mother and childs isle

Thanksgiving AU

Eren goes to Levi’s home for Thanksgiving to have a family dinner that consists of Kenny Ackerman as Levi’s father, Isle Langnar as his mother and child!Mikasa as the annoying sibling who hates Levi and has a creep crush on Eren.

Levi is irritated to hell and back, Eren is obsessed with the baby photos, Mikasa keeps flinging mashed potatos at Levi, Isle can’t stop writing her smut novel at the table and Kenny gives the turkey a persona and tries to make Eren shake its hand.

Later that night Mikasa walks in on Eren and Levi trying to get some privacy in the guest room and beats Levi up because she thinks he’s hurting Eren. 

Needless to say, they don’t go back next year.