mother mother makes me feel better about everything

Love Will Continue

It was unusually cold after the concert. A storm began to roll in, giving the night air a sickly chill. The wind chill was nothing compared to the one Christine Daae felt down to her core when she realised her beloved son was missing, or the one Gustave felt when Meg brought him towards the dark and choppy ocean.

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Sometimes you are going to miss things in life. No special reason. And if you ever come across a time you have these kind of feelings. Call your mother, say you missed her. Tell her about something hilarious that happened. There’s no better feeling than being close to your mother. When you feel like you’re drowning in your thoughts. Write. Anything and everything that comes to your mind when you hold that pen. And when you feel like nothing in the world is making sense and you’re too tired to comprehend the outside world. Take a walk. Remind yourself how utterly beautiful the world is and its okay to be empty. And when the memories hover over you and swallow you. Let it be. It’s a good thing. Trust me. You will smile. You will feel sad. That’s okay. I promise. That only makes you strong. At least you will feel something.

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Pk Fire emoji. Mother/Earthbound

honestly giygas is one of the most effective monsters I’ve encountered and fighting it always makes me feel like a monster because it’s so viscerally innocent and childlike despite wanting to destroy everything and I’m honestly surprised more media haven’t gone in that direction with their big bads.

In a sense even if Mother 3 is a better game I like Giygas better as a final boss.

The Wolf

Pairing: Lunacross 
Warnings: physical fighting, tiny mentions of blood, and of course swearing
Word Count: 4,156

This fic is a spin on Red Riding Hood

Excerpt: “In a bright beam of sunlight that had managed to filter its way to the ground stood a wolf. It had salt and pepper fur, with brown eyes strong and powerful and staring right at Kerry. The wolf didn’t move, keeping stern eye contact with Kerry. Oh, how he wanted to start running and never stop, but he felt frozen solid in the wolf’s gaze. Maybe his mother was right about the wolves of this forest beings spirits, because the wolf seemed to glow under the rays of sunlight. Wet spots of its fur shone like gold, giving the creature an eerie otherworldly feeling.”

 Special mention to ejraptor for fixing my everything. Thanks gurl. You da bes.

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My mother died when I was 8. After that my father shut down and I feel like I lost both parents the day my mother died. My father makes sure I have everything I need financially but everything else, I have been on my own. I’ve raised myself to be honest. My father has done the best he could. I wish therapy wasn’t so frowned upon in the AA community, I think my father would of been better if he talked to someone instead of shutting down. But anyway he started dating this woman after my mother died. And she’s always hated me simply because my father loved me. She would complain to her friends about my father doing for me and not doing the exact same for her kids. Which really wasn’t the case. The job my father had at the time he could barely support me and him. So imagine him tryna take care of her and her 4 kids 🙄 he wouldn’t even be able to pay his own bills. 
So as I got older she’s done everything in her power for me to fail at life. She would complain to my cousin/ her Friend and say “ he thinks she’s just so perfect” and she hated that. She’s lied on me so many times to get me in trouble. And he would believe her cause he felt like “why would an adult lie on a child.” She even told my father not to pay for my cosmetology kit, so I wouldn’t get my license. But he did it anyway and I got my license. She’s called me a fat bitch, said I was going to college to get thot’d out, just a whole bunch of shit a grown woman shouldn’t say to a girl she considers to be a child.
And the sad thing about all of this is that she’s done everything in her power to destroy me, but I still thrived. I graduated from high school with my cosmetology license, and now I’m about to be finish with college soon. And I know it makes her more upset because her oldest sons( around my age) didn’t even get their high school diplomas, they’re dropouts. Maybe if she spent more time focusing on her kids and less time on destroying my fathers view on me, her kids would have also succeeded. And to keep it 💯 her sons are smarter than me when it comes to the books, they could’ve gone to college instead of prison.

You will probably never see this

But you mean so much to me. Your music has gotten me through the darkest times in my life. Whether that would be losing friends, feeling alone, breaking up with a boyfriend, or my mother having a stroke. You give me hope for everything. When I discovered your music in 2008, I was a freshman in high school. I didn’t have many friends, but your music made me feel like I had someone. Like someone cared about me. When my mother had a stroke in 2010, I lost everything. She is still here with us but she is unable to communicate effectively or move her right side. We can’t do mother-daughter things and it absolutely kills me. But your music is there. You are there and you make me feel like things will be okay. Your kind words to your fans, your amazing song lyrics, your caring personality. It just makes me feel better. You were there when I’ve lost relationships, and you’re here through the ups and downs of my current relationship. So thank you, Taylor Swift. Thank you for making music. Thank you for being there for me and for everyone else. Thank you for being a friend. And thank you for caring. I cannot wait to see you on June 12th and 13th. I love you, I love you, I love you.

A private moment

Anonymous said: This is insane, but a fic on Felicity walking in on teenage Tommy maybe, and immediately starts babbling to the max. Kinda the opposite of Oliver helping Emmy, but Felicity walked in on a private moment of Tommy’s. If you’re catching my drift.

Hi, anon!
I don’t think that this is as good as Daddy’s duty (because I am not that good with awkward babble moments), but I hope you will like this nonetheless. ;)

It had been a horribly long day filled with horribly boring meetings about horribly uninteresting topics. Her feet and back hurt like hell, and the constant throbbing in her head didn’t add anything to make her feel better, either. So all Felicity wanted was falling into her bed and sleep for like twenty-four hours straight.

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