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You are NOT a waste of space so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Again I’m really sorry for my inconsistent posting. Now that I don’t have testing until another month I can focus on making more wallpapers! I’m open to suggestions or request! I hope you’re having a great weekend gorgeous!☪💜

You have the galaxy within you and he has nothing but simple words that are not his own. You have deep ideas that not everyone will appreciate, and he surely wont. He’s not worth it. You deserve someone who will look at you like you have the galaxy inside of you but be able to appreciate and love every universe within you.
—  Don’t look back.
Control (Sam Uley)

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Pairig: Sam Uley/Vampire!Reader
Words: 1500+
Warning(s): Nothing too major
A/N: I put all my focus on this rip there goes my motavation. I hope you enjoy~ PS i suck at endings,,
Request: ello, hey, hi there! Could I possibly ask for an imagine, please? Or a songfic is fine. A twilight one, please and can the pairings be Sam × Vampire!Reader? (Teddy Bear) Reader almost hurts/kill their Mate, Sam because of their hunger? 

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