fyeahmwc's favourite blogs!

Solely Mos Wanted Crew blogs on a whole ~ These are the wonderful blogs that I admire the most or who I reblog from the most. Follow ‘em if you don’t already, you won’t regret it :)

  • moswantedtheblog -> She’s always active and makes the most awesome gifs of eveything, she literally makes them like… everyday? Or every other day. Lol i love it. 
  • mwc-edits (on hiatus :c) -> Cute-ass edits of the boys :) Please come back soon, you and your edits are missed!!
  • moswantedgifs -> Her gifs are actually perfect. Nothing more has to be said. They’re perfect. 
  • moswanteds -> Really pretty blog that’s updated by a number of people once in a while ~ They have really nice edits/gifs, I love them.
  • moswanted-crew -> The first ever, OG fan-run blog for Mos Wanted Crew! Thanks for getting us all started and being great.
  • whatdoyou-wantmos -> Really quick updates of photos/instagram pics of the guys, and they post daily :)
  • moswantedcrew -> Had to include them. The official Mos Wanted Crew tumblr!

I might’ve forgotten some of you since there a quite a few MWC blogs… You’re all amazing so don’t feel offended lol

Just Cuz I Can… :P

Happy New Year!

I love every single one of my followers, whether you talk to me or not! 
And also a special mention to these blogs for either helping me/making me smile/for being great blogs in general :) 

brianpusposfanfic, moswantedtheblog, moswantedgifs, saffymartins, fuckyeahianeastwood, asdfghjklpuswood, mosgonzales, queeneastwood

That’s off the top of my head. Thanks guys, happy new year ~