove them quick enough, they squirt all of the collected satan’s jizz right back into your panties.

“Nature does not Construct Gender” ~Robin Banks

For some this may seem obvious, but for others, it is all too difficult to grasp this simple concept. Some people, especially those with more traditional values, would like to believe that gender is simplistic and static. Even before we are born there is already some category waiting for us to be filed into. We are then forced into this notion that our genitalia defines us, and that our hormones and bodies will shape us into the forms that society has already molded; but we as individuals do not always conform to these notions. And when we try to speak up and say “I am not what they say I am,” they will reply with “God doesn’t make mistakes!” or “Mother Nature knows best” but nature knows nothing of this. The only one who knows who I am is me.

a/n: For anon. Summer AU prompt #5: No I can’t put on a shirt, it’s hot and this is my balcony too.

i’ve been wandering around (but i still come back to you)

She moves into her new apartment on the hottest day of the year.

There is sweat pouring off of her as she lugs a box out of the back of the U-Haul, the end of her pony tail sticking to the back of her neck as she mentally curses mother nature.

And her best friend for wanting to move into their new place in the middle of July.

“Get your ass in gear, Griffin!” Bellamy rushes past her to grab a stack of boxes from the truck and she scowls at his back. There was no reason for them to move into this place right away, especially when school doesn’t start for another month. Bellamy somehow convinced her that moving into their own place early would be a great experience.

What he didn’t mention was the hell of actually moving into the place.

“You know, Bell,” Clarke says as she follows him into the apartment. “This was all your idea. Shouldn’t you be doing all the work?” Bellamy snorts as she drops the box she’s holding unceremoniously on the empty living room floor.

“Relax, Princess. Jasper & Monty will be here in twenty to help.”

Clarke sighs in relief. “Thank the heavens! I’m gonna grab a beer, do you want one?”

Bellamy raises his eyebrows in mock surprise. “Why Clarke Griffin! You’re not old enough to drink!”

“Well, you are and that’s the only reason I’m rooming with you this year.” She gives him a sickly sweet fake smile and he winces when she punches him in the arm on her way to the living room.

She’s been best friends with Bellamy Blake since the second grade when John Murphy pushed her down on the playground. Bellamy had walked up and told Murphy where to stick it and then turned around to help her back up. After that he always had her back. The day she came out as bisexual to her mom during  her junior year of high school he had sent her a text beforehand, telling her that she was a bad ass and that no matter what he would always be there for her.

Bellamy has been her one constant and she loves him.

Not like that though. They are best friends, nothing more.

She grabs two ice cold Stellas out of the fridge and tosses him one when she walks back into the living room. The only furniture they have moved in so far is an old armchair that Bellamy refuses to get rid of so Clarke drops down into that, her body sinking into the well worn leather.

Bellamy thanks her with a nod as he takes a long pull from the bottle. Clarke watches as he sets the bottle on the floor before taking the bottom of his shirt and pulling it up to rub the sweat off his face.

He gives her a strange look when she chokes on her drink.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Clarke coughs as she sets her beer next to her feet. “What? Nothing.” She knows that she’s blushing, she can feel the heat on her cheeks, but she hopes he chalks it up to the fact that she was choking and not that she was checking out her best friend.

The question running through her mind is why is she checking him out in the first place?

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