Photo: "Operating Room"

The Suisin Bay Reserve Fleet has been reduced to under a dozen ships. The bay in Benicia was once home to over 50 ships, but over the past few years, those ships have been towed away for dismantling and recycling. Sadly, this was also the case for the USS Tulare, an attack cargo ship that was transfered to the Mothball Fleet in 1986 and dismantled in 2012.

See more of my images from the Mothball Fleet, featured on the Business Insider:


Awe-inspiring to me as a kid was the sight of the rows of retired World War II ships on the Hudson River in the early 1960s.  Driving up US 9W these ships seemed huge and close.  Personal photography was certainly something different in those days; if I were older with a digital camera and zoom I’d have spent hours there.  Last night I ran across a postcard collection online; the top image was in it.  It sent me googling and wiki-ing in search of more–I only found 3.  The bottom shot is actually dated May 30, 1957 but I have no other info.  Another mothball fleet remains in California but is scheduled to be scrapped.