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Rebecca Sugar QnA- Volume 1 Finale of the SU Podcast

- long post about Rebecca answering fan questions
- info from the podcast episode “Leading the Way- Rebecca and Steven Sugar”

  • If Rebecca were a gem, she’d be under Blue or Pink Diamond’s court
  • The gem placements of the main characters relate to who they are
    - Pearl (head)- way too inside her head, intellectual
    - Amethyst (chest)- passionate, impulsive, speaks from the heart all the time
    - Garnet (hands)- “hands-on”, active, extremely balanced

  • For every new gem, [the crew] evaluates who they are based on where their gem is placed
  • Amethyst’s favorite soda is Apple Seedra (?)
  • Flourite’s design was inspired by the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland and Grandmother Willow
  • Pearl’s favorite color is pink
  • Rebecca loves pineapples on pizza
  • Rebecca’s favorite job to do in animation is storyboarding (if it is a board-driven show)
  • Rebecca’s favorite arc in One Piece is the Sogeking Usopp vs. Luffy fight/arc, Usopp is her favorite character
  • Pumpkin doesn’t need to eat but he does sleep

  • When asked if Steven Universe is canonically just a cartoon and if so, if Sardonyx is aware of this, Rebecca replied, “Sardonyx is self-aware. I think Steven Universe is canonically just a cartoon in the canon of real life but within the show, it’s reality. But Sardonyx has this transcendent mind. I think of Sardonyx a little like Psycho Mantis (…) from Metal Gear. She can see outside of what’s going on y’know and that’s something that I feel like Garnet can see beyond the moment into the future and not just into the future but also all of these possible futures so Sardonyx is sort of on this other level where she has that ability but Pearl’s also in there so it’s also obnoxious.”
  • The theory about Garnet’s glasses changing the ratio of red or blue depending on if Ruby or Sapphire’s personality is dominant at the time is NOT TRUE. Garnet isn’t piloted by two people, she is her own person.

  • The zircons are poofed, not shattered. “They are certainly not not in trouble, but they’re not shattered.” -Rebecca
  • The people in the SU Universe have a different relationship towards stories about superheroes due to the gem war
  • On references of the zircons’ designs: Paul Villeco showed Rebecca history about a night club in Paris called Le Monocle, the monocle as this iconic lesbian fashion statement. Other inspirations include: What’s the Truth about Mother Goose, Jughead and Film Film Film
  • The Unfamiliar Familiar is a reference to ‘His Dark Materials’

  • When asked if gems who have their gem over their eye have any sight impairments, Rebecca said, “I think it could affect their depth perception but I don’t know if gems necessarily function the way humans do. I think, if anything, they might even have some sort of enhanced sight (…) like, your gem placement I think has a lot do, like I said, with you as a person. And even Eyeball, I mean, was sort of scrutinizing everything. Then I suppose also other senses could be heightened but that’s very human. I think gems—gems are different. They work a little differently.”
    McKenzie: “So does that mean Jasper has a really good sense of smell?”
    Rebecca: “Oh, that I don’t know. Maybe not. I mean that was sort of just a simple—like hard-nosed thought as a way a person could be.”

  • It is possible for a non-fusion gem to have the same gem-type as a fusion (e.g. a Garnet that is just one gem) It would look different though
  • Rebecca would like to have an OK K.O. crossover.
  • Back when OK K.O. was called Lakewood Plaza Turbo, Rebecca and Ian hoped that to have a crossover called Stewood Plaven Turbiverse, resulting in mushing the 2 shows together. Characters would include Mr. Gar-net (Garnet & Mr. Gars), K-ven (Steven & K.O.), Penid (Pearl & Enid), and Radethyst (Amethyst & Radecles)

feel free to add on to this post if I missed any information!

Okay so I’m so excited for William Joyce’s next Guardians of Childhood Book that I was inspired by his picture book this page specifically down here *points down*

to make the image at the top. Now if you know some stuff about it you would know who is on the other cliff, and if not I’m gonna let you guys guess. There’s a whole story on why, but I’m gonna save that for later. 


so many sketches so little time. My favorite is Katherine reading in her window seat. But Katherine in her winter clothes looks nice too. I got this new sketch book and honestly, I am never going back to my old one again.

Let's take a moment to look at Chris' face here:

He’s just like: “I am so much cooler, hotter, talented, and damned better than you and you fucking know it, you peasant”

And he is


Ravel - Ma mère l’Oye

Mother Goose. Ravel originally wrote the work as a piano duet suite for Cyprian Godebski’s daughters. Unlike his other “impressionist” works, Ravel is more explicit with the different scenes he is trying to evoke through the music, perhaps for the benefit and wonder of the children he wrote it for. Later, he transcribed it for orchestra, and this five movement suite became the most popularly heard form. He’d later revise the work again and turn it into a full ballet. Each movement is based on a different fairy tale by different French authors. The opening pavane for the sleeping beauty is reminiscent of his earlier pavane for a dead princess. Funny how the poetry of comparing “sleeping” and “death” fits here, because both pieces have similar syntax. The next is based off of a French variation of Little Tom Thumb, about a tiny boy and his adventures in our world, except for him it is the world of giants. In the orchestral suite there are bird calls in the delicate melody. Empress of the Pagodas is a reference to The Green Serpent, and it makes use of the pentatonic scale to emphasize the Chinese setting. The Conversation between the Beauty and the Beast is an intimate swaying number that makes me think of Satie’s Gymnopedies from a few decades before. Beast’s part of the dialogue is a low growl, more sinister than he intends. The Fairy Garden is the only part of the suite that doesn’t have a clear reference or inspiration. In the ballet, it’s used as the ending of Sleeping Beauty’s story, where she wakes up in a garden surrounded by fairies. If we take that interpretation, it makes this suite feel like a closed loop, showing the “dead” princes coming to “life” in this magical world of fairies and wonder that all of these tales exist in.


1. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant [after Charles Perrault]

2. Petit Poucet [after Charles Perrault]

3. Laideronnette, impératrice des pagodes [after Madame d’Aulnoy

4. Les entretiens de la belle et de la bête [after Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont]

5. Le jardin féerique


The king’s son had it proclaimed, by sound of trumpet, that he would marry her whose foot this slipper would just fit. They began to try it on the princesses, then the duchesses and all the court, but in vain; it was brought to the two sisters, who did all they possibly could to force their foot into the slipper, but they did not succeed. Cinderella, who saw all this, and knew that it was her slipper, said to them, laughing, “Let me see if it will not fit me.”

book awesome meme; 1/5 unforgettable memoirs: cinderella by charles perrault (1697)