mother eagle

Friendly reminder that even though the Christian God is often rendered male, men and women were both created in God’s image, informing us that God is entirely male and female and also more than a binary. Friendly reminder that Hebrew grammar/language explicitly feminizes the title of God on numerous occasions. Friendly reminder that metaphors used in the Old and New Testaments refer to God as a mother bear/hen/eagle, woman in labor, and mistress of the home.

Friendly reminder that welcoming the feminine aspect of God into your life or seeing your femininity as reflective as God or imagining God as a mother is 100% within your orthodox Christian rights.

Try it. It will feel uncomfortable at first. But if you lean into it, an amazing blossoming of self and internal healing can happen. This goes for boys and girls and everyone in between.

Kirby Lore: Queen Sectonia

A hero is nothing without a good villain to oppose them, and it’s all the better when an entire rouge’s gallery is at odds with the protagonist. Kirby has encountered a host of rivals throughout his career, from a disgruntled penguin or distressed mother eagle, to planet-destroying dark matter and physical incarnations of nightmares. One of the more unique villains Kirby has battled in Queen Sectonia, matriarch of Floralia. Though she is seen as an egomaniacal despot, there are hints strewn about Triple Deluxe and later Kirby material that hint to a tragic fall from grace. Buckle yourself in, because this is a long one.

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Mother watching LoT for the first time
  • Mother: are they Eagles??
  • Me: No. Hawks. It's in the name.
  • Mother: oh right... Okay.... Omfg he's on fire. Does he know??
  • Me: Yeah. He's firestorm.
  • Mother: Captain Cold Guy is the one in the coat right??? I only know because of that little doll.... Idek why you like him... Is this Doctor Who??... This is Doctor Who.
Biology of Americans

July 4th is the day when all Americans are hatched from their red, white, and blue eggs.

Then they are subsequently cared for by a mother and father eagle

until they reach adulthood and are led into the town to commune and live with other Americans.

Americans often still display the habits of their primary caretakers well into adulthood

They are raised to be powerful hunters, attacking lesser people of prey like canadians and british.

The only weakness they seem to have is that if they are injured (and poor) they are left to die by the rest of the pack, and making fun of this seems to be the most wide spread defense employed by the british and canadian prey

…and a good portion of the populace is incarcerated…

… and whatever this shit is…

but never the less, Americans are well endowed with one of the greatest fighting spirits and amazing patriotism of any country in existence. Americans know their country is shit and want to fix it, and they act out in optimism, as if they already have.

Yeah, I’m confused too…


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STEVE DRIVING CLINTASHA ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO VISIT CLINT'S FARM(lets pretend he has no family mkay) CLINT SCOOTING OVER TO NAT'S SIDE OF THE CAR BC "THE SUN IS TOO HOT". STEVE "MOTHER EAGLE" RODGERS YELLS AT THEIR PDA BC ITS 8PM AND THERE IS N O SUN, BARTON. Clint's turn to drive as steve sleeps. Steve suddenly wakes up and demands clint to turn immediately bc his patriotic senses were tingling. he was right. clint nearly drove them into Canada.

my favourite thing about this, is that the avengers own a quinjet, and clintasha are adults who could’ve driven themselves, but steve fucking rogers was like ROAD-TRIP, LET’S DO THIS. was steve trying to avoid paperwork? did he think bucky might be hitch-hiking and in desperate need of a lift? were tony being tony and steve saw clintasha as the escape they are and bolted? 

it was probably the last one, lbr.

when bruce comes home after shopping and finds avengers tower empty save for a sleep deprived tony muttering to himself in a corner, bruce calls steve. when steve picks up, all bruce hears is: “HOLD ON BRICE– CLINT! LET ME DRIVE–” “my driving skills are awesome FUCK you, rogers–” “YOU ALMOST DROVE US INTO CANADA–” “MAYBE I DID IT ON PURPOSE. MAYBE I’M SECRETLY CANADIAN, YOU DON’T KNOW.” “*steve pretending to gasp in horror* I trusted you, hawkeye”

bruce rubs at his forehead. “guys?”

the phone is stolen by nat, who says, “if tony asks, tell him we’re in russia,” and hangs up.

bruce doesn’t ring them again.