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grey’s anatomy meme ≡ 1/3 quotes → strong female moments
“Guys like you don’t see girls like me. We don’t exist for you. We exist to do your homework. We exist to build your ego up. I am a successful, married mother. I am Chief Resident! I am Chief Resident of a major metropolitan hospital! I am a surgeon who saved his life today! And he still doesn’t see me.”

Celtic Gods and Goddess

The Celtic world included Ireland, Britain, and a large section of the mainland

Aine: Goddess of love and fertility; encouraged human love; has command over crops and animals; daughter of Eogabail  

Amaethon: God of agriculture 

Anu or Danu/Dana: Mother goddess 

Aonghus: God of love; son of Dagda and Boann

Badb: Irish goddess of battle; could influence the outcome of conflict by inspiring fear or bravery in warriors

Balor: The one-eyed god of death, everyone he looked upon was destroyed

Belenus or Bel: Sun god; appears throughout the Celtic world in different forms; Beltaine celebrates him 

Boann: Water goddess; mother of Aonghus

Brigantia: Chief goddess of Brigantes tribe; associated with water, war and healing

Brigid/Brigit: Goddess of healing and fertility; said to help women during labor; possibly same goddess as Brigantia 

Camulos: God of war mostly worshiped in Belgium areas; said to wield an invincible sword

Ceridwen: Goddess of fertility

Cernunnos: God of wild animals, forest, and plenty; possibly also the god of death; known as the horned one

Cliodhna: Goddess of beauty; her three birds could sing the sick to sleep and heal them 

Dagda: The great god; could restore the dead to life

Dian Cecht: God of healing 

Don: Welsh version of Dana

Donn: God of the dead

Dylan: Sea god

Epona: Horse goddess

The Formorii: Sea gods; violent and misshapen

Goibhniu: Smith god 

Lir: God of sea, healing  and magic 

Lugh: Sun god (Ireland)

Lugus:  Sun god (France and Britain) 

Mac Cecht: God of eloquence

Macha: One of the war goddess

Manannan Mac Lir: Sea god; could stir up or soothe the sea

Manawydan: Welsh sea god, extremely similar to Manannan

Morrigan/Morrigu: Goddess of death on the battlefield 

Nechtan: Water god 

Nemain: Goddess of war

Nemglan: Bird god

Nodens: God of healing; owned magic healing hounds

Ogma: God of eloquence; creating of Ogham, the oldest writing system in Ireland

Taranis: Name means thunderer; Romans equated him to Jupiter; symbol was the wheel

Teutates or Toutatis: Romans equated him to Mars

**Not all inclusive 

All information gathered from “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Mythology by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm 

The original master list

For late night talks with friends

  1. If could relive childhood all over again without being able to change anything, would you?
  2. Looking at your current level of intelligence and attractiveness, which would you choose to increase/improve?
  3. Which have you thought about more, your wedding or your funeral?
  4. If you knew you would never meet your soulmate or be happy in a relationship, would you choose to still get married/settle down with someone?
  5. Do you take what you can get, or are you “all or nothing"
  6. Have you ever thought you had a mental health issue/illness?
  7. Which are you most like and why -a river, a lake, or an ocean?
  8. If your partner/you were to get pregnant at this current moment, would you keep or abort the baby?
  9. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made
  10. What do you feel is your biggest personality flaw?
  11. Which do you admire more -your mother or your father?
  12. Who do you spend more time trying to impress?
  13. What is something that you do often, but almost always regret?
  14. Have you ever fantasized about having sexual relations with someone in this room?
  15. Do you prefer to be the big spoon or little spoon?
  16. Do you prefer to be tied up or do the tying? (bondage)
  17. Do you have a martyr complex?
  18. What is something you wish you were complemented on a lot more?
  19. If you just met someone and found out they were a psychopath, if you knew they would never harm you, would you like to be their friend?
  20. Have you ever admired a manipulator?
  21. What is something that if someone does it, they immediately lose your respect?
  22. What would having sex with the person to your right be like? (Characteristics)
  23. What do you think the person to your left thinks their best quality is?
  24. What do you think people your age’s biggest insecurity is?
  25. What do you think makes you the most different compared to everyone else in the room?
  26. What do you think makes you the most different compared to everyone else your age?
  27. What personality characteristic gets you in trouble the most
  28. What personality characteristic gets you the most friends?
  29. Pick a personality characteristic from the person to your right that you would want to have
  30. If you were   a relationship with the person on your left, what do you see them doing that would end the relationship?
  31. What characteristic makes you a bad girlfriend/boyfriend?
  32. What characteristic makes you a great boyfriend/girlfriend?
  33. Ask the person opposite you why they think you are single
  34. Which person in the group do you feel the most chemistry with?
  35. Have you ever fantasized about anyone in the group?
  36. What would make you leave your partner?
  37. What would your parents have to do to lose your love?
  38. What would your parents have to do to lose your respect?
  39. What about growing up has been the hardest for you?
  40. How do you deal with bad memories?
  41. How good are you at reading people?
  42. What is a weakness you have in your relationships?
  43. Do you think it is/will be easy for you to say “I love you” or difficult?
  44. If you had a daughter, what would you tell her about boys?
  45. If you had a son, what would you tell him about girls?
  46. Which do you think you are stronger in? intelligence or emotional awareness?
  47. Are you more of a long-term or short-term relationship person?
  48. What scares you the most about being in a relationship?
  49. Are you attracted to happy people or broken souls?
  50. Have you ever had an incestuous thought?
  51. What do you blame your parents for?
  52. List five ways in which you are, after all, quite difficult to live with?
  53. The chief problems in my relationship with my mother were…
  54. The chief problems in my relationship with my father were…
  55. If someone likes me a lot, I start to feel…
  56. What did you learn about relationships from your parents?
  57. What slightly unhealthy things feel attractive in a partner? How might this relate to your opposite sex parent?
  58. What slightly unhealthy things feel attractive in a partner?
  59. If you could consider yourself dispassionately, what might you warn a friend about if they were thinking of starting a relationship with you?
  60. If I were to explain a bit more to people about how I felt about things, they would…
  61. What are, or would be, my faults as a parent?
  62. What would hurt you the most, in terms of what your kids do/are like/think?
  63. What would be the biggest disappoint you in the kids?
  64. Name three sexual scenarios that especially excite you.
  65. When do you cry or want to cry (as an adult)?
  66. List five things that are the important to you in your life. How much of your time do you give to each of these?
  67. What things do you often end up buying that don’t – on reflection, much of the time – actually satisfy you that much?
  68. What are you trying to say through your clothes?
  69. Name three works of art (music, literature and visual art/architecture) that mean a lot to you.
  70. What are you a little addicted to? Porn, alcohol, shopping, arguing…
  71. What negative character flaws do you fear – in your worst nightmares – that other people have spotted about you?’
  72. ‘If I knew I couldn’t fail, in my professional life, I’d try to…
  73. Rank in order of importance for you in your career: Money, Status, Creativity, Social Impact, Colleagues.
  74. What sort of things have made you envious recently?
  75. When my partner disappoints me, I:
    1. Explode/get angry at them
    2. Withdraw
    3. Re-evaluate our relationships
    4. Other -
  76. What often impairs your decision making process? Lack of confidence, impatience, desire to please, over-excitement…
  77. Choose four adjective to describe yourself. Ask three good friends to do the same for you.
  78. What are you currently lying to certain people around you about?
  79. If a really kind person wanted to praise me, they’d say…
  80. If a really tough person assessed me, they’d say…
  81. Are you dominant or submissive sexually? And in the rest of your life?
  82. What things would deeply alarm your loved ones if they knew them about you?
  83. If you could create your ideal pornography, what would it feature?
  84. What would you ideally like someone to feel compassionate towards you for? What would it beautiful if they could forgive?
  85. What did you most enjoy doing as a child? Do you get those feelings now?

This we know. The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth. All things are connected, like the blood that unites one family. Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the Earth. We do not weave the web of life; we are only a strand of it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. ~ ~ Chief Seattle

Clara Jeffery, editor in chief of Mother Jones, offered a simple explanation: “It’s dramatic. It’s good for TV, reporters get caught up in the moment, or, worse, jingoism.”
She added: “Military action is viewed as inherently nonpartisan, opposition or skepticism as partisan. News organizations that are fearful of looking partisan can fall into the trap of failing to provide context.”
And so, empathy as the president’s clear motivation is accepted, she said — “with no mention of the refugee ban keeping those kids out, no mention of Islamophobia that has informed his campaign and administration. How can you write about motive and not explore that hypocrisy?”

The media loved Trump’s show of military might. Are we really doing this again?

One can’t help but wonder if any of these TV pundits would be so gung ho about wars if they’d ever actually seen one in person *cough* Brian Williams *cough*

“Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky, and water was a real and active principle. In the animal and bird world there existed a brotherly feeling that kept us safe among them… The animals had rights - the right of man’s protection, the right to live, the right to multiply, the right to freedom, and the right to man’s indebtedness. This concept of life and its relations filled us with the joy and mystery of living; it gave us reverence for all life; it made a place for all things in the scheme of existence with equal importance to all.”  
 ~ Chief Luther Standing Bear

Not An Athlete (4/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

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(Credit to Gif owner- I tried to find the original but I couldn’t)
Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Lance cast his eyes to you, you’re sipping a glass of water, buying yourself some time to think before answering his mother’s question. You were a fool to think this would go smoothly, neither of you had even discussed how you’d both met or the ins and outs of this fake relationship. You could feel all eyes on you, Lance chuckled nervously and tried to think of some, easy, believable story about how he met you.

“We met a few months back,” you piped up from beside him, a happy smile gracing your face. “Mutual friends of ours, he was training, when we were properly introduced to one another. I’m not too big on sports but I had heard of Lance Tucker,” you shrugged. “I didn’t think anything of our exchange, till he texts me, got my number from a friend. Now here we are,” you chuckled as his mother laughed. “We’re still getting to know another, it’s still a little new for me.”

Erin nodded, holding a glass of white wine. “I’m just happy my boy found a nice girl, all those female gymnasts can be so… bitchy nowadays.” You nodded in agreement if only she knew how her son really is. “Wonderful, don’t you think, Harry?” Erin shot to Lance’s father, who was busy narrowing his eyes at you before glaring at his ex-wife.

“So, you aren’t an athlete?” Harry deflects, looking at you once more. You nod mutely, seeing no reason to bring up who your parents are to him. “What do you do then?”

“I go to University,” he nods slowly. “I’m studying English language and literature.” You smile as Erin makes a noise of surprise, Harry continues to stare down his nose at you before looking at Lance briefly. “After being with Lance I’ve learnt a lot about Gymnastics, I know he has to keep a strict diet and he spends so, so many hours training and putting extraordinary amount of effort into his work. I may not be an athlete but I have so much respect for all of them.” That little speech surprises just about everyone around the table, then you feel Lance slip an arm around your shoulders.

You glance at him as he grins, “My biggest fan right here.” You chuckled with raised eyebrows, that seems to get Lance’s dad off of your back. “How have you guys been? Enough talk of us,” Lance mostly aims his question to his mother as he sips some water.

“Well, the magazine is doing really well,” you raise an eyebrow at Lance’s mother, you didn’t know she was in the media business. “I run the magazine, Hot Shot, it’s how I met Harry.” You raised your eyebrows, you had no idea that Lance’s mother was Chief Editor of Hot Shot, only the biggest Sports Magazine since the 70’s. “Anyway, I’ve been wanting to ask, Lance, I think, after this win in the Olympics we should do a featurette. Especially, since it would be almost twenty-seven years after your father first was featured.” Lance chuckled and you grinned, despite everything you’ve been through with Lance, that was an amazing opportunity.

“You should do it,” Lance frowns looking at you. “I’ve been reading that magazine since… I was interested in journalism, my dad loves it too.” Lance’s mother chuckled and nodded, you quickly closed your mouth before you could embarrass yourself further.

“Just think about it, okay?” Lance nodded.

Lunch was full of mostly conversation about Lance’s father’s celebration here. Also, him questioning how hard Lance has been working for the next Olympics. The more you were around Harry Tucker, the more you pitied Lance. You thought you had it bad with your parents but you had it easy compared to this. It didn’t excuse his behaviour but it explained it.

“Are you staying for the celebration tonight?” Erin asked with a bright grin, standing up to hug you, you chuckle and hug her shaking your head. “Oh, honey, you should. Did Lance even extend an invitation?” She gave a displeased look to her son, who rolls his eyes. “Well, I’m extending a hand, you should come. Lord knows Lancelot will need some company.” You chuckled.

Lance sighs. “Mum, she has a life other than me.” He tries to get you out, hugging his mother who rolled her eyes at him this time.

“If she isn’t there I’ll be upset,” She teases before walking off and giving a final wave and going off with two of her assistants that you didn’t even know where sitting on a table near you. “It’s gold themed,” she yells walking to a car.

You watched as Lance awkwardly hugged Sabrina and received a handshake from his dad, you cringed at how tense Lance looked.  Once both his parents had gone he visibly relaxed and led you back to the elevator, sighing as he leant against the mirrored wall and running a hand through his hair. You remained silent through the elevator ride and to his room, where he instantly slouched on the sofa and turned the TV on.

“Well…” Lance looked at you with raised eyebrows, “That went rather well if I do say so myself. I think I was a great fake girlfriend.” You tried to lighten the mood but he didn’t laugh. “So, you parents are shit, by the way.” He bitterly laughed and nodded at that. “Has it always been like that? Always been so awkward and tense I mean.”

He doesn’t answer for a few seconds. “No. We were a family once, well a much of a family can be with an Olympic Athlete and a Magazine chief editor as parents. People don’t understand it, it’s all I’ve known though. My dad was strict, even when I was young and competing in school Gymnast competitions; I wasn’t allowed to talk to girls or have a life outside of training. My mum was busy running a multi-billion magazine, that’s my life but I had everything still- I am grateful.” The last sentence seemed rehearsed but you nodded slowly he sighed. “When I hit sixteen I fired my own dad as my coach - he fucking hated that- and then at eighteen he was caught out and my mother filed for a divorce the day after.” He added his signature smile at the end when looking at you.

He shrugged and looked back the television. “And that’s why I am the way I am because my dad was fucking around and my mum didn’t give a shit if she was around or not.” You remained silent, “Wanna know what’s fucking twisted? My mum has to run her business with him because she didn’t sign a prenup, so he got half of everything from her. Then after all that bullshit, after everything, he refuses to let her buy his share. He’s fucking her in the ass and she’s letting him, and my mum still turns up to these events for me… and for her, I have to pretend I like the cunt but I want to punch him in the dick.”

You didn’t mean to but you laughed, clasping a hand over your mouth but Lance is laughing too, actually laughing with you. Both your laughter dies out and the TV fills the silence. You look over at Lance and give a little sigh, knowing this would be a bad idea but after seeing and hearing all of this, you felt like you should do this. You were always too compassionate and nice for your own good, plus after today you felt like this would be a start of some kind of friendship with Tucker.

“I’ll go to that celebration.” He snaps his head in your direction with a frown, you give a little shrug. “After hearing the sob story I feel bad having to picture you sat at the bar on your own, so I’ll go for the free drinks.” He nods slowly, “besides it’s not like I’m in Vegas every day.”


“Why are we doing this?” You asked with a huff as Lance led you through the Vegas streets, he chuckled and placed his hands in his jean pockets. “Can’t I just wear one of the dresses you got sent to the room from earlier? They seemed fine.”

Lance scoffed at you. “It’s gold themed, people are gonna be wearing gold or something to that aesthetic.” You sighed gently, trying to keep up with his strides. “Fucking gold, he’s so pretentious.”

“Don’t you have a Gold tattoo?” He looked down at you still somehow managing to navigate through the busy crowds. “Like…uh… the ribbon of it.” You stumbled and he smirked causing you to roll your eyes but he doesn’t answer your question; you’ve seen glimpses of the tattoo but have heard more from locker room talk.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you into a shopping mall, it looked luxury and hardly a place you’d ever find yourself. You frowned as he steered you towards Chanel, you looked at him as he looked determined and unfazed by the fact this would be the first time, ever, you’d be stepping into an actual Chanel store. As soon as you walked in you were hit with a sweet smell, it was pungent but… nice, almost.

“Mr Tucker,” An older looking woman smiled, a blonde bob cut and red lipstick, they both kissed each other’s cheek. “What can I do for you today?” She hadn’t even acknowledged you. You glance around the store beautiful clothes, bags and shoes graced the shelves and racks. This was extremely far from your Forever 21 shopping experience.

Lance wraps an arm around your shoulders attracting your attention. “Marie, this is Y/N, and she needs a dress for my dad’s celebration party tonight. It has to be gold or with something gold,” Marie glances you over and nods. “Can I leave her in your capable hands to find something? You’ve always made my mother look the best even during her worst.” Marie gave a bright smile.

“Well, it will be a challenge but nothing me and my girls can’t handle.” She turned and called to her employees as Lance grinned and looked at you.

After Lance gave you a quick bye, saying he’d collect you in a few hour, you were left in a rather expensive store. You stood awkwardly in the middle of the store as four women looked at you, muttering to one another before scurrying off and flicking through the clothing racks. Marie stepped up to you, asking shoe size and various other clothing related questions.

“Lance has never brought a girl here,” Marie states as you sit trying on various heels. “I’m a friend of his mother’s, whenever she needs a pickup, he buys her something from here; she’s a sucker for Chanel.” You look up as Marie stands with her arms crossed, “How’d you meet him?”

You didn’t see any reason to lie to Marie, she already has you sussed out. “I-uh- work for Lance. I’m his personal assistant when he trains; it’s a long story.” Maire raised an eyebrow, you sighed with a chuckle. “Well, he drunkenly texts me and his dad thought I was a hooker, then it escalated to girlfriend and now I have to pretend to be his girlfriend for the weekend.” She laughed and that made you chuckle, “it’s been… crazy.” You sighed.

After trying on many, many, so many dressed you finally found one that you liked and actually looked nice; not that the other didn’t. You smiled at yourself in the mirror, it was long and sparkly, gold - more champagne than gold but it worked. You felt luxurious in the dress, you knew it was expensive, probably cost more than anything you own. If your parents knew what you were doing they’d freak out, this is some Pretty Woman shit; except you aren’t an escort and Lance isn’t Richard Gere.

When Lance, finally, comes back for you- you were thinking he had forgotten about you- he looks at the dress bag you’re holding. He takes the bag from you, bidding a bye to Marie who also hugs you too and you head back to the hotel.

“My mum wants you to get ready with her,” you stare wide-eyed at Lance. “She wants to get to know you or some bullshit, it’s only two hours.” He sighs with annoyance like he was surprised that you were shocked by this.

“What am I meant to say?” You looked at Lance to his mother’s hotel room door. “What if she asks about my family? Or us? Lance, I shouldn’t do this, I’m not very good at lying!” He rolled his eyes sassily and knocked the door, ignoring your worried eyes.

He looks down at you, “Just wing it. Okay?” The door flies open and it’s one of  Erin’s assistants, they smile and pull you in, Lance quickly stepping in before the door closes. The suite is full of people, amongst them is Erin, robe on and on the phone. She looks over at you and Lance, quickly saying goodbye to whoever was on the other end to greet you both.

“Lance, your father wants to speak with you.” Erin smiles pulling you into a hug, you accept with a fond smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your girl. She’s getting the full Tucker treatment,” he rolls his eyes and turns. “You’re not gonna kiss her goodbye?” You freeze and look at Lance, who turns and chuckles at his mother.

“No, I like to make her wait.” He drops a wink at you before leaving out the door, blowing a kiss before it shuts fully.

You turn back to Erin who is chuckling lightly at her son, she takes the dress bag from you and hands it to one of her people and sits down on the sofa’s, patting the spot beside her with a welcoming grin. You tentatively sit down, an awkward smile settling on your face as another assistant sets down two glasses of champagne.

“I know,” Erin says as she sips from the crystal glass flute and your eyes widen. “I know what Lance is like, he’s turned into a womaniser and very cock-sure.” You release a puff air and nod with a frown. “He thinks I don’t know, the persona he fakes when competing but I have eyes and ears everywhere.” She looks at you with a sly smile and you chuckle. “It made me worried that he wouldn’t find someone, that he wouldn’t be able to connect with anyone and have something special but then he introduced me to you, and I’ve got to say… my boy is hitting above the mark.” You laughed loudly at that, putting your glass on the table and trying to compose yourself. “He is, Y/N. You’re smart, pretty and I can tell, a lot like me. Independent and career driven, Tucker men don’t like competition and us independent women don’t like being told what to do. You make Lance think; you keep him on his toes and he likes that.”

As you let her word sink in, she stands up and starts to instruct different people on what they’re doing. Most of the people in the room are hair and makeup, people who are hired to make you look beautiful. Something you hadn’t experienced, ever. You never had anyone do your hair or makeup before, it was odd but nice at the same time.

Sat in front of the mirror as a man called, Ryan, doing your hair. Brushing through it, giving small ideas on how he wants to style your hair for the evening, all of which you loved and agreed with; allowing him to do his job, your full faith in his hands. Erin chatted away, talking about her job and occasionally asking you questions; you managed to avoid talking about your parents.

Conversation twisted onto stories about Lance as a kid, despite the fact Lance told you that Erin wasn’t around she had a few tales about his embarrassing moments. A lot of them made you chuckle, like when she found him wearing her lipstick and dress.

“He was a good kid, very bright and full of potential.” Erin smiled, her hair being done as she looked at you through the mirror. “He was extremely close to his grandparents, he would spend all day and every day with them,” Erin wore a fond smile. “When his grandpa died, we put my mother in a retirement home and he hasn’t visited her, I think he’s too scared to.” She gave a gentle sigh, “that boy, despite his attitude wears his heart on his sleeve. What has he been like with you? Treating you well, I hope?”

You wanted to tell the truth to Erin, she seemed genuine and lovely. “Good. Really good, I was apprehensive at first, like all new relationships. I know of his… reputation but I wasn’t going to let that cloud my judgement on Lance. Meeting you though, hearing all this stuff about him, I don’t know, it’s giving me a bigger outlook on him.” Erin smiled and nodded. “He has made my life rather difficult but that’s just Lance!”

You both finished getting ready, you telling Erin about your time at university and your degree. It was easy talking to Erin, she made you feel bad for lying to her, for pretending that you loved Lance and that he’s nice to you. You pulled on your dress one of the assistants helping zip the back of it, eyes wide and a grin as they look at you through the mirror, you blushed a little and smiled back.

Staring at yourself in the mirror it was like someone else staring at you. Your hair was styled and swept back out of your eyes. Your makeup was immaculate, beautiful and made your face glow, your lips stained a light nude. The dress made you feel like a million bucks, it clung to you in all the right places and made you look elegant. It was so different to how you’d dress but it was a good different; you felt pretty, prettier than you have ever felt.

“You look like a goddess,” Erin breathed. You blushed even more, allowing Erin to take your hand and spin you around, looking at you from all angles. “Lance is one lucky man.” You rolled your eyes playfully, finally looking at Erin who wasn’t wearing a dress or gold. “I’m not married to the man, I don’t need to abide by his stupid rules anymore.” You raised your eyebrows and chuckled. She wore a deep red dress, a thin belt around the middle and a red blazer over the top. Her hair styled to perfection and her lips stained red too, she looked glamorous and beautiful; this is where Lance gets his looks from.

You walked down to the elevator and party linked arms with Erin. The room they rented was huge, bar and chandelier, tables and beautiful gold decorations. Everyone was dressed beautifully, models and other athletes alike were mingling. You’ve never felt more out of place than in this room.

“You’re gonna do fine, honey,” Erin whispered, you glanced at her and she grinned. “It’s all about faking your worth around here. Bullshitting that you’re important and that you’re God’s gift. Lance, is very good at it now, too well.” You slowly nod as Erin leads you further into the crowd, smiling and greeting people. “I fucking hate all of these people!” She sighed, grabbing two crystal flutes of champagne. “Lance, over here, sweetie.” Your back was facing where you assumed Lance was, sipping the champagne to find some liquid courage.

“Jesus, fucking, Christ.” Is all you hear before turning your head and seeing Lance just staring at you.

(Well, this is longer than I thought it would be. I’d apologise but you guys love longer parts, I know you do! Excuse any mistakes, I’m still mid editing this long part! - Rosalie)

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Now I need some Alex Riley/Mike Wheeler hcs. Shit.

this got super long but i love this ship now, also idk what their name would be? Malex? Riler?

- alex’s mother is engaged to chief of hawkins police jim hopper and from the moment alex meets him they don’t get along

- hopper is kinda strict with him and gives him and his step-sister, jane, a curfew every night (but it’s to keep them safe okay he’s a protective father)

- alex sneaks out one night to explore hawkins because he hasn’t had a chance to see it yet and stumbles upon a group of kids walking out of the movie theater laughing together

- he sees one, tall, lanky, and throwing his head back as he laughs loudly and alex is already kinda smitten with him

- his first day of school consists of jane ignoring him and walking to class, leaving alex alone and with no idea where to go

- then a tiny boy named will comes up to him and offers to show him to his class that they both share, science with Mr Clarke

- alex and will sit together as the rest of will’s friends show up, lucas and max walk in holding hands whilst dustin and mike come in after engaging in a very heated discussion about D&D

- will introduces alex and mike just kind of stares at him when he’s supposed to be talking

- “Uh, hi. I’m Mike.” “Alex, Alex Riley.”

- alex brought his little desk invention to school (”just in case, mom”) and sorts out mr clarke’s crooked desk (”the alex riley and mike is already so taken with this kid because he can invent things?? he’s super smart?? and he gets all rambly and blushy when he’s nervous?? is he literally perfection??

- at lunch alex is cornered by troy harrington and is about to have his milk poured over him for being the ‘nerdy new kid’ but then troy sees jane standing behind alex and instantly leaves him alone

- jane and alex are cool after that

- mike offers to take alex to the arcade with them after school and alex watches max kick dustin’s ass at dig dug and dragon’s lair and he’s actually starting to have fun in this dead beat town

- mother steve harrington picks mike, dustin, will, alex and jane up (lucas and max bike home together) and he instantly takes a liking to the new kid even if he’s a giant nerd who only knows how to talk about star wars

- mike gives alex a walkie talkie after a few weeks of them being friends and they talk every night to each other

- jane smirks everytime alex gets off the walkie with him because she knows he likes him, and alex blushes every time

- one night mike is having a particular rough episode and bikes to hopper’s house where alex is stargazing (he does this most nights) and the two sit on the roof and alex explains all the constellations to mike and tells him about the stars and the moon and that he loves astronomoy

- mike bravely holds his hand as alex explains all this to him and thanks him for calming him down and alex is bright red but squeezes mike’s hand anyway

- when the snowball comes around mike is too nervous to ask alex to go with him so he stupidly asks jane instead and alex is heartbroken

- before he leaves for the dance, all decked out in his little tux, hopper pulls him aside and tells him he’s proud of making friends so quickly and that he’s excited to be his step dad and they both have a little cry and bro hug it out

- he goes with dustin and steve drops them off and tells alex to just have fun, he doesn’t have to dance with anyone to have a good time

- the second mike sees alex he freaks out because oh my god this boy is beautiful and his hair looks amazing and he’s already flustered 

- alex nearly chokes (good ol chokey) when he sees mike in his blazer and jumper and with his hair all neat and his eyes blown wide and alex is just in awe of him

- they do the cheesy walking towards each other across the hall thing as a love song plays in the background and they don’t even speak for the first few moments because they’re both so mesmerised

- they don’t dance together, it’s the 80s and people would freak out, so they stand behind some banners together and dance to the music (their first dance is to ‘forever young’, its canon)

- mike apologises for asking jane to the dance but alex gets it, and he’s not mad, he just wants mike to have fun 

- “i’m having fun now that you’re here”

- alex kind of plays with the long pieces of hair at the base of mike’s neck and mike is so giddy it’s so soothing and cute

- mike’s hands are on alex’s waist and the kid is freaking out because he’s so gentle with him

- alex kisses mike and mike literally squeaks because he wasn’t expecting it

- when the dance is over they say goodbye at hopper’s truck but alex leaves a note in mike’s pocket to come to his house later and mike is so damn excited he can’t stop smiling on the way home as jonothan drops him and nancy off

- mike goes to alex’s and they stargaze on the roof again, holding hands of course, and alex promises mike that as long as theres stars in the sky he’ll be by his side and mike tears up before jfc this boy is too precious

Our land is more valuable than your money.

It will last forever.

It will not even perish by the flames of fire.

As long as the sun shines and the waters flow, this land will be here to give life to men and animals.

~ Chief Crowfoot, Siksika (1825-1890)

~ Oroville Pow Wow
~ George RedHawk Photo Motion Effects

Father to the Unknown: Part 6

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4, Part 5

    “You’re married?” You stare at Charlie, and before you can say anything he says, “He’s not good enough. You can do better.”

    You grin a little, “You haven’t even met him.”

    Sameer steps in, “All men are the same. They want one thing, and one thing only.” Your eyes flicker to your mother who’s trying to hold back laughter, beside her your grandmother appears to be doing the same.

    “A little help here,” you beg them.

    Your grandmother smiles, “I have yet to meet him. I can not vouch for his character. But I agree, all men are the same.”

     For half a second you eye the drop off of the cliff overlooking the practice field. The drop would hurt, but it wouldn’t kill you. “You’re too young.”

The statement brings you back to the matter at hand, and your brow furrows, “I’ll literally be a hundred next year.”

“It’s too young.”

You scrub your hands over your face, where’s Etta when you need her? Finally, your mother steps in, “Clint Barton is a good man. He’s had his troubles like everyone, but he is an excellent husband and a wonderful father.”

“Father!” You stare at your mother as Sameer picks up where Charlie left off. You’re able to slip away after another hour. You head back to the beach, grateful for the peace and quiet. You settle into the sand, and let the sound of the waves rush over you. When the pop sounds, you smile.

Opening your eyes, you stare at the large, out of place house. You start brushing the sand off your pants when the door opens and Clint steps out. He’s dressed in his Avenger’s uniform, with his bow at his side and his quiver on his back.

He waits for you on the porch of the house, and the minute he’s close enough you jump into his arms. He smiles, “That bad, huh?”

You kiss him, “There’s a reason I live in another dimension, it’s so I can keep my sanity.”

“Fair enough, why do you think we bought a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere?”

You laugh, and a minute later there are cries of “Mommy!” You smile as you pick them up in your arms. You kiss both of their heads, and listen as they babble about what you’ve missed since you left.

When John steps out he lights a cigarette and says, “I’m going to bring the rest of the boyband tonight, and I’ll take the girls back after that.”

You and Clint exchange a look and he asks, “You know what to do if something happens?”

“Find Nick Fury, he has the plan.” You hug both girls a little closer, not liking the idea of your emergency plan but you know it’s a necessity. You give him a smile, and he returns it before saying, “Alright, be gone the four of ya. Enjoy family time.”

You keep Natalia in your arms while Minnie walks in between you and Clint, holding onto one of your hands and one of his. “Looks like a nice vacation spot.”

“You’d never guess that the entrance to the underworld is resting right under it.”

He smirks, “We’ve faced worse.”

You grin at him, “Like when?”

“When Nat had colic for three months and we couldn’t get any sleep.”

You wince, “That was a bad time.”

He laughs, “We took turns taking her out to the barn so that the other could sleep.”

“And Minnie slept through it all.”

At the mention of her name, your oldest daughter grins up at you, before her eyes flick to the distance and she’s darting away, “Di!”

Your mother appears in the distance, and suddenly Natalia is struggling to get down. You set her on her feet, and then the your three year old is running. Clint wraps an arm around your shoulders as you follow behind them.

When you reach them, both girls are in your mother’s arms, one on each hip, both talking a mile a minute. She hugs them close and says, “I want to kidnap them.”

You smirk, “You’re welcome to babysit whenever.”

Clint laughs, “In fact, we insist.”

Your mother smiles at him, “Hello, Clint.”

“It’s good to see you Anna.” You smile at his nickname for your mother before Minerva squeals, and shimmies down your mother, yelling “CHIEF!” at the top of her lungs. The older man catches her mid air as she launches herself at him, and she giggles as he spins her around.

Several moments later the noise attracts the attention of your mother’s sisters and slowly they come to investigate. You watch warily as they watch your children, smiles on their faces. You notice your father, Sameer, and Charlie standing there in shock. And then your grandmother appears. The smile on her face is genuine, as she bends down to their level and asks them a question.

You watch them squeal in delight before running to you and asking, “Can we go with Grandmother, PLEEEEAAASE?”

You laugh out a ‘yes’, and they’re gone before you can blink. In a whisper Clint asks, “Should we have asked what they’re going to do with her?”

You shrug, “In this case, it’s probably best not to.” That’s when you notice that all eyes are now on Clint. He keeps his stance confident, as the two of you continue walking, you on one side of him, and your mother on the other. When you reach the top of the stairs Chief is waiting, with a smile. He sticks his hand out and Clint shakes it, “How are you, Hawkeye?”

“Never better.”

His lips quirk, “I heard you retired.”

Clint winces, “That didn’t work out too well. How’s the cabin?”


“If you ever want to change that, you’re welcome at the farm house.”

There’s a clearing of a throat, and you turn to Charlie and Sameer, “Clint, this is Charlie and Sameer. They were my godfathers. Guys, this is my husband Clint.”

They’re more than a little stiff and formal as they shake hands, before moving out of the way for, “And this is my father. Steve Trevor.”

Clint shakes his hand never breaking eye contact, before saying, “I have a friend you’ll get along well with. World War Two vet. He put a plane down too.”

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.”

~ Qwatsinas

New Chapter of as yet Untitled fic

Thinking maybe calling this Gifted or Gifts of Love, I dunno not sure.

NOTE:  OK I’m still trying to get used to the Scottish speak and I’m pretty sure my verb tense is all over the place, but oh well.  I like this so far.  LOL  I hope you do too.  Thanks again to @lenny9987 for the support and the signal boost!  I’m amazed at all the encouragement everyone has given to me!  I hope you enjoy this!

Chapter 1

Ellen MacKenzie Fraser was gifted.

It wasn’t just that she was just gifted with the love of good man who was also her soulmate, nor was it that she’d been gifted by the Lord with her 3 children.  No, Ellen was also gifted with knowledge of things she shouldn’t know.  She had the Sight.

She had been able to hide her gift for a long time with the help of her sisters and mother not just because so many would be afraid, try to use, take advantage, or burn her because of it.  Her mother, while she did her duty as a wife, never loved her husband and did not trust him.  While Mother had been left to her own devices in raising the girls, she’d seen how her husband had twisted her brothers into competing with each other especially as Colum’s illness began to start to show its early signs.  No, the Lady MacKenzie would not allow her daughter to be used to further the competition between her sons.

It was mostly while dreaming that her gift became apparent which allowed it to be easier to hide.  She had seen it would be her brother Colum who would become Laird after her father and how Dougal would support his brother, but also scheme behind his back the whole time.  She also saw a time in the future that the clans would be destroyed and the famine that would come while the Redcoats were raping and pillaging their lands.  Those dreams would wake her screaming in the night and her sisters, Jocasta and Janet, would hold her until she could calm down.  

She’d also seen her Brian…as all through her life she dreamed of him.  He was always just beyond her reach, but was also a comforting balm to her soul.  She talked to him but he couldn’t hear her, she reached out, but could not touch him.  However, there were times she could swear he knew she was there.  He would smile or hug himself when she said something or tried to touch him sometimes.  Those secret expressions always filled her with such love.  She counted the days until he would come to her while her soul longed for and called to his.

While counting the days until her life would change, she used her gift in helping and healing the sick and wounded around Leoch.  She taught Mrs. Fitz what she knew, and learned what she could when Davie Beaton came to stay with them.  The man had some mad ideas, but she kept quiet regarding them and learned what she could of his sound knowledge.

The day came that she’d been warning her Mother, Jocasta and Janet of, her father’s death.  A gathering had been called and as she’d seen, Colum was made the new Laird and Dougal his war chief.  Her Mother told her of Colum’s plan to marry her off to the future Laird of another clan, but she did not worry as she knew her Brian was coming for her.  She saw him in the hall the first night.  As a member of the Clan Fraser, he’d come to offer his support of the new “MacKenzie”.  When their eyes met in the hall, it was done.  Brian knew she was meant for him and approached her with his kinsman, Murtagh, by his side.  

They talked in secret, aided by her mother and sisters, but even with their mother’s intercession, Colum would not hear of any other match for Ellen other than the one he’d made.  So, Ellen and Brian, aided by Murtagh, her mother and sisters, ran away from Leoch and were handfast as soon as possible.  As their wrists were bound together, Ellen had her first vision of their future and knew she’d become pregnant with their son that very eve and the joy of it shone in her face as she and Brian completed their vows.

She and Brian shared everything, and so she told him of her gifts.  Brian became the protector of her secret since she no longer had her mother or sisters with her.  

“Mo nighean ruaidh, thank ye for sharing your gift with me.  I will hold your secrets in my heart, my own. Do not be afraid with me. Always know I’m here to shoulder the burden with ye. No matter what you see. ”

And from that day forward she wasn’t, even when it almost killed her not only to know, but to share her burden with her love.  Willie….she knew when he was born she would not see him fully grown.  The birth had not been difficult, but once she held him she saw his fate and was inconsolable with grief.  The auld midwife looked her in the eyes and took her hands in a tight grip.

“Mistress, love him while you have him.  He is still a gift,” and then left.

Ellen got a hold of herself just before Brian entered the room to see his first born son, the lad who would become Laird of Broch Tuarach in his mind.  He was ecstatic that his wife and son were healthy.  Ellen decided then to keep it from her love her vision of wee Willie’s fate.  However, Brian knowing her as he did could tell she was trying to hide something.  Late that night, in the warmth of her love’s arms, she told of the fate she saw for their son as he lay sleeping in his cot beside them.  

They took that evening to grieve, but resolved in the light of the next day to take the midwife’s sage advice and cherish their lad for as long they had the gift of him alive and with them.

A few years later, their daughter Janet was born and Willie was ecstatic to be a big brother.  Ellen was happy with her little family and grateful that neither of her children shared the burden of her gift.  

However, all that changed during her pregnancy with Jamie when she could feel how special he was.  Ellen knew he’d have gifts similar to hers with the possibility of even more yet it wasn’t something she could see clearly.  After delivering her son, Ellen began to see a young girl in her dreams.  The brown haired lass was probably around Jenny’s age and wore strange clothing.  She was shrouded in a mist and Ellen could not really get a read on her.  It was very strange but somehow she knew this lass would be very important to her family in the years to come.

One day when Jamie was five, she found him gazing out the window of his room with a wistful expression on his face.  He turned to her when he felt her hand run through his hair.  

“What’s bothering you, my lad?”

“Oh Mam, I just miss her,” Jamie sighed while giving her a weak smile.

“Who do you miss?  Jenny?  She’s just at Granny McNab’s helping with her new grandbairn. She’ll be…..”

“No, Mam, no’ Jenny, although I do miss her, Jenny isna who I mean.  It is the lass in my dreams.  I haven’t seen her for awhile and I miss her,” a lone tear rolled down his cheek.

Wrapping her arms around her son, he nestled his head against her breast and sighed at the comfort of his Mam’s arms.  After a time, she stepped back and knelt so she could be eye level with Jamie when she asked, “How long have you been dreaming of her, lad?”

“As long as I can remember, but no’ every night.  I can’t touch her, but I talk to her, and sometimes I think she knows I’m there.  Something has happened tho’, I dinna ken what.  She’s been sad for a while, and I think she is on a trip of some sort.  She has been in strange lands the last few times I dreamed of her.”

“Do you ken her name, Jamie?  How long has it been since you dreamed of her?”

“Nay, I doona ken her name, and it has been almost a month since I saw her last.  The longest I can remember goin’ without seeing her.  It just makes me sad because I ken she’s sad and I’m no’ there for her.”

Ellen hugged her son again and proceeded to tell him how she’d dreamed of his Da her whole life too, and she went through times where she didn’t dream and missed Brian as much as Jamie missed his lass.  

Something deep inside her told her it was not yet time to speak of the connection she shared with Jamie’s lass, so she did not share the information with him.  However, they talked of the gift they shared in basic terms a five year old could understand and before long, Jamie was off to bother his big brother Willie once more.

Over the years, Jamie continued to talk to his mother regarding his dreams, including the terrifying one he had just shy of Willie’s 11th birthday knowing his brother wouldna see 12 summers.  Somehow, Jamie knew his Mam had seen the same thing and also knew not to speak of it to Willie as he’d never been told.

It was difficult on the family when the pox claimed their Willie, but they survived.  Jamie continued to evolve into a sensitive and thoughtful lad who would make a great Laird someday.  Not that he didn’t get into his fair share of trouble, especially with his friend Ian Murray, but Jamie’s sense of honor, duty, and doing the right thing won out more times than not.  

Ellen was standing in the sitting room and felt a bit of a chill as a feeling of change passed in her heart.  Brian approached her from behind and wrapped her in his arms, “What ails you, my own?”

Turning to embrace him and settling her cheek in her favorite spot in the crook of his shoulder, “Nothing my love, just the wind of change seemed to wash over me.”

“Come my love, I think it is time for bed,” he smirked as she looked up at him.

Cupping his face with her hand, she kissed him lightly and then tapped his nose with a laugh, “It is only noon you silly man, it isna time for sleep.”

“Oh my love, I said to bed, no’ to sleep,” and they both laughed as he swept her into his arms and carried her off to the Laird’s room.

Some sketches I did of the kids, Qrow and Raven, with their Dad, Kite.

Kite: Okay, I’m going to toss you!

Raven: -squeal- Noooo! Daddy! Stop!

Kite: 1…2…

Raven: -giggles- No no no no no no!

Qrow: -snicker-

  1. The kids have transformed for the first time at age 3. They’re both scared and precious little downy birbs who don’t know whats happening and are trying their best. Kite, being a good Daddy, keeps his kids close until they switch back. He doesn’t reveal how ridiculous and adorable they both look. I know it’s silly that Qrow can be picked up like a little kitten, by the scruff of his neck, but I drew it anyway. They’re shape shifters. If Kite wants to carry his son like this, he can. (By the way, Kite’s bird form is a Brahminy Kite)
  2. Volgenest Flag and Emblem. When they founded the village, Kite had it tattooed on his shoulder to permanently tie him to what finally felt like home.
  3. Having twins means double the blessings and double the mischief. Kite found a way to keep them out of trouble: Hold both at the same time and love them to pieces. Qrow usually took the shoulders and Raven sat comfortably in her Daddy’s arms.
  4. Tawny Trough (pronounced ‘Tr-Oh’) is Kite’s stout, adoptive mother and Chief Eule’s old commander. She is a veteran warrior and can put men twice her size in their place (coughKitecough). Tawny is overjoyed when she finds out Cerise is pregnant and mother-hens her until her grandbabies arrive…then she mother-hen’s them.

Stolen Beginnings
Hyuuga Hinata, Uzumaki Naruto
@basilbees​ was kind enough to guide me towards this prompt about criminal!naruto and cop!hinata, which I thought was super fun. 💛


Naruto had long since learned how to gauge a predator’s intent before the threat moved from eventual to emergent. He’d learned it the hard way as a young boy, with six facial scars to show for it.

It had taken him far too long to realize it, but now he was up to speed.

Hinata was a predator.

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When you begin to believe in the sacred way of life, you will begin to understand the importance of the sacred sites, knowing that they are a connection to Mother Earth. You will understand the traditions and the ability to see the prophecies that were passed down through the generations of Ancestors, who lived in harmony. They had seen what was in store for their seven generations to come (us), they prayed we would re-find the “key” to harmony in understanding the Spirit of the Circle of Life. It is then that you assist in bringing health, prosperity and balance back to Mother Earth. That is human sacrifice and spiritual growth. That is the way. We as the Buffalo People believe in this circle of life, where there is no ending and no beginning. The process of mending the sacred hoop continues…..

Know that you yourself are essential to this world.  Believe that.   Understand both the blessing and the burden of that.   You yourself are desperately needed to save the Soul of this World.   Did you think you were put here for something less?……Chief Arvol Looking Horse

~ Art Tomasz Alan Kopera_
~ George RedHawk PhotoAnimation