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Greek Mythology A-Z : Cecrops

An early king of Attica. Despite the fact that he was half dragon, half human, he proved to be a very pious king. It was under his reign that Athena and Poseidon contended for the overlordship of Attica. A council of Gods decided in favor of Athena, and she planted an olive tree on the site of what was to become the principal city of Attica - Athens. A large handsome moth, the cecropia, takes its name from Cecrops.

-Gods, Demigods & Demons An Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology by Bernard Evslim


@imthepunchlord Here’s a rough design for Dragon!Hawk Moth! I designed his wings to resemble that of a butterfly.

I’m still trying to decide if I want him to make little akumas with some magical power (since there aren’t Miraculous Gems in this AU…I think)

I swear I have not really thought much about the intricacies of this AU (but I just might in the near future ^^;