mother nature


You may win the battle, Mother Nature wins the war

Human history is plagued with wars of all magnitudes - it’s just who we are, but what happens long after the infantryman, air support and vehicle operators are gone? Mother Nature takes over. This crowdsourced series takes aim at the hoards of abandoned armored tanks scattered across the world’s expansive battlefields, and aids in glorifying the anti-war sentiment that war is everlasting.

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~What We Need Is Here~

What we need lives in the trees
The lake, the earth, a subtle breeze
Within the skies and emerald hills
What we need is here

What we need grows in the earth
Wild herbs, rich fruits and man’s self-worth
Within the soil, within his hands
What we need is here

What we need lives on the land
The wolves, the fox, orangutans
From birds to precious bumble bees
What we need is here

What we need is ours to take
Corrupt officials we must break
Take to the streets, reach out your hands
What we need is here

What we need shines in the stars
In old worn books and lands afar
Through time’s mistakes, we rise again
What we need is here

What we need is in our hearts
A voice, some hope, a better start
A greener earth, a peaceful land
What we need is here

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


I am as deep as a bottomless ocean
A beautiful commotion
Withholding mysteries

I am a cave full of dark little secrets
An echo of my forebears
A zealous history

I am a sentry of pale moons and twilight
Of intricate silence
And storms that pacify

I am a dreamer, a fierce make-believer
A trilogy of stories
And scars that tell no lies

I am a siren with courage of lions
A mother of dragons
A vessel of desire

I am a whisper of magical rituals
A handful of wishes
A temple of wildfire

I am a sister, a woman, and a listener
An oracle of instinct
A consecrated womb

I am an ocean, a chalice of devotion
I walk beneath the sunshine
And love beneath the moon

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.