moth's creations

history of miraculous
  • Ding dong it's the world outside your lair
  • HM: Hey chaton
  • Chat: Hey dipshit
  • HM: Can you call me something other than dipshit?
  • Chat: Like what?
  • HM: How about ♫ ~ papillon ~ ♫
  • ---------------------------
  • Chat & Ladybug : Nooo you can't akumatise people
  • HM : ♪ how about i do anyway ♪
  • ---------------------------
  • HM: How do I get Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous
  • Nooroo: h i r e a k w a m i
  • ----------------------------
  • HM: Give me your miraculous, stop having it not be mine
  • ----------------------------
  • And after he finished with his first creation Hawk Moth downgraded his Akuma from a shit ton to a FUCK TON did i say downgrade i meant upgrade
  • ----------------------------
  • Chat was a little bit scared of hawk moth
  • You'll never guess who's also kinda scared of hawk moth- Ladybug
  • So they made an alliance together so they can be a little less scared of hawk moth
  • ----------------------------
  • Please try these acumas, he said
  • No, said paris
  • Trrrrryyyyy them
  • No, said paris again, quieter this time.
  • And then the akumas were introduced along with all the villains that came with them
  • ----------------------------
  • Knock, knock, it's Hawk Moth no he's not here to take over (yet) he just wants to give you some shit, like fashion, and puns, and 🎶 akumas 🎶

Art is immensely dangerous and often raises these requisites of self-destruction, and so many people have flung themselves into the fire of artistic creation like moths and really let it consume them entirely. There’s some distinct commonality between art, sex, and death, in which you escape the confines of your constructed persona and thus meet the infinite, surrender yourself to what is unknown, unseen, and unspoken, which will inevitably consume you. And I think there’s something about being an artist that requires taking a certain look at that flame that you eventually are going to plummet into, and accepting that happily to be your fate.