I was once in a leadership seminar, listening to a speaker and he told everyone in the room to turn to the person next to them and discuss what the greatest luxury in life is.

Of course, he asked for examples and there were kids who said fast cars or breath-taking vacations. 

And then he said something that I’ll probably never forget. The greatest luxury in life is time. 

We could have the best cars or the most amazing scenery around us, but what good would it all be if we didn’t have the time to enjoy them?

From that he said, “If time is the greatest luxury, that makes self-discipline the greatest skill. We all suffer from either two things, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Which pain would you rather endure? The decision’s all yours.”

I’m pretty sure that changed me forever. 

Whatever you do, do NOT imagine:
  • Alyssa being grumpily quiet around Mianite after they fall, and despite how many times Mot tells her they’re in a different realm and everyone is different here, she still believes that he’s the meany from the gossiper’s tales.
  • Mot trying his best to raise a growing girl on a limited variety of food, because for some reason the priest does not grow rice, bananas, or cucumbers on his farm.
  • Mianite watching over Alyssa worriedly despite her not liking him, and making flowers in the brightest areas of the forest to keep her away from mobs.
  • Skipper having to tailor some of Ianite’s and Capsize’s old clothes as she grows, because soon Mot’s and Spark’s old tunics stop cutting it.
  • Alyssa running and jumping about the coliseum on the days when Mot and the others are away, fighting her own pretend battles and making her own messes as she learns to wield a bow.
  • Skipper teaching Alyssa how to braid her hair, and in turn Alyssa teaching him how to make flower crowns.
  • Mianite occasionally dropping her a kitten or a puppy to play with when she’s stuck inside on a stormy afternoon, and smiles as he listens to her squeals of joy and laughter.
  • Spark finding journals from the captains on the many ships docked around the land and reading them to Alyssa as bedtime stories on the nights when it’s his turn to watch her.
  • Mianite’s eyes widening as the young girl finally comes up to him and sits near him on one of the quiet afternoons and asks him to tell her a story. It makes his year, and Ianite never hears the end of his excited ramblings.
  • Mot sighing, tired of stew and pastas, working hard over the furnaces when Alyssa comes in, covered in dirt with a basket of vegetables for him. He doesn’t think to ask where she got the tomatoes from until after he’s made them both sandwiches.
  • Ianite watching from afar with a curious gaze as Alyssa whispers to the plants, carefully plucking their petals and breeding the blooms into new varieties without any guidance.
  • Jeriah bringing her a mare for her tenth birthday, and promises to teach her how to ride before she turns eleven.
  • Dianite whispering to her in her dreams, filling them with terrors as a sick joke until she wakes up in a cold sweat and cries, because she misses the warm embrace of her real uncle more than anything.
  • Spark describing constellations and planets to the young girl, even as the moon begins to set and she has long fallen asleep.
  • Alyssa waking up to an uncomfortable ache in her back and abdomen and Mot panics because he’s nowhere near equipped to handle her hitting puberty.
  • Alyssa staying out late and fighting mobs as a form of stress relief, sometimes not coming back until dawn.
  • Ianite quietly handing Alyssa a bag of instant health potions, murmuring that when it gets bad to nibble on an apple soaked in them to help the pains go away faster.
  • Jeriah making Alyssa a new pair of boots after he discovers she’s destroyed her old ones, carefully embroidering protective sigils in the soles disguised as flowers by torchlight.
  • Mot and Alyssa getting into arguments about where she goes during the day and how late she stays up at night. They fight until the evening, when she runs up to her room in frustration without dinner.
  • Alyssa praying to not only the three gods she knows by name, but the pagan gods her tribe believed in, because she hopes that in her moments of despair and hopelessness, one of the many can do something to help her though the arguments.
  • Mot slowly coming upstairs with a cake he made for her, and even though its late and she’s curled up under the covers, he hugs her close and whispers apologies.
  • Alyssa holding Mot’s hand like a child would, gripping it tightly without shame as they peer into the void where the portal would soon reappear.
About Me...

Here’s a little summary of me.

I’m 33 years old, and I have a 16-year-old adopted daughter named Alyssa, called CountryBat. Technically, I have dark-blond hair, but people seem to think my hair should be green, so I don’t care anymore.

Yes, I’m infected with the creeper sickness. No, it’s not spreading anymore. Yes, I do have damage to my eye that’s all black… but no, I’m not blind. My periphery is just messed up.

I have an interesting relationship with my god, Dianite, that even I’m not sure how to label it beyond a mutual respect, my undying devotion to him as my Lord, and a longing for something more but no desire to ruin things.

I have actually had a multitude of desks in various offices and rooms, and I have no idea which desk in particular has made my…. fans? go absolutely insane. I also don’t know why I have fans, where they came from, or what they want of me.

I’m okay with cats if I know they’re around. I can’t be surprised with them otherwise we both end up hissing.

Oh, yeah. I can eat live TNT without blowing up. :)

Okay, but imagine
  • Alyssa sleeping the whole way to Mot’s home because she’s too tired from the events that led to her situation, and Mot simply holding her close and glaring at anyone that raises their voice too loud.
  • Mot trying to show Alyssa around the towns and trading routes so she won’t get lost but she doesn’t pay attention because everything is so new and strange and she has to touch everything.
  • Alyssa sneaking into Dianite’s office after a meeting without Mot noticing, and by the time Mot realizes she’s not at home he discovers her sitting on Dianite’s knee drawing flowers on his paperwork while the god talks of conquests over coffee with a lieutenant.
  • Alyssa coming home one day with a kitten in her arms and not understanding why Mot won’t let her keep it because it’s a cat we can’t have a cat don’t you understand it’s a cat…!
  • Mot trying to keep Alyssa’s hair short so it doesn’t get tangled but it grows very quickly and every day she comes home with twigs and flowers and leaves in her hair and a big smile on her face.
  • The first few weeks Alyssa and Mot have to share a bed because he wasn’t prepared to have a tiny person living with him and of course didn’t have a guest room but that’s okay. She’s happy to have someone to cuddle with at night.
  • Alyssa waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares of the day before she was adopted by Mot and runs to his arms and can draw comfort from him because he knows just how painful it is.
  • Mot having to sneak away during Alyssa’s nap time to meet with Dianite over assassination jobs and other violence because he doesn’t want her exposed to that side of him.
  • But that doesn’t quite work because as soon as she’s up she’s knocking on Dianite’s office causing them to start talking about rushed finances.
  • Mot getting up bright and early, even earlier than normal when the moon is still high and the world silent to make Alyssa and her friends treats so that they could enjoy them while out playing that day.
  • Alyssa bringing Mot a flower crown every day and trying to be super sneaky in giving it to him and even though he knows he still acts surprised.
  • Alyssa playing board games with Ianite’s grandchildren in Dianite’s offices during the blood moon because Mot doesn’t feel comfortable letting her make the journey to Dagrun when it’s so dangerous.
  • Mot coming home late one night only to find Alyssa drowning in his chest plate and swinging about his spare dagger pretending to defend the couch from the blood army only to turn and proudly stumble over to him once she notices and he can’t help but smile.
  • Alyssa not being able to comfort Mot after he comes home one night from a party with Dianite, and can’t understand why Mot won’t tell her where the blood on his suit came from. 
  • Mot unable to tell Alyssa he’s leaving so he sneaks out with his belongings before dawn but he doesn’t realize she’s been awake all night crying because her (sort-of) granddad is dead.
  • Alyssa running and jumping off the edge of the world after Mot because he’s her only family and as much as she loves Andor and Alva and everyone else she can’t live without her new dad, she can’t lose her family again.

i remember when mot, spark, alyssa and jeriah were all just fillers for the story. just names. and now they have more heart-wrenching stories than any other character imo and it’s yet another example of how far this series is coming.

i mean, when mot was first brought up, everyone was like ‘yea it’s tom backwards, cool’ and forgot about him. but here we are, shipping him with a god and crying over him and alyssa.

An interesting talk...

<Mot-Screziato> hello not-jeriah
<II_JERiiCHO_II> Hello not-Tom
<CaptainSparklez> YO
<Mot-Screziato> I’d use your actual name, but I don’t know it.
<II_JERiiCHO_II> well, my name is Jericho
<Mot-Screziato> That is a nice, normal name. Not like… Mister… Butts, was it, oh Sparkly one?
<CaptainSparklez> mr butts is a great name i think