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Actually, I want people to start caring about Freddie.  I want people to own up and apologize for the stuff they’ve said about Freddie.  I want them to actually look at him and realize that he is Louis’ son and he is not going anywhere, and I want them to give a shit and stop being cruel to everyone involved. 

No, I don’t mean to concern troll Freddie.  He’s fine.  He’s being taken good care of, whether you want to admit it or not.  

But start caring about Freddie.  Start caring about his mother.  Start caring about his family, including his grandmothers, aunts, whoever.  Stop calling people “extra”.  Start fighting against the toxicity of this fandom.  

Instead of tearing down every little thing that Briana or Olivia or anyone else in that family is doing, start genuinely caring about Freddie.  If you genuinely care about his well being, then start with the emotional well being of him and his family which starts with you.

If your mom compliments you, swing it back to her

“How did I get such a great daughter?”
Because I have such a great mother

“You’re so smart”
Because you gave me the opportunity to grow

“You’re very compassionate”
I learned from the best

“You’re hardworking sweety”
I’ve been watching you, mom

Our mothers deserve all the recognition, because truly, they gave us the abilities to be

So after this post seemed to help so many people around father’s day I decided I’d make one for Mother’s day too.

As we near Mother’s Day I want to remind everyone struggling with unhealthy maternal relationships that you do not owe your mothers anything.

If you are not comfortable communicating with/giving presents to your mothers/mother figures you do not have to.

You especially do not owe your time and/or gifts to your abuser.

Today marks the celebration of something so special to me. This planet, our home, is not disposable. The cities I love, animals I care about, people I surround myself with and nature as we know it, it isn’t indestructible. We have to take care of Mother Earth or she has no reason to take care of us.
As I’m sure many of you know, animal agriculture is not sustainable. It is the leading cause of deforestation, climate change, water wastage, habitat destruction, animal extinction and ocean dead zones. 💭💭💭💭💭💭 It is solely responsible for:
🌎 91% of Amazon destruction
🌎 51% of greenhouse gas emissions
🌎 55% of national USA & AUS water usage
🌎 The death of over 6 million living beings (often babies) every HOUR.

The World Health Organisation has said it, Albert Einstein said it, heck Ellen DeGeneres has said it - we need to stop eating animals. You cannot eat meat and call yourself an environmentalist.

I have tons of awesome resources to share if you’d like to know more. Please check out Cowspiracy (produced by Leo DiCaprio 👌) and together we might stand a chance at saving our home. #EarthDay #WakeUp

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can we talk about Raphael Santiago and gender roles though?

I mean, at first glance he’s pretty masculine. cool, strong guy on a motorbike, fearless leader, sarcastic, whatever

but this guy has a bunch of little brothers that he basically he raised, he takes care of the sick in the clan, he trains the fledglings, he’s incredibly nurturing. he is a big brother, and a caring one. 

I can easily see him sit down and have emotional talks with those who really need it, comfort fledglings with a hug after a nightmare, none of that macho “no homo” or emotionless bullshit when it really matters. also, he has an incredible respect for strong, hard-working women like his mother.

(also, he obviously cares about his clothes and I can honestly imagine him occasionally putting on makeup like eyeliner or nail polish or hell even lip gloss if he feels like it)

Gordon Parks, from “The Flavio Story", 1961

[“He had spotted Flavio da Silva carrying water on his head, climbing the steep hills of one of Rio’s favelas to the shack where, for six days a week, while his mother worked, he cared for his brothers and sisters. Gordon had followed him home and his 1961 essay focused on the 12-year-old Brazilian boy to personalize the story of South America’s deplorable poverty.In one bed, five of the da Silva’s eight children slept with their parents. In the favela, only one child in four attended any kind of school. And for Flavio, the day’s responsibilities began at dawn — despite the bronchial asthma and malnutrition he suffered. Gordon suspected tuberculosis. “I am not afraid of death,” Flavio told him. “But what will they do after? Gordon was careful to ensure that his own presence affected the story as little as possible. He wrestled with the temptation to take food to the struggling family; on occasion, so as not to offend them, he shared the dried beans, rice and stale bread they offered him. Some nights he slept on the floor of the family’s shack.” - ]

Welcome to the World of Moms: 5 Baby Care Products You should Buy Online

Welcome to the World of Moms: 5 Baby Care Products You should Buy Online

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The dream is universal among Indian parents. They want their kids to be Salman Khan, Shahrukh khan or Virat Kohli. For every Indian parent, their daughter is not less than Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor or Sania Mirza. The simple logic of parenting in India is parents can skip the trendy fashion, but their kids must get the best of the fashion world and must look unique regardless of the…

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My stages of dealing (badly) with the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend finale

Stage 1: Anger (at Greg)- [insert the word “FUCK” in capslock here a bunch of times]

Stage 2: Anger (at the CEG team)- Screw all of you! I’m going to watch a show that doesn’t break my heart into a million pieces!

Stage 3: Acceptance- You know what? Storytelling-wise, this is what needs to happen. Greg’s not ready for a relationship, and Rebecca’s feelings for Josh won’t just go away overnight. These things need to be dealt with.

Stage 4: Denial/Anger- NOPE. Screw your realism.

Stage 5: Depression- Everything is terrible. No one on this show is ever going to be happy. 

Stage 6: Anger/Depression- @code-name-duchess was right. I couldn’t even enjoy the song by Lea Salonga, queen of my heart and my people, because of the other shit that was happening.


Stage 8: Anger (courtesy of @jsmapdi): If WiJo just let Rebecca come with them back to Greg’s house, we wouldn’t be in this mess. WHAT DID YOU DO, WIJO?

Stage 9: Acceptance/Denial- You know what? It’s fine. It’s going to be fine. We have another season, and the show knows what it’s doing. 

Stage 10: Denial- NOPE. I’m gonna watch last week’s episode on a loop till the S2 premiere.


“OP spotted kyungsoo having a meal at a restaurant in cheondam-dong & not long ago he had a meal there w his mother“

Kyungsoo has been spending a lot of time with his mother lately. Take care :))))

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