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Requests: Can you do a Tim x Reader where they go stargazing?

Tim hanging out with the reader and falls asleep sitting next to her and is cuddling her and she’s like oh my god.

You shouldn’t have let yourself feel so special. Not in front of Tim Drake’s eyes.

To be honest you never set your hopes too high so you would get failed. You still had no idea how it all changed once Tim started sharing classes with you. He’d sit close to you and sometimes make small talk but that was it. He was always encouraging you to be more confident about your self, because of course he had noticed you were way too shy and your self esteem levels weren’t that high.

He was kind and caring. You loved being around him and even if you had to admit that you felt strong attraction towards him a good and loyal friendship was all you wanted.

You still hadn’t realised what had made you feel so special with time. One night your group of friends had made plans with his though, which -unbeknownst to you- would finally give you your answer. Tim ended up taking you home because all your friends were supposed to be home earlier. The two of you bought ice cream and sat on a bench, stargazing. It was so funny trying to show Tim all the asterisms you knew about amd how he wouldn’t see them.

“All it takes is a little faith, you know” you could remember saying, with a caring smile that made Tim sigh.

“I guess… I… after Stephanie, after what happened to her I… you know what I mean right” Tim had been looking as if he was about to have an anxiety attack and of you couldn’t have been the one to actually cause him to have one.

“Its okay Tim. It’s really fine”

“I want to invite Courtney to the prom with me though. She’s cute isn’t she?”

You could also remember your heart actually sounding as if it had broke in two. Of course it should be Courtney. With her blonde hair and her blue eyes -Tim never really dated anyone who wasn’t blonde - you couldn’t even outdo her toenail, or as you thought. Tim had feel asleep on your shoulder way before you could answer and for you it had seemed right to leave him alone on the bench.

The following days you noticed as Tim started being mote chatty with Courtney than you. She was enjoying the company to the maximum, always having the brightest smile on his face. Your friends, the kept reminding you that Tim would have never liked you even if he was showing you different signs.

Soon he stopped sitting close to you, he stopped smiling and winking at you in class. He’d still say hey and maybe sometimes grab you by your arm just to greet you. He was spending time with his new friend and as you were soon to learn, girlfriend.

Somehow it didn’t hurt as much as you thought. Sure, you haven’t had a boyfriend in some years, and sure you cried a little but it wasn’t worth it. And your friends were there to remind you.

The prom was another really bad experience you had to go through. Tim and Courtney were announced to be the king and queen of the prom, making you shiver with the perfect image. They looked so good together it hurt. Of course they did silly, Courtney wouldn’t have broken up with her boyfriend to get with Tim if they wouldn’t.

But your friends were always the best company and even the drinks you had at the after party were even better. You wanted to be wild for a while. Even if you’d love to be stargazing with Tim any moment of the night, there were better things to do, so why let someone like Tim make you feel special.


Sam Winchester - The Witch and The Winchester

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Summary: You are a witch and a hunter. You’ve had encounters with the Winchester brothers on multiple occasions and the three of you aren’t exactly on the best of terms. When you run into them on a hunt and save their lives, they allow you to stay in their bunker as repayment. Now, you have always had an attraction to Sam and he’s always had an attraction to you, but neither of you has ever said anything due to your history, but now you’re in close quarters with each other. Will you and Sam admit to your feelings? Or will you keep them to yourselves?

Pairing: Sam x Fem!Witch!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warning: Little bit of swearing, brief mentions of death and blood

A/N: A huge thank you to @mo320 for being my wonderful beta!

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Anxiety sucks. I have been living with it for most of my life. Someone shared this with me about 3 years ago. My life was just going to shit at the time and I was just a constant procession of anxiety attacks.

I’ve used this technique. It’s not a magic fix, and doesn’t always work. But mote often than not, it really has helped. I keep it on my phone for easy access for when I need it. And I wanted to share it. Especially after seeing @angryschnauzer’s post about being so anxiety ridden it triggered an asthma attack. Be strong love. And I hope everything goes well today. ❤❤

Star Maps and Forests

[[Summary: Sometimes you return the favor. Sometimes you have an existential crisis in the middle of it. Luckily, Jaal is very good at handling them.

Jaal x Ryder


The foreign stars of the Andromeda galaxy shone just outside the Tempest’s windows. It almost seemed like a crime to set her windows to dim, but the outside light was bright and distracting enough to take away from the whole effect Wren Ryder was hoping to achieve. With one last look at planets humans had yet to set foot on, she blacked her own windows off and flicked a switch on her omni-tool, opening the comms channels and quelling her own flare of butterflies. “Jaal, you got a minute?”

His voice rang out in reply after only a few seconds. “For you, dearest, I have years. I’ll be there in a moment.” He was always so damn smooth when he wasn’t even trying, while she was just trying to speak without saying ‘uhm’ too many times, or tripping over her own tongue.

Before Jaal arrived, Ryder ran back and forth, checking a few switches and mysterious lumps of electrical equipment scattered in the corners of her room. It was as ready as it would ever be, but she couldn’t resist pushing projectors back and forth, adjusting them by inches and then pushing them right back to their original position. It was better than trying to fiddle with her own appearance, endlessly brushing her hair or pushing a strand in and out of her ponytail, wondering if it looked better or just looked like she tried too hard.

The sound of the door to her room opening made Ryder jump back from moving one last box, straightening up and trying not to look guilty. “Hey, Jaal. I made a surprise for you.” And now the descent into trying to explain herself without sounding like an idiot. “Well, SAM helped a lot. And Gil. And Liam. I was more sort of the big picture person but they let me hold a screwdriver.” Not anything involving solder though, both Gil and Liam looking at each other and agreeing that the Pathfinder really didn’t need access to anything superheated. You singe your eyebrows off just once, and suddenly people don’t trust you.

“It was my idea, anyway. Come in.” He had already moved inside the room, watching her with arms crossed and a half-smile flickering at the corners of his lips, trying not to grin outright and clearly failing.

“Okay, now lie down on the floor. Sorry, I know it’s not the most comfortable.” She should have put a pillow and some blankets down, or something, but Ryder hadn’t thought in such small details. “I have something to show you.” At least he humored her, lying down on her floor, arms and legs slightly akimbo, still watching every movement she made, still saying nothing.

Finally, Ryder joined him, also lying down on her own floor, within touching distance but not bridging that gap just yet. “Okay, so… Here we go.” Flicking a small switch within her left hand, the room around them sprang into brilliant life, a rainforest arching overhead, shafts of muted light seeming to fall hundreds of feet to caress their prone bodies in a way that should have been warm, but wasn’t quite. The sound of rain, gentle and purifying, filled the small room, broken by bird calls and amphibian croaks, a far off rumble or hoot echoing occasionally. Around them, realistic enough that it looked like it should have been possible to grasp between two fingers, a proliferation of leaves and other undergrowth showed, thick vines and fern-like plants, bromeliads that crawled up the trunks of the trees and held little jewels of frogs within. A scarlet bird flew overhead, a pinprick of light some impossible distance away, vanishing into the deep greenery improbably well.

Ryder heard Jaal take a deep breath from behind her, his hand reaching out to grasp her own tightly, one finger circling her palm again and again, tracing larger and larger and then spiraling back inward. “Ryder, what is it?” She risked looking over, watching as Jaal’s eyes tracked another bird, his free hand reaching up as if he could pluck a flower from its stalk, passing through the hologram and making it vibrate into a mass of blue pixels before reforming.

Her fingers traced the shape of a broad leaf, stopping to rest near an ant that industriously carried bits and pieces of plant matter towards some unseen nest. “This is the Amazon, from back on Earth. When we visited Havarl for the first time, it reminded me of these old nature vids I used to watch as a kid. I’ve never been, but they say it used to look like this.” All it needed was a smooth-voiced British narrator to bring her all the way back to her childhood, long hours spent on a couch with a juice box in hand, Scott watching with her, their eyes comically round.

“It’s like my star map. It’s wonderful, Ryder.” She could feel him turn to look at her finally, gripping her hand tightly, and she shook her head emphatically.

“Except you built yours all by yourself. I had a lot of help. Like, a lot. I’m not like you, Jaal. I don’t build things. Seems like most of what I do now is destroy them.” A flash of sadness threatened to overwhelm her; it was easier to watch imaginary motes of light than it was to think about all the people she’d killed and all the Remnant ruins she had managed to pepper with bullets long before anyone ever had the opportunity to study them. Every surface she landed on, she left an ugly scar on, even as she fixed things or made them better. Every habitable planet screamed ‘Ryder was here,’ but not always to her benefit.

Jaal sat up and gently turned her head to face him, offering a hand so she could pull herself upright. “Darling one, you built this crew. You’ve built this galaxy, the connection between our people. You built this from your own mind.” With help, she wanted to say, but instead Ryder allowed Jaal to pull her into his chest, held there for a long moment, only the sound of gentle, imaginary rainfall disturbing this fragile peace. It was difficult to believe him, so difficult, and doubts seemed to assail every step. So much of the journey had been enjoyable, in a perverse kind of way, but everything was catching up with her now.

Even the light in the hologram moved, and a pure ray, unbroken even from the stories-high trees, fell down on both of them like a spotlight. Life, even illusory, continued to scuttle around them, not worried about the two seated figures, not at all concerned about the future of the Andromeda galaxy, or what could happen from the pairing of human and angara. Everything had come directly from Ryder’s memories, thanks to SAM’s careful prodding. In a way, maybe, Jaal was right.

“Hey, Jaal, let’s lie back down.” To his credit, he listened to her, and this time Ryder snuggled into the crook of his arm, one leg sprawled over one of his thighs, an act of affection and perhaps, also (if she was honest with herself) one of possession. “I’ve got so much more to show you.”

And the holograms continued on, images of Earth just for the two to see.

Maridoe Thicket

Nickname Mari, Didi, Miss Thicket
Age 23
Gender Female
Occupation Model
Residence Zootopia Sahara Square

Likes Dancing. Charity. Thrilling police tv-shows. Visiting new places. Nature. Gorgeous clothes. Music. Relaxation.
Dislikes Greed. Winter. Persistent paparazzi. Accidentally poking herself in the eye with her mascara.
Fears Never finding love.

Personality & History Maridoe is a sweet and shy young woman with not a lot of life experiences under her belt. Her upbringing was safe and loving in the meadowlands with doting parents and loyal friends. She’d always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer and could always be found practicing, every chance she got. Her plan was to get a scholarship and move to Zootopia to seek her fame there. However, things didn’t quite turn out as she’d hoped. The scholarship fell through, but before she could feel sad a cougar approached her about a model job. Young and excited about a possible career, Maridoe packed up her things and left for Zootopia.

As luck would have it, Maridoe hadn’t been tricked. The cougar was indeed a scout for a real model agency and took all credit for finding what would become one of the most well-known faces in Zootopia. She had a natural affinity for the camera and ability to pose; all those years of dancing lent themselves easily to the model profession. 

Maridoe hadn’t quite expected all the attention however. Fame was a bit mote.. Smothering than she’d anticipated, and her humble and timid personality made for poor interviews. Even three years later, she’d struggling to get through an interview. Some find her stutters, flicking ears and idle hands endearing, some feel that she is a poor role model and strengthens the stereotype that prey animals are meek and timid. She keeps at it however, and since any PR is good PR, there’s no shortage of jobs for her.

“the Lord is a man of war; the Lord is his name.” Exodus 15:3

In the modern age many people, even Christians, disagree with military service and are hostile towards service members. These almost ironic pacifists forget that as William C. Westmoreland says, “The military don’t start wars. Politicians start wars.” Many blame those who are not responsible for the conflict, but service members for doing their sworn duty; judging the mote rather than the beam (Matthew 7:3). This is disregarding many great prophets in the Bible were warriors, such as Samson who was a champion against the Philistines (Judges 15:15), and David who slew Goliath and is described in acts 13:22 as “…a man after my (Gods) own heart;” even Moses was a military commander for Pharaoh.

It is important to remember that every service member has done their civic duty and is a volunteer, fulfilling in spirit, if not in context, Isaiah 6:8 “And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

In John 15:13 we are taught that “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” A verse that none understand better than the men and women in military service. Knowing that such service could cost them their lives, their families, and often their inner peace, to safeguard our nation, our liberties, and our personal safety. Each service member in many ways takes upon themselves a sheparding role, standing between regular citizens and the dangers of the world. “America without her Soldiers would be like God without His angels.” Claudia Pemberton. Our service members and veterans exemplify their role as defenders as described in Acts 20:28 “Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.“

Many take the Lords’ words in Matthew 26:52 as a scathing critic of violence “For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” It is however my belief less of a critic and more of a statement of fact well known to every warrior. Making the sacrifice even more pure: knowing that by taking up the sword of civic service that they may in fact die for their country and beliefs, and that once picked up, it cannot be shirked for personal comfort. Once someone has taken that burden upon themselves, they cannot pass it to someone else. It is also important to point out that it is only through the warrior that the pacifist is allowed to exist, in the words of George Orwell “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Our service members act as a great deterrent to the evils in the world, making our existence as peaceful as it has been. “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” Latin Motto.

Do not forget that the service member and the veteran are the guardians of freedom, “For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.” Romans 13:4 having taken an oath against all public enemies: foreign and domestic, enemies of the state and threats to the safety and well being of our communities, an oath they were never released from.  They are your guardians, reliving horrors in their sleep so the common citizen never has to.

Make Me

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU”, I shouted making everyone in a mile radius turn their head towards me, I was pretty sure I was screaming at the top of my lungs, even the crew in the back could hear me as Justin’s publicist, chew him a new asshole. Justin flinched. Lol.

“We have come so far, but then you go and use your dick instead of your head, get arrested, and get caught with recreational use of marijuana among other over the counter drugs.”, I tried to calm myself down. When a black women becomes silent, some shit was about to go down. The room was filled with silence. 

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vincitveritas  asked:

"They miss you terribly, you know..."

D99 cracked open an eye to stare down the voice that had woken him up, but upon seeing who it was just closed it and rolled back over. He had been high on adrenaline when he’d gotten loose yesterday, energized beyond belief and believing he could do anything…but somehow always found himself back in the cage, praying for death.. At this point it was easier to give up and hope he died before 169 came back and hurt him mote than actually try and fight him anymore.

He could still feel the bruises around his neck that he’d gotten for rebelling, and rattled out a hacking cough.

“F’ck off.”

quite-unfortunate-buddy  asked:

Hey!! You seem pretty cool and i wanted to ask you if you think i should lose more weight. I'm 12, 5'4 and 92 lb. I have had anorexia for mote than half a year and currently am trying to recover, but whenever i look into the mirror i see fat and i was wondering if you think my measurements sound at least a bit skinny-ish? It's very hard for me to look stick thin as i have literal curves and have already entered puberty 😭😭😭😭😭 Anyway thanks and stay safe ❤️💕

hello lovely

im pretty sure you are suffering from body dysmorphia. people comment that i look skinny at that weight and im 5'1!

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Can we apply mote than once if our application never gets a response :'c

If you have sent an application and you haven’t had a response as yet feel free to send a message. We have heaps of applications and it’s easy to accidentally miss it, so sorry if this has happened sweetie, there’s a possibility it may be in notes or written down for us to do as well.

~Hufflepuff Prefect Ayla💛

This one is a special one not only is it my answer to Molaros disturbing comments about Shamy. It is also a request by the amazing nerdforestgirl .Last year her stories got me through the hiatus and inspired me to write my own. So I am excited to return the favor to her for all the amazing stories she writes for us.

Sheldon fumbles with his keys to open the door to his apartment. While he struggle with his keys he hears foot steps behind him. He turns around to see who it is and sees Amy attempting to sneak past him. He gulps at the sight of her. In the few weeks since she asked for the break he has hardly seen her. Seeing her standing there in the hallway makes his heart beat faster. She is even mote beautiful than he remembered her being.

“Hello.” He manages.

“Hello Sheldon.” She says giving him a half smile. That sad wistful smile that she sometimes gives.

“Do you want to come in for a minute have a cup of tea?” He asks hopefully. He has missed their tete tete over tea. Missed having some one to talk to that really cared. He just missed her, missed her so much it hurt.

“Sheldon.” She says sadly. “I still have not decided what I want to do.”

“I know. That does not lessen your enjoyment of tea though. We could just have a cup.” He wheedles giving her his best puppy dog eyes. The eyes that used to work on his mother to get whatever he wanted. It looks like it might be working but she shakes her head.

“I can’t, I am going out with Penny and Bernadette tonight.”

“Girls night?” He asks licking his lips.

“Yes. And I know tonight is vintage video game night for you. I would not want to cut in on your fun.”

“Alright, I will talk to you later then.” He says unlocking his door and stepping inside. Then once inside we watches her through the peephole. She stares the door for a moment before shaking her head and turning around. She looks so sad it breaks his heart. He does not understand she is the one who broke up him. Once she is inside Penny’s place he sneaks out again and presses his ear to the door. He hears Penny’s chirpy voice and Amy’s husky one.

“So you saw him in the hall huh?” Penny asks.

“Yes, It was so hard not to run into his arms and hug him. I miss him so much sometimes.”

“Then why didn’t you?” Penny asks and Sheldon’s heart leaps precisely the question he was wanting answered.

“Well number one Sheldon has never been a fan of public displays of affection.” Sheldon feels bad, he would give anything to feel her arms around him now. He wasted so much time with her being afraid . Now he might never feel her arms around him again and the thought tears him up. “Number two I still don’t know what I want to do. I am torn.”

“What’s holding you up?”

“I love him. I just don’t know if he will ever be able to love me the same way that I love him. Do you know how hard it is to be with someone and never know if they feel the same way about you?”

“He told you that he loves you.” Penny remarks and again Sheldon has to thank Penny for being the voice of reason.

“Sheldon loves me I know that. But is he head over heels for me? Do I make his heart beat faster and his stomach erupt in butterflies when I am around? “ Yes, he thinks desperately. For a while he thought Amy was giving him flu like symptoms. That even though she was making him ill be could not tear himself away from her. Then he realized it was not an illness at all but simply love. So what Amy says next makes him feel even worse. “Or is it a love that has evolved out of mutual respect and a maintained close proximity? Sheldon is the only man I have ever been with. The only man I ever thought about being with.”

“Are you saying you want to date other people?” Penny asks. Sheldon’s stomach drops. He feels like he is going to be sick. Just picturing some other man with his paws all over his woman is more than he can handle.

“I don’t know. The idea of being with someone else is so scary. But how will I know if Sheldon is the one… If there as never been anybody else?”

“I don’t know sweetie. I guess that is what you are trying to figure out. I will tell you this though I have dated a lot. I used to go through guys like tissue paper.” Ain’t that the truth Sheldon thinks snorting.

“Your point being?” Amy sighs.

“You could go through a hundred guys and never find a guy as committed to you as Sheldon is. Say what you want but he is in this for the long haul.”

“Yes but because he loves me or because he likes me being around?” Amy says sadly and Sheldon frowns. How could Amy not know how much he loves her? He has changed so much for her and he would do anything for her.

“What could he do to prove to you that he loves you?” Penny asks.

“I don’t know yet.” Amy says.”I just know I want him to do it.”

“You need cheering up. How about girls night is your choice? Anything you want to do we will do.” Penny tells her.

“There is a bar on Colorado avenue that has karaoke.”

“Karaoke! Isn’t that a little 1997?” Penny sighs.

“It would make me feel better to do a duet with my bestie to Sweet Caroline.” And Sheldon can picture the pouty face she is giving and he shakes his head and smiles. Amy is going to going to be getting her way.

“Oh alright! Let’s text Bernadette and tell her to meet us there.” Penny says and Sheldon scrambles away from the door and back into his apartment.

“What could I do to prove that I love her?” He muses stoking his chin. Then the image of Amy singing a duet to Forever in Blue Jeans with some random stranger pops in his mind. The mans hands wrapped around Amy’s waist as they sing the hits of Neil Diamond into the microphone. Leonard walks in the door and Sheldon screams.

“Jumpy are we? What’s up with you?” Leonard asks tossing his bag down. “I just passed Penny and Amy on the stairs. They are going to go sing karaoke. Penny does not seem happy about it though.”

“Have you ever sang karaoke Leonard?” Sheldon asks.

“Like once or twice in college.” Leonard answers.

“Does one need great vocal range to sing in a establishment such as that?” He asks.

“You have heard Penny sing and she is going to go do it.” Leonard jokes and Sheldon nods his head then grabs something out of his desk drawer.

“Come on.” He says heading to the door.

“Where are we going?” Leonard says exasperated.

“Too find a karaoke bar on Colorado Avenue!” Sheldon shouts as heads out the door and Leonard groans.

“This is going to be bad.” Leonard sighs following him out of the door.


At the karaoke bar Bernadette and Penny cheer as Amy takes the stage. The bar is tiny just a few tables but it is a packed house. They had to wait a while for their turn to sing. After finishing their duets Amy decided she wanted to go solo.

Amy starts out strong her husky voice a compliment to Neil Diamonds work. They clap loudly as she delves into her song with gusto. Penny and Bernadette start making wolf whistles for her benefit.

“Song sung blue, weeping like a willow! Song sung blue, sleeping on my pillow
Funny thing,But you can sing it with a cry in your voice ,And before you know it get to feeling good. You simply got no choice.” Amy sings into the microphone tears streaming down her face. “Me and you are subject to. The blues now and then?…But when you take the blues, And make a song! You sing ‘em out again!” Amy wails breaking down on stage. Penny and Bernadette hop up and usher her off stage.

“I thought this was supposed to make her feel better.” Bernadette says patting her on the back as Amy hiccups and takes a sip of wine.

“I am sorry guys seeing Sheldon was just harder than I thought. Maybe we should just go.” Amy sniffs.

“No… We can make you feel better.” Bernadette says.

“Yeah, let me sing American Woman and we can free drinks from those Japanese tourists over there all night long.” Penny tells her.

“That’s racist.” Amy frowns.

“Maybe… Should I sing I touch myself instead?” Penny muses. Then they hear the announcer on stage.

“Our next singer needs no introduction… Even though he insisted on one.” The announcer quips. “This singing physicist has a broken heart but there is a special lady in the audience tonight who can mend it.”

“Did he say singing physicist?” Amy asks looking around at her friends stunned.

“You don’t think…” Bernadette asks as she watches Sheldon mount the stage and she covers her mouth.

“No!” Penny breathes as Sheldon takes the mic from the announcer.

“Not exactly as we discussed it.” Sheldon says taking the mic from him. “But you are the just the announcer at a karaoke bar. You can hardly be faulted for not being able to carry out simple instructions. “ Sheldon says as he walks to center stage. He is wearing his black Batman shirt and a pair of purple pants. “Now a little introduction to this song my grandmother whom I call Memaw only listened to Gospel. Yet she had a great fondness for Elvis Presley saying he was one of the gospel greats. I used to listen to this song quite often when I was young. Now I am dedicating it to a certain bespectacled brunette in the audience tonight.” He finishes and the music starts and a slow melody that washes over the audience.

Sheldon stands in the middle of the stage his eyes closed ignoring the words that are flashing on the screen. The bar is dark so the lights shining on him are making him glow. He starts his song softly his rich tenor reaching the front rows of the audience.

“Wise men say only fools rush in.” He begins and then be opens his eyes and trains them on Amy in the audience . His voice gaining confidence as he continues. “But I can’t help falling in love with you.” He sings his blue eyes looking out to Amy making her heart flutter.
“Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help falling in love with you?” He asks reaching out his hand to her like an old pro. Amy mouth her goes dry and she gulps down some wine. Accidentally grabbing Penny’s glass because her eyes are transfixed on Sheldon on stage.

“Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling so it goes, some things are meant to be.” He sings his voice weaving in the melody. His deep rich voice is like melted chocolate and Penny notices that more than just Amy’s eyes are trained on him.

“I had no idea he could sing.” Bernadette hisses to Amy.

“I did’ t know either.” Amy says in awe of her boyfriend. “He really does excel at everything.”

“Go to him.” Penny urges slapping Amy on the back.

“Go on stage with him?” Amy asks.

“Yes, the man came all the way here. Swallowed his pride and is serenading you with an Elvis song. What more do you want? Go to him.” Penny urges and Amy gets up and mounts the stage. The audience erupting into applause when they see her appear next to him. Sheldon smiles at her, reaching out for her and grabbing her hand.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too.” He sings to her sinking down onto one knee in front of her. “ For I can’t help falling in love with you.” He says his voice thick as he reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out a box. “ For I can’t help falling in love with you.” He finishes holding out the microphone to her to take. Amy grabs it from him tears once again streaming from her eyes only this time they are happy.

Watching from the audience tears are flowing from Penny and Bernadette as well. Leonard walks up behind Penny and claps his hand on her shoulder. Penny looks up and smiles at him grabbing his hand.
“Did you put him up to this?” She asks.

“Me? No this is all him. I had. No idea what he was going to do until we got here.” Leonard says as Sheldon starts talking again.

“Amy Farrah Fowler, I love you. I have known it the moment I met you at that coffee shop. Five years I have loved you. I could not help but fall in love with you. You beguile me, you fascinate me, challenge me, you complete me. I may not always be the best at showing it. But I want to spend the rest of my life proving it too you. Amy will you marry me?”

“Yes.” Amy says into the microphone causing the entire club clap again. Sheldon slips the ring on her finger. Then he gets up and takes the microphone from her.

“Alright everyone calm down.” He says into the microphone and he waits until the clapping goes down. “Now , I was hoping you would say yes.” He tells Amy. “So I bad them queue this song up just in case.” Sheldon says and he rolls his fingers in a cue the music gesture.

“Someday when I’m awfully low. When the world is cold .I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.” He sings and Amy glows with happiness.

“You remembered.” She purrs.

“Eidetic memory”. He says before continuing. “Oh, but your lovely,With your smile so warm and your cheek so soft.” He sings stroking her face lightly.” There is nothing for me, but to love you .Just the way you look tonight” and Amy can not resist any more. She wraps her arms around him tightly and stands in her tiptoes to kiss him. Whispering in his ear.

“What song would you have sung if I had said no?” She asks and he smirks down at her.

“The probability for that out come was low.” He tells her.

“Yeah you are right.” She says kissing him again neither of them caring that the entire club is watching them.

“So Leonard.” Penny says looking away from the happy couple on stage. “Howard has sang for Bernadette and Amy got a musical engagement what do I get?” Penny says winking at him.

“I thought you might say that.” Leonard says mysteriously as Sheldon and Amy leave the stage and the announcer gets back on stage.

“Up next is another singing physicist . Sorry buddy this is going to be a tough act to follow.” He says as Leonard joins him on stage.

“This song is dedicated to my fiancé, the love of my life, this one is for you Penny.” He says and Penny screams and whistles as the music begins. Laughing hysterically as Leonard begins to rap.

“I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny.” He sings turning around to wiggle his butt. Sheldon and Amy join the group back at the table both flushed with happiness. Sheldon shakes his head as he watches Leonard up on stage.

“I told him to pick a different song but he just would not listen. Penny does not even have a particularly ample derrière .” Sheldon says sneakily grabbing a handful of Amy’s.

“Well I think it is perfect.” Penny squeals as she joins Leonard on stage and starts to twerk as he sings making the audience erupt into applause again.

“Oh what the hell! “Bernadette says joining them on the stage and dancing with Penny

“Sheldon, there is still a lot we need to discuss…” Amy begins after Bernadette leaves but Sheldon silences with a kiss.

“I know… And we will. You can stay the night and we can spend the whole night talking. Just please right now lets enjoy being back together and watching our friends make complete idiots of themselves.” He says shaking his heads at his friends on stage. “You know you are the one should be up there. Your butt puts Penny and Bernadette’s to shame.” He tells her. And she smiles.

“Come on.” She says grabbing his hand and leading him on stage. Wiggling her butt against him as he stands on stage. “I change my mind. Leonards song choice was perfect.”

TV World (Dean imagine)

Heeey sweetie ! You know that you’re amazing, right ?! :) Could I request an imagine based on “The French mistake” episode ? Y/N is send on the alternative universe and she meets Jared and Jensen ? And she’s (the actress who plays her) dating Jensen, and when she come back, she tells everything happened (even the fact that she was with “Dean”) and Dean admits that he’s in love with her ? Please, thanks and sorry if that’s too long ! XOXO ♥

this one is pretty long, i don’t know if that’s good or bad….

oh BTW, i know i said i don’t write trigger but suicide is mentioned in this, so if that triggers you don’t read on.

Anywho….Enjoy my assbutts! X

You were on a hunt with Dean and Sam, there was a witch about town killing people who would do as little as bump into her, and she needed stopped. You were in her living room, arguing with her when Dean pulled his gun on her. She laughed hysterically as Dean shot the bullet and she caught it in her hand, and chucked it back over to Dean. She stood the with her hand in the air, then mumbled some enochian spell, then through something on the ground that made a huge flash. You put your arm over your eyes to shield yourself from the light. A couple of seconds later you lowered your arm, and everything seemed…fake. You looked behind you to see a bunch of cameras and some big ass furry thing hanging over your head. “Cut! That’s us for today good job everybody” some guy yelled. You turned around to see a massive crew of people behind you.
“What the hell” you whispered quietly to your self. Dean was talking to Sam, he then came over to you and put him arm around your shoulder and kissed your head. You stood back freaked out by what was going on.
“I gotta run. See you later Jensen, you too” Sam waved over to you and Dean.
“Jensen?” You asked confused by Sam addressing either you or Dean as Jensen.
“What?” Dean answered
“Wait your Jensen?” You questioned
“After 3 years of dating you would think you would have picked that up by now” he joked. You attempted to smile to try to act normal in this weird world, but you couldn’t manage it
“Babe what’s wrong? you look lost” Dean, rather, Jensen asked.
You shook your head as if to say nothing was wrong, which was clearly a lie. You had to try and figure out what was going on.
“Lets go home”Jensen smiled, taking your hand and heading out the door. He brought you to a trailer to get changed first as you were wearing your characters clothes, not actually your own. After you both got dressed, Jensen drove you to this elegant home. It was a large white house with a beautifully tended garden. There was a small cherry blossom tree in the front yard with a little bird sitting on the branch. An adorable, black cat with a little bell around its neck walked along one of the window sills, looking at you and Jensen as you got out of the car, but then carrying on its journey. You walked into the house and as soon as you stepped in the smell of freshly baked pie hit you in the face. Jensen and Dean must have the same love for pie. The floor was made of marble and the lights were surrounded by amazingly beautiful chandeliers. You walked up the massive staircase and decided to venture around your home to see what it was like. You were especially on the look out for a nursery in case you had a child, that needs taking care of. You opened all the doors and found game rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, walk in wardrobes, but no children’s rooms which was a relief. You opened up the door to what must have been your room, as it had the biggest bed and was decorate to exactly the way you would decorate a room like this if you had the opportunity.
“baby, come here. Look Misha’s on TV” Jensen said with joy in his voice. You had no idea who Misha was but he was obviously somebody you were supposed to know so you went down stairs. You walked into the living room where Jensen was sitting watching Castiel in an interview on TV. You sat down on the couch beside him and he put his arm around your shoulder, which you still found pretty weird, but you would be lying if you said you didn’t find Dean attractive. It was pretty much the only good thing going on in this world that alternate universe dean was dating you. You and Jensen went on to have an amazing night. Jensen was more fun if your being honest, but then again he hadn’t been through the same shit as Dean. After some junk food, beer and some films, you and Jensen went to bed and ended up having a lot mote fun than you ever imagined.
You spent roughly 2/3 weeks in this world. you tried hard to find a way back, you tried praying for Cas but he must have been able to hear you. You thought that the guys would figure out how to get you back so you gave up. This world was pretty fun, Jensen was amazing, and you had to admit you were falling in love with him and you knew that was risky in case once you got back to your own world those feelings might pass down to Dean.
You were laying in your bed with Jensen beside you, sound asleep. You sat up and decided to try one more time for Castiel
“Cas, can you hear me? I’m in another universe, will you help me out?” You waited a couple of seconds and must have drifted off to sleep. A couple of ours later you woke up to get a drink of water and you seen either Misha or Cas at the bottom of your bed.
“Y/n” he said in a low tone, confirming that it was Castiel.
“Cas. How did you find me? Where am i? Why am i dating Dean?” You bombarded Cas with questions you knew he wouldn’t answer, as the serious look on his face made you think that something bad was happening outside of Tv world.
“You got put here by a witch. You,Dean and Sam underestimated her power. She is probably the most powerful witch out there” Cas explained.
“How do i get back?”
“You have to kill yourself”
“What? Cas im not going to commit suicide”
“ts the only way. You will be transported back to your own universe to die, and i will bring you back”
“Fine. just give me a couple of minutes”
Cas then vanished into thin air, making Jensen wake up.
“What time is it baby” he mumbled
“8am. Go back to sleep” you kissed his forehead, a kiss goodbye, not that he would know. You left your room, and walked down the stairs tracing your hand along the bannister. You walked into the kitchen and opened the cutlery drawer. You scanned your eyes around the whole room, taking it all in and hoping you would remember this place. You sighed the lifted out the largest knife and set the point resting against your stomach. You took a deep breath and looked up. You saw Jensen standing in front of you with panic in his eyes.
“y/n! Don’t!” He yelled. You looked at him as your eyes started to blur. You had known Jensen for 2 and a half weeks and you really did get attached to him, he was an amazing guy.
“I would have loved to get you know you better, or even live here forever. But i cant. I have to be with Dean, Sam and Cas. Im sorry” you whispered. You plunged the knife into your stomach and dropped to the floor. Jensen came rushing over to your side roaring and screaming your name.
“Y/n no! I love you, don’t do this. Don’t die on me” he screamed. Then everything went black Suddenly you were in a large dark room with Dean standing in front of you. Once he realised you were awake he lifted you up and carried you to his car. You were still not completely there, all you could see was Deans worry written across his face, but your eyes were barley open long enough to see anything else.
“I love you too Jensen” you murmured as Dean set you in the back of the car.
“Jensen?” He asked, not expecting a reply as you were totally out of it. You drifted off to sleep in the back of Deans car.
A while later, Cas must have healed you as you felt yourself warming up. You fluttered your eyelids open and you focused your eyes. You were in Bobby’s house, laying on the sofa. “Y/n?” Dean suddenly rushed over to your side. You couldn’t help but feel a different around him now. As it turns out, you did remember TV land, and now you had really strong feelings for Dean. But how couldn’t you? you dated him for almost 3 weeks, lived with him, slept with him, Fell in love with him and now he was in front of you. He wasn’t exactly the same but he was close enough, and now, looking at him, you had this overwhelming happiness “Where is everyone” you asked sitting up
“Bobby is sleeping and Sam is getting food. How are you? Are you feeling better?”
“Yeah, i guess……Its Dean, right?”
“Just making sure” You reached over to the table that had a glass of water sitting on it, that you assumed was for you.
“Man, i literally just had the weirdest two and a half weeks ever” you scoffed.
“Want to share?”
“Our lives were a show called supernatural. Sam was called Jared and married to ruby, who was actually a really nice girl and not evil at all. Cas was this awesome dude called Misha who had a cooking show with his son, he was lot less uptight. And you…”
“I what?” Dean encouraged you to finish
“You were a guy called Jensen”
“i was Jensen? me?”
“Yeah, why?” “When i put you in the car last night. The only thing yiu said was ‘i love you too, Jensen’ ” Your eyes widened and you let out a nervous laughter. This was so embarrassing. You don’t know why, but you felt the urge to confess every detail of what happened
“Yeah. You were Jensen Ackles. I was your girlfriend. We lived in this gorgeous house we had a little cat. We sat up all night talking and watching movies, or…doing other stuff…and it was actually pretty nice”
“You fell in love with alternate universe me?”
You didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know whether to leave it or try and explain to him that the feeling you had for Jensen had carried over to this universe. You decided to come clean.
“I, uh was in love with you yeah, you were amazing. But i have come across a slight problem”
“What is it?"’
"I think i will just make you super uncomfortable if i tell you”
“Shoot” he encouraged.
“Ok. The feelings that i had for Jensen, have carried back to the real world”
“Wait so your in love with me now? me, Dean Winchester?”
you nodded awkwardly. He came closer to you and lifted up your hand and placed a kiss on the back of it. You looked at him confusedly
“Y/n, these past 2 weeks and a bit were so hard. i have to admit i started to like you a while back. And you now what they say, Distance makes the heart grow fonder”
He brought his lips closer to you and placed them on top of yours. He gently kissed you, exactly like Jensen did. It sent a nervous feeling shooting through your whole body, you could have stayed like that forever and you gladly would have if Sam didn’t walk in.
He awkwardly cleared his throat to announce his presence. You pulled away from Deans lips, and grinned at him. You placed you hand in his, then looked over at Sam
“Nice to see you Jar- i mean Sam”
“Yeah, good to see your feeling better” He passed you a bottle of beer. Bobby came in with a deck of cards.
“Poker anyone?” he offered. You all nodded and gathered round the table and played all night. after a while everyone went to bed an you spent the night with Dean.
The TV world was amazing, you loved it. There was no ghost no demons and you had a perfect life. Jensen, Jared and Misha were a hilarious trio, but you would pick your three best friends and this world over it any day. This world could get tough, and god know how many tough times you have dragged yourself through, but the apple pie life wasn’t for you, you loved the life you were living now and would take it over TV world any day of the week.


Space Needle - Seattle, Washington

This spectacular view gives the impression that the Needle is “shooting out” of the International Fountain. The Needle is mote than 600 feet high, has a restaurant that revolves 360° each hour and an observation deck from which all can view the breath-taking scenery. The Needle required private investment of nearly $4 million.

Mailed from Auburn, Washington to Mr. Dana Messing of Hutchinson, Kansas on July 22, 1968:

Just a post card to see if you’re still as mad at me as you were that one night. I’m having a wonderful time they play all the songs the Jades play - only on the radio. I saw the “Doors” in person last Friday night - they were fantastic. Going to see the Vanilla Fudge this Friday. The Creame is coming the week I come home - to bad. Well best close - Tell Tony “hi.” How much do you hate me now? Terry