mother goose is jack's mother

Okay so I’m so excited for William Joyce’s next Guardians of Childhood Book that I was inspired by his picture book this page specifically down here *points down*

to make the image at the top. Now if you know some stuff about it you would know who is on the other cliff, and if not I’m gonna let you guys guess. There’s a whole story on why, but I’m gonna save that for later. 

Guardian Head Canon (Because I'm Bored)

(Be prepared, this one is a doozy)
Their is no deffinate age for most of the characters in the Guardians of Childhood. North is mentioned to be a young man, suggesting he is in his twenties, and although no one says anything about Ombric it is suggested by the fact that he lived in Atlantis, he could be a couple hundred years old.
The only one given a defined age is Nightlight but even that isn’t perfectly clear. William Joyce says his physical age is 14 but he has clearly been around for a lot longer. But how did he reach the age fourteen, and why so specific? (This is another theory for another time.)
We know that Nightlight is physically14 for a certain amount of years, Sandy could be a thousand years old and tsar is younger. Tooth is thought to be at least 18 and unable to grow anymore and Bunny is as old as Earth it’s self. So about 6000 years give or take.
But how old is Katherine? It isn’t made clear but she is described as a girl in the first book and North comments in the fourth that she has “Grown” while she has been asleep.
How long was she missing to have grown so clearly?
This head canon is simple and yet extremely out there. But at a guess, Katherine was eleven when the story started and about fifteen by the fourth book. Why?
Each book seems to take on a span of not weeks but months, between the mentions of seasons changing, the growth of Kailash, and the growth of Katherine it is safe to assume that each book is the span of a year.
This would also explain why Nightlight became more fearful by the third book because she was the same age as him and he could see her growing into a woman.
Even if it wasn’t obvious.
With that said, the idea that he became a mortal named Jackson Overland who “Died” at the age of seventeen or eighteen, (it isn’t confirmed) You would think this was all on purpose. 😓
This isn’t comfirmed. But we’ll see.