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Konoha Akinori Headcanons!

Because damn it look at my underrated beautiful owl boy he deserves so much more attention! 

  • Konoha started volleyball when he was in elementary school, but kind of sucked at it. He had to practice really, really hard to get to where he is now, practicing late into the night and watching tutorial videos when he was supposed to be sleeping. That’s why he hates his nickname “Jack of all Trades” because it implies mediocrity, there was nothing mediocre about how hard he practiced to he point where he is now.
  • Konoha originally wanted to be ace when he entered high school but when he met Bokuto he quickly realized the chance of that was unlikely. He resented Bokuto for how naturally volleyball came to him at first, but came to eventually see how kind hearted and inspiring he was, so he grew to actually care a ton about his now ace.

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