mother croc

Mean Green Mother (from Outer Space)
Codot (as Waylon Jones)

Codot as Killer Croc

I’ve loved this song for longer than I can remember, and have been looking for a reason to sing it (not that I really NEED a reason, mind) and as I was rambling the other day, I referred to myself as a “Mean Green Mother” and then it clicked.

Enjoy! This pretty much killed my voice for the day, but it was TOTALLY worth it.

(Waylon singing is still a WIP so the voice slips every once in a while, but I was still happy with this!)


natgeoVideo by @tbfrost and @melissalesh It turns out even baby crocodiles have an itch sometimes! But be careful , if you itch too hard you might take a tumble.

The mosquitoes in the swamp where this was filmed were awful, almost as bad as the far north , places like Canada and Alaska and Greenland, and as you can see they bothered the crocodiles too. This baby saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus) is only minutes old, just hatched out of its egg and climbed and clawed its way out of the earthen mound nest its mother made about 90 days earlier. Most saltwater crocodile nests have 40-60 eggs, this one had about that , though only 15 or so ever emerged. And of those 15 it is likely that only 1 will survive to adulthood. The rest will be picked off by birds, snakes, pigs, and even other crocodiles. It is a tough life and northern Australia is a harsh place. In many cases the mother crocodile will guard her nest until the baby crocs hatch. She knows they are ready when they start calling from inside the egg at which point she will help dig them from the nest and even carry them to the water in her mouth. It Is not uncommon for the mother croc to then spend two months with her offspring to protect them

  • Me: Sure I openly voice out my hate for Trash Dad but, honestly, I love him as a character. The way Adachitoka portrays his role is so catastrophically effective, everyone gets so riled up just seeing him! I can't wait for everyone to see him in the anime! I'm telling you he's such a phenomenal villain! He's-
  • Me: *remembers the hospital incident*
Crocs! Lafayette x oblivious reader

Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life? 

(Hi!! This is my first fic so I’m sorry it my very good! English is also not my first language (probably why I love Lafayette so much lmao ) but I’m trying my best! Please do send requests because I would like to practice more thank you!!! )

 Prompts; Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?” 

 "Are you hitting on her for me?“ 

TW; sexual jokes

 A bit of oblivious!reader

 It had been raining and you were walking home you hadn’t seen it rain this much in quite a long a time , you usually enjoyed the rain but you weren’t well dressed right now. The weather was all right this morning and you just had a few classes so you just wore jeans a t shirt and some sneakers, you regretted this now as you were freezing.

 As soon as you got inside your dorm room you threw off your wet shoes and changed into warmer clothes , then as soon as you got under a blanket for warmth your phones text alarm went off, it was from your group chat with your friends Alexander , Hercules , John and Gilbert though you usually called him Lafayette. The guys were talking about meeting at a bar near by you groaned you really didn’t want to go outside right now. It’s late , you’re wet and cold. You then noticed the message in the group

 TURTLELOVER; Hey (Y/N) you coming too? 

You replied "Nah I’m thinking of staying inside tonight ”

 HERCULESM ;aw come on (Y/N) it will be fun 

 HERCULESM; ps; Laurens change your username, turtlelover sounds way worse then you think it does 

 TURTLELOVER; pssh you’re just making it sound worse .

 A.Ham; All right are we going to meet up or ? 

 Lafayette; oui! 

 The guys pestered you a bit more until you agreed to join. You didn’t really feel like changing again as the clothes you are wearing are comfortable , you did decide to put on a sweater. You were about to put on your shoes until you noticed how wet they were you attempted to put them on anyway and cringed as your dry socks touched the wet shoes. You removed them , there was no chance you could wear them but these were your only pair of shoes you currently had. You couldn’t exactly afford new ones while living in the dorm. and you couldn’t exactly walk there barefoot. Then you remember the crocs your mother gave you before you left for school, she told you they were nice and comfortable you did appreciate the thought but these shoes are awful you would honestly rather walk barefoot down to the bar than wear crocs But you didn’t really want to catch a cold. Maybe the guys won’t notice if you wear them you sighed as you put them on ,you grabbed your umbrella and walked down to the bar. 

 It didn’t take long for your socks to get wet again as crocs weren’t the best for rainy weather. Thankfully your clothes are dry. 

you walked inside the bar and quickly noticed your friend group You approached the guys “(Y/N)” they shouted at the same time, you smiled at them “hey guys!” You were about to sit down next to them but Mulligan stopped you “Hold on (Y/N)…” He said your name in such a serious tone it made you a bit anxious “Are those …crocs? Are you actually wearing crocs? How could you betray me like this?" 

 You looked down a bit embarrassed you know your friend was joking .. Well sort of but you still felt a bit of shame for wearing them. It didn’t take long for the rest of the guys to look down and join in on the teasing

 "What did you have to go through to make you think wearing crocs was actually okay?” Hamilton joked “ I thought you were better than this. I mean I know your fashion choice isn’t always the best. But crocs? How could you do this to us?” Laurens said with a laugh

 "Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life? “ Lafayette said really dramatically "Okay that’s enough, I know I’m wearing crocs, I know it’s awful enough jokes” you said as you finally got to sit down “(Y/N) I see you have an umbrella with you but how come your hair is so wet while your clothes are still dry?” Hamilton asked you “I was stuck in the rain before, my hair and clothes got wet and so I had to change when I got inside. My shoes are wet so I had to wear crocs” you shot a glare at the guys while saying that last part before continuing “Anyway now I’m still wet" 

 Laurens let out a small chuckle "I blame Lafayette” he smirked as he said that Lafayette on the other hand elbowed him in the side Lafayette had a thing for you and it was no secret, he had been trying to flirt with you but it never seemed like you notice, he was starting to lose hope that you had any interest in him whatsoever “Lafayette? What’s his fault?” You asked John confused John let out a laugh “I can’t believe I have to explain this. It’s lafayettes fault that you’re wet-” Lafayette covered Johns mouth as he finished speaking. The man couldn’t control his blush. Why did his friend always have to embarrass him. “No it’s because of the rain” you claimed. Now all the men couldn’t help but laugh, except for Lafayette who was still blushing, johns laughter was muffled from Lafayette still covering his mouth. It took you a few seconds before you got it “OH!..oh” now it was your turn to blush as the men kept laughing. 

 It didn’t take long for you to start shaking soon “Are you cold (Y/N)?” Hamilton asked “Yeah my hair is a bit wet and it’s not exactly warm in here” you replied “Well~” John began “Lafayette here can keep you warm!” You couldn’t think of a response right away “How? He doesn’t have a coat to lend m-”    "(Y/N) will take your offer to keep her warm, Lafayette" John nearly shouted with a smirk. He basically shoved you closer to Lafayette , You sat awkwardly next to each other and John sighed “You have to put your arm around her to keep her warm!” Hamilton and Mulligan chuckled seeing Laurens trying to instruct you two. Lafayette put his arm right hand around you and pulled you closer, you could feel his body heat and blushed “Lafayette is lucky to get to have such a beautiful girl so close to him , right Lafayette?” Lafayette raised an eyebrow looking at him “are you hitting on her for me?” Laurens raised his hands up to his chest “me? No , you were doing such a great job at it yourself!” Lafayette groaned and held on to you , he was thankful Laurens was trying to set you up he just wished he would do it in a more subtle way. You were so comfortable leaning agains Lafayette while he had his arm around you , you might just fall asleep. 

It was getting late so it was time for everyone to head home. Hamilton left first, then mulligan And you were ready to head home “I’m thinking of going home and heading to bed.” You really wanted to stay here with Lafayette longer, he was so warm. “Oh! (Y/N) Lafayette will walk you home!” Laurens said excited. “Ah yes. I can do zat if you want?” He asked You smiled and nodded You said goodbye to Laurens as you started heading home Even though it was a short walk you still managed to get wet, the umbrella wasn’t big enough for the both of you , Lafayette insisted on you having the umbrella and you insisted you would try to share it even if it got both of you wet. And it did.

 He walked you to the door and you invited him inside he declined at first but you insisted on giving him a cup of tea to warm up before he left so he finally agreed. “ Now get those awful crocks off” Lafayette said as soon as you got inside and laughed. “Gladly" 

 After you made the tea you too sat quietly by the table in your small dorm, he couldn’t stop looking at you , every detail on your face , the way your hair stuck on your face when it was so wet , your beautiful eyes. It didn’t take long for you to notice he was looking at you and you looked up at him and smiled. You had to admit he was attractive His hair and the way it was pulled back in a big messy bun , his smile , his accent oh how you loved his French accent You both realized you were staring at each other and the two of you blushed and looked down at your tea "You know (Y/N) ” he decided it was now or never “I have to tell u siz…” You looked up at him waiting for him to continue “.. You are ..very beautiful, and funny , and charming and I love the way the room lights up when you enter , I love your smile , your voice, your laugh. I’ve been trying to get your attention but it seems like you are not interested. But ze truth is I love you” You looked at him in awe not sure what to say You found him attractive and a great friend but you never expected this Lafayette frowned when you didn’t reply He stood up “Maybe ..maybe I should go.” He said as he was about to walk away from the table, you grabbed his arm “No! I’m sorry I just didn’t know what to say” you stood up holding on to his arm and looked up at him “I never expected to hear this from you but I do love you too, I really do! And… I’m still cold and it would be nice if you could keep me warm?” His frown turned into a smirk as he hugged you , lifted you up , spun you around and kissed you The kiss didn’t last long because he pulled away “oh was that okay?” You smiled and nodded before kissing him. It didn’t take long for you two to remove your wet clothes and keep each other warm through out the night with cuddles. This might have been the best night ever 

 (This got a bit longer than planned! I know it’s not very good. This is the first time I write in like 5 years :0!!! I’m trying to improve and what better way to improve my writing by..writing !! Please send me requests so I can practice getting better! Also its 10 am and I didnt get any sleep and have to go to work so this was also I rushed!! the next one will be better I promise!! )