so obviously kara has spent her entire life trying to fit in right? and this has translated over into her wardrobe and how she presents herself as an unassuming nerd. but as demonstrated by red!k kara, she’s also aware that she’s hella attractive, and if she feels like it she can be sexy as hell, like when she just fuckin. slow motion walks into the bar in that black dress and everyone has to pick their jaw up off the floor??? so IMAGINE if kara had decided to own that part of her, and like, not cared if she stuck out as the sexy, smoldery goddess that she is? because then she would still have her cinnamon roll personality, but wrapped up in the sexy red!k kara aesthetic.

ACOMAF characters in Halloween

Feyre: probably by the face paint stand

Rhysand: getting his face painted by Feyre in the paint stand while eating soup 

Cassian: leading the trick or treat squad of kids

Amren: “they said there would be blood. Liars." 

Mor: walking down the street looking like a mothafuckin queen

Azriel: *quietly watches Mor from behind a tree* 

Nesta: taking candy from little kids 

Elain: picking up candy wrappers from flower bushes

Lucien: yelling "MY MATE” from the other side of the street

Tamlin: was too busy being the King of Hybern’s bitch to notice the entire squad leave without him

Schrödinger’s Romance: The Wedding!

The boys are back by popular demand (and because I’m not yet ready to let them go), and wedding bells are chiming!
Seven years after they first met, Steve and Bucky are knuckling down and planning their wedding, whilst also trying to tackle general adult life. Will they manage to come together and create the perfect wedding? Or will Bucky have to watch his dreams get smashed to pieces?

Of course he won’t, I’m not a fucking monster.

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The first mini chapter/prologue is up :D

when that starry eyes sex magnet Japanese boy that dry humped your leg + literally stripped for you and you fucking fell in love with the kid so then you fly out of your fucking country because you finally found a video of the dude and you fall a little further even though you’ve stalked all of his social media ever since that night but whatever right you show up and then this KID mothafuckin says that he’s sexually attracted to pork cutlet bowls or some shit like bitch you pretty sure you knew that this kid thought you looked a little tasty despite him being drunk off his thick ass but whatever you guess that this dude right here is just being sarcastic, like seriously maybe he’s just making it an inside joke between them because he really does think you’re his Eros haha yes that must be it, he must still remember. our safe word is going to be katsudon for now on. Every time he says it, he will be referencing to me and my sexy ass Eros. Yeah, that’s what he means.