mother in law!!!!!!

lol i know people think that erza might take the meteor out because she’s strong enough bla bla bla i agree but can you not take into consideration that JELLAL’S magic is HEAVENLY BODY MAGIC and can control ASTRONOMICAL OBJECTS like his own spell meteor?? like can he please appear and save his wife and meet his mother in law soon, because this is a METEOR we are talking about buddies. jellal SHOULD be able to control a meteor.

OKAY.  I’ve set a deadline for myself.  My mother-in-law arrives Thursday, and I’m not going to want to be obsessing over “Reminiscence” while she’s here, or ignoring her to work on it.  So I need to be completely finished by midnight on Wednesday.  I’ll have the next chapter up tomorrow sometime, most likely.  Yell at me if I slack off, okay?

“Mom’s sense of adventure, her love of freedom - and her skill piloting anything with wings - she was my hero growing up. And to many others, too. Her name was Shara Bey…

She said the galaxy, even during its darkest hours, was fundamentally a good place. And sometimes change is necessary to give us a jolt and remind us of what’s important in life.”- Poe Dameron, Flight Log.

Okay, but Garak and Jadzia eating lunch together just so they can gossip about everyone else on the station.