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Uncanny, spooky, and shot with a crystalline vision, Layla Holzer has provided the direction, props, puppetry and performance for the stunning new video for Moth Rah’s song “The Elder Tree”. Moth Rah is the solo project of London’s Cassandra Solon Parry, and, as is the case with the video, her music sounds like a dream brought to life. This is taken from her Wild Wedding EP, which she will release on June 1st. You can pre-order it here.


Moth Rah - The Elder Tree

A music video for Moth Rah’s dark folk lament, ‘The Elder Tree’. Puppets, props, performance, direction and editing: Layla Holzer. Filming: Spike Dennis and Layla Holzer. 

New: Moth Rah - Anima

I was first hooked with Cassandra Solon Parry’s solo outfit Moth Rah about a year ago with her single Rise. Cassandra injects the darkness in pop music like Zola Jesus did back in the old times that makes it impossible not to lave her! Anima is the new single that continues to explore some dark territories but in the same time unveils a light, eerie folk melodism beautiful placed between the Cocteau Twins-esque dream pop soundscapes! 

You can purchase Anima//Forest EP over here.


Moth Rah - Rise

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Moth Rah - Rise

Rise is the first track from the debut EP from Moth Rah, the project of London based Cassandra Solon Parry. The ethereal vocals of Parry takes the listener into a realm of mystical fantasy, with comparisons to the likes of Bat For Lashes and Zola Jesus, it’s easy to see why in this debut, a great EP.

The debut EP entitled Girl/Phoenix is available here.


Moth Rah - Rise

London based Moth Rah is the music project of Cassandra Solon Parry. On Rise you can witness the birth of an artist carrying out her vision. Like the newborn baby of Zola Jesus and Joanna Newsom, her music is a goth amalgam of otherwordly aerial sounds that come to life through rolling electronics and radioactive synths. A thundering gothic pop delight that weighs in equal balance the unearthy vocals with the dark electronics! Rise, rise, rise…. running scared… some words that you’re about to mumble for the coming days!

The limited edition, three-track, vinyl look cd of Girl/Phoenix EP comes in a 100% recycled card sleeve, beautifully illustrated by Daria Hazlatova and you can place your order here.