Motanka - Traditional Slavic doll-amulet. Motanki gets (“turns”) from the remnants of materials - once done it with old clothes, now choose colorful, bright cloth to the dolls. These dolls are unique - you can “them” fully know the history of the Slavic eg . family relationships. They serve to bring good luck or fulfill wishes. Don’t use sharp objects to make them. Don’t make them face, because they could steal your soul.


Work in progress


I’m working on a piece now inspired by St. Brighid/Imbolc/Candlmas/Groundhog’s day—a bulb plant (in my part of the world a daffodil) emerging from the snow.  Right now I’m tossing around the idea of using it as a dress for a St. Brighid inspired motanka doll 

The two patterns I’m using are both from a 1927 German embroidery booklet (you will find the patterns and many more from the booklet on my tumblr if you go to my page and click on patterns and stitches under the title).