mother goose stories

Let's take a moment to look at Chris' face here:

He’s just like: “I am so much cooler, hotter, talented, and damned better than you and you fucking know it, you peasant”

And he is

Hi, I’m Arianna and in my spare time I make costumes.

In the last two years I made costumes from TLOS series by Chris Colfer, because he made me remember I wasn’t too old for fairy tales.
He deserves all the praise and celebration for his amazing writing talent, ‘cause people from all ages and countries got lost in his magic world.

This is my way of showing him how grateful I am, he deserves all the awards. I sincerely hope he’ll keep writing books for a long time!

CrissColfer the Year in Review

So, it wasn’t quite 2015 and most of this is subtle and even obnoxious, but despite the fact that Darren and Chris were never once confirmed in a room together this year nor did they acknowledge each other on social media, we did get quite of bit of CC. This got very long  so I posted it under Read More  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my fellow CCers!!!

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Chris Speaks through TLOS

Michelle @mleigh69 and I are planning to do a series of posts on TLOS5, An Author’s Odyssey on some of the critical plots and themes of the book, mainly as they relate to CrissColfer and some of the battles they have/are fighting.  To be clear, I understand that the characters are fictional and no one is 100% based on a person in Chris’ life, but he has stated multiple times that his characters do have characterizations of people that he knows, and that he does this both consciously and unconsciously.

There are spoilers contained below.  If you are still reading or planning to read, come back and read this later. I will tag all of the posts “Chris speaks through TLOS.”   This particular post is limited to some pivotal and key scenes from TLOS4 Beyond the Kingdoms and Chapter 16 of TLOS5.  

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Behind the scenes of “Mother Goose Stories”! Brian Henson directing!

I use to watch this in the mornings as a kid. :D


Some of the pics I took as Alex (with the Butterflies Dress) and Mother Goose on Marienbrücke at Neuschwanstein Castle.
I packed my costumes and ventured a 40 minutes sheep path, walking in the snow, but the experience was amazing. I wanted so much a picture in a TLOS costume around that castle, so I didn’t care that I was literally freezing (I took these on February 14, at 0°), it was so worth it. 

The castle is magic, Chris’ books are magic, all my costumes are inspired by his magic talent…I had to do it, period.
There were so many tourists who took pictures of me holding the TLOS3 book, I’m very proud some of them will have a pic of Chris’ book in this special place! :)

anonymous asked:

dear god how did taylor get humiliated on tv in 2009? [:

okay children gather ‘round the fireplace now mother goose andie’s got a story so once upon an awards show in 2009 taylor won a vma for best female video for you belong with me but right when she was accepting her award kanye interrupted her and just 

but EVEN SO taylor swift handled it like the boss ass bitch that she is and wrote an entire song about forgiving him and six years later they’re best buds hanging out at the grammys 

the end