How you met -

  • You were around 14 or 15 and had just come to Kattegat with your family
  • Your dad was a merchant at the markets and you helped out, probably selling fish or seafood
  • Sigurd came to the stall all the time to buy your father’s products and one day he would run into you
  • Sigurd turning bright red at the sight of you
  • Never having seen someone so beautiful
  • Asking you to accompany him to the docks in the evening
  • I’m kidding he would be so shy and nervous
  • He would make sure to go to the stall everyday for a month just to try and get to know you
  • He didn’t just want a pretty face, he wanted someone smart and brave and you delivered
  • Him being so nervous just to talk to you 
  • Complimenting him and he just stutters and turns red

First kiss -

  • Actually ending up finally going to the docks 
  • Gentleman Sigurd offering you his cloak and you suggest that you instead share it
  • He eagerly agrees of course
  • Not going to waste any opportunity to have you close to him
  • Watching the sun go down and the boats returning from a day out together
  • Hand holding and playing with each others fingers
  • Silence but it’s not awkward, just nice and peaceful
  • Him just going for it
  • He would grab your face in his hands and press his lips onto yours, probably a bit too harshly at first
  • Profusely apologising when he realises
  • You waving it off knowing he was nervous and offering to let him try again
  • Sigurd just grinning like a madman
  • He would totally brag about it to his brothers

Relationship with Sigurd - 

  • Bragging 24/7 to everyone
  • Holding hands everywhere - in the street, at dinner, in bed, everywhere
  • Sigurd practicing the ute in front of you
  • Playing it to help you fall asleep after a stressful day
  • Eventually getting so sick of that goddamn ute
  • Ragnarsson & Co. family dinners where everything goes down
  • Being good at calming him down and stopping him getting Ivar all worked up
  • Bathing in the river together
  • Making out on the river bank for hours
  • Soft and loving sex
  • Cuddling after sex also would be a big priority of his, though he would never admit it to anyone
  • Playing with his hair all the time
  • Teasing him about his hair
  • Eye rolling on a daily basis
  • He would make sure you were included in discussions with his family, not wanting you to feel left out
  • Being best buds with Hvitserk
  • No-one would know how or why, but you just became close friends
  • Big bro Hvitserk helping you and Sigurd with your relationship problems, though he wasn’t very good
  • Being a sentimental shit and proposing at the docks a few years later

Having a family with Sigurd - 

  • Sigurd would be so excited but also nervous
  • He would be really worried that since Ragnar wasn’t a good father that neither would he
  • He was so wrong
  • When the baby came he was right there next to you, holding your hand
  • He would be so captivated by the baby that he couldn’t take his eyes off her
  • Would probably forget about you for a moment tbh
  • Sigurd working really hard to be a good dad and he would be the best
  • Always resting the baby on his chest and interacting with it
  • Adoring it’s tiny hands and feet
  • Not having a large brood, maybe one or two at the most
  • Wanting to be able to spoil your kids and give them enough attention
  • Sigurd teaching his son or daughter how to fight
  • Teaching them to stand up to people like Ivar
  • Sigurd just being so kind and loving and wanting to be the greatest dad to ever live

Sigurd wasn’t my favourite character but he had such an interesting life in real life and I wish Hirst had kept him on the show. He could have been a really interesting character is he had been given more time. 

Also not my gif.