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Rygg mot Rygg -Peter Parker Drabble

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Summary: Peter and Y/N have been living together for a while now. But things aren’t going as well as they did before…

Inspired by the song Rygg mot Rygg by the swedish singer Molly Sandén. I recommend you to listen to it (even though you might not know the lyrics, it’s a beautiful song at least in my opinion)

Pairing: Female reader x Peter Parker (they’re young adults in this)

Word Count: 338

Warnings:  Some sadness

A/N: I’m back! Things haven’t been great lately and that’s why I have been so inactive. Hopefully that’s all over now. 

The title translates to Back to Back. 

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Fandom: Haikyuu
Title: The Masks of the Theatre
Ships: Daisuga, Tananoya, Tsukkiyama
Characters: Asahi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Ukai Keishin, Yui, Yahaba, Kyoutani
Rating: E
Tags: Fluff, Domestic fluff, Theatre AU, Hurt/Comfort, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Ballet Dancer Suga, Rough Kissing, Angst

Pushing away from Ushijima, Suga rushed over to Daichi, “Why are you here?”

Daichi couldn’t figure out how to make his mouth move. His eyes ran down Suga’s body mapping out how the loose T-shirt under the blazer did little to cover Suga’s collar bone. He wore a pair of skin tight black jeans. Daichi met his eyes once more, “I was told to come here to learn learn how to dance.”

Suga felt like his stomach was doing somersaults, “Of course.” Thank god he wasn’t here for me. Suga closed the distance between them and whispered, “Well, study hard,” He fisted his hand in Daichi’s shirt and hissed, “And you better not mention seeing me here or I’ll kick your ass so hard that breaking a leg will be the least of your concerns.”

Daichi gulped as they stood frozen like that for a moment. If either of them moved forward a little bit their lips would brush against each other. Suga flicked his long lashes up and down as he looked over Daichi’s face. Feeling like he got his point across Suga stepped away. He turned and disappeared into the crowd without Ushijima who frowned at Daichi, “Cool, bro, now he’s gone.” Daichi bowed slightly in apology before turning to the crowd.

Everyone seemed so unapproachable and Daichi sighed. Suddenly a hand wrapped around his shoulders, “Is this your first time here, love?”

Daichi nodded, “Yeah, how could you tell.”

“I haven’t seen someone like you here before,” the man squeezed Daichi’s shoulder uncomfortably.

Daichi’s eyes drifted between the hand on his shoulder and the man’s face, “Uh.”

“Sorry, he’s with me,” a man with a shaved head boomed.

“Damn the good ones are always taken,” he man puffed vanishing back into the crowd.

The shaved head man held out his hand, “Names Tanaka. Let’s get a drink.”

“Thanks. Do I stand out that much?”

“Kind of dude you’re the only one that’s not dancing,” together they headed towards the bar. “Plus, you’re clothes are kind of horrible.”

“Really? I thought I looked good.”

“You look like you’re heading for a workout not a club.”

Mianite Ships

Okay, like the most popular that are always competing are like

Sonja should be with: OMGitsMystic/Tonja

Tom and Jordan should like be with: Sparklington/Syndisparklez/Waglicate/Syndisparkshot

Martha should be with Marthlington/MysticFarmer

Mot should be with: LOL what competition

And then there’s Motanite with like no competition. 

As fun as an immortal god is, and how his evil complements Mot’s evil can we make Mot x Sparkly-Pants a bigger ship. I swear I’m the only one who ships it. #Glitterspots 2016 (My ship name is original ty very much)

fictionismagic  asked:

Love your portrayal of Dianite, he's a lot more fun than the alternate universe version of him! Plus I'm shipping Mot x Dianite way too hard for fictional characters made of squares.


and I’ll tell you a secret.

That ship might sail on more than just dreams….

*flaps arms like a derpy bat and flies off*