mother and daughter more like sisters

why is ‘tyren’ pr?

I’ve had a few asks about why Ty and Lauren are PR. If you can’t see it after this post, I’ll pay for your eyes testing. Just a heads up, i’ll apologise in advance for all the ‘tumblr:camrenexposed’ through out, it seems certain accounts on Twitter have a thing about copying my posts and not crediting me. Sorry guys!

With that being said…

First off let’s talk about Ty, known for his blatant misogynistic attitudes towards women across the industry. That’s a title to be proud of, not. When I hear grown men belittling, demeaning and degrading women in the way he does, I always wonder how they would feel if their female family members were being spoken about in such a disrespectful manner. They’d find it incredibly inappropriate right? So, what then gives these men the right to say those things about someonelse’s mother/sister/daughter etc? The answer simply is, it doesn’t.

Then we’ve got Lauren. You literally couldn’t get more opposite personalities if you tried. Lauren passionately campaigns for our fundamental human rights, engaging in social and political activism whenever she can. She generously donates thousands of dollars to fans with ill health and those who need it most. She’s the first to defend herself and who she is, confidently allowing fans to realise that no matter what, everything will be okay. Regardless of who we are, what we look like tumblr:camrenexposed and who we love she teaches us to embrace what makes us ‘different’ and be proud of who we are. My problem is the negatives hit the headlines before all these incredible things she does make them. She always seems to been labelled the “bitchy” one of the group, but for what? For showing passion? For speaking out against the fucked up political state of our global society? If that makes you a bitch, sign me up. 

So, for starters and most obviously; we’ve got the collaboration between the two. As I predicted a few weeks back, this would be on Ty’s album and released as a single. If I’m correct, there’s a video in the works for ‘In Your Phone’. So statistically, this is the THIRD solo track Lauren has released outside the group. ‘In Your Phone’, ‘Back to Me’ ‘Strangers’ AND we’ve got the Steve Aoki collab dropping any time soon. Now let’s quickly bring Camila into this. Whist in the group, Camila was granted special release of her tracks to mainstream media. She released 2 tracks whilst in the group; ‘IKWYDLS’ and ‘Bad Things’. That’s two individual projects, right? Now let’s look back at Lauren tumblr:camrenexposed In total, considering when the Aoki collab is released, that’s FOUR solo project’s she’s been granted release. Four. That’s double Camila’s. So you’re probably asking, why the fuck is this relevant? Here’s why, After Camila’s departure, Lauren is golden girl. The label and management are pushing her to the front, because as they unfairly did with Camila, they’re seeing the most potential in Lauren as a solo artist. It makes complete sense she’s the only one from the remaining members of the group partnered up with another artist in the industry. This is when the PR comes to light. Do you guys know how much it costs to keep relationship afloat between 2 well known artists in the music industry? Thousands and thousands of dollars. Why? Because they must make sure that reputation isn’t tarnished or ruined in the process. So you’re probably asking why invest money into a PR? Look how many fans Lauren is gaining on Ty’s behalf and vice versa. It’s actually very very clever. I’ll get into that later on.

I’ll set you all a painful task, log on twitter go to Ty’s likes and look at how many posts he has liked with icons of either pictures of Lauren or the other 4 girls. It’s the merging of the fanbases which is why the whole thing this was created in the first place. Lauren’s voice is perfectly suited for R&B. She’s said countless times how much she “hates cheesy pop” which unfortunately some of the groups music falls under. Her solo work and ambition is to get as far away from that as possible. As much as we dislike him, Ty has a lot of connections with major R&B artists across the industry. His attitudes and behaviours are disgusting, but for some reason he’s well regarded across that specific genre. The Label tumblr:camrenexposed is trying to disassociate Lauren from her younger fans, and set her up with a more mature and developed fandom. Hence pairing her up with someone like Ty. They’re doing the tumblr:camrenexposed opposite with Camila. Camila’s team are encouraging that all age fan base and it’s well working. The thing with Lauren is, only ‘Fifth Harmony’ fans KNOW who she is and what she stands for. People outside our fan base don’t have a clue. Therefore, the media is buying and promoting it, because they don’t see any wrong in Lauren, but we see her as going against what she’s preached to us all for the past 5 years.

 Interactions between the two are blatantly staged. When one uploads a picture, the other has to evidence fans that they are together. So the Lauren update accounts, and the Tyren accounts then confirm this to fans. It gets people talking and speculating. Now, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the private person we all know that Lauren is, there’s no way she would be uploading videos/pictures of her and her respectful partner all over tumblr:camrenexposed social media. These pictures are HQ and the same picture is being posted on both accounts, just hours apart. Where’s all the cute/candid shit that real couples post on social media? There isn’t because it isn’t real. Where’s the intimacy and romance in these pictures? They’re clearly faked. At his album release party the other night, he had his back to her half the time and when they interacted it was forced and cringey as fuck. There’s no “love” in their eyes, just a contract.

Yes, Lauren is to blame for her social media presence and who she’s presenting herself as lately BUT she’s doing it for a reason. We’ve got to look at why this reason is, and that’s her unhappiness. From January, we’ve seen her behaviour tumblr:camrenexposed deteriorate to the point where we are at now. Half of me thinks this has A LOT to do with Camila’s departure the other thinks it’s Ty’s influence. What we can’t deny is the time Lauren and Ty spend together for this PR to work. Now, whilst she’s in his company, she has to fit in. Unfortunately, his circle is drug and alcohol fuelled. It’s no secret she’s been using weed for a while, but there’s no doubt in my mind that when she is around Ty and his circle, she’s taking something stronger. In half the pictures, the pair take, they both look completely drugged up. But she’s literally contractually bound to him, she’s giving in to the situation because there’s nothing she can do. That’s fucking sad.

Another point to make, is why have these rumours speculated for months, yet it’s taken the album release for Ty to “confirm” the two being together? It fucking screams PR. He said himself in an interview, he was a private person when it comes to his relationships. If that was the case, why has he mentioned Lauren in tumblr:camrenexposed EVERY SINGLE interview since his album release? Why dos Laurens activity on Instagram undertone her longing and sadness for someone, yet he seems to think they’re “king and queen” of the music industry? It’s so wrong that it’s laughable.

Also, remember when Ty tweeted out this:

 And now he’s tweeting things like this:

His team are using Lauren in the process to try and clean up his image so he’s more appealing to younger/more mainstream fans. In the process of Lauren losing fans, she’s gaining more in the genre and route she wants to take her music down. Because mainstream charts are where all the awards are, remember that. And also remember, awards are competition.

Laurens image is only really damaging within our small fandom, the media see no difference in her. We know Lauren better than we all think. We’ve studied her behaviour and watched her grow for 5 years. We know this isn’t her. If we can’t see this is PR, we’re letting her down and letting the label win. As a strategy, we’re gonna have to ignore it because it’s only gonna get worse. We as fans have predicted things between the two that have come true and been shown. Her mind is her strongest asset, yet it’s her weakest. Let’s not be a part of that weakness.

Most recently today, we’ve got Ty supporting one of Lauren’s close friends Shawn, who has just brought out his first single. Why didn’t he take a picture with Shawn when they’ve met on countless occasions at Label/Award show after parties and gigs? He’s never promoted him before so why now after Lauren posted about him? 

A few more pointers:

  • Why hasn’t Ty helped promote Dinah’s individual song with French Montana and Daddy Yankee? 
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Ally’s solo song with Lost Kings?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote any of Camila’s solo music, regardless of her leaving the group, he still did a song with her?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Lauren’s interview with OUT magazine, where she addressed her sexuality?
  • Why is Ty’s acknowledgement of the group through Lauren and not directly to the girls?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote or support Lauren and Halsey’s ‘Strangers’ performance on GMA?

Final thought. If this was a genuine relationship, do you really think we’d predict their next move? 

Unfollow, but never unstan. 

The Story Of Alex Drake.

Mary Drake gives birth to Spencer Hastings, who is rushed into the arms of an awaiting Veronica Hastings outside. While Spencer is being taken to Veronica, Mary gives birth to another baby. The second baby, Alex Drake, is sold to a wealthy family in England. Dr. Cochran and Mary split the money, with Mary using the money as a way out of Radley Sanitarium. 

Alex ended up having some issues so her parents sent her off to an orphanage. Her adoptive family take back their name because they didn’t want Alex to tarnish it, so she goes back to being Alex Drake. 

She was sent to Ambrose Home for Wayward Children (the equivalent of Radley Sanitarium in England) but ended up running away when she was 10 years old. Not much is known about the rest of Alex’s upbringing but when she was around 17/18, Wren Kingston bumps into her whilst she is bartending and mistakes her for Spencer Hastings. 

At this point in time Wren is no longer seeing Melissa Hastings, so he and Alex begin dating after he fills her in on all her relatives back in Rosewood. 

After Charlotte escapes police custody and flies to Paris as Vivian Darkbloom, Wren sets up a meeting between Alex and Charlotte. 

The two walk the streets of Paris till morning getting to know each other. They begin to share a close bond, hanging out and doing everything together with their boyfriends; Archer and Wren. It isn’t before long that Charlotte begins to miss the game and leaves Alex to go back to Rosewood and start the game again. Before leaving, Charlotte gives Alex the Patsy Cline’s Greatest Hits Record. 

Charlotte unfortunately never returns and when news reaches Alex that her sister was murdered, she comes back to Rosewood to avenge her sister, start the game again and to find out who killed her sister. 

The whole point of Alex playing the game was to find out who killed her half-sister, but the more so played the more she became jealous of Spencer and the life and the friendships she has. This jealousy causes Alex to slowly take over Spencer’s life. She successfully succeeds. “Like mother like daughter,” Alex pretends to be Spencer in order to sleep with Toby exactly like what Mary did.

Wren comes back for Alex because he misses her, but she promises him that once the game is finished she will go back home to London. 

In order for Alex to be exactly like Spencer, she gets Wren to shoot her in the exact same spot that she shot Spencer in, leaving the exact same scar. Alex wanted to be known as Spencer to Wren, but he always thought of her as Alex.

After finishing the game and finding out who killed her sister, Wren visits Mona in Welby to kill her but she convinces him that once she is released from Welby, she would be able to help get Mary out of prison. Alex and Wren return to London.

Alex was sick and tired of being her, she just wanted to be Spencer. Because of Wren not accepting Alex as “Spencer”, she kills him and turns his ashes into an eternity stone that she wears around her neck. 

One year goes on and Alex returns to Rosewood so that she can get her mother out of prison and can finally meet her twin sister, lock her up in an underground bunker and finally take over the life she’s always wanted. 

I hate how d&d made arya into this ‘not like other girls i hate women’ thing when literally book!Arya LOVES HER FELLOW WOMEN. She makes friends with all sorts of girls, the prostitutes at Happy Port, the daughters of sailors, she respects and loves all sorts of different women, she loves and looks up to her mother and wishes she could be more like them. 

She respects their skills and beauty and goodness, she just acknowledges that she cannot be like that due to her own inabilities to conform. She wants to be good at sewing, she wants to be able to sing, she wants to be beautiful like her sister and mother, but she also feels completely inadequate and awful in comparison to all the women in her life. So what does a 9 year old do?

A 9 year old calls it stupid because calling it stupid hurts a lot less than admitting that what people criticize about you the most are correct. Like lmao if your skillset lies in horseback riding, sword fighting, and other non-traditional activities for women, are you supposed to silently suffer ridicule and a life of non fulfillment? 

People who treat Arya like a crappy cliche literally have 0 understanding of her character. 

GOT7 when you're touching them under the table at a family dinner (M)

Lyly’s Note: It’s crazy, I had totally lost this imagine/reaction until somebody liked the now empty post on my old blog and I found it again thanks to old reblogs.



You feel Jaebum’s thigh muscles contract when you slyly touch the interior of his leg. You just want to get his attention, but he continues his boring business conversation with your father. Annoyed, you let your fingers climb until you reach his crotch and start to palm him. True to himself, he acts as if nothing is going on under the table, but his interventions scatter and he only opens his mouth when your father asks him direct questions. After a moment, you’re about to give up on getting his attention, but he wraps his arm around your shoulder, bringing you closer and making your naughty teasing a lot easier to hide. When your mother is looking your way, he leans in with a good son’s smile and whispers to you: “I’m having a great time, we should visit your parents more often.” He makes sure she hears to show off what a great son in law he makes.

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As soon as your fingers touch the fabric of his jeans, your boyfriend turns his head to give you a side warning glance, while your mother carries on talking about the amazing book he recommended without noticing anything. Feeling adventurous and wanting to tease him, you slide your hand higher on Jinyoung’s thigh, but before you can reach your goal he grabs your wrist and stops you. When she leaves the room to bring a novel she wants him to read, he faces you with a judgmental look. “Tsk, I know it’s hard, but you should at least keep your hands to yourself when we’re in public.”

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You’re just innocently resting your hand on his leg while you’re telling your father about something bad that happened at work. “Well, maybe your colleague was right, hon'… You do talk an awful lot.” As soon as he says this, a small amused scoff escapes Youngjae. You shoot him an insulted look. Since you can’t take it out on your father, you decide to get revenge on your unsuspecting boyfriend instead. Afterall, he shouldn’t have laugh. You wait for him to take a sip of his drink and then delicately slide your hand all the way up to his crotch. Youngjae chokes on his water instantly. He’s coughing like crazy, ears bright red as he glares at you through the tears filling his eyes. Everyone at the table is focused on him and the look on his face is priceless; half-surprised, half-traumatized. “Oh babe, are you okay? Did it go down the wrong pipe?” You asks with playful concern.

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When Jackson finally sits next to you at the empty table, it’s only after playing pirates the whole day with your niece. Resting your head on his shoulder, you absentmindedly start to toy with the holes in his jeans. Without noticing much, you slide your fingers to his inner thigh. His eyebrows raise in interest and he smiles before whispering: “Well, I guess I haven’t played with you today…” Jackson’s fingers lace with yours and slide your hand way higher. You roll your eyes at his forwardness, but still press him and lean in to kiss his lips. His tongue slips in your mouth and his hand gets lost in your hair, turning the kiss into a passionate one. That’s the exact moment your mom chooses to enter the dining room. “Sorry kids, but can someone please help me set the table?” Jackson jumps on his feet screaming that he’s glad to be of some help. He turns to your mother and adds like in confidence: “Thank you, your daughter was trying to abuse of my body.” You drop your head in your hands embarrassed as your boyfriend’s loud laugh echoes your mom’s.

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It’s not that your sister in law is uninteresting. It’s just that your boyfriend is more interesting. You tell this to yourself as you exchange another side glance with Bambam, mentally shutting off her voice and wedding plans. Your right hand continues its misdemeanors under the table cloth, palming Bambam’s hardening length through his pants. He keeps a straight face, nodding along her conversation with your mother. Nobody even notices you aren’t listening, your brother and father have the exact same empty expression. You feel Bambam’s fingers tickle the soft skin between your thighs and you spread your legs allowing them to reach your already soaked panties. You suck in a breath a bit too loudly when he touches you and you have to drink a sip of water to try to cover it up. You’re so focused on the sensations and trying to look and breathe normally that you jump when you hear Bambam’s voice. “Hum, excuse me please. I need to go to the bathroom. Y/N, could you maybe show me the way?” You both stand up awkwardly and your father gives you a helpless look when you abandon him to the wedding talk. He probably thinks you’re trying to avoid bridezilla, when in reality… You just can’t wait to finish what you and Bambam started.

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Why the fuck did Mark Tuan thought it was appropriate to wear those tight pants tonight of all night. You glare at him until he turns to meet your eyes. His eyebrows raise, questioning you in silence. “Aren’t you hot?” You whisper for only him to hear while the conversations around carry on. His brows furrow. “No, I’m okay.” You press on. “Aren’t they too tight?” His jaw drops for a second, but he regains composure, half-smiles and turns to the rest of the table. He knows that you obsess over those pants and he’s having fun with it. You sure as hell aren’t going to be the only one uncomfortable tonight. Without hesitation, you start to massage his thigh going up. You know you have his attention, but he stares sternly in front of him. After a few strokes he leans in and whispers to you: “O.K, you need to make a smart choice or next dinner at my parents’ will take a dramatic turn.”

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You and you boyfriend always tease each other in public, it’s your thing. Your game. Yugyeom is so nervous in front of your family that you decide to take this opportunity to have the upper hand. You wait until everybody around the table is busy talking or simply focused on their food to start. Gently pressing your knee on the side of his leg, like you would do to calm his nervousness. Only, this time, you also slide your hand to his inner thigh. Gyeom visibly stiffens and you can’t even make another move before he grabs your wrist and hiss through his teeth. Your father looks up and asks if something is wrong, but your he just glares at you, ears tinted a light shade of pink. You know you’ll regret it later.

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Guy’s. There’s not many things in life that make me this frustrated, however this Ty/Lauren “relationship” bullshit is an exception. I found myself browsing on these ‘Tyren Updates’ accounts and actually saw the extent of how blinded people actually are by all this. One of my favourite ever comments I read was a Harmonizer calling Ty a “feminist” insisting he was an “activist to different communities” Are people for real? Like seriously, do people genuinely believe this? Do they see his online presence or listen to his lyrics? He is known throughout the music industry specifically for his misogynistic attitudes. Articles and interviewers have labelled him “arguably the most misogynistic rapper in music’. That’s NOT a title to be proud of. In fact, It’s quite disgusting. 

When I hear grown men belittling, demeaning and degrading women in the way Ty does, I always wonder how they would feel if their female family members were being spoken about in such a disrespectful manner. They’d find it incredibly inappropriate right? So what then gives these men the right to say those things about someonelse’s mother/sister/daughter etc? The answer simply is, it doesn’t. This is my issue.

Then we’ve got Lauren. You literally couldn’t get more opposite personalities if you tried. Lauren passionately campaigns for our fundamental human rights, engaging in social and political activism whenever she can. She generously donates thousands of dollars to fans with ill health and those who need it most. She’s the first to defend herself and who she is, confidently allowing fans to realise that no matter what, everything will be okay. Regardless of who we are, what we look like and who we love she teaches us to embrace what makes us ‘different’ and be proud of who we are. My problem is the negatives hit the headlines before all these incredible things she does make them. She always seems to been labelled the “bitchy” one of the group, but for what? For showing passion? For speaking out against the fucked up political state of our global society? If that makes you a bitch, sign me up. 

I know a lot of fans are struggling to see this is PR, but I’m sure this will help you out. 

I clicked on Ty’s twitter a few days ago (I know, I’m disappointed in me too) and just look at this. The accounts tweeting him aren’t just L stans, they’re Harmonizers. Whatever management are doing, its fucking working. These Harmonizers have fully jumped ship (literally lol). They’re listening, streaming and buying Ty’s new music. 

Interactions between the two are blatantly staged. When one uploads a picture, the other HAS to post some sort of proof to evidence fans that they are together. So the Lauren update accounts, and the Tyren accounts can confirm this to fans. It gets people talking and speculating. Now, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the private person we all know that Lauren is, there’s no way (ooops I just triggered myself back into the 7/27 era) she would be uploading videos/pictures of her and her respectful partner all over social media. It’s not real guys, wake up. 

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the 2 Tys?

So first we’ve got Ty insisting he’s against slut shaming, posting pro feminist images about the female body and telling us girls to love our insecurities (sounds familiar)

I’ll call this one the “Media Pleaser Ty”:

Then we’ve got the other version. The one who degrades women to a sex act putting undermining their worth and power

So, then I’ll call this one the “Real Ty”:

I don’t know about you guys, but this is pretty degrading isn’t it? But, isn’t this slut shaming? As fans, it’s no secret this is Lauren’s habit? Is this the image he’s reducing Lauren to?

When Ty’s album finally drops and Lauren’s collab with Steve Aoki is released (Steve has already confirmed this will be his next single, there’s just no release date as of yet), this Ty/Lauren “romance” will end. Period. Both parties will say “nothing was confirmed”, “we were just vining” or “we never dated” something along those lines.

And while all this shit is going on, we can always rely on Camila coming through, confirming EVERYTHING to us on social media.

Open your eyes, listen to the lyrics in ‘Somebody Else’ and always remember:

“Fuck that, get money, I can’t give you my soul ‘cause we’re never alone”


Father to the Unknown: Part One

AN: Since I’ve been so remiss in updating lately, here, have a new Wonder Woman series.


When the phone rings for the fourth time, you start to think that some people just can’t take a hint. Then you remember exactly who’s on the other end, and you realize that the man can take a hint, he’s just too stubborn to do so. You wait for the buzzing to die off, and sure enough it starts again a second later.

    With a sigh you pick the phone up, and hit the answer button. You wait for him to speak first, “You’re a tough one to get a hold of.”

    “I figured you’d get the hint, Mr. Wayne.”

    “I’m calling in regards to your mother …”

    You cut him off before he can continue, “Saving the world is my mother’s business not mine, Mr. Wayne. I have no desire to join your little club.”

    “So she told you.”

    Your eyes flicker to the television, “The news told me everything I needed to know, Mr. Wayne. I saw the remains of the fight. I saw my mother.”

    “You disagree with her choice, a choice to step up and save the world?”

    Your eyes land on a photograph over the mantel. A picture of you and your mother from last year, not that anyone would know it. You looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. “My mother was born to save the world Mr. Wayne, I was born to protect her.”

    “Which is exactly, why I’m calling.”

You stiffen at the words, “What do you mean?”

“When’s the last time you talked to Diana?”

“Two days ago. We made plans to meet in London.”

“Where are you right now?”


“Good. If you take a plane you can be there in five hours.”

You find your mouth dry, at the words, and it takes everything you have to ask your question, “What’s happened to my mother, Mr. Wayne?”

There’s a moment of hesitation before he says, “I’ll explain when you get here. I’ve already booked your flight.”

It doesn’t take you long to grab the essentials; a few pairs of clothes, emergency cash, and a few family heirlooms. You make it to the airport with only a few minutes to spare. You spend the entire flight with a knot in your stomach. You’d talked to her two days ago. Only two days. Your mother was a goddess. She was unbreakable. Only able to be killed by someone like her. And yet, no matter how many times you repeated that information to yourself you never felt any better.

Your mother had had may professions during her time in man’s world. She’d been a teacher, a professor, a nurse, a translator, and now museum curator. It made sense, your mother’s love of Greek history.

Your mother took pride in her work. Her love for it displayed any time she talked about it. Organization ruled her domains, just as it had when you were a child. But as you step into her office you see what Bruce is talking about. There are papers scattered on the floor. The glass displays behind her desk are broken. Her tablet had been thrown against the wall. You lock eyes with Bruce over top of the investigators scouring the floor. A few eyes flick to you, before the lead inspector turns to you.

Before he can say a word Bruce steps in, “This is Ms. Trevor. My translator, she should be able to help with the translation on the wall.”

Your eyes snap to the wall you had missed in the chaos, and the writing there. You swallow the lump in your throat, and the investigator prods you on, “Well, Ms. Trevor.”

Your voice quakes a bit, “It’s ancient Greek. One word. Themyscira.”

Your eyes flick to Bruce, as the investigator turns back to his team. With a motion of your head, Bruce follows you back. Once you’re safe distance away you ask, “Was that blood on the wall?” His nod is barely perceivable but it’s there. You take a deep breath.

“Would she go there?” His voice is soft.

You shake your head, “She didn’t know the way back. She would have taken me there when she found out she was pregnant. There’s no way to find it.”

Bruce’s voice is soft, “Your father found it.”

You snap, “My father crashed into the sea near it. There’s a difference Mr. Wayne.”

“Which means it’s not impossible to find.”

You stare at the man. The bat vigilante. The world’s greatest detective. Your brow furrows and you step closer, “What do you know?”

“Your mother believed that our world would soon need the full force of the Amazons. We’ve been doing some searching for it. Looking at your father’s flight pattern, and judging distances and so forth, along with strange reports of fog.”

“You know where Themyscira is?” You ask softly.

“I have an idea of where it is.” He corrects gently, “And if who ever took your mother knew this, then they’re counting on someone to come and try and rescue her.”

Your eyes narrow, “Why me? I’m nowhere near as strong as my mother.”

He shrugs, “Who knows. But you’re probably her only hope.”

You raise an eyebrow in question, “You’re not going?”

“Your mother gave me strict instructions to remain here if something were to happen to her. To contact you, and give you these.” You focus on the small watch, and piece of paper in his hand before taking them.

You knew the watch well, you had fallen asleep with it clutched to your chest more than once. It was the only thing of your father’s that you had. The photograph was different. You hadn’t seen it before, but you knew your parents on sight. You carefully slip both into your pocket before meeting Bruce Wayne’s gaze again. “Well?” he asks.

You give a small smile, “My mother always said that we could sit around and do nothing, or try and do something. Apparently doing nothing is no longer working. I’m going to need a ride Mr. Wayne.”

—  her mother loves her a little bit more 
she is her daddy’s favorite daughter
her brother is always there to
protect her from the world
her little sister hugs her
every night and morning
she is good, she is nice
maybe that is what you like
maybe that is what i am not
maybe that is why i am basking 
in this viridescent glow with envy
maybe that is why you couldn’t love me

Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week.



One Shots


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Tove Jansson’s Moomin books focus very closely on childhood and home environment. This means that even if it is not intentional, she conveys some view points and commentary about parenting and either suitable or harmful environment for growing up.

And one huge issue she handled differently than just about all other writers of her time period: discipline. Moomintroll or his friends are never physically punished or even threatened with spanking. Actually, Tove Jansson was very upset with the first Japanese animated version partially because Moominpappa uses physical punishment on Moomintroll in that. Her lack of spanking or other forms of physical punishment in her books is rare as many children’s books of the time did include physical punishment or mentioned it happening. Physical discipline was made illegal in Finland only in 1984, while Tove Jansson wrote her Moomin books between 1945-1970.

Other forms of discipline are also very moderate in Moomin books. Moominmamma and Moominpappa are very allowing and gentle parents. Even if one of the children in their care ends up doing something dangerous or causes harm, they usually take it with a stride and instead worry about children’s safety more than morality of their actions. Mymble’s daughter is the guardian of her wild and ill-behaved little sister Little My (because their mother just simply gave up with My) and there is a scene where Mymble’s daughter does discipline her sister; she yells at My and threatens to give her some unspecified physical punishment. But she openly admits to be just yelling because it makes her feel like she is doing as her mother asked and not because she actually thinks it will work. And she has no intention to actually do anything and My seems to know this. In the end, Little My does whatever she wants and her sister is aware of this.

Strict rules and punishments for children are portrayed few times. Moominpappa grew up in a strict orphanage and was so traumatized that he ran away at young age. The guardian of the place was a very strict Hemulen who did not let children play freely or express themselves. Another example is The Invisible Child, Ninny, who’s aunt was verbally abusive by using irony to address her behavior. This ended up making the child quiet, timid and invisible. Ninny only turns visible when she enters loving and tolerant Moomin family. She ends up becoming a bit ill-behaved but like Too-Ticky says, the most important thing is that the child is laughing and visible.

It is impossible to say how intentional it is, but Tove Jansson’s books portray children who have grown up in understanding environments with as much freedom as possible as the best adjusted and happiest characters. Moomin books are also tolerant of disrespectful or wild behavior in young children like Sniff or Little My. Moominmamma’s kindness and tolerance is constantly shown to be the ideal parenting and children around her respond positively.

10 Reasons Why Sweet/Vicious Should Be Watched and Renewed From A Fan

Sweet/Vicious is an hour long drama/dark comedy series on MTV. The series follows Jules, a sorority sister and survivor of sexual assault, and Ophelia, the university pot dealer and skilled hacker, as they become vigilantes on their college campus taking down rapists. 

Or, at least that’s the general description of the show but really it’s so much more than that. And yet, people have been sleeping on this amazing show so here’s my attempt – a fan’s attempt – at getting you to watch Sweet/Vicious and hopefully, getting MTV to renew Sweet/Vicious for a second season. 

1. The most accurate portrayal of rape on television to date. 

Sure, sexual assault has been a popular beat in television dramas for years, but no one portrays it as real as Sweet/Vicious. Through the course of the ten episode season, the audience is exposed to several different and unique sexual assault cases. Our protagonist, Jules, finds herself a victim of sexual assault after her best friend’s boyfriend, whom is also her friend, rapes her at his frat’s party.  In another episode, we see that sometimes sexual assault is a two person job when two friends team up to drug unsuspecting girls at a bar only to usher them into an ride share and drive them to a dark ally where the driver sexually assaults the incoherent victim. 

Through the course of the season we see rapists who show no remorse. We see enablers, who through their silence or willingness to turn their heads, let rapes happen. We see that sometimes rape isn’t violent, that sometimes the victims don’t fight back or stop fighting back because they can’t win. 

Plus, there are multiple scenes in which Jules and other victims attend group therapy – including, a male victim! 

Through ten episodes we see the most accurate portal of the types of sexual assault cases that take place on college campuses around the world.  

Oh yeah, and they never victim blame or sympathize with the rapist. 

2. Explores sexual assault as it relates to hazing practices

In addition to the sexual assault cases talked about above, Sweet/Vicious does something no television show in modern television has done. It addresses the fact that hazing can be and usually is a form of assault. In fact this happens in the fourth episode of the show when Jules and Ophelia discover that the most popular sorority on campus has their recruits drinking in excess only to publicly shame them in a video when they don’t complete their tasks or disobey the president sorority sister. 

In my opinion, this was one of the most important sexual assault cases that Sweet/Vicious explored because it showed a different side of it. It showed females taking advantage of other females. Because, yes, females are just as capable at being the aggressor as men are. 

3. Hello, complexed female characters who double as vigilantes! What more could you want? 

Jules Thomas the bubbly sorority girl who, after being sexually assaulted by someone she considered a friend, doubles as a kick-ass vigilante providing victims of sexual assault the justice they deserve when the Title IX does nothing. But Jules is more than a just a girl fueled by her confusion and guilt over what happened. Sure, there are moments when she completely shuts down and is consumed by the nightmares of what she’s dealing with. But she’s also this fun loving girl who will do anything to make sure what happened to her doesn’t happen to any one else. She is a supportive friend who makes sure everyone around her knows she loves them. She likes belting out"Defying Gravity” and hanging out with her sorority sisters and Ophelia. Most importantly, she’s a girl who is more than just a victim of sexual assault.

And then there’s Ophelia Mayer a trust fun daughter, the campus weed dealer, and savvy hacker. Ophelia has problems of her own. A complexed relationship with her mother, a best friend who expects more from her than just dealing weed out of the college town’s record store, and a habit of finding herself in the campus police office. And yet, when she stumbles upon the vigilante she later learns is Jules she’s all hands in. Ophelia is unapologetically herself and she is the voice of some of the show’s best one liners. She is the first to learn of Jules’s sexual assault and never once shies away from supporting her and being their for her. But it’s not just Jules she supports and encourages but also Harris, her best friend. In addition, Ophelia struggle with love and commitment. And oh yeah, creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson confirmed that Ophelia is bi – something she hopes to explore more in the second season. 

4. Amazing Friendships

Jules and Ophelia aren’t the only ones that are #bffgoals. Before Jules meets Ophelia, her best friend is Kennedy. Though their relationship is a rollercoaster there is no denying that these two girls love and support each other. Then you have Ophelia and her best friend Harris, a law student and co-worker at the record store. Harris is Ophelia’s cheerleader in the same way Ophelia is Jules. He encourages her to do better and in turn Ophelia supports him and his endeavors whole hardily. But even their relationship gets rocky because, well, that’s life. Even Kennedy and Ophelia become friends over their shared need to protect and empower Jules. 

That’s not all though, the relationship Jules and Ophelia have with their significant others also shows that your S.O. should also double as your best friends. Not to mention, the show portrays positive male friendships too like the ones Harris forms with Jules’s S.O. Tyler and Ophelia’s S.O. Evan. 

5. Shows that life doesn’t have to end after sexual assault. It’s possible to find love for yourself and others. 

Often in television and films, sexual assault completely ruins the victim turning them off from love completely. That’s not the case at all with Sweet/Vicious. Sure, Jules has moments where she is consumed by the nightmares of her assault but for the most part, she doesn’t let what happened to her ruin her chance at love. Through the course of the series she finds herself in a relationship with Tyler who treats Jules as she, and any girl, deserves to be treated. They have their ups and downs but one thing that stays constant is their ability to support each other blindly. In my opinion, this is an integral part of the series and could have the biggest impact on survivors of sexual assault. 

6. It’s not all dark. There’s comedic moments too

Sure, the series in rooted in two girls hunting down rapists and teaching them a “lesson,” but that’s not all it is. It simple terms, its a dark comedy. There are serious moments but there are also moments where you’re doubled over in laughter. Not to mention, Ophelia Mayer is the queen of comedic one liners like, “Robin is a bitch.” 

7. What about Carter?

Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention the pilot ends with the girls burying a dead body. Did that catch your attention? As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, Carter is the brother of Tyler, Jules’s on and off again boyfriend. And the series ends with a shot of a garage with a piece of evidence left behind. That alone is reason enough to get the show renewed. Come on MTV we need to know what happens there. 

8. Diverse Characters 

Diversity comes in many forms with Sweet/Vicious. For one, both Jules and Ophelia’s are African American. Unlike some shows where race becomes the only defining feature of a character and their story line, Sweet/Vicious takes a different road. Both Kennedy and Harris are more than just the color of their skin and both have dynamic characterization through the 10 episode series. In addition, they are their own characters whose scenes don’t always revolve around their friendship with our protagonists. 

And though, Ophelia never says she is bi, and Jennifer Kaytin Robinsons says she probably will never have a “coming out” reveal, the hints are there with promises for more exposure in a season 2. 

9. Shows men standing up against sexual assault and not making excuses

Sure, there are men who are absolute scum on the show – aka the rapists. But, the Sweet/Vicious also makes a point to bring attention to positive males who don’t excuse the actions of their peers. Without giving too much away, Jules and Ophelia find an unexpected ally while trying to take down Nate, Jules’s rapist. In addition, later in the season Ophelia’s boyfriend, Evan, steps in as a watchdog for a girl in his dorm who was sexual assaulted to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself. 

Plus, Harris and Tyler have their own disdain for sexual assault. Especially, Tyler who’s brother, Carter, sexual assaulted a girl before “disappearing.” Though he misses his brother, he makes sure it is clear that he does not agree with his brother’s actions what so ever. 

10. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the show’s creator, promises that she has even more issues to tackle in a season 2.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Jennifer Kaytin Robinson discusses the story lines she hopes to explore in the second season. Including, LGBT+ victims, male victims, bullying, and even race issues. Come on MTV, take a step into the 21st century and let these stories be told! 

If you haven’t watched Sweet/Vicious yet I implore you to give it a chance. The full series is streaming now on And don’t forget to keep tweet #RenewSweetVicious

Father to the Unknown: Part 5

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4

The place she takes you is a hill, overlooking a practice field. You watch as your great aunt commands her troops, as though she never left. Your grandmother watches them for a few minutes before saying, “Our sisters were very impressed with your medical knowledge.”

    A small smile plays on your lips, “It’s the one way I can contribute.”

    She smirks, “I saw your arrows fly in the cave. Your shots were dead on. Amazing really. Did your mother teach you?”

    You cross your arms against your chest, “She taught me the basics, but I was never very good at fighting. I don’t have the heart for it.”

    “You take after me then.” You raise an eyebrow in question, and she continues, “I know how to fight, and I do it quite well, but I have no thirst for battle. Not like my sister or my daughter.”

    The two of you begin walking. “I watched plenty of good men die in the Second Great War. I’ve seen even more die in the streets at home, but a fairly wise man once told me, We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but, if we can’t find a way to live with that, Next time… maybe nobody can be saved.”

    “Wise words. Do you have many interactions with man’s world?”

    The question takes you by surprise, but you know she’s trying, “All of my interactions are with man’s world. Just not the same one my mother lives in.”

    A look of puzzlement overcomes her face, “I don’t understand.”

    You smile, “I live in a sort of … parallel world. It’s different in many ways, but still similar. I found it thanks to a friend of mine, and his gambling obsession. Nearly got himself killed, but I convinced the man who came to kill him that he wasn’t worth it.”

    She stares at you, “You killed him?”

    You shake your head, “No. I married him.”

    She pauses, “You’re married?”

    You let out a little laugh, and nod, “About six years now. I have two daughters. Minerva, who we call Minnie, and Natalia.”

    Her mouth opens and closes several times, before she asks, “Does your mother know?”

    You nod, “She knows. She was there for the wedding, and the births of the girls. She doesn’t stay too long, but she visits every few months thanks to John.”

    “Your husband?”

    You shake your head, “No John’s my idiot friend who is also a sorcerer.”

    “Your life is very complicated.”

    You laugh, “You have no idea.”

    “And what is your husband like?”

    “He’s a good man. A good man who the world has tried to tear down more than once, but who keeps getting back up. He’s with the girls right now, probably teaching them to shoot.”

    “He is a soldier?”

    You nod, “He’s an archer. Mom says he’s one of the best she’s ever seen.”

    “A high compliment coming from your mother.” Before she can say more, someone calls out, “Hippolyta.”

    You turn to see Antiope striding towards you. Your grandmother waits for her and so do you, “Any progress?”

    She shakes her head, “None. Many of our best archers will killed in the initial attack. It was planned that way, so we could not call for help.”

    An inkling settles over you, and understanding follows, your grandmother hadn’t been looking to get to know you, she been testing out the waters on your archery skills for some reason.

Slowly she turns to you, “We need help for the coming battle, and the only way to get it is to shoot an arrow over the horizon.”

    “Excuse me?”

    Your grandmother takes a deep breath, “It was theorized that the gods would return in our hour of need to give us aid, if one belonging to the Amazons shot an arrow over the horizon. The gods would take that as their cue to return.”

    You scoff, “I’m good at precision, not strength.”

    “Clint could do it.” You turn to face your mother, your father and their friends walking beside her.

Your father’s brow furrows, “Who’s Clint?”

“Technically, you belong to each other.” Your mother continues.

Your hands go to your hips, “You want me to bring him here on a technicality.”

“He also belongs to the girls.” She adds.

“Mom, don’t drag them into this. He’s still …”

“I know. I know what that phony god did to him. I also know that he’s trying to move forward. And this may very well help.”

    Your father’s eyes dart back and forth between you and your mother several times before he asks again, “Who’s Clint?”

    It’s your grandmother who answers, “Your son-in-law.” She then turns to you, “Would he be willing to do this?”

    You scrub your hands over your eyes, “He’d want to bring back up.”

    “More men?”

    “And a few women.”

    Her eyes flicker to Antiope and your aunt shrugs, “At the very least it would give us more fighters. We need everyone we can get. That gate will not hold forever.”

    You turn to your mother and glare, she smiles, “Tell him to bring the girls. They should meet your father.”

    You throw your hands in the air before walking away from the group. You walk farther and farther into the jungle, until you reach a clearing. Once there, you flick on the SAT phone and dial the number, “Hello.”

    You smile at the sound of the voice on the other end, “Hi Clint.”

    “I was wondering when you’d call, John got here a few hours ago, and he and Wanda have been talking almost non-stop.”


    You can hear the smile in his voice, “Well, they had to stop for the tea party.”

    You smile, “Yeah, well tell him to break away, I need pick up.”

    His voice turns serious, “Are you okay?”

    “There’s mystical shit up the wazoo, and I need your help.”

    “LIke fixing an appliance kind of help?”

    “Like an Avengers sort of help.”

    “I’ll make the calls, and have John get us there.”

    You nod, even though he can’t see it, “Have him bring the girls too. He can get them off if shit hits the fan, but …”

    “You sure?”

    “Not at all, but I’m following my gut.”

    “Good. Your gut is never wrong. Fury even swears by it.” You laugh and he says, “I’ll be there soon, then we can fight off the family together.”

    “That sounds amazing.”

Wrestlers Are People Too

Okay, so this is going to be a post of my personal thoughts and opinions on some things I’ve been seeing lately. This is probably going to upset a few people, and if I lose followers over it, so be it. I want to get it all off my chest. I don’t usually get involved in stuff like this. I usually keep my personal opinions to myself, I write fics and reblog photos and gifs and that’s it. I don’t like drama, and I avoid it when I can. But there are a few things that I just can’t bite my tongue about anymore.

Many of you probably saw Chris Brookes’ posts on Twitter today and he has a point. I think a lot of fans forget that wrestlers are actual people. Yes, they are public figures. Yes, they put on shows for fans each and every night. And Yes they are in the public eye. But I think we sometimes forget that there’s an actual human being behind those faces and characters we see in the ring each and every night.

There’s a person behind the face you see on TV or in a ring. A person who has feelings. A person who deserves the right to their privacy just like you or I or anyone else. I think people sometimes think that because they are in the public eye they are fair game. They’re not. If you see something that is private, don’t share it. Don’t spread it. How would you like it if personal things whether it’s pictures, phone numbers, addresses, or whatever it may be, got spread all over the internet for the entire world to see? You probably wouldn’t like it very much. These guys don’t like it either.

These guys (and girls for that matter) sacrifice more than a lot of people even realize. Yes, they are living their dreams. Yes, some of them get paid good money for what they do? But what people don’t see is the other side to it. The days, weeks, months spent away from their families. The mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters of these performers who don’t see their son or daughter or brother or sister for weeks and sometimes months. You don’t see the wives who don’t see their husbands for weeks on end because he is on the road putting food on the table. You don’t see the wives left at home to raise the kids while the husband is off wrestling a string of shows. People don’t think about the kids that don’t get to have their dad tuck them in every night because he is thousands of miles away wrestling. You don’t see the birthdays, anniversaries, and other moments these performers miss.

These guys wrestle multiple times a week, putting their body through things a lot of us can’t even imagine. They have money to buy a nice house, but because their schedules are so crazy they are never home, so what’s the point? They’re expected to show up at work if they’re sore or tired or sick. There’s no sick days unless you’re in a hospital bed. Even if they get a day off from in ring action they’re calling into a radio station for an interview or going to some kind of appearance. They eat, work out, drive for hours to the next city, wrestle a match, shower, go to bed, and then wake up and do it all over again the next day.

Not to mention the fact that privacy goes out the window. I personally know people in the wrestling industry. I’ve seen the lack of privacy first hand. They can’t go anywhere without getting stopped at least twice by a fan for a picture or an autograph. They can’t go out to a bar for drinks with their buddies without some stranger coming up and asking for a picture. They can’t go to a restaurant without noticing several cell phones trying to low key take pictures of them only to post them on social media saying they were in the same restaurant as so and so. They can’t have a dinner with their wife and kids because people are constantly interrupting. The thing that upsets me the most is 9/10 people don’t even have the courtesy to ask. They just assume that the wrestler is going to take the picture with them. I get it. I know it’s cool when you see a celebrity or a wrestler out somewhere in public. And it’s okay to ask for a picture. I’m not saying you can’t ask for a picture or an autograph. But try saying “Please.” Remember to say “Thank You.” Manners go a long way with stuff like this.

The other thing I’ve seen a lot of is hate on significant others of wrestlers. Along with wrestlers being people, their wives are too. One person, in particular, I’ve seen getting a lot of hate is Renee Young. If you don’t like Renee because you don’t think she’s a good interviewer or you don’t agree with something she says, that’s one thing. I can respect your opinion. You have the right to disagree or dislike someone. You don’t have the right to send them hateful messages.  If you send hate or create a hate blog about her just because you’re jealous of the fact that she’s married to Dean Ambrose and you aren’t…I can’t respect that. How would you like it if you had people sending you messages saying they wished you were dead? Probably wouldn’t feel good, would it? We need to stop with this sending of hate. It’s NOT okay!! And it’s not just Renee. She is one of many people that this happens to. I’ve seen it happen to Seth Rollins’ girlfriend. I’ve seen it happen to AJ Style’s wife. I’ve seen it happen to Roman Reigns’ wife. Sami Zayn’s wife. Baron Corbin’s wife. Whoever it may be. If you are one of these people sending them hate because you’re jealous of their relationship or their marriage. JUST STOP! Okay?

These men and women that you are sending messages to and talking about on your blogs are human beings. Just like you. Just like me. It’s about time we start treating them like it.


Mymbles are the epitome of femininity. They represent positive female sexuality where Hattifatteners can be seen to represent phallus. The original Swedish name, Mymlan, comes from the slang word “mymla” which Tove used to mean “make love”. In the books Mymble is the name used for both Mymble and Mymble’s daughter; Little My’s mother and older sister. They both represent free and joyful approach to female sexuality. Mymble surrounds herself with her many, many children and even manages to attract the untamable nature child Joxter with her mature appeal. Mymble’s daughter is more youthful and innocent. If we consider that Little My is also a Mymble, we could have some interesting theories about all the aspects of femininity these three women represent. But for now, I would like to focus on Mymble’s daughter (from now on referred with her nickname Mymble).

Mymble is a bit different as a character in books and comics. In the comics, her femininity takes the form of continuous falling in love. She seems to have a new man for each story she appears in. Most of them are virile, athletic and handsome. More conventional women like Fillyjonk envy her and Snorkmaiden sees her as a rival. But she is just gliding through life.

In the books Mymble first appears first as a caretaker for her multiple siblings (the amount is something from 16-35 depending on the source, even her mother herself does not remember). In Moominsummer Madness she is only in charge of Little My but that task is certainly more than enough. Mymble does not seem to take her duties too seriously and only yells at Little My because that way she can feel like she is doing something, all the while knowing her efforts are meaningless. Nobody can really raise Little My.

Just like all characters, Mymble also matures as the book series goes on. Her last appearance is in Moominvalley In November and her character is significantly different from earlier. This Mymble is happy and balanced. She is the only character in the book who is completely content with herself and radiates warmth in the cold house. She is honest and not the least bit nostalgic. Her femininity is beautiful and independent; she simply enjoys skipping in her red boots and combing her long hair. Mymble just dances because she feels like dancing.

Debunking a Ridiculous Myth

According to some, the girl on the left (me) belongs in the men’s room, while the man on the right belongs in the ladies room.

Ridiculous right?

Now, while the image is meant to shock and illustrate the problem, that isn’t even the crux of the issue. Assume I was forced into the men’s room and Buck here (man on the right) was forced into the ladies room. Guess who is more vulnerable and at risk? It isn’t your little daughter, it’s me. For me to enter a men’s room that tells everyone in there I’m transgender. Transgender women are ridiculed, assaulted, beaten and murdered for simply having the audacity to walk down the street in broad daylight.

Your daughter, sister, wife or mother is safer in the bathroom with a transgender woman than you’d like to believe. There is no other group of people more sensitive to the harsh realities of violence against woman than transgender women. We were once treated as men. We got to talk over other people in meetings, we got raises and promotions for being one of the guys, we got to walk the street at night relatively free from fear, we never had to measure the length of our clothes to make sure they met a dress code, and we never had to carry pepper spray or attend a self defense class just because of who we were. If I saw a cis man assaulting your child in the women’s room, you would have to pull me off of trying to smash his face in.

Lastly this talk of creepy cis men using the cloak of transgender rights as a basis for entering the women’s room to assault or creep on women?

1. Rapists, pedophiles and creepy men don’t need an excuse.
2. You really think stopping people who look like me from going into the women’s room but allowing people who look like Buck on the right to go in there doesn’t give men an excuse? Trust me, a creepy guy has a LOT harder a task looking like me than they do like him. You really think “I’m a transgender woman” is a better excuse than “I’m a transgender man?”

Stop the hate. Let us pee.

Bon’s Midnight Screechings: 3x06 ‘A Malcolm’ (2 of ?)
  • TOUCHING THEIR RING—”I never took it off” 

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Don’t be afraid 

There’s the two of us now 

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  • AAAAAAAAND enter the season 3 winner of best cockblocker, my iodine deficient pal, GEORDIE WHATHISNAME!!!


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  • Oh man the exchange about the spectacles and the hair dye was so lovely and honest. Showing both of their insecurities—Jamie admitting his aging OH so wonderful. 
  • “Time doesna matter, Sassenach. You’ll always be beautiful to me” 
  • THE PICTURE OF CLAIRE HOLDING WEE BREE. I AUDIBLY MOANED “Oh!!” ((the first of many such instances tbh))) 


  • I LOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE that they had Jamie tell Claire immediately about William. Oh my god I gasped and windmilled my arms around like CUHRAZY. 
  • I LOVED the honesty of the moments between Jamie and Claire, where Claire asked if he loved Willie’s mother. Those moments were wonderful, and it felt so true to character, much more so than Jamie keeping it to himself for months 


  • God, I really do feel like this took away from the impact of learning about Bree. 
  • We didn’t get the falling over onto Claire’s shoulder and weeping/completely overcome, which is one of my favorite things about that scene in Voyager
  • We didn’t get that sense of AWE and THUNDERSTRUCKness from the photographs themselves 
  • I really don’t like that they brought the bikini conversation up to this scene. I loved in the book how it was just about Bree’s childhood and the longing for those lost years, without caveat. 
  • We saw Jamie light up about Willie more than Bree. And….WOW that really throws me for a loop, because as William-positive as I am, this should be about his child with Claire above all. 

So…. REALLY MIXED BAG HERE. REALLY REALLY REALLY mixed. Probably the one thing I would say was a letdown for me in the episode. 

And trust me, I do NOT say that lightly


“You’ll….you’ll come with me? “ 
“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away” 

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Seeing You On The Other Side (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

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Summary: As an old women, you feel yourself slipping away from life on Earth. As you cross over, you reflect on everything wonderful in your life, before making your way to the Afterlife.

Warnings: Mention of character death, but not graphic or terrible. Mentions of the Afterlife? (Not sure if this will offend some people.)

Time Period: Hamiltime, all though not super specific.  

Word: 1340

A/N: I know it is semi-based off Eliza’s part in “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” but that was my intetntion. And I am sorry if you are offended by the talk of the Afterlife. I know not everyone belives in it, but I tried to keep any religious mentions out of it. Without further ado, enjoy!

You laid in your bed, trying to rest but finding it near impossible. As you tossed and turned more, a large cough escaped your throat. This alerted the other members of the house, and slowly your bedroom door creaked open.

“Mother, are you alright?” your daughter Eliza, who was named after your best friend, asked as she softly stepped into the room.

Instead of answering, you gave her a small nod and smiled. She started towards your bed and sat on the edge. Smiling sadly down at you, she grabbed your hand and held it tightly.  

You squeezed back and rested your free hand on her check, trying to console her.

“Please don’t worry about me, it’s all going to alright.” You reassured your daughter.

“But I’m scared.” she confessed. “I don’t want to lose you.” Tears now started to slide down her face.

About a week ago, you had contracted pneumonia, and each day you felt worse than the day before. You knew your time was coming soon, and you had confided your suspicion with your daughter.

“Do not be scared, you are such a beautiful and strong woman, exactly like who you were named after. I promise, you will be completely fine when I am gone.” you promised her, wiping away her tears just like you did when she was younger.

“Don’t talk like that, mom.” she whispered.

“Shhh it’s alright, I will be alright. For now, I’m going to try and get some more sleep darling, I’ll see you soon.” you told her, squeezing her hand before she stood up. Your daughter learned down, kissed your forehead, and walked out of the room, leaving the door slightly ajar.

Letting out another cough, you could feel your eyes growing weak, and you knew that you would not be waking up to see your daughter once they closed. It turned out that whenever people said that your life flashes before your eyes right before you die was true. Once you closed your eyes, you saw all the wonderful achievements you had throughout your lifetime.

You saw the first time you had met Alexander Hamilton. It was while you were taking a stroll through town, you stumbled across a debate between Alexander and a Mr. Samuel Seabury. After the debate, you had approached Alexander and told him how much you agreed. “Why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea?” Luckily, he wasn’t like most closed-minded men. He accepted opinions. After flirting with you quite a bit, he asked if he could write you, and the rest was history.

Next, you saw Alexander on one knee, the day he proposed. Right after that, you had a flash of yours and Alexander’s wedding day, when you had become husband and wife. It was magical. Although the Revolution was still going on, you managed to scrape together one night of romance to celebrate your union.

After that, you saw the day you had told Alexander you were pregnant with your first child, Philip, and the day he was born right after that. You saw all of your children before your eyes, growing up all over again. You remembered the tears shed by both you and Alexander as you took turns holding the bundles of joys that were the best parts of you and the best parts of Alexander. 

Unfortunately, you then saw your first born dying in your arms. The time that followed the event had put a strain on your marriage with Alexander, but after moving Uptown you worked through it and fell in love again. But then he went and published that damn pamphlet, and you had to work so hard to build your marriage again.

Then, one of the most horrifying sights flashed before your eyes. You saw Alexander dying as you held him in your arms, and he told you to take your time joining him. That was when your heart a shattered into a million, tiny pieces, and it had never been the same again.

After Alexander had died, you started to work your butt off so people would tell his story once you were gone, trying to secure the legacy he always worked so hard for. You interviewed each and every soldier that your husband fought with, and tried to translate all of his thousands of pages of writings, proving to everyone of the good your husband did.

Then for a while, you helped out your best friend (more like a sister), Eliza Schuyler, to start the first private orphanage in New York City. She got to raise hundreds of children, although she never had any of her own. And you got to experience joy as well. Although, each child’s sparkling eyes reminded you of what you saw in Alexander’s

Once you had helped her to achieve her dream, you continued on with your own dream. You went around and spoke out for those who did not have the equal rights as white males in America.

You started out by speaking against slavery, trying to convince everyone that you cannot enslave another human being. Next, you focused on helping women get their own rights. You even attended the first conference dealing with women’s rights in Seneca Falls, New York.

Every time you finished speaking, you could feel a pain in your chest. Alexander could have done so much better if only he had the time. Each time you thought you weren’t going to live to see another day, the Lord granted you more time. Each time you were extremely grateful, but some days you wanted to lie down and wake up with Alexander.

Finally, you saw all of your family that was still alive. You saw your beautiful daughters, dashing sons, and extraordinary grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You had such a blessed life, and you got to share so many moments surrounded by the people you loved.

Your only thought was had you done enough? Would others continue to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, (y/n) Hamilton?

You could feel your soul slipping away from your body, yet you did not try to protest. After years of having faith, you knew that you were heading somewhere beyond life on Earth; the Afterlife. So, you let go of everything and let the unknown consume you.

When you opened your eyes again, you had to blink a couple of times to let your eyes adjust to the bright light. You stood up and looked down at the wrinkles in your dress. As you tried to brush them out, you noticed something that made you gasp.

Once you brought your hand up to eyelevel, you saw that there were no wrinkles. It looked like it had long ago when you were young. One could only assume that the rest of you looked younger as well.

Although you were still marveling, you heard a cough that brought you make to your senses. Looking up before you, you saw a sight that made you want to cry. In front of you, stood every person you had loved in your lifetime, but had passed away before you.

First, you saw your mother and father, who ran to embrace their daughter. Pulling away, you felt like you wanted to cry but couldn’t, for there were no tears in the Afterlife.

Glancing around you saw the all of Alexander’s friends (that became your friends) who had died in the war, or shortly after. Lafayette, Hercules, and John all smiled at you and nodded their heads in thanks for making sure the world knew of their stories.

The people who stood directly behind them made you want to jump for joy. “Angelica, Eliza.” you breathed out, not believing your best friends, who were more like sisters, were standing before your eyes again.

“And Peggy.” the youngest sister, stated as she also embraced you in a hug, and you couldn’t help but laugh. After a few moments, you pulled away.

Finally, you saw two figures standing behind everyone, and your heart soared. There in front of your very eyes stood your first born child, Philip, and your soulmate, Alexander.

You pulled Philp into a bone-crushing hug as any mother would if she had outlived her son by more than 50 years. You checked over his appearance and saw that he looked absolutely perfect. “I love you, mom.” he told you.

Pulling away from your son, you walked slowly towards your husband. Once you got close enough, you broke into a run, and threw yourself into his arms; taking notice of his younger appearance.

Looking into the eyes you had fallen in love with, you brought you lips near his and crashed them together. You had been waiting 50 years to do that.

“Alexander, I’ve missed you so much. I love you.” you sighed in content.

“I know, (y/n), my love. But I’m glad you’ve taken your time in coming to see me again. I just want you to know how proud I am over you, of all of your accomplishments. You did so much more than I ever could.” Alexander complimented, peppering your face in kisses.

You giggled and melted into the hold Alexander still had on you. Now, you never had to worry about having enough time. You were going to spend eternity with those that you loved most.


This post is for those who keep telling me I’m “heterophobic.” I don’t dislike Jashi because it’s straight, I dislike it because:

1. The age gap (or the interpreted age gap)
2. The fact that they portrayed Ashi as child-like most of the time, making me think of them as father and daughter, which really disgusts me now that they're…. romantically interested in each other
3. Ashi should have been more developed character and they should have shown some sides of her remorse and grief because Jack literally killed her sisters and then later she killed her own mother to protect Jack,,,, and they never ever showed her grieving for ANY OF HER FAMILY SHE LOST… she literally lost everyone she’s ever known (except Jack of course) and she and Jack suddenly are a thing
4. Ashi wouldn’t know what romance is because she’s lived in a cave her whole life and hasn’t even known what love is, based on the way her abusive mom raised her. lf she hasn’t had that kind of love, how does she know what romance is, let alone KISSING
5. Ashi was EXTREMELY sexualized (especially by the fandom) and although she is a badass, they’ll counter that with the next episode she’s in and her being completely incapable of fighting and becoming very submissive and passive
6. She and Jack grew on each other too quickly… they went from hating each other to friends to lovers in literally 3-4 episodes….. like I get they only have 10 episodes this season but it was just written and paced so poorly
7. Jack never needed romance and that was never the goal of the show. The goal was him defeating Aku and the fact that an entire episode got wasted on a romance that didn’t further the plot is really counterproductive to that goal
8. They both are VERY out of character together and it just felt Wrong™
9. Ashi was also seemingly created only to be Jack’s love interest which I feel is really awful and not fair to her at all because i love her character
11. It’s kind of discouraging for minors like myself because it just reminds you that people sexualize your age group

So I’m sitting here, ranting with @inesathammar about my fic and how Zuko and Sokka would’ve been the greatest in laws and we’re like cackling over all of the jokes the two would share and somehow… this list of Zutara AU headcanons came up. 

It’s very rambly and long winded. But. Enjoy.

  • Zuko, Sokka, and Hakoda have an ongoing, three-way bromance. 
  • Zuko and Katara had a small, intimate wedding on Kyoshi Island with just their family and big, formal wedding a few months later in the Fire Nation
  • They have three steam babies: 
    • Kya is the first born. She comes along kind of by accident when Zuko is twenty-five and Katara is twenty-three. She looks very much like Zuko, but has wavy hair and tanner skin. She is a firebender and she kicks ass. 
      • She visits Grandpa Iroh in the Earth Kingdom all the time. This is how she meets her husband, an earthbender, and they marry at the Jasmine Dragon. 
      • When she is thirty-five, Zuko abdicates the throne, and she takes over as the greatest Fire Lord - after her father, of course. 
    • Next is Ezra (YES I STOLE THIS NAME, EMILY. I LOVE IT). He comes along a year after his sister. He’s a nonbender, but his parents love him all the same, and he takes up his father’s skill with dual swords. He also trains with Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. Ty Lee teaches him a bit about chi blocking. Basically, he’s deadly when he wants to be. 
      • He’s very sweet-natured though. He looks a lot like his mother and as he grows up, there’s a lot of Sokka and Hakoda in his features. 
      • Eventually, he marries one of Aang’s daughters, an airbender (more on that later), and takes up a nomadic lifestyle with her. They have all kinds of air babies.
    • Finally, five or six years after Ezra, our beloved Z&K have another little unexpected surprise, a waterbender named Lee. They call him Blue sometimes. 
      • He’s another baby that looks a lot like Katara, which makes Zuko happy because he thinks his wife is very pretty. 
      • Lee doesn’t like the royal life all that much, so Zuko gives him the Blue Spirit mask and Lee becomes a vigilante. However, unlike Zuko, Lee can rest assured that his father won’t put a warrant out for his arrest. 
      • Zuko teaches him all kinds of things about stealth and Katara trains him in waterbending and bloodbending. 
      • Lee is gay and marries a young man from the Fire Nation army. 
  • Zuko and Katara take the family for frequent rides on Druk.
  • I can’t really decide who Aang marries. I don’t ship him with any of the known characters, but I imagine him marrying a nonbender from the Fire Nation and living happily in Republic City with his family. 
  • Aang has many journeys he must take, but he is sure to include all of his children. 
    • Bumi and Tenzin exist as they do in LOK because I like them so much. 
    • Aang’s daughter is named Aria. She is Tenzin’s twin and also an airbender. She meets Ezra during one of her father’s many visits to the Fire Nation and from that point on, the two are inseparable. 
    • Bumi never questions his worth.
  • As for Toph, she never marries, but she has Lin and Su and is quite the wonderful mother. She lives in the Fire Nation (the palace to be exact) until her late 20s, and then she moves to Republic City to help run things. 
  • Zuko gives Toph honorary Fire Nation citizenship so she will always have a place she can really call home.
  • Sokka and Suki get married really young, like 18 and 19, and have one daughter who is an earthbender. 
  • Sokka becomes a member of the white lotus and his daughter does as well when she grows up.
  • Iroh lives happily in Ba Sing Se, running his tea shop, but he always comes to the Fire Nation for the entire winter to visit his son and grandkids. 
  • Iroh also has an adopted cat that he named Lui, after Lu Ten.
  • Hakoda meets a woman from the Fire Nation and remarries and adopts her son as his own. That son takes over the Southern Water Tribe as chief when Hakoda is ready to retire. 
  • When Aang does die, Katara still teaches Korra everything she needs to know about waterbending.
  • Also, at some point, Zuko runs into Jin during a visit with Iroh. He’s very awkward and stammering, naturally. 
    • Katara helps out a bit. She introduces herself to Jin and then introduces Zuko. After a bit more awkward silence, Katara invites Jin over to Iroh’s shop for some tea and conversation.