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omegaverse headcanons ––– Halloween (part 1)


  • - here’s a small list that some anon submitted not too long ago on this topic x
  • - omegas will often be very shy about wearing sexy costumes (personally, in my verse Omegas are shier and have more anxiety so they would definitely be weary with their costumes). of course female betas will not be afraid of wearing what they would like.
  • - often times, omegas will wear cute costumes so like different animals, fairies, FOODS, and stuff like that. 
  • - when omegas finally gain the confidence to wear the sexy costumes, they would do it especially to tease their alphas at Halloween parties. especially if it is a matching couples costume
  • - a/o couples and their pups will almost always dress up together as family themed costumes. so think like mother and father goose and their goslings. the ADDAMS FAMILY. THE BRADY BUNCH. IDK BUT MILK AND COOKIES. SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DRAWFS
  • - alphas will insist their mate put on a costume because they think it is adorable and sexy. imagine an alpha going out and getting a costume specifically for their mate’s to wear. they’ll get them a cute little princess costume and the alpha nearly shedding some tears because their mates are so god damn beautiful 
  • - ^ they also insist that their omega dress up if they are pregnant. they’ll be cooing and kissing them all over. especially if their omega is dress up like a cute little pumpkin or a pretty goddess. 
  • ^ pregnant omegas for sure getting their bellies painted like pumpkins, the moon, panda, death star, and even have sceneries get painted on them because they have to space. tHEN THEY WOULD ENTER A PAINTED BELLY CONTEST AND WHEN CANDY AND CUTE THINGS FOR THEIR PUPS TO HAVE
  • alphas dressing up in revealing/sexy costumes to try and entice omegas. like cavemen and strong man, things of the like.

I’ll write more when I have time, I am exhausted right now. 


Mother Goose descended on TLOS4 signing. 

Chris: Oh! -laughs- 

Me: Hi 

Chris: Can I have some? I want some of the good stuff. -Takes my cup and drinks from it- 

Me: Okay. Chris, we need to talk. 

Chris: Oh no. 

Security: What now? 

Me: When I send you an evite, I need you to respond to them. 

Chris: What did I miss? Me: A bunch. For drinking. Chris: Oh sorry. Which ones? 

Me: Well, Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday…-draws a blank- Well.. I don’t remember what Friday was but it was really fun. 

Chris: Was it Frisco Friday? 

Me: Uh..yup! That was it. 

Chris: I’m sorry. 

Me: I thought we were friends!

Chris: Well, I thought we had fun writing that book together? You know, Mother Goose Encyclopedia. 

Me: Well yeah! I thought we had something special and that you’d respond to my evite. 

Chris: I’m sorry! I will!

Me: But when we do, I need you to keep your hands off all of this. -Motions to my body- because Chris, I’m taken. -Points to button that says “Merlin is Bae”- 

Chris: I know. I know. I’m dying. I won’t. 

Me: Well you better come out next time because I’m trying to bring this one along -Points to Red- 

Chris: -laughs- Okay! 

Me: Because she’s getting depressing and everything. 

Chris: -laughs- Oh my god. 

Me: So… I need your help. 

Chris: I will. I will. Thank you so much for this. -Shakes my hand- Please take a picture for me. 

Me: -Loses character and mumbles while walking away- 

Thanks wiseshots for these amazing pictures, once again.

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If only we had a time machine, then the next Geyser of Awesome Field Trip would be travel back in time to Los Angeles to visit these amazing roadside attraction restaurants shaped like giant food, animals, and housewares. Some of these buildings are still around today, but the idea of an all-day LA wacky restaurant hop in their heyday sounds like a truly awesome afternoon.

Believe it or not, there are many more where these came from. Head over Vintage Everyday, where they’ve assembled a collection of photos of 22 unusual old Los Angeles restaurants along with information about each one. And say hello to the Chicken Boy while you’re there:

[via The Presurfer]

Hi, I’m Arianna and in my spare time I make costumes.

In the last two years I made costumes from TLOS series by Chris Colfer, because he made me remember I wasn’t too old for fairy tales.
He deserves all the praise and celebration for his amazing writing talent, ‘cause people from all ages and countries got lost in his magic world.

This is my way of showing him how grateful I am, he deserves all the awards. I sincerely hope he’ll keep writing books for a long time!