Request:  hi! i was wondering if you’d do a one shot where the reader is curvy but instead of being insecure about it, she’s really confident and kinda flaunt it? maybe samxreader?

Request:  Can you do one about Sam accidently walking in on reader naked coming out of the shower and he doesn’t really know what to do or say so he just backs away awkwardly, in a cute, dorky kind of way?

Request:  Hello could you please do one where the dean, sam and her go on a hunt and theres only one hotel for miles with one bed and since she’s so small she has to be in the middle and it’s all fluffy and cuddly and cute possibly sam x reader undertones please love your blog it makes me happy thank you

Request:  Sorry if it’s too specific but could you maybe write either a SamxReader or GabexReader where the reader’s like hella short and curvy and not strong looking at all but is actually a really tough hunter, but other hunters don’t take her seriously and even the boys make fun of her a little? But then she totally saves their asses and Sam/Gabe is in awe and asks her out (admitting that they like her cute side too) so fluffy and funny please please with a cherry on top? You is bae

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