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Hey, it’s TP again with another Fate OC because I have no Impulse control at all.
Like/Reblog this if you’re cool with rping with a blog for the Beast Class Servant Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters. Sure, usually she wouldn’t be able to be summoned but thanks to an Abnormality in the grail, she is. So yeah, come summon a tiny snakey mom who can turn into a giant monster mom.
I’m open for crossovers too so long as I know the series.


Name: Chimera, Chimaera

Type: Mythic

Region: Greece

Description: A lion’s body, the a serpent or drakon for a tail, and the head of a goat growing from its back. Sometimes is depicted with hooves and an udder.

Myth: The Chimera was terrorizing the foreign land of Lycia. Finally having enough, the King commanded Bellerophon to slay the monster. Flying upon the winged horse Pegasus, Bellerophon was able to shoot at the Chimera from a distance. Safe from the Chimera’s fiery breath, Bellerophon shot a lead tipped weapon, either an arrow or a lance, into her throat, choking and killing her.


  • While the Chimera is not what one would usually think of when they hear the word dragon, there is a large amount of evidence pointing towards her being a draconic monster. Some of these features include:
    • Fiery breath; from her goat head
    • Similar myth to later dragons, centered around a rampaging creature slain by a hero associated with the Sky and/or Heavens
    • Draconic/Serpent Heritage and Features
    • Greek Dragons are not necessarily clear cut serpent creatures. Many Drakon (Greek Dragons/Serpents) are Hybrid creatures, and the Chimera counts as a Hybrid Drakon.
  • The Chimera’s mother is Echidna, a Drakaina (female Drakon) while her father was Typhon, a Drakon.
    • Her siblings include Cerberus, the Lernean Hydra, and Orthrus.
    • Some accounts have the Sphinx and the Nemean Lion as her children by her brother Orthrus.
    • Pegasus is her cousin. Pegasus is the Grandson of Cronus, and the Chimera is Cronus’ niece.
  • Some believe the chimera was actually a volcano, or was representative of a volcano.
  • The Chimera is female, despite being depicted with a mane. However, the length of her mane is not consistent with many depictions of male lions.
  • Modern depictions of the Chimera often have them as winged creatures, which the original was not. Additionally, they often put the three heads all growing from the shoulders.
The Signs as Greek Monsters

Aries: Lamia - The beautiful queen of Libya who eventually became a child-eating, vampiric demon. Her eyes had the inability to close, so she would obsess over the image of dead children.
Minotaur - Had the head of a bull and the body of a man. Every nine years, seven boys and seven girls were sent to a labyrinth to be eaten by a minotaur.
Furies - Female spirits of justice and vengeance that punished their victims with screeching cries, driving their victims mad.
Gorgons - Monstrous women with snakes for hair. The three sisters included Stheno, the murderous, Euryale, whose scream could kill, and Medusa, whose gaze could petrify.
Cerberus - The three headed dog of the Underworld that guarded the souls of the damned. One head saw the past, the other the present, and the last the future.
Hippocampi - Sea creatures with the fore-parts of horses and the tail of a fish that drew Poseidon’s chariot.
Echidna - The Mother of Monsters. Half-woman, half-serpent, and the mate of Typhon, she produced most of the monsters in mythology.
Siren - Half-bird, half-woman (or mermaids) that sung beautiful songs, which eventually lured sailors to their deaths.
Centaur - Half-horse, half-man that led a savage life, typically hunting, roaming, and kidnapping nearby women.
Charybdis - A sea monster whose inhalations created massive, deadly whirlpools. She was originally a sea nymph that flooded land to enlarge Poseidon’s kingdom.
Graeae - “Grey witches”, three sisters that shared one tooth and one eye. The sisters included Deino (the terrible), Enyo (the warlike), and Persis (the destroyer).
Typhon - The Father of Monsters. The largest and most fearsome of the creatures, he reached up to the stars. 100 dragon heads, gigantic viper coils, covered in wings, and eyes of fire.


Name: Chimera

Alternate Names: Chimerae, Chimaira

Mythology: Ancient Greek Mythology

Size: Large, around the size of Elephant

Environment: Cave, Mountain

In Mythika: The first Chimerae and the one that got the group it’s name. The chimera is a terrible creature combining the features of Lions (head/body), Goats (Head/body) and Serpents (tail) in one horrifying mix. There is only one Chimera, as the one that created the Chimera started to create other breeds of Chimerae after this seemingly failure or test subject. All other Chimerae bow to the Chimera as if it is their King, even stronger chimerae like Tarasque and Ammit bow to the creature out of respect. The chimera’s lion head uses roar-attacks that get the victims off balance, the goat head uses charge attacks and the serpent head can breathe poisonous fire. The chimera is guarding the lair of Echidna the mother of monsters (his/her mother, which was used by the vile God to create many of the Chimerae alive)

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All hell breaks loose when Medusa’s sisters escape from H.E.R.A. custody with the help of Echidna…their mother?! You’re working closely with Cyprin on the case but you’re put in a difficult position when Medusa is banned from helping you…
Can you manage a secret investigation and a real one? Σ(゚ロ゚)

Mythology and Homestuck: This is Only Just the Beginning

I’d had minor thoughts about this when I first started reading Homestuck and saw the names of the Denizens as internet explorers on the kids’ desktops. (Typheus, Hephaestus, Cetus, and Echidna).

Typheus is not the original spelling in greek mythology. For that you’re looking for Typhon. Let me tell you, this guy scared even the Olympians. Big, badass titan, that married Echidna, the mother of monsters. Typhon has a habit of making storms.

Hephaestus, the forge god. (I talk about him later.)

Cetus, a whale-monster. Hussie was pretty true to the myth here. 

Echidna, the mother of monsters. Has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a serpent. Again, true to the myth in the comic. 

After I spotted these four, I made note of it and kept reading. And then the trolls made an appearance, and then an impact. Hello, zodiac, how do you fit into all this? And then we got more denizen names. Stuff just piled on and kept poking my mythology addiction. 

And then during the gigapause, Bladekindeyewear made mention that he isn’t very familiar with mythology. I promptly went squee and wrote everything I could think of down. After that I included the Hero’s Journey, because hell, what is Homestuck but the journey of many heroes?

This post is not complete. If I don’t post it now, I don’t think it’ll ever get posted. I’ve shown it to a few people, but this is the first time I’m putting it online for all to see. Feel free to make your own post, contradict my opinions. I’m up for a discussion!

Also, I’m really only familiar with greek/roman mythology, with some egyptian and celtic mixed in for flavor. (Isis appears everywhere, btw.)

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children of echidna

destiel au
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In the year 2040 the first mutant human is discovered. In 2043 there are over a hundred and the first facility built to contain and study them emerges. By 2073 there are over two hundred FMCs (Federal Mutation Compounds). The world calls them Gorgons. Children of Echidna, the mother of monsters.

FMC 18 holds Castiel Novak (dubbed the “Angel”) with amazing healing abilities. When plans to reverse and weaponize Castiel’s powers come to surface it’s up to Castiel and his real fire-starter of a roommate, Dean Winchester, to thwart their plans. After all, they’re just making it up as they go.

nikkineeky  asked:

I'd love to see 12 for Black. :3 Or any others of you so feel inclined.

12. As a monster

i thought about drawing her as Medusa, but stayed with Echidna, the mother of all monsters …

i freaking love greek mithology :3