mother (1989)

The Flame of Hope is an eternal flame that honors Sir Frederick Banting’s discovery of insulin, as well as all those who have been affected by diabetes. Simultaneously, it serves as a reminder that insulin controls diabetes but does not cure it; ultimately, it stands for the hope that a cure will soon be found.

The Flame will only be extinguished when a cure for diabetes is developed. The team responsible for finding the cure will be flown in to do so.

The Flame of Hope was kindled before 4,000 spectators by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on July 7, 1989.


Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground (1989)


Nobuyoshi Araki x Shunjuku’s Golden-Gai, Tokyo

1. Tokyo Comedy, (Korinsha Shuppan 1997)

2. 東京物語 Tokyo Story, (Heibonsha 1989)

3. & 4. 写狂人大日記 Photo Maniac Big Diary 1990-1999, (Switch Publishing, 2000)

5. Golden Gai, Shinjuku. 2015

6. Tokyo Nude, (Mother Brain 1989)

7. 色景  Shikeiki Colorscapes, (Magazine House 1991)

8. Shinjuku Golden Gai, November 2016

9. Google streetview

love is a room, that’s what is it

blaise zabini & mrs. zabini character study
2527 words ; read in ao3

blaise zabini was born during a rainy and humid day in the middle of november, his cries echoing through the zabini manor in the south east of london. his father was a ministry employee of the department of mysteries, and his mother was this beautiful and charming witch who had lived some of her life in a small town in the island of sicily, in italy.

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A Mother’s Day blessing for the brokenhearted - those who’ve lost their mothers, those who’ve lost children… Remember that there are people struggling with this day and they shouldn’t be forgotten.

(Photo - me visiting my mom’s grave circa 1989.)