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Newsies Fic Gothic

Newsies Fic Gothic

Time has no meaning. It’s 2016. It’s 1899. It’s 1899 but electricity and cars haven’t been invented yet. The past is the past. The future is the future. There are time traveling girls. Jack spends too much time playing Angry Birds on David’s phone in the lodging house.

Everybody is gay. David is gay. Jack is gay. Pulitzer is gay. Sarah is gay. Katherine it’s gay, The pigeons who were frightened by the trash fire are gay pigeons. Patrick’s mother is a raging lesbian who loves her gay son.

Nobody is gay, and everybody has long lost sisters. Race’s sister is dating Jack. Jack’s sister is dating Skittery. All of the sisters are very estranged. The Delanceys terrorize those that they do not date. The sisters tuck their hair into their newsies caps. Nobody must discover that they are girls.

Racetrack and Spot Conlon stood next to each other in one version of the story. Because of this, they are dating. They show their love by cursing a lot and being very cool. Shortness attracts shortness. It is law.

Spot Conlon is everywhere. He’s in Brooklyn. He’s in Manhattan. He’s in Manhattan. He’s on Mars. Spot Conlon is walking on the sun. Spot Conlon is the little voice inside your heart telling you to believe in yourself and be a good person. Spot a Conlon thinks you should start by eating more Doritos and learning to be a badass. Never fear. Brooklyns here.

The spelling of Crutchie’s name changes every time you read it. Crutchy in love with Jack. Cruhqi is in love with David. Crutchee is sad about the refuge. Krutchee is too good for this cruel world. Crunchy is one person and many. Kerutch-E is everybody’s favorite character.

Jack Kelly is not in love with Sarah Jacobs. They are only friends. They got into a fight and broke up. Sarah is evil. Jack is too gay to date girls. Sarah helps him date her brother. Sarah cackles and devolves into dust. Who is this Sarah you speak of? There is no Sarah, only Katherine. The kiss never happened.

Manhattan is at war with Queens. Again. Will the war ever end? Will our boys ever come home?

There are not enough beds in the lodging house. There are never enough beds in the lodging house. David would like to sleep in the lodging house. He must use Jack’s bed. There are no other options for David. There are no other beds for David.

There are background characters with no lines. They are your responsibility now. Use your power wisely. We forge our own protagonists in blood, sweat, and tears.

Is Jack a cowboy or an artist? His form shifts before your eyes. Is it David or Davey? Are they one in the same? Can they exist in the same universe, or is that a power granted solely to Katherine and Sarah?

Jack and Katherine have a ship. What is their ship called? Is it Kack Plelly? Jatherine Kummer? Goatcuticles? Nobody knows. Nobody can agree. The old ones say there was unity once. Heedless of this conflict, the ship sails on. At least for some.

Davey will never go back to school. Davey will be doomed to repeat his first day back at school over and over in an endless loop. Davey knows the square root of pi. Davey has some facts he’d like to share with you. Davey is unsure what a newspaper is because he is a soft and sheltered student type.

There is no you’re, and there is no your, and there is no yours. There is only “you’s, and if you’s ain’t happy wit dat you’s better hav you’d lawyer call me’s lawyer, and maybe we’ scan woirk somethin’ out. Or maybe you’s face would loike to meet me’s fist if you’s knows what I’s means.

AU, AU is the name of the game. Jack is a gymnast. No wait, he’s a star fleet officer. And now they are at Hogwarts. Keruhchiiiiii has a dragon. David is a very anxious lamp. Mafia.

There is a fic, old and legendary, revered by all. It is about summer camp. Sometimes people forget. Sometimes new people arrive with no knowledge of fandom paths once trod. The story is a beacon in the dark. It’s never forgotten for long.


quotes from just some of my favorite songs by bo burnham. feel free to change the pronouns / names / punctuation whatever ! 

  • “ what’s funny ? ”
  • “ my ex girlfriend had a really weird fetish. she liked to dress up as herself & act like a fucking bitch all the time. ” 
  • “ if you can’t beat them , join ‘em. ”
  • “ i make all the single ladies ‘ oh (name) ! ’ ”
  • “ i swear i’m straight. ” 
  • “ just do a chinese accent. ” 
  • “  fuck my life, I don’t fuck my wife so fuck my wife & fuck my life. ” 
  • “ my daughter’s a whore like another girl who used to be her mother. ” 
  • “ my son is gay, but not sitcom gay. ”  
  • “ & i masturbate because i’m the only one whose standards are low enough to fuck me! ”
  • “ we had a helluva ride.” 
  • “ well, i motherfucking lied. ” 
  • “ just shut up ! ” 
  • “ fuck the system. ” 
  • “ it’s not jesus. it’s cheez - its, right ? ” 
  • “ you think i’m joking ? ” 
  • “ art is dead. ” 
  • “ tonight at ten the world is ending again. ” 
  • “ only on the channel 5. ” 
  • “ i’m a faggot. ” 
  • “ no girls wanna fuck me, trust me. ” 
  • “ i don’t give a fuck, don’t adjust me. ” 
  • “ one, two, three, whore - i mean four - shit, three, four, five, bitch - i mean six - shit. ” 
  • “ well, congratu-fucking-lations. ” 
  • “ i got your back kid. ”
  • “ fuck the rules, fuck the game, fuck you tools, fuck you’re lame. ” 
  • “ yeah, fuck me for my hard works, fuck another r - word, fuck me for my hard work that got me into harvard. ” 
  • “ you’ve got sticks and stones to turn to but I’ve got words to hurt you, so save your bullets ‘cause you’re fucked. ” 
  • “ you think you’re clever ? you’re fucked ! ” 
  • “ i must be psychotic, I must be demented to think that I’m worthy of all this attention. ”
  • “ i’m wearing makeup. ”
  • “ ‘cause i wanted my name in lights when i could have fed a family of four for forty fucking fortnights. ” 
  • “ but i’m just a kid. ” 
  • “ maybe i’ll grow out of it. ” 
  • “ i’m a gay sea - otter. ” 
  • “ i hate catchy choruses. ” 
  • “ i’m a hypocrit. ”
  • “ take off your bra & burn it. ”
  • “ eat a dick ! ”
  • “ oh my god, honestly are you fucking five ? ”
  • “ i think i’ve made the right decision. ”
  • “ it’s over. we’re unhappy. ”
  • “ & once the dust has settled i hope we can still be friends. ”
  • “ eat a fucking dick, like this ! ”
  • “ put on your dick - eating bib ! get ready to gobble a dick up ! ”
  • “ i didn’t think you’d cry for me… i didn’t know you cared. ” 
  • “ lick my clit ! ”
  • “ sorry you’re not what i need hun, lick this clit then leave son ! ”
  • “ i deserve better than you ! ”
  • “ you got a job to do, you better do it right. ”
  • “ i like oreoes & pussy ! yeah, in that order ! ”
  • “ i’m looking for somebody to love… or put my penis in – ” 
  • “ holy fuck i think she might be the one ! ”
  • “ i just want her to — how do I say this — sit on my face ! sit ! sit on my face ! ” 
  • “ you think you’re the right one every time ! ” 
  • “ according to my calculations, uh, you’re a pussy. ” 
  • “ i saw a homeless man named rich. isn’t that just terrible ? ” 
  • “ he didn’t here me say ‘ look out for the train ! ’ …because i didn’t say anything. ” 
  • “ i went to a store looking for something to buy but they only sold paintings of the same sad guy … no, wait — this store sells mirrors – ”

‘Arrival: A Short Film by Alex Myung’ (2016) Official Trailer

I just stayed up too late because of this, and I’m so glad I did. Folks, I backed this on Kickstarter several years ago, at the recommendation of a friend. The short film releases online on 4/27/17 at 12pm EST on Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube, and I absolutely urge you to check it out. It is lush, beautiful. The music is wonderful. The emotion is vivid. Be ready on the 27th; it is so worth it. I’ll remind you as soon as I can after it goes live.


One day, during Pride, Rebecca casually asked Billy “Do you have any gay friends?”

Billy paused, trying not to betray how fast his heart was beating. He didn’t want to lie to his mother, but he wasn’t ready to tell the truth. He settled for a compromise, “Teddy’s gay.” as soon as he said this, he regretted it: he and Teddy spent so much time together, surely she’d guess.

But Rebecca didn’t seem particularly affected by the news. She just took a sip of coffee and asked “Does he have a boyfriend?”

Billy offered another half-truth, “I don’t know.”

The boys met later that evening in a park and after a quick kiss, Billy asked “Am I your boyfriend?”

Teddy seemed to consider this for a moment, “I’d say so, but it’s not just up to me,” he stepped forward and put his arms around Billy’s waist, “Do you want to be?”

When Billy returned home, he informed his mother, while trying to hide his smile, that yes, Teddy did have a boyfriend.

Billy thought that he’d somehow managed to pull a little trick on his mother, but she knew. She knew Billy was gay and that he and Teddy were seeing each other and she knew how happy it would make Billy to use the word ‘boyfriend’, even just in his own head.

She smiled. It was nice to be right.

No puedo esperar para saber quiénes son sus mejores amigos, quién será su novia o novio, que va a ser o qué películas le gustarán. Lo que mi hijo quiera hacer o ser, yo siempre lo apoyaré sin importar qué.
—  Adele para la revista Time, cuando la criticaron por vestir a su hijo de princesa.

I Killed My Mother (2009)

I watched this film while I was in the bath yesterday. The water was lukewarm at best by the time it was through, which coincidentally aligned with my feelings about the movie. It has the potential to be something deeply moving, but it lacks development in all of the places that need it the most. It was quite like sitting down to a full meal absolutely starved and  someone comes and takes away half of everything. I don’t know what I expected but until more than halfway through I just felt sorry for the mother for having a manipulative and hurtful son who passes himself off as some sort of troubled artist in order to not take responsibility for the fact that he is a brat. I guess I’m just disappointed because it could have been a comforting movie to anyone with difficult relationships with their mothers, but it wasn’t. And it could have been comforting for anyone who hasn’t come out of the closet to their parents, but it wasn’t. All of the aspects that could have made this film so much more were just sort of overlooked. Almost like you didn’t even  notice them happening. It had its moments, but that’s all they were. When it was over, I was lying in cold water, completely underwhelmed.

anonymous asked:

I feel so sad that people don't appreciate Ursa's character, especially in the comics. In the show, she was only a loving mother with a secret surrounding her. She had almost no characterization beyond that. The comics showed us a much more complex and interesting character (and I don't think the comics contradict anything in the show), and even though she was not perfect, I don't think she deserves all the hate she gets.

Almost all of the hate Ursa gets in this fandom is from fans who want someone other than Azula to blame for Azula’s cruelty. You can also find these same people talking about how Iroh is terrible and sexist, and if he had been a better uncle, he would have fixed his niece the way he did his nephew, or that Mai and Ty Lee are terrible for “betraying” Azula, and if they had been better friends it would have fixed her, or that Zuko is a bad brother and should have fixed Azula. Basically everybody is responsible for fixing Azula except Azula.

This alone is infuriating, as I talk about in my last reblog here: [Link] because it makes Azula’s mental health and actions other people’s responsibility. This is abuser logic and it’s Azula’s own. She believes she has the right to use other people to prop up her own sense of self without their consent, and if they refuse, as Mai and Ty Lee did, they have wronged her. Mai, Ty Lee, and Zuko are all victims of her abuse, and most arguments that they shouldn’t have “abandoned” or “betrayed” her focus on the fact that she needed them to maintain her equalibrium, or that she really did love them deep down, because her needs and feelings must take preeminence over those of her victims. Her needs deserve to be catered to, and her victims’ should be scorned as selfish and suppressed. Iroh and Ursa are not Azula’s victims, but the fannish logic is the same, the idea that they are selfish for not filling Azula’s emotional needs and thereby fixing her.

This logic interacts in a really poisonous way with society’s expectations of mothers, and this is one part of why the Ursa hate is so virulent. The other reason, I think is simply that she is a minor character and doesn’t have the fanbase to drown out the haters. There is of course no way to be a perfect mother, because mothers are people and people can’t be perfect. And yet the idea of imperfection on the part of a mother is one that we as a society are extremely uncomfortable with. Mothers in media are rarely allowed the same range of humanity as other characters, because we are uncomfortable with their independent humanity and the evidence that they have needs and wants separate from those related to the task of being mother. Real life mothers find their every decision critiqued in relation to how it might affect her children.

Mothers and the choices they make are credited with a near-magical ability to save or ruin their children. Back in the mid twentieth century, a frightening amount of ink was spilled blaming every conceivable psychiatric or developmental condition on mothers. If a mother was too affectionate, she would make her son gay, not affectionate enough, autistic. If she was one way, she could make her child schitzophrenic, another, she could make them mentally retarded. She had to be perfect, and if anything went wrong, we knew who to blame. This attitude did not fade away as we learned the underlying causes of many diseases. Growing up, I got to watch doctors, teachers, and just general busybodies blame my brother’s and my own problems on my mother, problems that through my parents’ persistence would be diagnosed as an immune disorder. The difference, I might add, between how my mother was treated and how my father was is stark. So Azula is manifestly and obviously screwed up. In our current societal milieu, it’s not at all surprising that fans looking for a reason would almost reflexively blame her mother. It’s what we do. The fact that Azula had an obvious abusive father does not matter.

There’s another reason Azula fans who are looking for someone to blame for Azula’s actions will look to Ursa instead of Ozai, and that reason is Zuko. Zuko was Ozai’s unfavorite child, the one who was burned and cast off, while Azula was praised and cosseted. If Zuko could overcome the “worse” abuse, what excuse would Azula have? She must have an excuse, since what we are trying to do here after all is justify her behavior. This ignores of course how toxic and damaging being the favorite of somebody like Ozai actually is, and how terrifying being one fall from grace away from being treated like Zuko must have been, something I argue in my Three Pillars Theory of Azula: [Link]. I also have in fact witnessed what the kind of mothering Ursa’s staunchest critics claim she should have given Azula looks like in the real world, and it is not pretty: [Link]

The Azula fans who hold Ursa, or for that matter Iroh, Zuko, Mai, or Ty Lee, responsible for Azula’s actions often claim they want a redemption arc for her similar to the one Zuko got, however, this is pretty clearly not the case. One of the big themes of Zuko’s redemption and recovery arc is that he had to acknowledge fault. He had to acknowledge that yes, he was hurt and hurting, and thought he was doing right, but that he had hurt other people and needed to make amends. People who want to blame other people for Azula’s actions want to absolve her of the very responsibility Zuko learned to shoulder. Another major theme of Zuko’s redemption and recovery arc is that nobody could “fix” Zuko, which is to say nobody could do the emotional work of coming to realize both that he had been wronged by his father and should not try to please him, and that he had hurt people in the name of pleasing his father and in the name of Fire Nation imperialism, except for Zuko himself. Nobody could make amends on Zuko’s behalf, or heal his hurts. Zuko had to do that himself. Iroh could advise and support him, but he couldn’t do it for Zuko, or make Zuko’s choices for him. Most of the Azula fans who want somebody else to blame also want to give her somebody who will love away her damage and pain and make her a good person, which isn’t the way it works, and also is deeply deeply ironic, given that one of the biggest things Azula has to work on is her sense of entitlement to use others to fulfill her emotional needs.

I can’t wait to see my dead gay son tormenting his human shitpost of a crush

I can’t wait to see my Actual Mother force a genius to bring back her grandson, my dead gay son, so she can sass him for letting a man run him the way he did

I can’t wait to see my cat daughter die and be reborn as Gotham’s #1 Badass who falls in love with her Plantwife

I can’t wait to see my bat son reach his full Stoic Badass with a Heart Of Gold potential