mother and father asleep

you on my mind again

I walked home from work tonight. Thought of you. Every dog was barking, all having a conversation I was not invited to, probably because if I was I would only talk about you, and they’re sick of it.

My sister hates you, and when I say hate I mean she would kill you given the opportunity. She’s not alone you say when I tell you this, and I say it’s the one thing her and I have in common, and you laugh, and I stare. I can’t say what you being happy does to me. I feel the sun within me like I swallowed it, all of me warm.

Lily here’s the thing: we need a better apartment! you call from the shower, which occasionally turns off for no reason and won’t go on again until the toilet is flushed. James, here’s the thing: we need more money! I call back. Being poor is a lot more romantic in the films. In reality it is having an oven that takes thirty minutes to turn off and curling into one another during winter, fingers purple.

I don’t mind being poor with you. And when I say I don’t mind I mean I obviously mind but not as much when you are with me. I don’t mind a lot of things when you are with me: flat tire, missed flight, my mother only speaking to me when my father is asleep.

That time we had no electricity that week because we had to pay our rates. Us, in the dark, holding candles you stole from Remus, playing cards for hours but only Go Fish because it was the only game you knew. After work when you got home at three and we ate crackers and made up episodes of Friends to entertain ourselves. Joey and Chandler run away to Atlantis. Phoebe transforms into an armadillo and desperately tries to gain admission into a zoo. Rachel gets arrested for stalking Queen Elizabeth. Ross dies in a house fire. They all forget to go to his funeral. And us: rolling on the floor, our laughter the only thing.

There are still things I dislike about you. You won’t take buses because you think they’re dirty. When we fight and you laugh at me. Leaving all the kitchen cabinets open so I bump into them. That I tell you about why my father hates me but you won’t tell me why yours does.

(I think it’s because of me. I often forget that you should be a lawyer right now, instead of in an apartment with me and an oven that takes thirty minutes to turn off.)

Often we talk about what our lives will be like later. When we have money. When we have time. You will buy a giant couch so Sirius will stop bitching about how uncomfortable the floor is when he’s over. I want to get a cat and name it ‘milk’ or ‘bumblebee’ or some other ridiculous thing, and when I say this you stare and then kiss me senseless. I cannot believe you love me you say. All my breath deserts me. I cannot believe I wouldn’t.

You work late nights, and I work afternoons, so in the morning we eat cereal out of the box and sit in bed, talking about what kind of dogs we’d be. I’m a beagle. You want to be a German Shepherd but in reality you’re Scottish Terrier because you’re still a bit posh and also wear glasses. Scottish Terriers don’t wear glasses you say. Yes, but they look like they should I respond. You consider this, and then nod. You’re right you agree. I take a handful of cornflakes and am so fucking glad that you’re here.

I use your toothbrush sometimes when its dark and I can’t find mine, and this is something I will never tell you, primarily because you’d freak out about it. Another thing I can never say: you always buy too much popcorn at the movies for two people to eat. I also can’t say the entire reason I still have the purple sneakers from five years ago that no longer fit me is because they were the shoes I was wearing when you told me you first told me you loved me, and I did not look beautiful, so I knew you meant it.

In truth I could spend an infinite amount of hours talking about you, and the things we do when we’re alone

(including but not limited to: playing scrabble, trying to recreate that lift from Dirty Dancing, reading books without saying anything, arguing about how long the commercial is and whether it’s worth switching the channel, you kissing my neck, bumping into one another half asleep in the kitchen, arguing about who’s turn it is to do the dishes, laughing about our neighbours and how loud their sex is, discussing whether our sex is louder than the neighbours, trying to make our sex louder than the neighbours, burning our bills once we’ve paid them, getting drunk off cheap tequila and having a dance off, lying in bed carding my hands through your hair, having a staring contest over lunch, kissing each other on the mouth, kissing each other in other places.)

But I won’t. because other people (and dogs) find it boring when you talk about another person to much. I don’t mind. I have you. They don’t. I can’t imagine how awful that is.

#1- Getting Kidnapped

Description: ♤Getting kidnapped by Damon and Dating Marcel♤

Word Counting: 2302

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“I’m going out!” You shouted at your older siblings. You turned towards the door, going to open it but Klaus already beat you to it.

“And where do you think you’re going dear sister?” Klaus smiled softly. You gave him a small smile back.

“Don’t worry Nik. I’m only going to take a walk. I have a lot in mind. If you want you can come too,” you raised an eyebrow, smirking a him.

“I would like to sister but now that everybody wants to kill me, I’m in danger and you as well,” Klaus said sternly.

“But Nik they don’t even know you have another sister. Remember I’m the only one that has always been hidden from everyone. Nobody knows there’s another Mikaelson,” you rambled.

“I do not want you in danger for God’s sake, y/n!” Klaus shouted.

“I’m gonna be in danger soon. I have always been in danger,” you shouted.

“What is all this ruckus about?” You guys heard Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah’s footsteps coming towards you both.

“She wants to go out alone,” Klaus said, “I don’t want anyone to harm her.”

“You are not going outside, y/n,” Rebekah said, her voice raising up a little.

“You know how everyone out there is trying to kill Niklaus y/n. They will use you as bait,” Kol said, hands on hips.

“Brothers, sister. I know you worry about her but she knows how to take care of herself. Come on. She has lived for centuries. It’s best we let her go out. We have kept her hidden in this house far too long,” Elijah spoke, his hands going behind his back.

A couple of minutes of silence, Klaus finally spoke.

“Fine. But you’re taking one of my hybrids as your bodyguard. He’ll call me if anything is or looks like it’s danger. Okay little sister?” Klaus asked.

“I promise. I’ll even call you myself if anything looks like danger,” you smiled

“Promise?” All four of them chorused together.

“Always and forever,” you said, the promise in between you and your siblings.

“Okay then. I’ll call him,” Klaus glanced at you before whistling to his hybrid. A tall, buffy man came a stern face and arms behind his back. He looked straight at us, before turning to Klaus.

“I want you to take care of her. Don’t let her out of your side. If danger lurks call me fast. If I find a scratch on her body by someone else and you didn’t call me or Elijah or Rebekah. Say goodbye to your life,” Klaus smirked, waving him.

Kol turned to him as well.

“If I find a single scratch on her by even a paper under your watch, you won’t live your years. I will not hesitate to rip you apart. Organ by organ. Slowly and painfully,” Kol whispered dangerously.

“Promise you’ll call if anything baby sister?” Rebekah asked playing with your hair, ignoring your older brothers threats.

“I promise,” you smiled.

“Be careful y/n. Danger lurks every corner. Now go,” Elijah said, smiling his dashing smile, “Have fun.”

You chuckled, waving them goodbye, sighing in relief as you got outside. You knew this was gonna happen. Especially with Klaus for you and him were the closest siblings.

You looked at the hybrid by your side, who was looking everywhere closely.

“What’s your name?” You asked, placing your hands behind your back, walking quite rapidly. The hybrid didn’t answer just looked around cautiously.

“Okay then,” you whispered to yourself.

Silence overtook you guys, the awkwardness making you cringe and roll your eyes.

“Make we go to the Grill?” You asked the hybrid. He looked hesitant for a while before nodding his head.

You smiled. You went towards the Grill where a lot of people were already there.

“Ah. Just a relaxing day,” you said, sitting next to a raven haired man.

The raven haired man looked at you, a smirk on his face. You gave him a small smile.

“Damon Salvatore,” he introduced himself.

A Salvatore, huh. Never expected them to be here you thought.

“Y/n Mikaelson,” you introduced back, but that was a bad mistake to do. His smirk grew more.

You looked at the hybrid, mouthing him: ‘Call Niklaus.’ The hybrid nodded. He took out his phone, calling Klaus. And as soon as Klaus answered, Damon broke the phone away from the hybrids ear, making the phone fall on the ground.

“You’re an original?” Damon asked.

“Yes,” you said, standing straight.

“You’re Klaus’ sister?” He asked again.

“Now what is this? 20 questions?” You asked, smirking while downing your drink.

“Just interested,” Damon smirked as he took out the hybrids heart.

“Why would you do that? Especially in front of all these people,” you shouted at him.

“Don’t worry. I can compel everyone,” Damon said as he compelled everyone at the grill. You sighed. Hopefully Klaus already knew you were in danger.

“Let’s go outside shall we?” He asked.

“No thanks,” you replied, sass on your voice.

Damon only put on his dangerous smirk.

“Wrong answer,” he said, grabbing a stake out of his leather jacket. He got closer to you, chest to chest and plunged it in you. The place where the stake was, burned as you noticed it was laced with vervain.

“Bastard,” you growled out, trying to get the stake out of your abdomen. But only it got plunged back into its place. You grunted in pain.

“You’re gonna be dead,” you spat.

“And how is that?” Damon asked.

“All my family will come kill you. My mother, my father, and my siblings. Everybody.”

“Your mother and father?” Damon asked.

“They love me. Even asleep. Even dead. They care. I was everybody’s light. They are overprotective. So please help me Damon. Let me go. Or you’ll be dead,” you said, veins appearing in your eyes. And what you said was true. Even though you despised your parents, for some unknown reason they always got mad every time someone hurt you.

“I’ll think about,” as he said that darkness consumed you.

Klaus’ phone rang. He saw his hybrids name on his phone and Klaus felt a bad feeling come to his stomach.

“Hello?” Klaus answered. But nobody answered, only a thump of something hit the ground. He heard your grunts of pain on the other line.

“You’re gonna be dead,” he heard you. Klaus sped to the living room where all the siblings were sitting at. The siblings looked at him, Klaus put his index finger by his lips, motioning them to not make a sound. Klaus put the phone on speaker.

“And how is that?” They all heard someone say.

“All my family will come kill you. My mother, my father, and my siblings. Everybody.”

“"Your mother and father?” That voice. It sounded familiar to all your family. But they just couldn’t place the name on it.

“They love me. Even asleep. Even dead. They care. I was everybody’s light. They are overprotective. So please help me Damon. Let me go. Or you’ll be dead,” they heard you say. But the name stood out to them. They all growled in anger as Klaus heard the phone being shattered. None of them knowing where you were of course. And they couldn’t handle knowing you’re hurting.

“Let’s call Marcel. He’ll be the one who will take it the worst out of all of us. He’ll do the pleasure into killing Damon,” Rebekah said. And no, she wasn’t jealous of you and Marcel. After all she was the one who brought you guys together. She was happy for you.

Rebekah called Marcel, knowing he will be fuming in anger.

Rebekah heard Marcel’s voice throughout the other line.

“Hello?” He answered.

“Marcel we need you right now,” Rebekah spoke rapidly

“What happened? Is y/n ok?” He asked worryingly.

“That’s why we need you. Someone kidnapped y/n ,” Rebekah smirked as she heard Marcel growl in anger.

“On my way,” Marcel hung up.

Rebekah looked at her siblings, a devious smirk on her.

“Well?” Kol asked.

“He’s fuming. We’ll get y/n back,” Rebekah said, biting her lip.

“We’ll get her back.”

You grunted in pain as your hands were held by a rope tainted with vervain.

“Aw poor you. I wonder what your siblings are doing right now?” Damon asked.

“Planning your death,” you sassed.

“Oh darling that’s why I have you,” Damon slapped you.

“They’ll kill you. Slowly and painfully. You’ll wish you’ll even met me. Let me go. Right now,” you growled.

“No thanks,” he then sped to you snapping your neck and leaving you unconscious.

“I’m here,” Marcel said, speeding in the living room with all his other vampires, filling half of the living room.

“Ah I see you brought your minions,” Klaus said.

“It’s my girl they took. Do you think I will only let you guys hurt him? Hell no. I’m going with my vampires,” Marcel said.

“I already tracked her,” Kol said.

“Where is she?”

“She’s by a warehouse,” Kol groaned.

“Why is it it’s always a warehouse. Can’t they just do it somewhere else,” Rebekah ranted as she walked out.

Marcel looked at the other siblings and sighed. He walked out as well, his vampires following behind him and the Mikaelson brothers as well.

“They’re gonna kill you,” you said, groaning in pain as a stake was by your heart, another stake was in your arm, another stake was in your leg, another in your back, and another in your abdomen. Your family was gonna be mad.

“I will like to see them try,” Damon smirked.

“They can. We have lived for centuries. We were the first vampires created. After all, I can tell Nik to kill, oh what’s that doppelganger’s name. Ah, Elena. Nik will kill her if you don’t get me out of here,” you smirked.

“He won’t touch her,” Damon growled in anger.

“Ugh you’re overprotective. Let Elena live a little Damon,” you said.

“Yeah like I’m gonna do that. After all your brother tried to kill her multiple times,” Damon said, sitting down.

'Reminds me of Marcel,’ You thought.

“Now do you love anybody?” Damon asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“Now that is classified information,” you smirked, winking at him sarcastically.

“Where’s your brother, Damon? His name is Stefan right?” You asked.

“Leave him out of this!” Damon shouted before putting another stake on your arm.

“Jesus Christ how many stakes do you have?” You asked as you groaned.

“I have multiple and I have the white oak stake,” Damon said.

“Of course you would,” you groaned.

“Now maybe is the time that I can kill you with it,” Damon smiled sarcastically as he pulled out the white oak stake and dived it towards you.

It was almost close to your heart when you heard a bang by the door making Damon alert. He grabbed you, him behind and you in front as a shield.

In came your siblings, Marcel, and more vampires.

“Wow. Such a dramatic entrance,” Damon rolled his eyes.

“Leave her alone,” Marcel shouted.

“Oh are you the guy she loves? Huh. I thought originals didn’t love anybody because they were the cruelest and heartless monsters,” Damon retorted.

“Says the guys who didn’t care about anyone else’s feelings and killed their girlfriends brother. And made someone a vampire. And then killed their brothers best friend,” you said.

“Remember I won’t hesitate to kill you,” Damon glared at you.

“Or what?” You rolled your eyes.

“Or-,” Damon was cut off by a his neck snapping. Everybody looked behind him seeing none other than Stefan Salvatore.

“Sorry about him. He turned off his emotions and him doing this wasn’t right,” Stefan apologized, staring at Rebekah.

“He turned the switch off? I didn’t notice,” you said, Marcel and your siblings taking the stakes off of you.

“I’m seriously sorry,” Stefan apologized.

“Its fine. Not your fault,” you said, running to Marcel and hugging him. He kissed your forehead hugging you tightly to his chest.

You saw Rebekah looking at Stefan as he picked up the white oak stake.

“Here,” he said, passing the stake to her.

“Thanks,” Rebekah mumbled as their hands touched.

You looked at Marcel, smiling as you both saw how your sister was looking at Stefan.

You got out of Marcel’s grip, going to hug your older siblings.

“Well you look horrible little sister,” Kol said.

“Oh shut up Kol,” you chuckled.

“I’m glad you’re safe little sister,” Klaus smiled as he hugged you.

“I’m glad you’re not killing people right now Nik,” you joked as you hugged him as tight.

“Three days without you darling. It got very lonely,” Elijah smiled at you.

“Three days has it been?” You asked.

“Yes it has. I’m glad you’re fine,” Elijah said, his pearly whites showing as he grinned at you. You turned to look at all the familiar faces of the other vampires you hugged them all into a group hug.

“Where’s Rebekah?” Kol asked.

“She was here moments ago,” Klaus said.

“Guess she’s out having fun with the Salvatore,” you laughed, standing next to Marcel as he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“We just got you back and she goes out having fun with that boy? How dare she do that?” Kol asked.

“Its fine Kol. After all Becks needs to find love. Right Elijah?” You asked your noble brother.

“Right baby sister. Now Niklaus don’t kill Stefan,” Elijah said, glaring at Klaus.

“I would never brother,” Klaus smirked, shrugging in the process. You all rolled your eyes. Nothing but happy at this moment. Leaving the warehouse as you all walked home. Not before asking Marcel’s minions to chain Damon to a secret cell that was hidden in the warehouse.

Rebekah came next day with a smile on her face, her heels in one hand, and her hair ruffled in all places. You smiled at her and she did to you.

Sneaking out ( JJ iii)

Summary: Reader and Jughead have a secret

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“she’s asleep” your mother whispered to your father and you waited for the sound of the door closing.

you jumped out of bed fully dressed. grabbing your phone you opened the window and climbed down the ladder that was sat under your bedroom window.

“i’m on my way” you texted and while you waited for a response  you put on your headphones

“i’m waiting” he replied

the  lights of pops illuminated your face in neon colors and you could see the person you were here to meet through the window.

when you walked through the door the bell rang and he looked up . he had already ordered you a milkshake

“hey” you slid in the booth sitting across from him grabbing your milkshake

“hi” he said quietly.  more quiet than usual and it worried you he was never this quiet

“whats wrong?” you asked taking a sip of the milkshake in front of you

Jughead sighed “we can’t keep doing this” he gestures between you two with his hands

“what do you mean we can’t keep doing this” you ask and he rolls his eyes

“this we can’t keep doing this. you have to sneak out of the house just to see me you’re going to get caught because of me” you grab your boyfriends hands rubbing your thumbs over the backs in soothing circles

“Jughead, you’re right we can’t keep sneaking around” you start

“tomorrow you’re coming over for breakfast and we’re gonna tell them about us.” you say and almost giggle at his panicked face.

“what if they don’t want us together?” you laugh “then i guess they’ll just have to deal with it”


“mom, make an extra plate” you say walking into the kitchen

“why? you having someone over?” she asks and you nod  reaching over to grab a piece of bacon

“you have to wait!” she scolded and smacked your hand away

“ouch” you rubbed your hand and went to the dining room and helped your mother set up

“why is there an fourth plate? is your mother here?” your father asked your mother ducking around as if there was bat in the house

your mother playfully smacked your father on the arm “no, Y.N is having someone over” your mother beamed

“oh are you now?” he asked and you nodded

the door bell rang and you jumped up “i’ll get it!” you yell running towards the door and there stood Jughead dressed in his usual clothing but he wasn’t wearing his beanie

“hey Jug wheres the beanie” you asked running a hand through his raven boys hair

he seemed to relax at the feeling of your hand in his hair

“i didn’t bring it” you grab his bag and take the beanie out  "you never go anywhere without your beanie jug" you say

before he can say anything you place the beanie on his hand fixing some strands of hair “you don’t have to change Jug just be yourself"you assure him

grabbing his hand you lead him into your house and to the dining room where your mother and father were sat patiently waiting for your return

the sound of you entering the room alerted your parents

"mom, dad this is jughead” you began “my boyfriend” your mother gasps

“boyfriend?” she asks excitedly  "boyfriend" your father says


there was a silence while you all ate

it was like they didn’t know what to say

“so” your father starts “how long have you and Jughead been dating?” he asks

you and jughead look at eachother and answer at the same time “eight months”

“eight months?” your mother says “why are we just now finding out?” she asks

“well, we were afraid of what you guys would say so we kept it a secret” Jug says

“is that why you were sneaking out all the time?” your mother says

you choke on your orange juice “You knew?” you say regaining your breath

“sweetheart i used to sneak out all the time you’re not exactly quiet” your father says

“i never knew you were sneaking out  because of a boy” your mother says dreamily  "you know i used to sneak out to go meet your father at this little treehouse-“ you stop her

"ew mom i don’t want to know what you and dad did when you snuck out” she nods

“it’s not  appropriate for kids anyway” she says and your father gently elbows her in the ribs

“oh my god” you whisper


your parents asked their questions and Jughead answered truthfully and by the looks on their faces they were interested by him

“i should get going” Jug says and you both stand up

“i’ll walk you out” and you start to the door

“thanks for coming Jug” you say and he grabs your hands

“i’d do it a million more times for you” and you smile at the cheesy line

he leans in and your lips meet “they kissed Eliza” you hear your father whisper

you turn your heads and see your parents peeking around the corner but quickly turn when they knew they got caught

“i’ll see you later” you tell him and he kisses your cheek one more time before leaving

you shut the door and walked back into the dining room

your mother was hunched over the table and your father was sat in the chairs looking through an upside down newspaper

“i saw you guys” you say and walk upstairs to your room.

FT Secret Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day @aya-eisen​! Surprise it was me! I really hope you like the Gajevy one-shot. Have a great day I had a lot of fun getting to know you! @ftfanfics

Little bare feet slapped against the hard wood floor, the child’s short legs carrying her towards her parent’s room. The door creak as the little girl pushed open the door as quietly as she could. Her parents were fast asleep, her father holding her mother close to his chest. It was still early after all but that didn’t stop her.

“Daddy!” she whispered, having toddled over to his side of the bed to shake him awake. In an instant her father’s piercing red eyes snapped open. Not wanting to wake up his wife, Gajeel sighed before climbing out of bed.

Once they were out of the room and in the kitchen, the black haired man knelt down in front of his five year old daughter. “What’s up Buttercup?” he asked staring into her big brown eyes.

“It’s Valentine’s Day!” Roxie giggled, throwing her arms up in the air.

A soft groan rumbled in the back of the exhausted father’s throat. “You woke me up to tell me that?”

“No silly,” Roxie shook her head, her dark purple locks flying around her. “We gotta make breakfast for Mommy!” The much older man blinked at her, his daughter never ceasing to surprise him with her brains and her big heart.

“All right Rox, what did you wanna make for Mommy?” Gajeel asked, mentally going through the ingredients they had in the house.

“Hmm,” his daughter tapped her chin with her pointer finger, the pose seeming to help her think. “Mommy likes pancakes so we should make her those! With blueberries! But I don’t like blueberries….” She looked troubled by her predicament.

Gajeel chuckled, scooping her up in his arms easily as if she were a feather. “We can make Mommy’s with blueberries and yours with chocolate chips. How does that sound?”

“Good!” Roxie threw up her arms in celebration. “With lots of syrup!”

Gajeel carried her over to the kitchen, the smile never leaving his lips. “Why are you so obsessed with sugar little girl?”

“Because it’s yummy!” Roxie erupted into giggles when her father tickled her sides. “Stop it Daddy! That tickles!”

“That’s why I’m doing it,” Gajeel barked out a laugh and after another moment allowed her to escape her grasp.

Roxie giggled, racing over to the pantry. “Come on, Daddy! We have to finish before Mama wakes up!

“All right all right but you have to be quiet,” Gajeel placed a finger to his lips. “We don’t want to wake up Mommy or your little brother before breakfast is done.”

“Right!” the purple haired girl nodded in affirmation. Together the two whipped up a towering stack of fluffy pancakes, a mix of ones with blueberries, chocolate and plain ones. For the sides they (Gajeel) cooked some eggs and bacon.

“Oi, where ya goin’ squirt?” the dad called, catching sight of Roxie heading towards the front door.

“Outside!” Roxie tugged on a pair of light pink shoes, a birthday gift from her Aunt Lucy. “I’ll be right back!” she promised and was out the door before Gajeel could get another word out.

He shook his head, his pulled back hair swinging from the movement. “Just like her Mom, that kid, Ghihi.” Heading over to the front room, he stared out the window, watching his daughter to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble and found her picking dandelions. “What is she doin’?”

Once Roxie seemed satisfied with her bouquet of weeds, she ran inside clutching the plants close. “Lookie! I picked Mommy some flowers.”

Even Gajeel wasn’t mean enough to break it to his daughter that she had grabbed weeds so instead he ruffled her hair. “Those look beautiful,” he went over to the cabinet. “Let’s put them in a vase.”

“Let me pick which one,” Roxie begged, clambering after him. She studies the few flower vases they had before deciding on a small baby blue one. “That one!”

“Nice pick kiddo!” The iron dragon slayer snagged the chosen vase off the shelf. He walked over to the sink, filling the blue vase halfway with water then letting Roxie put the flowers inside. “Perfect, can you set it on the table? Don’t run with it…good girl,” he praised when no mishaps occurred. The flowers were set, the silverware was on the table, and the food was done. “I think it’s time we wake up Mommy-” he was cut off by distant crying. “I think Gale beat us to it…”

Gajeel told Roxie to guard the food, which she took her job very seriously, to go to his almost one year old son’s room. “Dontcha worry, I gotcha…” he trailed off, seeing Levy with her back facing him as she already held their son. Her hips swayed lightly to an unheard beat that seemed to calm Gale right away.

“Oh, Gajeel,” Levy looked over her shoulder, smiling at her husband sweetly. “I got him because I didn’t know you were up. You weren’t in bed so I figured you might have went to the guild for something.”

“Nah, Roxie woke me up to help her with something,” Gajeel came up behind her, snaking his muscular arms around her thin waist. She was a little plumper after having children, his children, but he didn’t mind one bit. It gave him more of her to love.

“Oh?” Levy raised an eyebrow, leaning into his touch, having not head her daughter come into their room. “What did she need?”

“I think it would be better if she showed you,” a soft chuckle vibrated in his chest while his lips placed a soft kiss to her neck.

“Mommy!” Roxie squealed, flying into the room and ruining her parents sweet moment but the two were used to it by now. Their five year old daughter had a radar for when her parents wished to be alone. “I have a surprise for you!” she tugged her mother’s night dress.

“All right, all right, I’m coming,” Levy laughed lightly, passing Gale over to Gajeel to hold in order to allow her daughter to drag her into the kitchen. Upon seeing the spread on the table, a gasp escaped the young mother. “Roxie…did you and Daddy make this for me?”

“Uh huh! But I picked the flowers all by myself,” the little girl added proudly.
Levy knelt down, pulling her baby girl into an embrace. “Thank you baby, I love it,” she kissed her forehead. “I have a surprise for you too?”

“You do?” Roxie quivered in anticipation as she watched her mother head back into her room. When she emerged, Levy was holding the present behind her back.

“Now close your eyes,” her mother instructed and waited to place the gift in her small hands until her eyes were squeezed shut. “Ok, you can open them.”

A high pitched scream came out of Roxie’s mouth as she stared at the heart shaped box of chocolates in her palms. “Thank you so much Mommy!”

“It’s from Daddy too,” Levy laughed when Roxie yelled a thanks to Gajeel and then launched herself into her arms. “You’re welcome sweetie,” the blue haired woman kissed the top of her messy head of hair. Her fingers stroked the girl’s cheek lightly in adoration. Sometimes it was hard to believe that this precious child was hers.

“Gihihi, let’s eat before the food gets cold you two,” Gajeel chuckled, strapping Gale into his high chair. When his wife went to fix the baby some food he told her to relax and eat. The tired mother gratefully accepted his offer. Together the small family enjoyed not only the delicious meal, but also each other’s company.

When breakfast was finished, Gale was put in his play pen that was in the next room along with Roxie who played with her dolls to allow the two adults to clean up. The couple had a system, Gajeel always washed and Levy dried the dishes. They remained in a comfortable silence until the dark haired man stole the dish from her hand. “Hey!”

“Come with me for a sec,” he set the plate on the counter, his hands wrapping around hers as he lead them to their bedroom.

“Gajeel?” the solid script mage questioned, tilting her head to the side slightly, her blue waves stirring at the movement.

The named man gave her no reply, his back to her as he rummaged through one of his drawers. When he turned back around his hand was closed in a fist.

“Hold out yer hands,” he instructed gruffly.

Levy quirked up an eyebrow at him but complied with his request. Not a moment later, she felt cool metal against her skin. She looked down, finding a thin chain with a steel heart charm. “Oh Gajeel…” she smiled, tears pricking the corners of her big brown eyes.

“I made it myself,” her husband said, rubbing the back of his neck. Even after all these years he still got all flustered when it came to being romantic.

“I love it,” Levy clutched the necklace close to her chest, a bright smile adorning her face. “Can you put it on me?”

“What? Ya can’t put on a necklace by yourself?” Gajeel scoffed but took the necklace just like she knew he would. Her hands held up her hair so it was out of the way for him as he clasped the jewelry around her neck. His fingers lingered on her skin, sending goosebumps down her arms.

A soft sigh escaped her pale lips when he placed a kiss just behind her ear, electricity racing across her skin at every touch. “I love you, Gajeel.”

“I know,” he grinned cheekily and after a pout from her he pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you too, Levy.” Another kiss was placed on the top of her head.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Babe.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Levy echoed.

The Choices We Make

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Emma doesn’t know what to think of the woman and man in the doorway who claim to be her parents. But she’s ten and her current set of foster parents aren’t the best people. They give her privacy, but they feed her one meal a day, and when they get angry, well let’s just say Emma tries to avoid angering them.

So she goes through the doorway to this town called Storybrooke. They explain to her that the man, her father, loves her, but to keep her safe he needs to go back to sleep. A coma, her mother calls it.

When the mayor finds them, her father fast asleep in her mother’s arms, Mary Margaret claims to have found Emma lost in the woods. And with the town surrounding them, Regina has no choice but to let Emma return to the town.

Her mother formalizes the adoption a few weeks later, and Emma has a home for the first time in her life. Mary Margaret tells her stories of Snow White and Prince Charming; tales she couldn’t find in any books. She’s hiding something, and Emma doesn’t push, but she knows how to tell when she’s being lied to.

Regina Mills doesn’t like her, and Emma isn’t all that offended by it. She has no legal grounds to force Emma to leave, Mary Margaret tells her, no matter how much she tries.

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Legolas speaks to Frodo telepathically.

Seldom did he open his mouth to communicate with the half-ling, only because he could do so easier with his mind.

The power of the One was too corrupt at times for Legolas to be around, too dark. And even speaking to Frodo, the Ring Bearer of all creatures, who was cloaked in its darkness, fatigued him.

So he stayed his distance, a safe distance. Because he was no good the Fellowship ill.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t offer advice or companionship to the hobbit. He did so, just mentally.

He loved hearing Frodo talk in elvish, and had complimented him the moment he heard his greetings. He also loved hearing tales of the Shire, and the things Bilbo taught Frodo as a young hobbit of the elves.  In turn he told Frodo about his childhood and his life in Mirkwood, and his love for his father and mother.

They would “speak” for hours, while everyone was asleep, speak while walking, and even at a distance.

In a sense, they formed a very close mental bond with one another, and could sense when the other was faltering or fading.

When Frodo survived the eruption at Mordor, when he woke up in Imaldris, Legolas felt their bond reawaken, and it was the happiest he’d felt since Gandalf had returned to them as Gandalf the White.

It wasn’t until after the war that they actually spoke, when Frodo visited Greenwood, and when Legolas visited the shire. And they talked for hours.

It was different, refreshing. To be able to speak to Frodo without the darkness of the ring is something Legolas had always wanted to do, and Frodo had wanted to do the same.

Draco couldn’t cast a patronus for the longest time, couldn’t find a memory good enough for the spell to work. The day he finally cast one, it was a memory from his childhood, a memory before Hogwarts, before Voldemort’s return, before he’d been forced to grow up much too young.

He’d had a nightmare, some childish nonsense with a made up monster, and he’d run to his parents bedroom, hadn’t yet grown old enough to think of it as odd. They’d allowed him to crawl into bed with him, and he fell asleep once more to his mother holding him and singing him a soft song. He awoke one more time that night, this time to someone running their fingers through his hair. To his surprise, his eyes opened to find it was his father, not his fast asleep mother, who was providing him this affection. When Father noticed Draco was awake, he’d removed his hand but not quite lost the barely there smile, and whispered a soft “Go back to bed, Draco” before turning his back to his son.

He didn’t think that memory would work, thought it was much too simple, but he was running out of ideas by that point. Amazingly enough, light came out of the end of his wand and took the form of an animal.

Draco cursed and threw his hands up in exasperation. Sitting in front of him, a fucking ferret.

Prompt: Gale Song.

For as long as he’s able to remember, Harry had always wanted a family of his own, practically desperate for that little bundle of joy that he could spoil positively rotten with kisses and love.

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Lurking in the Dark (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles One Shot 

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Requested: No

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance.

Warnings: Mature content. There is talk of angels and demons. Rating NC-17 for mature content alone. (If you are uncomfortable with any of the topics spoken of, I urge you to not read.) 

It is said that everyone has soul mates, compliments to themselves. These people are valued highly and when they are found they are held onto tightly. 

Before the age of time there were angels and demons, lurking in their own realms. Both stunning as could be, the only difference was their hearts. The angels were warm hearted whereas the demons as cold as ice could be. 

The pure and the vile roamed their realms and the latter caused all the havoc that the former would grace the world with only the best. 

Like angels, there were some demons sent to earth to wreck what had been pure. These demons having been former angels themselves still had their compliments out their somewhere. And them moment they found their compliment, their lovers life would change. 

Unlike the angels, these demons had no ties to anything so they could take with their compliments without worry. Demons rarely had any worries at all, only the occasional mess up that others would have to pay for. 

There was royalty among these demons for some were more valued amongst the others. These demons compliments would be so highly regarded that the demons would look after them themselves.

It was said that the angels felt bad for the demons said compliments, for they would have only misery in their lives. Demons brought nothing but bad energy. 

~Age 3~

She burrowed under her covers as she heard his laugh loud and clear. The cackling sound reaching her tiny and fragile ears as she sobbed. 

Her tears streaming down the rosy apples of her cheeks as she clutched her teddy bear tightly. Her hands shaking as he cried into its fur. 

“Come out and play.” He cooed and she just cried louder, finally her father coming in to see what was wrong. 

The lights were flicked on and all other sound faded away. The room was cloaked in silence as the covers were lifted away from her and she was picked up and held in her fathers arms. 

“Why all of the tears flower?” He wiped them from her cheeks and she clung to him, shaking her little head. 

“Man in there!” She hiccuped and pointed to the closet door, the same door that previously held glowing red eyes and sharp white teeth. 

“Flower we’ve been over this there is no man in there. I checked just before you went to bed remember?” She shook her head and held onto her father tighter. He sighed loudly and walked back to his and his wife’s room. 

“Another bad night?” Her mother said and her father nodded his head. She held her arms out for the little girl and she crawled over to her mother. 

As his wife and daughter feel asleep the father got up and walked out of the room.

He decided to go back into his daughters room and when he walked back in to turn on the lights and check the closet again the sight on the walls had his heart stop. 

In dark blood was written “she’s my flower.” 

~Age 8

“Ouch!” The girl yelped as she fell. She could feel tears swell in her eyes as she rubbed her now scraped knees. 

Little trails of tears trickled down heated cheeks as stood up and looked down at her fallen ice cream. Somewhere her parents were arguing about whatever it was they argued about, leaving her to romp around the park freely. 

“Are you alright?” Her wide eyes peered up at a concerned looking child, his own eyes wide as he looked at her scraped knees. 

“We have to get them cleaned up!” He tugged on her hand and pulled her further away from where her parents said she could play. 

“Wait, stop!” She cried and tried to tug his hand to a stop but he continued to walk with her until he found a bench with another man sitting there. 

“She scraped her knees.” He said simply and the man produced a little towel and a water bottle. He moved to clean them but the curly haired, green eyes boy yelled at him. 

“I want to do it.” He took the things away from the man and cleaned off her knees, patting them when he finished up. He looked at the man expectantly and he handed over some money. The green dollars looked startling against the boys pale skin. 

Once again he held the girls hands as they wondered back from where he had found her. 

“Lets go get ice cream,” she cheered and they walked through lots of bodies to the little vender. 

The women looked at them adoringly as they ordered their ice cream and left. The little girl didn’t know how he did it but the curly haired boy talked their way out of paying. 

“My parents always tell me that you have to pay for everything. It’s proper.” She said as they sat on a bench together and watched the people pass. Her parents were still not in sight as they waited. 

“Mine never told me that.” He mumbled and continued to eat his ice cream quietly. 

“What’s your name?” She asked as she took a bite of her cone. 

“Um just call me Harry,” he grinned widely and went back to eating quietly. The girl noticed that Harry didn’t talk too much and she didn’t want to annoy him, like she did to her parents, so she stayed silent and watched the people pass by. They were in their own little worlds just like she wanted to be. 

The sun was bright out and she squinted her eyes as she heard a voice call her name. Her mother was coming through the crowd to find her, her voice becoming more frantic until she noticed her on the bench. 

Harry noticed too so he jumped off the bench and stood in front of her. He held his hand out to shake hers. 

“Bye, I’ll see you later!” He grinned and went running in the direction where he had first taken her. 

“There you are! Your father and I were so worried. Who was that little boy?” 

“His name was Harry.” She said as she kept her eyes in the direction of where he had run off too. 

~Age 15~

“I really think he likes you!” Her friend Marcy giggled to her as they peered at the boys on the field practicing. 

“Are you sure?” She said in response as she waved to him when he waved first. Blake Collins had it going on and the fact she was acknowledged by him when many weren’t made her heart flutter. Not only was he the cutest boy ever but he was just so sweet.

“Oh yeah,” her friend babbled on about how cute the kids would be and how grand the wedding would become. 

“Hold up Marcy, we just started to talk!” Marcy rolled her eyes at her clueless friend. The girl didn’t know that she had Blake Collins wrapped around her finger. 

“I’m telling you now, he’s into you. You’ll find out at tonights game at least.” The girl rolled her eyes and turned to look around at the people in the bleachers. 

One boy caught her attention since he was sitting alone, dressed in dark clothing. His hood was up but she could see a smile from behind the hood. His white teeth shining brightly for her. 

He just kept his body turned towards hers, his back facing the setting sun. Her curiosity got the better of her and she waved her hand up to him but he didn’t return the gesture, just stayed still. 

She shook her head and turned back the field where the players were practicing. The players were huddled together and dismissed meaning there was no more reason to stay. 

She and Marcy stood up and walked down to the gates; the girl’s mind had forgotten about the mystery boy.

“Wait up!” She heard Blake’s voice call out and she stilled and turned around. His blond hair was matted to his face as he stood in front of her. 

“You’re coming to the game right?” He asked with hopeful eyes as he took in her figure cloaked in sunlight. 

“Yeah I’ll be there,” she said shyly. She toyed with her fingers as he grinned. 

“Good, I guess I’ll see you after?” She gave an affirmative nod and he bound off to catch up with the other players. The girl let out a dreamy sigh and turned towards Marcy as she laughed. 

“Definitely likes you!” The walked away in laughter, leaving the mysterious boy with a scowl on his hidden face. 


As you sat in your room alone, the house shook and creaked as the wind blew harshly from outside. You could see the trees billowing branches from the illuminating light in your room. 

Candles were placed everywhere since the power had been blown out an hour prior. You stared at the flame of one of your candles and the light danced in your eyes and held onto your attention.

Its flickering motion was unnerving as you moved around in your bed, turning to lie on your back. Your parents should have been on their way home soon but when you checked your messages you had seen the one saying that the wind had made it unsafe to get back. 

You sighed loudly and suddenly there was a loud bang on your window. You let out a startling scream as you jolted forward. There was another bang and you got out of bed and slowly walked over to your window. 

You took a deep breath and pulled your curtains to the side, screaming as you saw a face pressed up against the glass. 

Your boyfriend was holding onto the window seal waiting for you to let him in and as you opened the window up for him, he tumbled in. 

You began to laugh as he pulled you into his embrace. He pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose and it was then when you felt how cold he was. He was freezing compared to you, unlike most of the time when he was warm as could be. 

“Blake you’re freezing,” you chastised as you held his hands and blew warm air into them to warm them. 

“Babe I’m fine.” He chuckled and pressed another kiss to your nose. “I’ll warm up after we get in bed.” He shrugged out of his clothes and pulled you along with him. 

You got in first and as he laid down you placed your head on his chest. Your eyes felt drowsy as he rubbed along your back and told you all about his football game. 

“You should have been there babe, I need my girl to cheer me on.” He gave you an easy going grin and kissed you gently. 

You hummed into the kiss and one of your hands slipped from his chest and into his silky hair. When you finally broke away you went back to your place on his chest and his arms held onto you tightly. 

You were fully asleep when a crashing sound echoed through your house. You shot up from Blake’s chest and shook him awake. He awoke with a loud groan and rubbed at his eyes before looking at your shaking figure. 

“Babe what’s wrong?” He placed an arm around your shoulder and held you close. 

“Did you hear that?” You whispered as another loud crash echoed through the house. This time Blake was more alert as he got out of your bed and put his sweats back on. He went over to the corner and grabbed the baseball bat he had you keep there in case anything happened. 

“If I’m not back upstairs in two minutes call the police okay?” You jumped up and pulled his arm to stop him. 

“I’m not letting you go alone.” He just shook his head and pressed a quick kiss to your lips before leaving you. 

You thought about going after him but it would only upset him and make you more scared if you saw something you didn’t like. You were too frightened to do anything so you followed Blake’s orders and waited for him to come back. 

Two minutes passed and then so did five. You decided to push your fear aside and go downstairs to find him. You walked out of your room slowly and gripped onto the banister as you walked down the old steps. 

You jumped lightly onto the landing and noticed the kitchen light was on but there was no sound. You crept forward and your heart jumped at the sight in front of you. 

Blake was on the floor and above him was a man dressed in all black. You couldn’t contain your startled scream and the figure turned to face you. 

You were startled by his stunning features. His pale skin and deep pink lips had you captivated as no words would fall past your lips. 

He titled his head and stayed unmoving as he drew you captive. You had no control over the fact that you were slowly walking closer to him as the moments passed on by. He smiled a glorious smile as you walked towards him. 

Blake was breathing shallowly on the floor, but you paid no attention as your eyes were locked on those of the stunning stranger. When you were just a foot away from him you were swept into his embrace as he held onto you tightly. 

Your eyelids fluttered as his scent clouded your senses. Your heart was beating fast, your mind was spinning, and your breathing was shallow. He was invading every part of you and he hadn’t spoken yet. 

He was cold to the touch and shivers broke out along your exposed skin as he looked down at you in amusement. You were in a little daydream as he brought his forehead down to yours. 

His minting breath fanned over your face and you closed your eyes, your head spinning. His arms were vice around you and you began to shiver more as his coldness seeped into your skin, right down to your bones. 

“Good evening flower.” He said and his voice sounded vaguely familiar as you reopened your eyes. No longer was his face beautiful. 

In place of his green eyes were wide red ones that seemed to pulse wildly. His teeth were sharpened and the light glinted off his elongated canines. 

No longer were you in a daydream but a living nightmare as you thrashed against him, his spell upon you broken as you screamed loudly. 

His hand came to cover your mouth and you bit at it only to be glared and growled at. When you stopped struggling he began to laugh loudly. The sound echoes off the walls and you cringed as it sounded in your ears. 

Blake started to scream below you as he came to consciousness. He jumped up and what seemed to be a burst of courage tried to get you away from the stranger. 

The stranger let go of you and pushed you towards Blake who caught you in his arms. He pushed you behind him and held the bat tightly. 

“Stupid human, do you think a bat is going to stop me?” His voice was smooth and deep, a thick accent gracing it. 

He took a step towards the both of you and you clung to your boyfriend more. The man growled at your movements and jolted forward, taking the bat clean out of Blake’s hands. 

He grasped Blake by the neck and pulled his face right in front of his, red eyes blazing brightly. You were trembling and still holding onto your boyfriend as the stranger spoke. 

“You are going to leave now. You aren’t going to come back understood?” You watched as Blake stared into the strangers eyes and followed his orders; he pulled your hands off of his arm and left the room without saying anything. 

You screamed for him and tried to go after him but the stranger held onto your hand. You tried to pull into out of his but a loud growl coming from his chest had you stop. 

Tears were streaming down your cheeks as he picked you up in your arms and brought you back to your room.

It was in pitch darkness that he placed you back on your bed. He shuffled around his pockets and stepped away from you, the flame from a lighter giving the room life. 

He relit all of your candles and came to stand in front of you again. His features were back to normal as he knelt in front of you. 

His hands held you in place as he pressed his forehead against yours. His skin felt like ice against yours and his eyes were the purest of green as their stare seeped right on through you. 

“Oh flower.” He pet his fingers against your cheeks as you broke out into sobs. The sounds of your loud and harsh crying filling up the room. 

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you? Years and years I’ve hidden in the shadows waiting for the day to claim my queen once again.” He spoke in an almost loving tone but his delusional thoughts were not diminished. 

“I have watched you since the dawn of your birth, just waiting for the moment for you and I to be together again. You’re my soul mate flower.” He smiled a breathtaking smile at you and leaned forward to place a kiss on your forehead. 

“What are you?” You croaked out and he pulled away enough to push the hair out of your face. 

“Do you believe in demons flower?” You shook your head and his face became annoyed. 

“Well you better start because you’re looking at one.” He growled and stood up, beginning to pace around. His eyes came red again and you let out a yelp as he came to kneel in front of you again. 

You pushed your back so that you rested against your wall as you curled into yourself. You were trembling like a leaf and your heart was hammering in its cage. 

You felt your bed sink as he crawled next to you, pulling your crying body onto his. His cold hands ran down your back in attempts to sooth you but you weren’t having any of it. 

“Who are you?” You screamed at him as he held you tightly. 

“You can call me Harry.” He grinned at you. Your mind left the present as you were taken back to the past. 

“Um just call me Harry,” he grinned and went back to eating quietly. 

“That boy, you were that boy in the park that day… weren’t you?” You whispered and his eyes sparkled as you remembered him. 

“Yes flower that was I, your soul mate just waiting for you.” He continued to rub his hand down your back. 

“Have you always been watching?” You were scared beyond recognition and you tried to think of a solid plan of how to escape his hold. 

“Always flower. I may be a demon but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish to protect my beautiful compliment.

“And I will continue to watch you until I deem the time right for you to become my queen.” He placed you down and stood up, shaking out his shoulders. 

Once again his features contorted and his eyes grew red as they stared right at you. 

“Enjoy your time with the human boy, think of it as a gift I am allowing you to have. Just remember, you are my soul mate, my flower. He is to have nothing from you but what I allow him too.” 

He laughed loudly and gave you one last sympathetic glance. 

“Until next time flower.” His red eyes gleamed as he walked back into your closet and shut the doors slowly, his laugh echoing on.

I have been just waiting to write this piece and here it finally is! I hope you have enjoyed it. 


Please let me know your thoughts and request ideas! Send them in HERE.

As always, thank you for reading xx-Samantha 

I moustache you a question
  • 1. Tell me a random fact about yourself
  • 2. Does your name suit you? What would you change it to if not?
  • 3. Do you consider yourself a likable person?
  • 4. What’s the one outfit you wish you were allowed to wear every day without shame?
  • 5. Imagine what you would be like if you were the opposite gender. Would you be the same?
  • 6. Tell me about something that upsets or concerns you.
  • 7. What’s your favorite type of fabric?
  • 8. What’s your favorite part about the stars?
  • 9. Can you play chess?
  • 10. In seven sentences or less, plan your funeral.
  • 11. Would you rather live a fast paced short life or a long and slower life?
  • 12. Is there life on other planets? Are they more or less intelligent than us?
  • 13. What movie/book character could you conceivably see yourself portraying? (either by appearance or personality, your choice)
  • 14. What’s your favorite type of shoe?
  • 15. What was the smartest decision you made in the past 10 days?
  • 16. Are you happy with you last haircut? Dramatic change or just a trim?
  • 17. Would you know how to use a VCR, record player, laser disk, 8-track, rocket launcher?
  • 18. What’s something you wish you still believed in?
  • 19. Pet a kitty or play with a puppy?
  • 20. Who was the last person you said goodbye to? Will you see them soon?
  • 21. Would you make a good parent?
  • 22. What was the last reckless thing you did?
  • 23. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • 24. You’re going somewhere real fancy; design your dream dress, car or venue.
  • 25. Are you an attention hog?
  • 26. Do you consider yourself artistic? What was the last thing you drew either way?
  • 27. Is your room messy now? Is it normally messy?
  • 28. What’s your favorite brand of chocolate?
  • 29. How comfortable would you be with a stranger hugging you?
  • 30. When was the last time you cried tears of happiness?
  • 31. Do you love snow or hate it? What do you do on snow days?
  • 32. Could you honestly see yourself married within the next 8 years?
  • 33. Do you regularly read the newspaper? (online or paper)
  • 34. What’s your favorite kind of bread?
  • 35. What personality traits do you wish you had?
  • 36. Would you be willing to relocate far away for a job or a loved one?
  • 37. What’s your perfect Saturday morning?
  • 38. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
  • 39. How many people have you kissed romantically?
  • 40. What’s a TV/movie/book moment that is guaranteed to make you cry every time?
  • 41. Have you ever run away from home or at least strongly considered it?
  • 42. What would you do if your celebrity crush appeared at your door right this moment?
  • 43. What are you like when you’re angry? Is your anger red hot or icy cold?
  • 44. Would you consider yourself a passionate person?
  • 45. Have you ever purposely hit someone?
  • 46. Do you have a good relationship with your mom?
  • 47. Are you superstitious? About what?
  • 48. When was the last time you danced? What’d you dance to?
  • 49. Would you choose Coke or Pepsi products as the only soda for the rest of your life?
  • 50. What’s your favorite phrase/word in a foreign language?
  • 51. Do you think you would make a good leader for your country?
  • 52. Weather wise what do you prefer? Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall?
  • 53. Do you have someone you love more than you love yourself?
  • 54. What was the last thing you wrote?
  • 55. Have you ever encountered something you couldn’t explain? Something paranormal?
  • 56. What’s your phone ringtone?
  • 57. What’s your favorite school subject?
  • 58. Have you been to any concerts? Did you enjoy them?
  • 59. Are all four of your grandparents still alive?
  • 60. What are the pros and cons of having you as a friend?
  • 61. Are you prone to nightmares?
  • 62. Do you have a song you love and could listen to on repeat forever?
  • 63. Any good scars? Tell me their stories.
  • 64. Tell me a little bit about a political / social issue you strongly believe in.
  • 65. What’s your earliest memory?
  • 66. Do you have any weird body quirks? (Roll your tongue, double-jointed)
  • 67. Can you describe your writing style? Your drawing style? Your style?
  • 68. What’s something you’re passionate about that no one else seems to like?
  • 69. Silver or Gold?
  • 70. What do you do when you’re excited?
  • 71. What time do you normally go to bed / wake up?
  • 72. Close your eyes, point in a random direction; tell a story about whatever you’re pointing at.
  • 73. What do people call you? (nicknames and such)
  • 74. Do you have dimples? Do you think they are cute on others?
  • 75. What’s the furthest away you’ve ever traveled?
  • 76. About how many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • 77. When was the last time you were in church?
  • 78. What position do you sleep in?
  • 79. Can you dance? If yes, what style do you prefer? If no, describe your awesome skills which no one can appreciate.
  • 80. What is your favorite full album?
  • 81. At what age do you think you will die?
  • 82. Do you spend a long time getting ready in the morning?
  • 83. Do you have a Y in your name?
  • 84. If there someone on the internet you wish you could meet? What would you do together?
  • 85. Do you tell everyone how you feel or bottle up your emotions?
  • 86. What job did you want to have when you were younger? Has it changed?
  • 87. What makes the best Pizza topping?
  • 88. Big wedding, small wedding, court house or elopement?
  • 89. If I gave you a free cup of your favorite drink, would you eat a spider?
  • 90. What’s your opinion on carrots or the economy of your country?
  • 91. Could you see yourself as a soldier?
  • 92. Favorite president?
  • 93. Do you get sick often?
  • 94. Righty or a Lefty? Are there some things you can only do with your opposite hand?
  • 95. What’s the pattern on your comforter? What do you have on your bed?
  • 96. In poem form, describe your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • 97. What’s something you’d like to do but are too afraid to?
  • 98. How do you normally style your hair?
  • 99. What’s your current desktop background?
  • 100. Do you get on better with your mother or your father?
  • 101. Have you ever fallen asleep in class?
  • 102. How’s your vision? Do you need glasses/contacts?
  • 103. What’s on your desk right now?
  • 104. Would it be worse to lose an arm or a leg?
  • 105. Do you shop second hand?
  • 106. What’s the longest book you’ve ever read that you enjoyed? How long did it take to read?
  • 107. Would you make a good stripper?
  • 108. What’s your favorite smell? Bring back any memories good or bad?
  • 109. Do you read manga? What manga?
  • 110. So you’re crushing on someone, do you approach them or wait for them to make the first move?
  • 111. If your survival depended on it, could you kill someone?
  • 112. What’s that one song that you always get stuck in you head?
  • 113. Are you afraid of getting shots?
  • 114. Have you ever wish upon a star? Has it ever come true?
  • 115. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without sleep?
  • 116. Have you ever been hurt by someone you loved/trusted?
  • 117. Who was the last person you gave your phone number to?
  • 118. At what time do you function best and are most alert?
  • 119. Have you ever seriously injured yourself or been really sick?
  • 120. What kind of computer do you have?
  • 121. What’s your dream dinner? Can you cook it yourself?
  • 122. Are you a leader or a follower?
  • 123. Do you find people over the age of 50 attractive?
  • 124. What language do you wish you could be totally fluent in right now?
  • 125. Have you ever stolen something?
  • 126. Do you know the story of how your parents met?
  • 127. Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?
  • 128. What would you do without the internet?
  • 129. Mel Brooks or Monty Python?
  • 130. What sports team do you usually root for?
  • 131. What’re some words that you consistently cannot spell without help?
  • 132. What’s the one thing that makes you laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME?
  • 133. Darwin’s Origin of the Species or the Bible?
  • 134. Describe your unique taste in music.
  • 135. Do you get on well with your parents?
  • 136. What’s your favorite cartoon?
  • 137. What are some movies you love so much you could watch over and over?
  • 138. What would you consider comfort food?
  • 139. Can you recite all of Bohemian Rhapsody?
  • 140. Would you consider yourself competitive?
  • 141. Who was the last person you spoke to in person? How long ago was that?
  • 142. Are you someone who feels guilty a lot?
  • 143. Do you have any tattoos? If not, what’s one you would consider getting?
  • 144. When was the last time you felt you looked beautiful / handsome / pretty damn fine?
  • 145. Any vices you’d like to share?
  • 146. Only child or siblings?
  • 147. When you go out, what do you normally have on you?
  • 148. If you could live in a fictional world where would it be and why?
  • 149. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  • 150. What stores do you buy clothing from?
  • 151. If I handed you a 9 mm handgun, would you know what to do and how to use it?
  • 152. Write a short poem about Cheese.
  • 153. Do you think you need to lose weight?
  • 154. What’s your favorite TV theme song?
  • 155. Do you snore/droll/sleep talk or walk?
  • 156. Describe your best friend, what makes them the best?
  • 157. Did you sleep well last night?
  • 158. Do you have keys, what do you have on your key ring?
  • 159. What other names did your parents consider before they chose yours?
  • 160. Have you ever been in a serious accident?
  • 161. Favorite historical era?
  • 162. Do you take notes electronically or hand write them?
  • 163. Describe what you’re wearing right now.
  • 164. Give your ten year old self advice, what would you tell them?
  • 165. What’s your favorite kind of dinosaur?
  • 166. Who was your first crush (cartoon, celebrity or real?)
  • 167. Do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal soul?
  • 168. Are you a good liar?
  • 169. Any stuffed animals?
  • 170. Ever cosplayed? As who and did you do a good job? Also where were you?
  • 171. What do you think about Beethoven?
  • 172. What’s your favorite flavor tea / coffee / whatever?
  • 173. If I triple dog dared you, would you do something stupid?
  • 174. Have you ever done something against your parent’s wishes?
  • 175. Have any posters in your room? Of what?
  • 176. Last book you couldn’t put down.
  • 177. Describe the last dream that you remember.
  • 178. What’s your favorite book written in or before the 19th century?
  • 179. How do you take your eggs? Scrambled? Over Easy? On toast?
  • 180. Quick! Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind…. Now!
  • 181. Thus far, what would you consider your best year alive?
  • 182. What’s something you’re embarrassed to admit you like?
  • 183. Have you left your room today?
  • 184. What’s your real life OTP?
  • 185. Do you enjoy pickles?
  • 186. Would you rather burn or freeze to death?
  • 187. Name something you studied in school that fascinates you.
  • 188. What is the capitol of Maryland (no cheating)
  • 189. One person you could imagine murdering? How would you do it?
  • 190. What’s something completely irrational that you’re afraid of, and not ‘the dark’ or ‘heights’ something really weird that scares the living daylights out of you.
  • 191. Do you collect something? If not, what would you consider collecting?
  • 192. Do you love spicy foods? How hot can you go?
  • 193. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  • 194. Hold your breath for as long as you can… how long was that?
  • 195. Who are your role models? (real or fictional)
  • 196. What’s your favorite holiday?
  • 197. Do you still live with your parents?
  • 198. What would you do if I punched you? Would you punch back? Cry?
  • 199. Tell me something funny. A joke, a family anecdote. What do you find funny?
  • 200. What’s something you feel guilty about?
  • 201. Did anything interesting happen on the day of your birth?
  • 202. What’s your favorite type of flower?
  • 203. Do you have a pen pal? Tell me about them. If not, would you like one?
  • 204. Your favorite luxury item?
  • 205. What is your morning routine?
  • 206. Have you ever broken any bones, which ones?
  • 207. Your house is burning, you only have time to grab three items, what are they?
  • 208. Do you have any embarrassing habits/secrets you can’t quite kick?
  • 209. Do you feel like a grown-up?
  • 210. Have you ever been rushed to the hospital?
  • 211. Tell me about your day so far.
  • 212. What would you do if you were a werewolf?
  • 213. Are you an insomniac?
  • 214. If you could recommend anything, to anyone, to watch right now what would it be?
  • 215. Have you ever had alcohol? Do you like it?
  • 216. Can you recite a poem by heart?
  • 217. Are you good with children?
  • 218. Do you read comic books?
  • 219. What’s the weather like there right now?
  • 220. Write me a short story with you as the hero.
  • 221. What are the different sides to your personality?
  • 222. What do you do or say that is uniquely you?
  • 223. What’s the longest TV binge you’ve ever done in a row?
  • 224. Do you think we should continue to explore space?
  • 225. What Disney Prince or Princess best describes you? (You can combine a few if needed)
  • 226. Are you better at math or at writing?
  • 227. List three things you don’t like about your personality and what you can do about it.
  • 228. Have you ever watched porn?
  • 229. Are you a nice person?
  • 230. Do you know who Arsene Lupin is?
  • 231. What is the wind speed velocity of a coconut laden swallow?
  • 232. Describe color to someone who is blind.
  • 233. What century suits you best? Would you better off in another time?
  • 234. When was the last time you rode a bicycle?
  • 235. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  • 236. Is there someone you really don’t like for no real reason?
  • 237. What would you do if you found out you were adopted?
  • 238. What would you do if I said I was from the future sent back to save you and hurry now we must go or the monsters will find us?
  • 239. What’s your least favorite vegetable?
  • 240. What does Carpe Diem mean to you?
  • 241. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
  • 242. Have you ever touched a giraffe?
  • 243. Do you believe world peace is possible?
  • 244. Would you rather be a squid or a koala bear?
  • 245. Who raised you as a child?
  • 246. What political party do you most identify with?
  • 247. What’s something you think you do well? And don’t you dare say nothing; you know there’s something you do that you’re proud of.
  • 248. Are you good at imitating animal noises?
  • 249. Last fictional character you cried over? What about them made you cry?
  • 250. What happens after we die?
  • 251. Sci-fi or fantasy?
  • 252. What would be your superhero name?
  • 253. Do you pray?
  • 254. Describe your first kiss or, if you’ve yet to have it, your ideal first kiss.
  • 255. Do you take any vitamins or pills?
  • 256. Have you ever been in a fist fight?
  • 257. What was your favorite childhood game?
  • 258. Do you believe we should keep or abolish the penny?
  • 259. When was the last major turning point in your life? Did you choose well?
  • 260. What’s your go to stress reliever?
  • 261. What’s your favorite board game?
  • 262. Is the hokey pokey really what it’s all about
  • 263. What’s your theme song?

“Well you know what, it isn’t my fault you had to over react once again!”

Jordan spat in your face once more telling you it was your fault. You had been fussing with him for about 45 minutes because he had been with another girl to dinner. Clearly you were going to find out.

“Why don’t you just tell me who she is?”

“Because it’s none of your business,” he yelled at you.

Was he really cheating on you? After this long?
Five years. You’d been together five years and he decides now to cheat on you.

“It is my business when my boyfriend is cheating on me,” you screamed loudly at him.

You had been fed up with his lies lately and you were fuming.

“I wasn’t cheating, I was getting to know her,” he tried to defend himself.

“That’s a date you moron!”

“It is not,” he yelled back to defend himself.

“And to think I thought I loved you. Whatever I’m leaving,” you said softly and grabbed your coat, keys and purse and stormed out of your shared apartment slamming the door. You had got in your car, with the streak of tears running down your cheek. You were choked up, and instantly regret your words but it was too late. You were leaving.

Jordan sat there crying in his hands. He hadn’t meant to cause this huge fight. He had met a really nice girl in a rough patch and he wanted to help. “(Y/n) just doesn’t understand,” he cried to himself.

As he was sitting on the couch, his heart felt heavy on his chest. He loved you, he loved everything about you and you didn’t realize. Your words hit him like a train and he felt shattered and broken.
“‘To think I thought I loved you’” 'So she doesn’t love me?’ He thought and cried right on the spot. You two had been through so much, when did the love become fake?

After about 20 minutes of crying, his chest hurt and his eyes burned. He then heard his phone and looked to see if it was you, as he read the unknown number he answered.

“Hello?” His heart sank at the next words that came from the guys mouth.

“(Y/n) has been in an accident”

Jordan was at the hospital in the matter of minutes, his heart was pounding and the tears wouldn’t stop.

“I need to see (y/n),” Jordan said to the girl at the counter.

Soon he was shown to your room and saw the damage that had been done. You were laying on the bed, a concussion and broken bones.

“The truck hit her head-on Mr. Maron. The collision was rather severe. There’s a chance (y/n) might not make it-”

“Don’t tell me that,” Jordan snapped running to your side and looking at your peaceful face. You were pale and looked dead already.

“No no no,” Jordan mumbled tears rolling down his face. He had your hand tightly in his and felt his heart drop.

“Mr. Maron, I know this is hard but you have to give (y/n) time to recover,” the doctor said putting a hand on his shoulder.
“No (y/n) can recover while I’m here I want to apologize and say I love you,” Jordan cried.

“I’m sure (y/n) loves you to.. I’ll let you stay here till closing hours,” the doctor said softly.

It had been 2 weeks. You had been out and Jordan hadn’t stopped crying. The doctor had said many of times it’s time to give up. There was no hope for you to wake up. You had made no movement to be responding. Tucker and Sonja came by to wish Jordan luck. They knew what you meant to him, and you and Sonja were quite close. He had gotten some phone calls from Tom and he got some angry messages from your mother and father.
Jordan was sitting there, asleep, his head against the wall and dried tears against his face. He woke up to the sound of your cry from pain. “(y/n)!”

You were in so much pain. Your ribs hurt, you could barely breath and you felt like there was an elephant on your chest. You cried out figuring you were asleep in your own bed till you heard the monitor next to you. The last thing you remembered was the fight between you and Jordan. Jordan…

“Jordan,” you croaked.

Tears swelling in your eyes from pain and guilt. You heard shuffling and you tried your best to look over but the light was making your head pound.

“Babe?” he asked silently.
You were choked up and you whimpered, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I did this,” you cried.

He grabbed your hand and kissed your head.

“It’s fine. For now we just need the doctor you’re gonna be okay baby. But the first thing we are doing when we get home is we’re having ice cream and movie night,” Jordan promised.

He squeezed your hand slightly before going out and getting a doctor.
This is why you fell in love with him. This is the boy of your dreams and you couldn’t stand the thought of losing him.

“Never again will you almost lose me,” you whispered.


         FANDOMLESS INDIE DUAL-OC || penned by Vee.

“…And everyone in it— the good people            “Love is like death, it must
and the not-so-good, the young people                come to us all, but to each
and the not-so-young, and even Briar                  his own unique way and
Rose’s mother and father fell asleep…”               time, sometimes it will be 
                                                                               avoided, but never can it
                                                                               be cheated, and never will
                                                                               it be forgotten.”

                                     promo banner: kingartoria

“Wasted youth enter the void” theory for HYYH pt. 1 & 2

Yet, another theory for HYYH and it’s very different from the existing theories. I worked on this a whole night, so I hope you’ll read it, it’s quite legit actually ^^

WARNING - it’s really long.. sorry about that.. it’s a lot to explain.

In the universe, in which the story takes place, you disappear as you grow older. At least, that is what everybody thinks. The oldest ones disappear when they reach a certain point in life or change their mindset a.k.a. when they grow up. You think they’re not there anymore, while they are, you just can’t see them and they can’t see or remember you. They only vaguely remember the younger ones when it is triggered by something from the past, they dream about them or something in their world happens parallel to the younger world. The main point of the theory: Seokjin slips into ‘the adult world’ and the other members will start disappearing after him one by one and end up in the adult world with him.


The theory starts with I Need U, in which Seokjin has already disappeared and is living his life not remembering them, but knowing there is something missing, which is why he is alone and depressed. All individual shots of the other members show their experiences before each of them disappears. 

Yoongi ends up committing suicide, scared of the unknown, scared to disappear and metaphorically scared to grow up. In the motel room scenes you can see the shirt Jungkook wore in Run, telling us that they shared the room. 

Hoseok also ends up comitting suicide, but unlike popular believe he wakes up at the end of the music video. 

Namjoon seems to be less heartache than the rest. This could reflect on his position as a leader in the group, he feels like he needs to hold himself together for the remaining members. He’s not seen dying, but he’s ‘seen smoking’, probably out of stress. After the rude customer throws money out of the car window, there is a turning point, a change of mindset. He drops his ‘cigarette’ on the money and points his middle fingers to the world. He doesn’t care anymore, he’s letting his fears (of growing up) go. He needs to survive and be strong, not only for himself, but for the remaining members too.

Jimin commits suicide too, trying to drown himself. Similar to Hoseok, he’s seen alive in his last individual scene, crying in the bathtub. 

Taehyung’s part is a bit different. It doesn’t have a place and time in the music video. It is likely that the murder had happened between Seokjin’s disappearance and the rest of the members disappearing. Unlike the rest, Taehyung’s individual scenes do not show the period right before his disappearance. The scene I want to highlight is the part where Taehyung kills the man, who’s probably his father, by stabbing him with a broken bottle. Before he delivers the final blow, there is a shot of Seokjin crying. I believe that Seokjin feels that something extremely bad has happened in ‘the world of youth’, without him knowing what the hell is going on. He still has a small, vague connection to them. 

Jungkook is seen wandering the streets and not really caring what is happening around him. For Jungkook it means he is the last one left and everyone disappeared before him. He doesn’t care about anything. That’s why he didn’t react when those guys beat him up and when the car was about to hit him, it didn’t matter to him anymore, because what does life matter anyway, if you’re going to disappear soon, just like the people you loved.

Now, there is something some members have in common;

  • Jungkook and Yoongi (who are often seen together in the music videos) both have in common that they both die. Or did they?
  • Namjoon and Taehyung (also often seen together) have in common that they both didn’t die, as well as the fact they both did something bad (like smoking and killing)
  • Jimin and Hoseok (also often seen together) have in common that they tried to commit suicide, but are seen alive at the end of the music video.

Basically I Need U shows how the members grow up and disappear to the adult world, except for Seokjin (who was already there) and Taehyung (which is actually shown in the prologue, so wait just a little bit more). Once slipped into the adult world, you’ll be able to see the grown up members again, while you have forgotten about the younger ones.

The scenes of them having fun and being together are all Seokjin’s dreams, I figured that out because in between scenes of them running around and being happy, you see Seokjin moving on his bed, probably asleep and dreaming.

The last shot of them by the sea is an actual memory of what happened when they were together in the world of youth.

The sequence of the members’ disappearances:

  • Seokjin
  • Hoseok 
  • Namjoon
  • Yoongi
  • Jimin
  • Taehyung
  • Jungkook

As you can see it’s not from oldest to youngest, because some grow up faster than others. How do I know the order? It is explained in the prologue.


Trust me, the most difficult part to figure out, but I managed to do it. The scenes are all mixed up, some of them are dreams, some are reality in the adult world and some are reality in the world of youth. 

The prologue starts off with Taehyung after he murdered who we believe was his father. He is seen cleaning himself and he calls Namjoon, saying how much he wants to see his hyung. Most believe it was Seokjin, but I think it’s Namjoon and here’s why:

  • Namjoon and Taehyung have a deep connection in the music videos.
  • Namjoon is the leader in real life and also portrayed as a leader-type in I Need U, the remaining members go to him when they don’t know what to do.
  • Namjoon is later the one waking up Taehyung (I will explain this in a few).

In the next scene Taehyung lies down on a mattress in the middle of nowhere. He stares at a picture of his mother and him as a baby and crushes it in the palm of his hand, probably out of guilt. I believe he ran away after the murder and feels guilty about killing his father as well as leaving his mother. He falls asleep and what happens next is all a dream. Namjoon is the one waking Taehyung up (which is why I believe he called Namjoon in the previous scene). 

Jungkook notices Seokjin, who’s filming them and here is the big clue;

Seokjin is actually filming actual butterflies in the adult world, while at the same time, Taehyung is dreaming about Seokjin filming them in the world of youth. 

How do I know this? 

  • There is a scene at 3:10 where Seokjin is acutally filming butterflies and looks up pretty much confused. This takes place in the adult world and his memories are being triggered.
  • Seokjin is only filming, not joining in.
  • Seokjin is filming whenever Taehyung is dreaming.
  • The song Butterfly is playing in the background whenever Taehyung is dreaming.

Also an important scene, is the scene where Seokjin takes a picture of the sleeping Hoseok. Hoseok sleeping is parallel to him fainting after the overdose and he’s being woken up when Yoongi accidentally knocks him awake. While Taehyung’s is dreaming this dream, Hoseok had his overdose and transferred to the adult world. This is why I believe the murder happened before the rest started disappearing and why Hoseok is the next one to disappear after Seokjin.

The next scene is Taehyung stepping up a smaller platform than the one at the end of the prologue, with the members telling him to come down. This is him only leaning towards changing his mindset in real life, in other words; him growing up.

The scene after was for me the most confusing scene to figure out. Namjoon writes on a window ‘You need to survive.’ Some thought he was speaking to the members or even ARMY, but I think he was speaking to himself. It was the parallel to which he transferred to the adult world, when he dropped the cigarette and changed his mindset. So far, Hoseok and then Namjoon disappeared to the adult world.

We are now in another person’s dream; Seokjin. The earlier taken videos that Seokjin took of them is being played in the background. Those are actually videos of butterflies, but now, in Seokjin’s dream, they’re the members. Everybody seems to be having a good time around the fire and Seokjin is holding a Polaroid of the last shot in the I Need U music video. He asks the members to go there. This is why I think the last scene in I Need U isn’t a dream, but a memory. They must’ve been there with all of them at some point for Seokjin to have the Polaroid/the memory. 

After he asks them to go back there, the members don’t reply happily, because it is not possible to physically be there with all of them. Yoongi however doesn’t reply at all (and neither does Jungkook). Yoongi is seen playing with a lighter, in heavy thoughts and they’re around a campfire. This is parallel to what happened when he sets himself on fire. I believe Yoongi didn’t die by the fire, but someone saved him before he could’ve, which is Jungkook (maybe he was on his way home and just as the room was caught on fire he ran inside and grabbed Yoongi and pulled him out, we don’t know), which is why he is the one blowing out the lighter. Yoongi didn’t die. Yoongi transfers to the other world, after Seokjin, Hoseok and Namjoon.

The song that is being played in the background is Love Is Not Over, here are the lyrics:

That long night is following you
it seems like it’s just flowing
this time is following you
it seems like it’s clouding over
why are you going far away
why are you going so far I can’t contact you

tell me why, why are you going far away, why
in your eyes, I won’t
be seen anymore, uh

love hurts and hurts again, yeah
farewell hurts
and hurts even more
I don’t think I can do this without you
please love me, please love me
please come back to my embrace
love hurts and hurts again, yeah
farewell hurts
and hurts even more
I don’t think I can do this without you
please love me, please love me
please come back to my embrace
Love is not over over over
Love is not over over over
Love is not over over over
Love is not over over over
love hurts and hurts again, yeah
farewell hurts
and hurts even more

Then we have the beach scene. Butterfly is playing in the background and Seokjin is filming, this means that Taehyung is dreaming of them again.

The scene after was one of the scenes that made me realize this theory is actually quite legit. They’re at the gas station. This in fact is the first actual scene in the adult world, no dream. As some of you may not have noticed, in this scene there is no trace of Taehyung and Jungkook, because they are still in the world of youth. Namjoon takes a picture of Seokjin and Yoongi, which is important for the story development later. The last member to have joined the adult group is Jimin, seen sleeping on the flatbed, which is similar to him laying against the bathtub, shivering from the cold. But now, Hoseok puts a blanket over him. This time we get to see an actual transfer from the adult world perspective. Jimin joined them in the adult world.

Then we’re back to Taehyung’s dream. Butterfly is again playing in the background and Seokjin is filming once again. It starts off with Jungkook looking at the sea and Yoongi sits down next to him (once again hinting at the bond between the two). They wake the others up and they all sit down at the edge above the water to enjoy the sunset. Taehyung however isn’t enjoying himself, his guilt is taking over and he makes a decision to leave it all behind, so he climbs up the giant platform. Seokjin, who looks at him and films him as if he’s a butterfly, doesn’t understand the severity situation, while the others tell him to get down. It’s all a dream, but in fact, it’s also reality. We only see the dream, but what Taehyung is doing in his dream at that moment is also what’s happening in real life. He is changing his mindset, he reached that certain point in life. He stares down at his members, apologetic of course and then jumps down with the song starting again, he’s flying through the air ‘Like a butterfly’. Here is the lyrics of Butterfly:

Don’t think about anything
Don’t even speak
Please just smile for me

I still can’t believe it
Everything feels like a dream
Don’t try to disappear

Is it true? Is it true?
You You
So beautiful, so terrifying
Untrue Untrue
You You You

Be by my side
Will you promise me
If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break

I’m afraid afraid afraid

I wanna stop time
When this moment is done
Would it be like a fantasy
Would I forget you
I’m afraid afraid afraid

Butterfly, like a Butterfly
Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like

Butterfly, like a butterfly
Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like

You’re like a Butterfly
I stare at you from afar
If I touch, will I lose you?
This mud like
Night, you light it up
A little gesture
And I suddenly forget about reality

You’re like stroking wind
You’re like a softly lying dust
You’re there but I can’t reach you

You’re like a dream to me, butterfly, high

Untrue Untrue
You You You

Be by my side
Will you promise me
If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break
I’m afraid afraid afraid

I wanna stop time
When this moment is done
Would it be like a fantasy
Would I forget you
I’m afraid afraid afraid

My heart lets out a desperate sound
I can’t tell if it’s fantasy or reality
My paradise
Please don’t go deep into the woods
My heart pours affection on you
My feelings melt and leak
(I just wanna dissolve)
My love is eternal
It’s all FREE for you

Be by my side
Will you promise me
If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break
I’m afraid afraid afraid

I wanna stop time
When this moment is done
Would it be like a fantasy
Would I forget you
I’m afraid afraid afraid

Butterfly, like a butterfly
Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like

Butterfly, like a butterfly
Almost Butterfly, bu butterfly like

The song playing during the credits is House Of Cards, this song is very important for the Run theory. It was also first uploaded with a sample of Je Ne Regrette Rien, hinting their changing mindsets of not regretting things, of moving forward, probably Taehyung clearing himself of his guilt and of course dreaming (if you know the movie Inception).

After the credits, Seokjin is in his car, alone by the sea. He goes into his glove compartment and finds the Polaroid Namjoon had made of him and Yoongi. He looks at it with a weird look on his face and some people thought his expression meant ‘wasn’t Yoongi in this picture before?’, but I think it means ‘there is something missing in this picture and I don’t know what it is’. Why? It is starting all over again! 

The scene is a time skip. What happened between Taehyung’s jump and this scene: 

  • Taehyung changed his mindset when he jumped off the platform in his dream and went to the adult world
  • Jungkook went to the adult world (this is what i’ll explain with the MV for Run)
  • They were all in the adult world and lived happily together again
  • Seokjin disappeared again.

The cycle is constantly repeating itself. They’re all together in one world and people start disappearing yet again. A metaphor for your ever changing mind and your constant growing. Seokjin is in a new world again, an even more adult world and again he cannot see the other members, while the other members are in the world before his, again in shock that Seokjin is gone. This is when “Run” happens.

From now on, it will be confusing to use the terms ‘adult world’ and ‘world of youth’, so we’ll call them the ‘first world’ and the ‘second world’, because now there’s also a ‘third world’. 


‘Run’ starts off with Taehyung falling into the water with Butterfly playing vaguely in the background. This shows his transfer to the adult world in dream form. The random scenes of Taehyung struggling in the water throughout the music video do not go parallel with what’s happening in Run, but rather what had happened before Run.

Run takes place after the second disappearance of Seokjin and his transfer to an even more adult world, the third world.

We begin with Namjoon, living his life in the second world. He opens the door of a train carriage and suddenly he finds his members there with different outfits. Everyone is there and everyone is happy. This is actually a dream. Jungkook is the one dreaming this. We know it’s a dream, because whenever they’re in a dream in the Run mv, Taehyung has locks of green in his hair (which is why he has normal brown hair when he’s getting arrested later on). Taehyung pushes Seokjin against a wall in Jungkook’s dream and sprays graffiti around him, in real life Taehyung’s spraying graffiti outside with Namjoon and runs away from the cops. This goes parallel. Whenever all of them run, they’re in Jungkook’s dream.

We see Seokjin building a house of cards, this is his reality in the third world. He’s the only one lit up in the room, the others are in the dark and not actually there. Taehyung hits the house and it falls, but in Seokjin’s reality the house falls by itself, while in Taehyung’s reality he and Namjoon get arrested. A house of cards caving in in the third world is parallel to something bad happening in the second world. Again Seokjin is triggered by this and stares into the camera vaguely remembering them.

Then we see Hoseok waking up and seeing Jimin, smiling up at him. That happens in the second world in real life. Hoseok has an illness, because he’s seen laying on a hospital bed, while in dreams he runs just like the others. He hits Jimin with a pillow, which goes parallel with Jungkook’s dream of the members hitting each other with pillows. Namjoon finds a card with a butterfly on it on the floor of the carriage, where the pillow fight and the partying happened, hinting that it was indeed a dream (because the butterfly is associated with dreaming in the prologue). 

One of my favorite, most painful scenes is the fight between Yoongi and Jungkook. We’ve seen throughout I Need U & the prologue that Yoongi is the one holding on to youth more than you’d think, since he, even though he’s the second oldest, disappeared after Hoseok and Namjoon who are younger than him. He gets drunk and the fear of disappearing (growing up) hits him so hard he loses his mind. Jungkook, who’s also afraid of losing him and doesn’t want to see him like this, tries to get him back to his senses. Eventually, Yoongi throws a chair into the wall and guess what, Seokjin’s house of cards caves in again, with him staring into space, feeling that something bad happened in the second world, but not knowing that world even exists. 

What happens after is Jungkook dreaming again. He is in a room with the members partying and it zooms in on Jungkook. When it zoomes out again everyone is gone, which pretty much sums up what happened and what is about to happen again. They’ll disappear and he will be left alone.

When Hoseok falls on the bed, which is happening in the reality of the second world , he sleeps on Jimin’s knee in Jungkook’s dream (also in the second world). Then there is a moment in Jungkook’s dream where he looks down at Seokjin and Seokjin looks up at him. This must be Seokjin vaguely remembering Jungkook in the third world, while Jungkook dreams of him in the second. The tunnel scene and the scene where they pushed Jimin into the bathtub is all Jungkook’s dream too. The difference between the happy dreams of them in I Need U and the prologue and the rebellious dreams in Run is that their mindset changed from caring to not caring at all. The scenes after, show them running in a dream again and also Namjoon and Taehyung running away from the cops in reality. Still, the only member that has transferred to the third world is Seokjin. It will stay like this throughout the music video.

We are nearing the end and there is one question that remains: How did Jungkook even transfer from the first to the second world? 

The answer lies in one of the last scenes where he’s seen staring at the camera the same way he did when he was about to get hit by a car. You see his actual transfer to the second world in details. The change of mindset happened very fast back in I Need U when he walked in front of that car, but was then welcomed in the adult world by Seokjin behind the wheel and the older members walking in front of him. That’s why he smiles at Seokjin, he’s finally able to see him and all of them again.

Taehyung gets out of the water, his transfer to the adult world was completed, again, this happened before Run.

In the very last scene of Run, Jimin is in a bathtub once again, burning a Polaroid picture of them standing by the sea with Seokjin’s car, but no Seokjin on it, while he knew he was there when they took that picture. This is a scene that takes place in the second world, while at the same time the last scene in the prologue takes place, when Seokjin looks at the Polaroid of himself with Yoongi missing. Jimin can’t see Seokjin, because he disappeared out of their world and burns it out of sadness, because he knows Seokjin was supposed to be on it. Seokjin can’t see Yoongi on his picture, because he’s in the third world and he doesn’t remember the others and isn’t able to see them.

The whole story explains the fear of growing up and the cycle that comes with it, because your mind keeps evolving and growing. When you accept this fear or let go of this fear, you’ve grown. 

In the song Run, running is equal to dreaming as Jungkook dreamed whenever they ran in the music video. The english lyrics explain they can only see each other in dreams (which is what they believe).

Here the lyrics for Run:

You’re my sun, one and only in this world
I bloom for you, but you make me thirsty
It’s too late, too late
I can’t live without you
Even if ‘m drying out, I try harder to reach you

But it’s no use, it’s a dream to be broken
I run and run, but I’m not getting anywhere

Just burn me out, yes
Keep pushing me away
This is a fool, crazy in love, chasing in circles

Make me run
Make me run more
Let my feet rip apart with wounds
At least I can I smile when I see you

I run, run, run
I can’t stop
Run, run, run again
I can’t help it
This is all I can do anyway

All I know is how to love you

Run, run, run again
It’s okay to fall
Run, run. Run, again
It’s okay to get hurt
I’m alright, even if I can’t have you
Pitiful destiny, point your finger at me

Don’t tell me bye, bye
You make me cry, cry
Love is a lie, lie
Don’t tell me, don’t tell me
Don’t tell me bye, bye

Everyone says it’s over, but I can’t stop
Is this sweat or tear, I can’t really tell oh

My love stripped bare, the stormy winds
They make me run again, my heart beats again

Make me run
Make me run more
Let my feet rip apart with wounds
At least I can I smile when I see you

I run, run, run
I can’t stop
Run, run, run again
I can’t help it
This is all I can do anyway
All I know is how to love you

Run, run, run again
It’s okay to fall
Run, run. Run, again
It’s okay to get hurt
I’m alright, even if I can’t have you
Pitiful destiny, point your finger at me

Memories crumble like dried flower petals (must refer to why Seokjin’s flower petals were set on fire, his memories crumbled)
At the tip of my fingers, under my feet
Right behind your back

I’m chasing butterflies, so lost in dreams
I follow your traces

Show me the way, please stop me
Let me breathe

I run, run, run
I can’t stop
Run, run, run again
I can’t help it
This is all I can do anyway
All I know is how to love you

Run, run, run again
It’s okay to fall
Run, run. Run, again
It’s okay to get hurt
I’m alright, even if I can’t have you
Pitiful destiny, point your finger at me

Don’t tell me bye, bye
You make me cry, cry
Love is a lie, lie
Don’t tell me, don’t tell me
Don’t tell me bye, bye


I believe the ‘change of mindset’ is explained in Nevermind, the intro mostly by Yoongi.

I only ran looking straight ahead
I had no time to look around

Suddenly I became my family’s pride
And became successful
They say teenage years mess you up
I think of that a lot
Back then I was young and fearless
Nothing could scare me
Nothing changed but maybe the height
And maybe the maturity of my perspective

From the basement
To the top, my beat carried. Teenager’s tunes,
everyone said not to overreact
They said if I only make one good music and start being arrogant, I’d be bankrupt
From there I stopped caring
I only lived how I wanted to live
How do you think I am now
How do you think I feel?
You prayed for me to crash
Is my house corrupted, bastard?

I don’t give a shit I don’t give a fuck
Like I said at least hundred times a day
“Don’t mind me”
If I taste failure, I’ll lower my head
We’re still young, we don’t have any fears
If it doesn’t roll
We can’t do something else
If we can’t back up, then we’ll go straight ahead
We forget mistakes
Never mind
It’s not easy but I say to myself
If you think you’re going to crash, step on the pedal harder

Never mind, never mind
Even if it’s a road of thorns, we still run
Never mind, never mind
There are many things in this world you can’t do shit about
You better
Never mind, Never mind
If you think you’re gonna crash, step on the pedal harder
Never mind, Never mind
We’re too young to give up
Never mind

If you think you’re gonna crash, step on the pedal harder
If you think you’re gonna crash, step on the pedal harder
Never mind…

It literally explains that he changed his mindset. Especially the line ‘Nothing changed but maybe the height and maybe the maturity of my perspective’ is what my theory is all about. And even the intro for part 1 of the album explains why he disappeared after Hoseok and Namjoon.

Today of all days, the rim looks far away.
On the court, I breathe a deep sigh
A boy who’s terrified of reality
When he throws the ball
It’ll only become his heart
Throwing the ball alone
The one I throw at the rim

Countless worries and life’s causes of worry
I pretend to know the world but
My body is still not fully cooked

Shoot, the court is my playground
Follow my gesture, next to my feet
A small ball bounced
My grades are on sweeping on the floor but
I’d rather do this
Saying everything in the world will work out
Shouting uselessly
But the world actually gives me horror
If it’s that way, stop
The thoughts that fill my head
Instead of the ball, I throw my future

The horoscope that others paint
Disqualified from the criteria of success
Thanks to you the worries spread like cancer
god damn it
The ball that was tossed out and the smiles that spread together
This breath that floods up to my chin
The wiggling dreams
The dribble that quickens, a heart that becomes happier
I think this moment will be eternity
But the night which came from the sunset
If it comes again then this reality becomes a bit worn away
If I come to my senses again I become more terrified
I get terrified again at my own image
The sense of reality that looms
Others have ran ahead of me but
Why am I still here
Breathe breathe
Or dream a dream

My heartbeat has stopped now
Paddle again
Living while ignoring being caught up in the weak double standards of others
and like the sun set on the court,
the sun will set on your life
What am i doin’ with my life
This moment
It will never come again
It won’t come to me again
Am I happy right now?
That answer is already fixed,
I’m happy


There was also a thing going on at HYYH on stage, I got this from instagram user @anythinbts:

“So at the start of BTS’ concert, they showed a VCR of all the boys sitting together, looking like a family portrait. The VCR was paused. All the members the left stage except Taehyung aka V.
V started going up 3 flights of stairs (onstage installation), exactly like the scene in the prologue. He stood there for about a min, but didn’t jump off.
The stage went complete dark again. The last part of the VCR was played. The scene played this time was the same as the previous VCR slide. Except, this time there was an old man hanging a frame on the wall. The photo hung up on the wall had no other members except Jin alone.“ 

If my theory is correct, the old man hanging the old picture on the wall is Seokjin, not being able to see the other members. As I said the cycle repeats, the whole disappearing thing will repeat their whole lives, and in that scene they’re maybe in the 30th world, you’ll never know. The scene makes sense according to my theory. I also think he hangs it on the wall, because he understands the situation at that age, growing up gets easier and less noticeable as you grow older. I think he knows he’ll start seeing the members again one by one on that picture and that’s why he embraces it and hangs it on the wall.

Also, the last shot in the Run music video is the logo for the album and the date of the release of the video for I Need U and ‘~ forever’, until forever, it will go on forever. It’s a cycle.

Here are the lyrics for House Of Cards;

It’s risky again, dangerous
So bad (why) us yeah
To stay strong to balance is
So hard (hard) I can’t

Even if I know
I couldn’t stop
No way, no way, no way I fall

The more time passes by
I keep breaking more and more
No way, no way I’m breaking again

In a house of cards
We know the end is coming,
the house of cards are breaking
stupid us keep on dreaming and we stay a little bit more

Like there’s no tomorrow
Like there’s no next time
In front of my eyes, everything that’s not you
Is a poisonous, pitch black

Like a bad habit
We can’t make it
But I still pray
Even until the end, if I’m with you I’m okay

Even if I know
I couldn’t stop
No way, no way, no way I fall

The more time passes by
I keep breaking more and more
No way, no way I’m breaking again

In a house of cards
We know the end is coming,
the house of cards are breaking
stupid us keep on dreaming and we stay a little bit more

I hope you enjoyed the theory and agree it’s quite legit, hihi ^^ The title of my theory was directly taken from the MV and supports my theory too.

“Wasted Youth Enter The Void” 

Dark Tale


Once upon a time, in a tiny town far from his majesty’s castle stood a marvelous house and a family of three. A father, a mother and their prettiest little daughter named Y/n.

Life was perfect, you had a perfect and loving little family, until something dreadful had happened. You were only fifteen when your mother died while she was asleep. Your father wept next to his wife’s corpse, holding her hand dearly as though she still exists.

You were banned by your father to go near to your mother. You wept until dawn, drenching your pillow with salt tears.

Soon, you found out that he remarried. Your father remarried a widow. Dressed in black and hair like a raven’s feathers, she looked mysterious and also had a daughter of her own.

You greeted them with a bow and a smile, a forced one. You were not sure of this new “mother” of yours. It was too, too early for your father to find someone new yet, you didn’t utter a complain to him.

Your father ordered you to show your new sister, your stepsister around the house, you didn’t want to but you needed to.

You led your stepsister to her room with no energy hinted on your voice. You were about to open the door to her bedroom when suddenly she yanked your hair down, making you yelp in pain and in surprise.

You felt your back hit the wall making it ache. Your head pounding hard due to the contact.

You looked at her, shivering from her hold. Hate and rage filling her eyes, somehow making them look blood red in your vision.

She gritted her teeth, still holding your hair harshly. “How come stepfather has a daughter?! It should have been just me! Me!” she yelled at you, hatred present on her tone.

You tried to squirm from her, hoping of escaping yet her grip was stronger, pushing you back to the wall. You tried to scream for help, you did but it came out like a whimper. Your father and his now wife were out there, too busy enjoying themselves to hear your soft cries. You desperately needed help. You needed to be saved from this hell.

“P-please…stop…” you begged, crying.

She didn’t listen. You saw her fumbling over her pocket, revealing a pair of scissors. Its sharp blades glistened under the ray of sunlight emitting from the window. She pulled them out, snipping them in front of you as she sent you a grin that made you shiver in your spine and suddenly, you felt terrified.

“W-what are you doing?!”

She looked at you, giggling over your pathetic state. She said to you in a soft whisper, “Making myself the only daughter of this household.”

Snip. Snip. Snip.

You felt weight suddenly went gone on your shoulders. Strands of hair landing on your feet. She cut your hair short, making you look like nothing like you were before. She didn’t stop there, she began snipping the hem of your dress, damaging it turning it to rags. She rampaged to your room and took all your beautiful dresses and gowns, leaving you with a mere clothing.

Ever since they arrived, life became cruel. Every day, your stepsister would order you, punishing you if you did something wrong, whipping you from behind in the attic away from witnesses, your bare back being the only evidence. Your stepsister somehow succeeds on hiding the truth from everyone else.

You suddenly became a disgrace. Degraded, turned into someone you didn’t want.

One night, you looked out the window. You saw the castle from afar, glowing bright and faint music.

You clasped your hands together, shutting your eyes tight as you felt the warmness of your tears rolling off the corner of your eyes.

“Someone… Anyone… Help me.” You whispered to the air, sobbing quietly.

You felt the cold wind hit your face. You opened your eyes and gasped by the sight.

Green eyes beaming at you. “It’s about time, laddie.”

You were taken aback, a face close to yours. Looking down upon you in your window, stood a boy whose hair was the color of dark honey brown. He wore an all green attire, and wore a mischievous yet a sweet smile.

“W-who are you?” you asked him, nearly choking yourself due to the endless crying you’ve done.

“Peter Pan, that’s what they call me,” he said, a grin resting on his lips. He looked at you, confused. You looked like a boy yet you had so much softer features than any of them, making him sure that you weren’t just a boy. He tilted his head a little, eyebrow raised with his lips pouted. “You must have been lost, far too lost.”

You unclasped your hands, looking at him. You wiped your tears with an arm and cleared your throat. “Indeed, I am.” You said to him, looking straight into his eyes.

Peter knew why. He had been watching over you since then, witnessing every torture you’ve had been through. He smirked at you, disappearing all of a sudden.

He appeared right next to you, making you startled. He chuckled. “Then let’s play the game already, shall we?”

You were confused. “What game?”

“Taking revenge of course! Before we fly towards Neverland, love.” He leaned in next to your ear, whispering words so hypnotizing. “You wouldn’t just want to leave her so relieved, do we?”

With a snap of his fingers, everything had stopped, time had stopped. It was as if he controlled the universe to stop for moment.

“Hurry now, before she wakes up.” He said, retreating his face as you felt his fingers grazed your hand, giving you something so cold and thin. You looked down, looking what he just gave you. A pair of scissors.

You felt Peter’s hand on your shoulder, suddenly you felt the world sucking you in. You looked around and noticed something changed, you were now in your stepsister’s room.

Clothes scattered everywhere, it was a mess. You saw her on her bed, seemed to be dozing off. You walked closer to her, scissors on your two fingers. You halted in front of her, taking strands of hair in your free hand.

“Do it.”

You began snipping all her hair, not leaving a strand. It just took a few minutes for you to leave her head spotless. You felt time started moving and heard Peter’s fainted laugh. Your stepsister began fidgeting, sensing something’s wrong.

She opened her eyes, questioning why you had a wide grin plastered on your face, that’s when she realized. She put a hand to her head, her eyes darting wide open as she let out a scream. She became bald, blood oozing of her head as the scissors grazed her skin when you snipped her hair.

“What have you done?!” Outraged.

You just chuckled. “What needs to be done.” You adjusted the scissors and held them with both of your hands, holding them high as you lunge the sharp tip to her body.

Adrenaline and madness rushing to your veins.

Your stepsister was shaken. Her heart no longer beating as he looked to the side of her tummy, the scissors buried into the thick mattress. She fainted, leaving her traumatized for the rest of her life.

You looked at her with a satisfies smile on your face. You felt Peter Pan’s chin rested on your left shoulder. “Well done, love. Ready to go?” He asked as he offered you a hand.

You tilted your head at him and smiled. “Indeed.” You took his hand as you flew through the clouds with him by your side.

Finally, the demon had found his match. The demon had found love with a monster like him.


It was late, and there were no lights in the house, meaning his father and step-mother must have been asleep, along with his half-siblings, but Benedict was alright with that, he’d been traveling for a long time and just wanted to find something to eat and then sleep for a while.  That was the plan at least, but as he piled his things into a spare bedroom and dug around in the kitchen trying to stay quiet, he heard smallish footsteps coming down the stairs and when he turned to the sound he came face to face with his younger brother, Edward.  They hadn’t seen each other for awhile and Ben was rather shocked at how much he’d grown, but he smiled at his brother in the dark kitchen, “Edward, hello.  I hope I didn’t wake you up, it’s pretty late, you should probably be in bed.” 

rental store encounters; drarry

rental store encounters; for the scaredpotternet secret santa exchange!
for: @actuallydrarry! happy holidays! i hope you like it <3

pairing: draco malfoy/harry potter
rating: general audiences 
words: 1815
notes: this is my first ever hp fic?? what even??? excuse the shitty title lmfao if i ever come up w a better one i’ll change it asap

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

Harry turned to find himself in front of the scowling face of Draco Malfoy, who for some reason, looked well beyond pissed off, though Harry could only guess why. He was pretty sure that the last time they saw each other was at the Ministry, and even then that interaction had consisted of only a curt nod and a strained smile on Harry’s part, so Harry couldn’t help but wonder what on earth he had done this time to receive such an expression.

“Draco.” He tried to keep the slight annoyance from seeping through. Part of him had hoped that with Scorpius and Albus becoming friends, they would in turn maintain a more amicable relationship, but what Draco seemed to give him instead was some sort of exasperated tolerance. Harry would never admit it out loud, but it aggravated him to no end.

“Potter. Do you have any idea what you’ve got in your hand?”

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life is a poem

my mother and
used to play music
to help me fall asleep
they say the first poem you
read you will spend your whole
life trying to reconstruct
I was read nursery rhymes
book characters have prophecies
telling them they’re great
despite what the kids
on the bus say
I am not great
Ill show you
roses are red
violets are blue
its okay to cry
when no one talks to you
(at recess)
taylor swift
and puberty
and poems to crushes
I never talked to
I thought he was
my soul mate
I couldn’t have been
more wrong
Romeo and Juliette were
thirteen and he told her
I got
pushed in the trash can
I want to look
like the lines
of my poem
the right size
thin, and
the first boy I kissed
wouldn’t hold
my hand because it was cold
I told my poetry
I hadn’t ate in days
and kissing was nothing
like I thought it would be
a boy wrote me a poem
then made me touch
I cry myself to sleep
most nights
and what is
the point of eating
god I’m
and lost
and I may not be the scars
on my legs, but
I created them
and I have
created insidious
poems predicting
my demise
I dream about
the death of poets
rocks in pockets,
bullets to the head,
or a head in an oven
so much I tried myself
my mother found me
in my bedroom
I thought I must
have been beautiful
I hadn’t ate in a week
De profundis
means out of the depths
I am writing to
lift myself up
and there are others
sad like me
I take medication now
but nothing is as sweet as
him at three am
and the poetry I write
when he is gone.

I was wrong. no
we spend our whole time
trying to prove wrong
the first poem we ever fell in love
life is not “absolutely nothing”
death is not beautiful
and neither is destruction of
your body and soul
and to the internet I am akr
the poet
the poet who was sad
and is still sad
but hopeful

someday he might
leave me
but I have my poems
and now he is here
and stays after three am
and tells me
there are shifts in
and there
is happiness
in sadness
it’s the question
of it all and the
reason why
humans write
how life can be
so much
if we let it

—  Life is a Poem by Amanda Katherine Ricketson
Reluctance (Luhan x You)

“We shouldn’t do this to her,” your mother said to your father late at night, while you were asleep. “How can we force our daughter to marry someone she has never met?”

“We have to do this to support outer family,” your father replied. “The sooner the better.”

“But _____ is going to college to get her dream job! We can’t do this to her!”

“Our company is going bankrupt. We need _____ to marry Luhan. I’ve talked to this family and made all the arrangements.”

Your mother sobbed, “She’s too young! We can’t send her away like this!”

“I know how much _____ wants to become an artist. I don’t have enough money to pay for her tuition anymore. With the inheritance from Luhan’s company and his parents, she will live a better life than the one she lives now. Trust me, honey. _____ is understanding.”

Your mother wiped her tears and nodded.


You stood in front of the mirror. Your hair was neatly styled, and you had your makeup done by an artist. You wore a beautiful black dress that fell to your knees with a sash. Around your neck was your grandmother’s sapphire pendant. She had given it to you before she passed away, and it was your most prized possession.

“You look beautiful!” your mother said when you walked downstairs to the living room.

“Where are we going for me to dress like this?” You asked.

You were accustomed to all the formalities in the house since your father owned a wealthy company, but today was different. You still could not guess why both you and your parents were so dressed up when you exited your limousine and entered the fancy restaurant.

The waiter led you to an exclusive room. Inside, a young man and his parents were seated on one side of a long table. You and your parents took the seats on the opposite side.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, _____!” the young man’s father said.

“Yes, you’re more beautiful than your father described you,” his mother said, smiling at you warmly.

You were confused. “Mom, Dad, what’s going on?” You asked.

“Oh! So you’re not aware!” The man’s father said. “We have arranged for you to be married to our son, Luhan!”

You froze. An arranged marriage? And your parents hadn’t even bothered to discuss it with you?

“Isn’t this wonderful?” Luhan’s mother asked.

You forced a smile and nodded.


“I know this may sound sudden, but may I drive _____ home?” Luhan asked your parents. “I would like to know her better.”

Your parents were delighted to hear that and immediately agreed. You reluctantly entered Luhan’s car, but you told yourself that you didn’t have to engage in any conversations. When he began driving, you observed him. He was very handsome and had a cute smile. His hair was perfect and his personality seemed warm. However, you refused to marry someone you did not love.

“You’re _____, right?” He asked suddenly.

“Yes,” you murmured.

“Are you excited about the marriage?” He asked.

You remained silent.

“Are you okay? Didn’t your parents tell you?”

“No, they didn’t. And I don’t want to get married,” you replied honestly. “I just can’t get married to someone I don’t love. Did you agree to do this?”

He nodded. “I would do anything for business. Marriage is just another part of business. I’m happy that we’re marrying and that our companies are joining.”

“What? Marriage is not business. Marriage is committing your life to someone you love and putting that person before yourself. I can’t marry you, especially when you don’t even know what love is.”

Not long after, you arrived at your house. You exited the car and entered your mansion without even saying goodbye.


The past several months were painful. You just recently learned about your parents’ financial situation, so you decided to play along with it until the marriage came. You reluctantly went on dates with Luhan, walking at night together or drinking coffee together at cafés.

You were sitting on a park bench right next to Luhan. Just as always, he was talking about his company. Out of the blue, he asked you a random question. “Do you honestly like me?”

You hesitated.

“For the past six months, you’ve acted happy around me in front of your parents to please them, but do you even like me?” He asked.

“Over these months, I’ve learned that you have a very good heart,” you began. “But I don’t think I can marry you. You’ve been a great friend, Luhan, but if this marriage isn’t out of love, I can’t accept it.”

“Our marriage is in a few weeks,” he spoke. “Shouldn’t we at least learn to get along? In front of your parents, you act as if we’ve gotten close. We hold hands and laugh, but when we’re alone, you stay silent. Will you at least be my friend?”

You looked him in the eye and replied with a mumbled, “Yes.”


Not too long after, your wedding had arrived. Those few weeks had passed by in a blur since your parents were so busy preparing for the wedding. They had a custom wedding dress tailored for you, all of you had went around town looking for the perfect wedding hall, and you had to help them send out individual invitation to all the members of your family.

However, the day of the wedding you were reluctant. For the past six months, you could not get yourself to tell your parents how you honestly felt. Now, you knew you had to object to the marriage before you were too late.

You were sitting in your flowing white wedding dress, unwilling to go anywhere. You were holding your grandmother’s sapphire pendant close to your heart. As you were lost in your thoughts, Luhan entered the room.

“You look beautiful,” he said.

When you turned around, you were quite surprised. He looked stunning. His hair was styled up, and he wear a formal black suit. You replied, “Thanks.”

“I know you’re going to object to the marriage,” he said, and you were surprised.

How did he know?

“I could tell you never liked me. But you can’t object to the marriage.”


“You told me when we first met that love was putting others before yourself.”

You nodded.

“If you truly love your parents, you would marry me for their sake, not yours. Right now, your only thinking about your future and your life. Imagine, if we didn’t get married, your parents would lose their company and you would all live miserable lives. They don’t want you to live a miserable life, so they arranged this marriage for you.”

You realized he was right. If you loved your parents and trusted them, you would go on with this marriage.

All of a sudden, you saw a different side of Luhan. This whole time, you only saw Luhan the businessman. However, he had just revealed the sensitive and caring side of Luhan. You began feeling something odd.

When had Luhan become so handsome? Why was your heart beating faster around him?

“Are you ready?” He asked.

You nodded.


Your father led you down the aisle. Step by step you approached Luhan, your soon-to-be husband. When you stood face-to-face with Luhan, your father left.

You didn’t hear anything from the officiator’s speech. You were nervous and your hands were shaking, but Luhan gave you a reassuring smile.

“Luhan,” the man began, “do you take _____ as your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do,” he said.

“And _____, do you take Luhan as your lawfully wedded husband?”

Though you were reluctant before the wedding, you somehow found the confidence to say, “I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride.”

You closed your eyes as Luhan leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours. You knew in your mind you weren’t supposed to feel anything for him, but your heart fluttered when he kissed you.

Was this love?


You and Luhan were laying next to each other on the hotel bed. Right after your wedding, the two of you rushed to the airport so you wouldn’t miss the flight for your honeymoon. When you arrived, it was already evening, so you decided to check into your hotel. However, your parents had not notified you that there was only one bed in your room, which meant that you and Luhan were forced to sleep together.

“_____?” He asked.

Your turned to look at him.

“I know I asked this a few weeks before, but I want to ask you again,” he said. “Do you like me?”

You remained silent.

“Actually,” he said, “I want to ask something else. Do you love me?”


“I think… I think I know now what true love is.”

“When you aren’t with me, something always feels missing. And when you are sad, it breaks my heart. Also, your happiness is my priority. I feel like as your husband, I have to do everything I can in my power for you.”

You didn’t respond.

“I love you, _____. I love you.”

You silently replied, “I love you, too.”

Unexpectedly, Luhan wrapped his arms around and held you close to him. You fell asleep listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

This was love.

xsnowdrop  asked:

It was night time and Nori was supposed to be asleep but she wasn't. Since she knew her mother was asleep, Nori then went to find her father. Managing to find her glasses despite how she doesn't want to wear them, she then goes down to the basement. Seeing him on the computer, she then quietly came down holding onto her stuffed horse. "Daddy wowking on game?" She quietly asked.

“Yup… Can’t sleep sweetie?” Spud asked.