mother dauther

“I love my mother, and I love my girlfriend. But when preparing for marriage it was difficult to mediate between the two of them. I shouldn’t say this but, for me my wife would come before my mother. That is how it should be. I think that is happiness, like when my mother met my father although I feel sorry towards my mom, as the head of the house, I think that is the right way. Of course I shouldn’t fight with my mother, but regarding our wedding gifts and marriage, I think I should lean more towards the decisions of my soon-to-be wife. If I think of all the money that needs to be spent… Ugh!”

“어머님도 너무 사랑하고, 여자친구도 너무 사랑해요. 그런데 결혼 준비하면서 둘 사이에서 조율하기가 쉽지만은 않더라구요. 이렇게 얘기하면 안 되는데, 그래도 저는 어머님보다는 와이프예요. 그게 맞아요. 그게 행복인 것 같아요. 어머님께 죄송스럽긴 하지만, 어머님도 우리 아버지 만났을 때 그랬던 것처럼, 저도 한 가정의 가장으로서 그래야 하는 것 같아요. 물론 어머님이랑 싸우면 안 되지만, 그래도 결혼 문제와 예단 같은 문제로 그래야만 한다면 와이프 될 사람 입장을 더 이해해줘야 할 것 같아요. 돈 생각하면.. 아우 진짜!”

Not a single 16 years old girl should ever burry her ectobiologic mother/dauther from another universe surrounded by salamanders in a bleak planet… ever.
—  Emma Watson (In a dream I had this morning)
Emily’s meeting room: the end.

Q: If you could write/direct you own episode, what kind of show would you come up with?

EBR: “Any show?” Guy: “Yes any show, of Arrow or Flash or any other” 

EBR: “I’m confused about the question, I could write it?” – “Yes or direct it”

EBR: “Well, if I was directing it, I would probably not be in it. So it’s probably be Felicity-less. It would be lot of - probably be lot of  (she laughs) of intimate moments. Like brushing their teeth for example. But it would be really good, it would be more like independent; Of things people don’t get to watch much.”

(Emily looked at me during a translation moment and I mumbled : Belly burger. She goes and mumbles back: Belly burger, Fat Burger so good.)

“So that scenario of you brushing your teeht it’s your idea?” Asks a girl “You asked for that?” EBR: “Yes I probably did. I like the things that everybody does, just sort of not only what actresses do, that’s probably beaten to death.”

The same girl mentions the scene of Felicity doing crushes and Felicity would go fail at doing this. I said “they were doing 10 and felicity does…” EBR adds “ 5 “. Another fan mentions that Emily does yoga and EBR goes on by telling us “I’m very active since I was a child. Felicity can only do 5”

One woman who was waiting ages to ask her question finally gets her chance: “will you be crossing over like between Arrow and Flash with the new show Legends of Tomorrow?” The translator had to repeat this to EBR but the woman asked a second question: “What’s your favorite French patisserie?”

Emily started by answering the last question “I’ll start with the food one, no with the first. Her favorite would be “crepes with swiss cheese and strawberry’s; crème brulee (nice frence pronounciation) and the croissant with chocolate” (turns out after some back and forth that she meant Pain au Chocolat, which she didn’t really understand why it was called like that because it’s not a bread with chocolate, it’s a croissant with chocolate IN IT. Also she had a blast trying to say Pain in French.)

About Legends of Tomorrow: “the only thing that will be a problem will be scheduling it. The idea and the formula has been layed out to have that happen.”

Q: “Will we be seeing any Olicity shoot at TV Guide or any magazine? Because it has been a long time, almost 3 years and we haven’t seen anyone do that”.

Emily: “I never heard anything talked about that.” Woman: “so no magazine has contacted you about it for a photoshoot?” EBR: “no”.

The woman points out she’s an X-Files fan and modern Family 

Emily: “you know they are redoing that right? I freaked for X-files” 

Woman: “for me you are the most amazing couple right now forever, from a mother to a son/dauther pov. I really want to see that, in EW, in TV Guide”

Emily: “I wish I knew, but obviously not, mostly because I’m new. You’ve got to speak up.”

My Q: you like to read: what do you read and what can you recommend to us?

“I haven’t read a book like in the 3 years I have been static about, I’m having this issue right now. Which affects my mood, books really affect my mood. When I read a good book, I get every excited, it changes my mood. I read Ready Player One (by Ernest Cline) - which is going to be cut into 2 movies, the rights have been sold to Spielberg, fantastic novel. Shantaram is based on his life story and has been written by Daniel Gregory Robert (she meant: Gregory Daniel Roberts), I read that like 4 years ago. And then there is this book – don’t freak out – called shades of grey not 50 shades. Its written by Jasper Ford it’s very dry humor and extremely colorful. It’s about a post-apocalyptical society defined by the who that they can see. And it’s just very funny and weird and it’s a love story but it’s really weird.”

I asked her if she had read 50 shades. Emily goes “I have read 50 shades, It was fine, it was good, I read the first novel, I thought it was entertaining. I thought if they are going to make a movie with it, why not run with it and take it? That’s my personal thought: why no take it? Take it, not the movie that they wrote. Not the movie that they decided to sell money for it.”

Last Q: Emily got to pick who but “I can’t do it” she complains

Q: You went to Vancouver Film School, what do you know about it? I have been accepted for their 4 month program for acting.

Emily starts by congratulating her, “I did their 4 month-program it prepared me really prepared me to an extent. Didn’t end up doing the year, it’s just wasn’t the formula I wanted to work, it’s very expensive. I wasn’t necessarily sure I was going to go along with; I hadn’t figured it out if I wanted to do it. My coach who would be Eddy MacRoy who taught me my very first class and only one class in that 4-month program because he was subbing for someone, I was al those 4 months and thinking “why am I not learning from this man?” So I went and started to learn philosophic with my line. He has changed my way of learning how to act and a scene. One thing that is not taught I find in classes or acting schools is business things. That’s one you have to learn hands on and you can get sort of overwhelmed by it. I think that learning acting and be able to study a script and reading can be taught and I also think you really really have to love the story. So read everything. And listen to what everybody says, but if you have your own opinion you have to, I mean that goes for everything. But I think it comes with that attitude because there’s a lot of bullshit people will gonna tell you in how to do in a certain way; I mean there’s a lot of different styles of teaching and lot of different styles of how to take down a script, and if something doesn’t work for you then don’t make it work for you. Find what does. I think that that’s one of the things I always had a problem with at that school. If something doesn’t work for me that “how am I gonna learn?” But there’s always another way to find out how to learn it, you just have to find it. I hope it worked, but I wouldn’t regret my 4 months there.” 

The END!