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Mystic Messenger Headcanons

Request: helloooo, i would lile to request an angst headcanon abt MysMes where RFA get to “MC’s dimension” (real life) and meet MC for the first time :3 thxx already

A/N: I hope this was angst-y enough lol. Thank you for requesting!!

  • They’d all be very shocked at first
  • ofc they would be they have no idea where they are 
  • Zen, Yoosung, and Seven would be the first ones to panic and start to pace around in circles as they look around at this unfamiliar place
  • all of them doubting if this was real or if they were dreaming
  • they all hoped they were dreaming
  • Jumin, Jaehee, and V would all be worried as well, but they were better at hiding it 
  • they stuck to figuring out what was happening and looking around for anything familiar
  • Jaehee and Jumin would tried to recall any weird things that happened just before they all had woken up here
  • even though thinking came hard to both of them in this situation, they still tried
  • meanwhile V was trying to calm down the other three who were currently all laying on the floor and staring around them in shock
  • Zen would pull out a mirror or his phone and look at his reflection
  • it was still beautiful and he’d be scared by how different he looked
  • Yoosung and Seven both would start off worried and very close to each other for moral support
  • but once they calmed down, they were both in a stunned silence
  • Seven was more serious and trying to figure out an answer to why, how, what, when, and where
  • while Yoosung was regretting life choices and wishing he’d been a better song or a better college student
  • they all felt like aliens who showed up at the wrong planet
  • nobody seemed to remember anything
  • they all eventually realized that it was a lost cause and sulked on a park bench 
  • they had no idea what to do from here
  • cue MC’s approach
  • you’re walking in the park and checking the app once more to see if the chatroom would open up
  • it was supposed to open a few minutes ago at 12:50
  • but it wasn’t starting up
  • you put your phone in your pocket, passing it off as a bug, before lifting your head up and seeing six very familiar faces
  • you stopped in your tracks and are frozen solid as you take notice of the very noticeable mot-so-animated characters you talk to every day 
  • you would’ve gone crazy and fan(girl/boy)ed a little
  • but you knew this must’ve been just a coincidence to run into cosplayers in the park
  • or even if you had just ran into a group of people who coincidentally look like them
  • things like this aren’t impossible…right?
  • you take a deep breath and just continue to walk without trying to make your staring so obvious
  • “is that (Y/N)??”
  • you turn around to see six faces staring at you
  • ‘these people looked A LOT like the characters.’ you say in your head
  • “Im sorry. Do I know you?” 
  • “(Y/N)! It’s us!! Zen. Yoosung. Seven… Don’t you recognize us?” the Zen cosplayer asked you as they all approached you
  • this was unbelievable
  • no doubt this was a dream 
  • 100% it was
  • “Jesus, I’ve been playing that stupid game for too long.” 
  • you mutter as you turn to walk back to your house
  • maybe going back to your bed in your dream will wake you up
  • “Hey! Wait! What game are you talking about?” Dream Yoosung asked as he ran in front of you to stop you. 
  • “Mystic Messenger, Yoosung. You should know this it’s where you guys come from. And it’s obvious I need to take a break if I’m having these weird dreams about it.”
  • you walked around him and continued to walk your way home, hoping you’d wake up from this weird dream
  • the group of six all exchanged glances as they realized how screwed they really were


Il n'y a pas des mots durs et des mots doux, comme cela fut parfois affirmé. Il y a des mots plus vivants et moins vivants. Jusqu'à quel point le poète peut-il animer un mot apparemment moins vivant ? Et jusqu'où l'usage courant peut-il ôter de la vie à un mot ? Il se peut qu'il y ait des mots plus riches de sens et moins riches, plus musicaux et moins, plus recherchés et plus simples, et ainsi interminablement. Les qualités des mots sont relatives et varient selon la manière de leur emploi et la trempe imaginative qu'ils prennent des infinies combinaisons possibles. Leur valeur fondamentale ne sera pas trouvée dans les dictionnaires, mais dans la poésie. Dans la poésie, de plus, les mots se nourrissent de quelque chose que les autres genres ignorent : la charge de silence de chacun, une musique intérieure, son pouvoir de suggestion et une gamme inclassable de possibilités insoupçonnées. La question alors se pose de la profonde division entre l'usage mortifère conventionnel des mots et leur emploi comme élément de création et d'invention, c'est-à-dire : lorsqu'il retrouve sa valeur primitive, l'enrichit, et se fait véhicule d'une renaissance permanente.

Roberto Juarroz