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Newsies Fic Gothic

Newsies Fic Gothic

Time has no meaning. It’s 2016. It’s 1899. It’s 1899 but electricity and cars haven’t been invented yet. The past is the past. The future is the future. There are time traveling girls. Jack spends too much time playing Angry Birds on David’s phone in the lodging house.

Everybody is gay. David is gay. Jack is gay. Pulitzer is gay. Sarah is gay. Katherine it’s gay, The pigeons who were frightened by the trash fire are gay pigeons. Patrick’s mother is a raging lesbian who loves her gay son.

Nobody is gay, and everybody has long lost sisters. Race’s sister is dating Jack. Jack’s sister is dating Skittery. All of the sisters are very estranged. The Delanceys terrorize those that they do not date. The sisters tuck their hair into their newsies caps. Nobody must discover that they are girls.

Racetrack and Spot Conlon stood next to each other in one version of the story. Because of this, they are dating. They show their love by cursing a lot and being very cool. Shortness attracts shortness. It is law.

Spot Conlon is everywhere. He’s in Brooklyn. He’s in Manhattan. He’s in Manhattan. He’s on Mars. Spot Conlon is walking on the sun. Spot Conlon is the little voice inside your heart telling you to believe in yourself and be a good person. Spot a Conlon thinks you should start by eating more Doritos and learning to be a badass. Never fear. Brooklyns here.

The spelling of Crutchie’s name changes every time you read it. Crutchy in love with Jack. Cruhqi is in love with David. Crutchee is sad about the refuge. Krutchee is too good for this cruel world. Crunchy is one person and many. Kerutch-E is everybody’s favorite character.

Jack Kelly is not in love with Sarah Jacobs. They are only friends. They got into a fight and broke up. Sarah is evil. Jack is too gay to date girls. Sarah helps him date her brother. Sarah cackles and devolves into dust. Who is this Sarah you speak of? There is no Sarah, only Katherine. The kiss never happened.

Manhattan is at war with Queens. Again. Will the war ever end? Will our boys ever come home?

There are not enough beds in the lodging house. There are never enough beds in the lodging house. David would like to sleep in the lodging house. He must use Jack’s bed. There are no other options for David. There are no other beds for David.

There are background characters with no lines. They are your responsibility now. Use your power wisely. We forge our own protagonists in blood, sweat, and tears.

Is Jack a cowboy or an artist? His form shifts before your eyes. Is it David or Davey? Are they one in the same? Can they exist in the same universe, or is that a power granted solely to Katherine and Sarah?

Jack and Katherine have a ship. What is their ship called? Is it Kack Plelly? Jatherine Kummer? Goatcuticles? Nobody knows. Nobody can agree. The old ones say there was unity once. Heedless of this conflict, the ship sails on. At least for some.

Davey will never go back to school. Davey will be doomed to repeat his first day back at school over and over in an endless loop. Davey knows the square root of pi. Davey has some facts he’d like to share with you. Davey is unsure what a newspaper is because he is a soft and sheltered student type.

There is no you’re, and there is no your, and there is no yours. There is only “you’s, and if you’s ain’t happy wit dat you’s better hav you’d lawyer call me’s lawyer, and maybe we’ scan woirk somethin’ out. Or maybe you’s face would loike to meet me’s fist if you’s knows what I’s means.

AU, AU is the name of the game. Jack is a gymnast. No wait, he’s a star fleet officer. And now they are at Hogwarts. Keruhchiiiiii has a dragon. David is a very anxious lamp. Mafia.

There is a fic, old and legendary, revered by all. It is about summer camp. Sometimes people forget. Sometimes new people arrive with no knowledge of fandom paths once trod. The story is a beacon in the dark. It’s never forgotten for long.


One day, during Pride, Rebecca casually asked Billy “Do you have any gay friends?”

Billy paused, trying not to betray how fast his heart was beating. He didn’t want to lie to his mother, but he wasn’t ready to tell the truth. He settled for a compromise, “Teddy’s gay.” as soon as he said this, he regretted it: he and Teddy spent so much time together, surely she’d guess.

But Rebecca didn’t seem particularly affected by the news. She just took a sip of coffee and asked “Does he have a boyfriend?”

Billy offered another half-truth, “I don’t know.”

The boys met later that evening in a park and after a quick kiss, Billy asked “Am I your boyfriend?”

Teddy seemed to consider this for a moment, “I’d say so, but it’s not just up to me,” he stepped forward and put his arms around Billy’s waist, “Do you want to be?”

When Billy returned home, he informed his mother, while trying to hide his smile, that yes, Teddy did have a boyfriend.

Billy thought that he’d somehow managed to pull a little trick on his mother, but she knew. She knew Billy was gay and that he and Teddy were seeing each other and she knew how happy it would make Billy to use the word ‘boyfriend’, even just in his own head.

She smiled. It was nice to be right.

concept: anakin kills palpatine and he, padme, and obi run away from it all. they all raise luke and leia on a beautiful planet that’s bursting with green. luke is every bit his mother’s son. he’s gay and he’s not confused or ashamed at all because he’s grown up seeing ani and obi’s love. leia is strong and smart and takes after anakin. luke and leia accidentally wind up dating the same guy, a cocky smuggler who gives leia a beautiful baby boy with chocolate eyes and lovely curls. ani, padme, and obi’s hearts overflow with love for their grandchild. luke falls in love with his childhood friend wedge and they adopt a beautiful baby girl together. her name is rey and she has the loveliest smile and the kindest eyes. when padme, obi, and ani die, in that order, their deaths aren’t a time of sorrow; but a time of celebrating their lives. they never went back to their lives of political or jedi fame, but they raised 2 kind, loving, smart, strong, and beautiful children and they were happy. and that was more than enough.

As Metal Lee hasn’t got a canon nickname yet I decided to make one for him:

Metal Lee, Konoha’s Steel Beast

It’ the perfect combination of Lee (Konoha’s Green Beast) and TenTen, don’t you think?

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Transgender pregnancy roils family

Dear Amy: I’m a proud mother to my gay son who lives across the country. We love him unconditionally. My son married his partner, “John.” They have been together for several years.

Recently, my son came to his father and me with shocking news that my family is still reeling from. John is a trans man who has had “top surgery,” and is actually three months pregnant.

John is going to keep living as a man, even during the pregnancy, which they told us was planned.

We’ve met John many times, have spent holidays with him, and neither he nor my son had given any indication that John was born a woman.

When we told our other children, my daughter, who has three young children, decided she would no longer have contact with them. She did not want to confuse her kids, and was worried about the unborn baby’s future.

My other son said he was “disgusted” by the situation, and won’t have contact.

My husband and I feel hurt, misled, and are confused, but really want to focus on getting everyone to move past this and to accept them.

No one will participate in any sort of therapy, and I worry that the family will never recover.

How can I bring everyone together?

— Concerned Mother

Dear Concerned: In researching your question, I have read several stories about transgender males who have successfully given birth. This issue seems at the vanguard of the new gender and family structures we are all encountering, and I assume this will become more common in the future.

Regarding your own family, you have no option but to let your other adult children make choices concerning their relationship with their brother, his husband and their child.

I agree that it would have been a kindness for them to be brave enough to give you a heads up concerning John being a trans male. (However, given the reaction of your son’s siblings, I can see why they didn’t.)

You should tell both of them how you feel about their choice to keep this information from you.

Then you should turn your attention toward the baby. This baby is coming into your family in a highly unusual way, but babies arrive in families in all sorts of ways, and of course you will love and cherish this child as you do your other grandchildren. That’s the best you can do, and it’s all you need to do. You can’t make this situation right for everyone else, and so you should make it right for you and the child.

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I had been toying with the idea of getting this book for a while and I miraculously found it at the thrift store the other day ! So I know that not many of you are fans of Peter Lawford and I can totally understand why. He was mostly known for being a philanderer, a lousy father, someone who struggled with addiction for decades, some even said he was some sort of pimp who supplied girls for JFK, etc. But let me tell you, the man had one crazy life. His mother never wanted him in the first place. She even publicly said that he was an awful accident (some mother…). Lady Lawford even spread the rumor around that her son was gay so that he could not get acting jobs. You’re bound to end up a little bit screwed up in the head when you have a mother like this. Peter was never really a great actor or comedian (I’m still trying to figure out what was his purpose in the Rat Pack?) but he knew about just everyone in Hollywood and that’s one of the main reasons why this book is captivating. This book talks a lot about the Kennedys (obviously), but it also features stories about Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. My only problem with the book is some of Spada’s sources - for example, he frequently quotes Jeanne Carmen, a very forgettable 1950s starlet who claims to have been Marilyn’s best friend. Everyone knows she’s anything but reliable… And Spada seems to believe that both Bobby and JFK had an affair with Marilyn. The verdict’s still out on this one. So it’s not 100% believable but it’s juicy enough plus you get to learn a lot more about Peter Lawford and it really makes you understand why he behaved the way he did - makes him more human. 

“You have your mother’s… everything” (the ride never ends edition)

Kishimoto is not confirming or denying either, so as far as hints supporting “TenTen is the mother” keep on appearing I’ll post this kind of stuff.

You can’t stop me.

Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation; it cannot be classified as an illness; we consider it to be a variation of the sexual function, produced by a certain arrest of sexual development. Many highly respectable individuals of ancient and modern times have been homosexuals, several of the greatest men among them.
—  Sigmund Freud, in response to a worried mother about her gay son.