mother goose stories


Some of the pics I took as Alex (with the Butterflies Dress) and Mother Goose on Marienbrücke at Neuschwanstein Castle.
I packed my costumes and ventured a 40 minutes sheep path, walking in the snow, but the experience was amazing. I wanted so much a picture in a TLOS costume around that castle, so I didn’t care that I was literally freezing (I took these on February 14, at 0°), it was so worth it. 

The castle is magic, Chris’ books are magic, all my costumes are inspired by his magic talent…I had to do it, period.
There were so many tourists who took pictures of me holding the TLOS3 book, I’m very proud some of them will have a pic of Chris’ book in this special place! :)


Behind the scenes of “Mother Goose Stories”! Brian Henson directing!

I use to watch this in the mornings as a kid. :D