mother abandons children

Emotional Abuse causes the Type of Pain that Makes you Cry Years After It’s Ended.

Between familiar walls under the
Dulcet tones of another lullaby
There are moments of deflation,
A collapse
In a safe world.

A mother sings to her
Baby’s cry,
Eyes heavy under the
Relenting days of
Expected exhaustion.
Another evening alone in
The landscape cultivated with a stranger
Breathing the fumes of desertion
To arrested inertia.

Past the doorway,
Behind the curve of light through the
Relinquished bedroom window
A husband pauses to the sounds within,
Sirens. Sharp
Against the feeble head of a coward.

Shadows advance to the barbed wire fence
Across the eyes of the recent stranger
- a flicker of recollection in
The collapse of a safe world.

The door closes.