Control (Sam Uley)

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Pairig: Sam Uley/Vampire!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Nothing too major
A/N: I put all my focus on this rip there goes my motavation. I hope you enjoy~ PS i suck at endings,,
Request: ello, hey, hi there! Could I possibly ask for an imagine, please? Or a songfic is fine. A twilight one, please and can the pairings be Sam × Vampire!Reader? (Teddy Bear) Reader almost hurts/kill their Mate, Sam because of their hunger? 

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Inspired by: @cutekxttypaws

You are NOT a waste of space so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Again I’m really sorry for my inconsistent posting. Now that I don’t have testing until another month I can focus on making more wallpapers! I’m open to suggestions or request! I hope you’re having a great weekend gorgeous!☪💜

You have the galaxy within you and he has nothing but simple words that are not his own. You have deep ideas that not everyone will appreciate, and he surely wont. He’s not worth it. You deserve someone who will look at you like you have the galaxy inside of you but be able to appreciate and love every universe within you.
—  Don’t look back.
My Motivational Speech

you, yes you, the one reading this post, you may not get this much, but you are an awesome person, you can do great things, you can do better, you’re the best damn person you can be. you’re smart, you’re kind, you’re cute, and you’re funny. everyone loves you, your friends, your family, even the ones you haven’t met with but will in the future. you may feel worthless at times, but that is normal, things will get better, believe me. you have potential, potential to do great things, follow your dreams and choose your path to your life. keep going, you can do it, i know you can 

You're beautiful

Distract yourself from the pain. Keep yourself busy, and take deep breaths.
Remove all of the hurt from your heart, bit by bit. Cut people out, if they make you sad. Take long showers, jump in lakes during the winter, kiss strangers, write until your hands are numb, buy cute underwear, and put yourself first. Remember that if someone truly cares for you they will fight to stay in your life no matter how hopeless they feel, or how hard it is. Love yourself fiercely, and deeply, and never stop trying.


12.5.16 I talked to a girl at a regatta the other day and started talking about school. The girl was in the IB program at her school and proceeded to brag about how smart she was and talked sh*t (sorry) about how my high school wasn’t hard at all. i just wanted to remind everyone in the studyblr community to always be humble and kind. We are all accomplished individuals and sometimes we do want to talk about our accomplishments with others. But remember to be humble and kind to others. Talking bad about others and their education gets you no where and makes you look bad. And i recommend the song Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, which really inspires me and inspired this post. 

PS I have nothing against people in the IB program, i understand that it is incredibly hard and respect for you. The reason why I included this in the story was the girl said that becasue my school didn’t have an IB program, my high school is “Super Easy”.