mother flora

A wild Rainbow Lorikeet reaches downward to get to the nectar from a Bottlebrush flower. At this angle you don’t get to see much of their spectacular bright colours! From behind they a very well camouflaged, so it can be quite deceptive. It can be difficult spotting them sometimes.

Isha was supposed to become an Emperor, destined to join with the bodies of other fallen Imperials, but the Gladekeeper had other plans.

“I couldn’t bear to watch you become a monstrosity, not a child born in the soft grasses of the Viridian.” The mother of flora whispered as she delicately wove plant fiber between bone and sinew, adding a touch of flowers and feathers where skin was not to be. “You fought bravely,”  she added quietly, plucking several of her own vines to drape around the Imperial’s mauled form. 

Tears were falling at this point. Try as she might, even the Gladekeeper could not restore what once was. Her efforts were not in vain, however, as Isha’s body trembled as the tears landed on her tattered hide.

“Survive where we can, young one.” Gladekeeper gently pulled a flower growing from her side and placed it in the Imperial’s mouth before withdrawing back into the trees, hoping she had done more good than harm.