motel art

i would love to find new blogs to follow! reblog this post if you have a blog consisting of:

harry potter
pride and prejudice
doctor who
stranger things
criminal minds
a series of unfortunate events
the mortal instruments
american horror story
dane dehaan
to kill a mockingbird
bates motel
war history/early american history
nazi germany/holocaust (to clarify this, i mean nazi germany/ the holocaust as in history, not supporting nazi ideas!)
serial killers
the lovely bones

if you are multifandom, please list your primary fandoms in the tags! xx

Okay but like honestly I’m probably the worst member of any fandom I’m ever in because I don’t watch shit live and I barely research anything I just kinda have a vague appreciation for whatever it is and i occasionally reblog like 5 things related to it in a row then forget about it for months