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Homestuck Characters as: Video Game Protagonists

John: An early platformer protagonist who has remained vaguely popular throughout the years; most fans say the more mature spinoff (think something like Paper Mario) was better

Rose: The protagonist of one of those early RPG’s that looks innocent but is actually quite disturbing, ala Chrono Trigger or Earthbound

Jade: Imagine Doom Guy with the Metroid end-game twist. Also, like both of those franchises, they are much beloved but not revisited often.

Dave: Literally Metal gear but with more swords. The franchise starts off hilarious but slowly grows ever more serious over time.

Dirk: Any Final Fantasy hero. There’s a traumatized past, a big sword, moving faster than the eye can see, and impractical hair.

Jane: The box character on an MMO. Although her story may not be considered essential to play the game, you will not regret discovering it. Also she stars in twelve or so ten-minute-long cinematics rendered at the quality of a major movie.

Jake: The protagonist everyone assumes is a standard Gunner McGunman but actually has a deep and well written arc about overcoming the standards of masculinity

Roxy: The star of one of those Bizarre genre hopping franchises. Probably started in a Persona-like RPG and is now in a puzzle game, an RTS, a farming sim, and a successful card game

hi i’m super tired but i’m also feeling super in love w my gf so here’s some scribbly johndaves even though i still haven’t started hs