motegi 2012


Motegi, 2012:
Marc forgets to put his bike in first gear at the start, and ends up dead last (and extremely lucky that no-one flew into him from the back). There are a whole variety of reactions to this, of course.

There’s calm (Santi), casual amusement and pride in retrospect (Marc); and then there’s the shrieking nervous breakdown and shaky consideration of one’s life choices leading up to that point (Emilio). 

Marc of course, ended up winning the race.

Que victoriiiiiiaaaaaaa!!!!!! :) he tenido suerte en la salida, pensaba que me podía hacer daño. Pero luego ha sido increíble, no me lo creo, jejeje. Espero que hayáis disfrutado tanto como yo. Al menos era la intención, que el madrugón val

iese la pena ;)

Amazing victory!!!! :) I had luck at the beginning, I thought I could get hurt. But after everything was incredible!!! I hope you enjoyed as much as us. At least, if you woke up soon, hahaha :)

Of course we enjoyed it, Marc, but you nearly gave me a fucking heart attack. May I ask you to be a little bit more cautious? ;)