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Some thoughts on the Maheswaran mother-daughter relationship

Connie looked so much like Dr. Maheswaran in this episode.

It’s adorable because in the canon time of the show, she’s picked up on her mother’s mannerisms in the way that a decade of living with her did not. It’s shows how much they’ve grown together as a family, and how their relationship has changed.

Considering this was how she looked in her first appearance:

There’s a marked change not only in design but also in her expressions.

And it’s been hinted at before, but in this scene, she so explicitly worries about her mother the way her mother worries about her. It’s very touching, especially because we know they started out caring about each other but not understanding one another. Because you  can love someone and never try to understand them. It leads to a lot of conflict but both parties can still come out of it feeling like they did what was “best” for the other.

Connie used to think it was better that her mother knew nothing so the latter wouldn’t worry about her. And Dr. Maheswaran wanted to be on top of everything so that Connie would have an easier life. 

What we learn from them is that to be able to love someone better, we open up to them and let them open up to us. Connie used to act as though her parents were infallible, or at the least, able to manage themselves. Over time, and in this episode, she’s shown to be worried about them because she knows they’re human beings too. They can get hurt, make mistakes, and put themselves in danger.

Knowing these things puts the other person in perspective. It makes their place in our lives mean more. And it makes it harder to take the people we love for granted.

So I would say Connie and her mother interact a lot more now. They probably talk about each other’s days. Notice how even Dr. Maheswaran talked about everything that happened to her prior to picking Connie up. She believed her daughter deserved an explanation. And that’s a far cry from the mother who would proudly bring out the “Because I said so,” and “We’re doing this because we love you,” cards in Fusion Cuisine.

Not everyone has this experience with their parents. Sometimes things just happen to drive parents and children apart. But in their case it worked out, and now they each have one more person who will always be there for them.

When Connie told her mother that Steven just came from outer space, there was no incredulous reaction. Only an, “Oh?” in an interested and calm tone. 

They’re both trying. And I’m certain they still have their share of disagreement, but it’s dealt with in a much healthier way now.


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I remember my first ball. I was 8 years old, and my mother said I was finally old enough to go. It was magical. All of the lights, the music.

Passing Notes

[A conversation between Clarke and Abby I really wanted to see. A thousand times fluffier than we would ever get on the show though because that’s how I roll. Expands on the first scene at the lab in the beginning of 4x07.]

Clarke followed as Emori led the way out of the underground lab, neither of them speaking much.

She felt a little better now that she’d seen her mom. There wasn’t much to feel positive about right now and just being in Abby’s reassuring presence was something she’d really needed.

She stopped suddenly, hesitating as it occurred to her she’d forgotten something she was supposed to do. Glancing over her shoulder, she wondered if she should go back. It had been a long trip transporting the hydrazine here to the island, for all the good it did. Since her mom had suggested it, she was actually looking forward to taking a shower and maybe even resting for a moment. She could always give her mom the message from Kane later, though the thought didn’t sit right with her.

“Problem?” Emori said, seeing her pause.

“Do you mind waiting a minute? I forgot to tell my mom something.”

Emori shrugged. “I don’t mind.”


Clarke turned back down the corridor. Sure, she could wait till later, but one thing she knew with growing certainty was that later was never assured, not for anyone.

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Guardian (Miss Peregrine x reader friendship[?])

Anonymous said: movie!Alma Peregrine x fem!reader, maybe teenager, please? It would be great <3

I did a more mother-daughter, “look after you” kind of feeling to it. I hope you enjoy it! x

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