mother abandons children

small mistake

summary: a small argument a huge death.

warning: none?

feedback is awesome / materlist

To: Lin
March 5th, 2017 : 1:50am
how are the kids?

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 1:55am
They’re as good as they can be without their mother.

 To: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:05am
well, it’s not my fault I was called for a meeting in Dallas.

From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:06am
I never said it was.

To: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:08am
you implied it.

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:10am
No I didn’t!

 To: Lin
Match 5th, 2017: 2:11am
you did. not like it matters though, right? because im just the mother that abandoned her children for her job

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:12am
Nobody has ever said this.

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:12am
Why do you keep putting things in your own head?

To: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:15am
why does my husband make me feel horrible about having a job I’ve worked years for? I’m sorry I cant sit at home and write musicals Lin, but im trying to get a paycheck for our children.

 To: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 2:20am
the plane is about to take off. goodnight

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 6:30am
I haven’t been able to sleep. Text me when you’re up.

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 6:31am
Better yet call me.

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 7:28am
Why aren’t you awake? You’re always awake.

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 8:23am
The kids want to skype you later so, wake up.

 From: Lin
Match 5th, 2017: 12:45pm

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 12:46pm

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 12:50pm
Wait you weren’t on a plane that early?

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 12:55pm
Why is a Dallas number calling me.

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 12:59pm
You were in a car accident?

 From: Lin
March 5th, 2017: 1:50pm
Guess who’s going to Dallas to see you. Me and the kids.

 From: Lin
March 7th, 2017: 2:12pm
You’re not dead but you’re not alive… How?

 From: Lin
March 7th, 2017: 2:47pm
Nevermind, I found our how.

 From: Lin
March 8th, 2017: 1:23am
I love you. Im drunk. Im soooooo drunk haha

 From: Lin
April 10th, 2017: 3:30pm
Mommy! Guess what I did. I made an A on my report over cats

 From: Lin
April 19th, 2017: 6:34am
I have such a bad hang over and I know youre probably looking down and cursing me out but I cant help it

From: Lin
April 30th, 2017: 12:38pm
We’re about to turn off your phone

 From: Lin
April 30th, 2017: 12:40pm
I love you.

 To: Lin
April 30th, 2017: 12:41pm
We’re sorry but this number had been disconnected.

Just some random facts

-Aria’s full name is akela rosa gene
-Zoey is lilac’s daughter and oldest child
-Rose has died 4 times so far
-Chica is lilac’s sister, has been banished to a different relm because of killing rose countless of times
-Aria is a demon hyena fox hybrid (father demon fox and mother is demon hyena)
-Zoey despises her mother
-Lilac abandoned her children when zoey was 10, zen was 8, and jing was 5
-Celena is known as lilac’s watchdog
-Laris has dark intentions
-Rose shares a body with a five year old
-Lilly (my sona) is a demon artic fox
-Aria may seem nice but if you get on her bad side you will get your ass beat
-if you make Aria laugh really hard she’ll sound like a hyena
-Aria has an Australian accent

Between familiar walls under the
Dulcet tones of another lullaby
There are moments of deflation,
A collapse
In a safe world.

A mother sings to her
Baby’s cry,
Eyes heavy under the
Relenting days of
Expected exhaustion.
Another evening alone in
The landscape cultivated with a stranger
Breathing the fumes of desertion
To arrested inertia.

Past the doorway,
Behind the curve of light through the
Relinquished bedroom window
A husband pauses to the sounds within,
Sirens. Sharp
Against the feeble head of a coward.

Shadows advance to the barbed wire fence
Across the eyes of the recent stranger
- a flicker of recollection in
The collapse of a safe world.

The door closes.